Lakers News: Lakers Waive Forward Shawne Williams Reviewed by Momizat on . With the January 10th deadline for non-guaranteed contracts becoming guaranteed, the Los Angeles Lakers have waived forward Shawne Williams according to Adrian With the January 10th deadline for non-guaranteed contracts becoming guaranteed, the Los Angeles Lakers have waived forward Shawne Williams according to Adrian Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Lakers Waive Forward Shawne Williams

With the January 10th deadline for non-guaranteed contracts becoming guaranteed, the Los Angeles Lakers have waived forward Shawne Williams according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

Williams was brought in to be the typical stretch four that head coach Mike D’Antoni has been looking for. Although D’Antoni has been adamant about getting Williams minutes in order to run his system as intended, the veteran forward didn’t live up to expectations and was considered expendable on Tuesday.

In 32 games this season, Williams averaged 5.2 points and 4.5 rebounds per game while shooting 37 percent from the floor and 32 percent from beyond the arc. Although able to hit the occasional outside shot, Williams didn’t really bring much to the team during his short time in Los Angeles.

With Williams waived, the Lakers roster is now down to 14 meaning the team has opened up a roster spot.

Recently, the Lakers were linked to free agent forward Hedo Turkoglu. Since then, Turkoglu has also received interest from the Los Angeles Clippers which is the more appealing destination at this point in time.

It’ll be interesting to see which direction the Lakers go in moving forward. It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see the team roll the dice on Turkoglu or go after another player to help bolster the bench while the team deals with so many injuries in the backcourt.
VIDEO: Ryan Kelly Also Worried About Getting Waived

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    It was 100% the right move to make.Shawne is not NBA material IMO.Overseas ya.

    • Jim213

      Disagree somewhat as Williams can play in the league but not as a starter IMO. Makes the coach look more buffoonish given the amount of games Williams started. Known the starting rotation is a mess as this is proof.

      • Jim213

        Lakers News: Chris Kaman Remains Frustrated With Limited Role
        Jim213• 9 days ago

        K Marshall’s contract = 2-yrs, $1.5 million – (Non-guaranteed). With that said the team currently has the league max 15 players.

        Either R Kelly may get sent back to the D league for the remaining
        season or 1/2 players may get cut. Who? Hate to say it but given certain struggles S Williams may be likely and possibly K Marshall if he doesn’t take advantage of the situation.

  • Daryl Peek

    Looks like Ryan Kelly is gonna get his shot

    • LakeShow

      Agree. I rather see Kelly take a shot at 3-point line than Shawne. If trained properly, he could be our Kyle Korver but way taller.

      • Daryl Peek

        Agreed. It’s on him now. Gotta take advantage of this opprotunity

  • Gregory Choa

    Interesting move. Given all four of the non-guaranteed contracts on the roster (Marshall, Kelly, Henry and Williams), I can certainly understand why he ended up being the one to get let go. Hmm, maybe we’ll actually get to see a little of Kaman off the bench now!

    • Daryl Peek

      I’d like to see that but not sure Kaman will be the beneficiary of this move. Kelly more than likely.

    • Lakers Fan

      Kaman still won’t get any PT. Kelly will get his minutes, which is what I was praying would happen anyway.

    • Terrence

      Hopefully, D’antoni will have to use the twin towers lineup more. It was starting to click in preseason until he went away with it. It’d be interesting to know if D’antoni was in agreement with waiving Williams. If he wasn’t, then it’s clearly the FO beginning to dictate coaching and I wouldn’t expect D’antoni to be back next season. Let’s see if Thib’s sticks around in Chicago. If he doesn’t, I’m calling it that he’s the Laker’s coach next season.

      • kobe24

        Heres the thing though, if Lakers are going to tank (which is sort of inevitable) why would they play Chris Kaman? The guy is 99% gonna leave Lakers for a different team next year. Might as well develop Ryan Kelly (by giving him more minutes) so he can be ready even more for next year.

      • limdog

        We can only dream. Not sure if Chicago would be dumb enough to do that. Then again, they did just trade Deng for nothing.

  • Lakers Fan

    I seen this coming. It doesn’t matter tho, Ryan Kelly can take over his minutes. He can be a very productive bench player, and the FO seen potential in him. All he needs is extra minutes, and now he can get them. I wish Shawne Williams the best tho.

  • LakeShow

    I hope he’s the only one waive by the Lakers. Henry, Marshall,
    and Kelly should be given chance to prove their worth until
    the end of season considering their age.

    I know some Laker fans might not agree with me here but I think
    Lakers should give Royce White a try. He may or may not be good
    but he’s also former lottery pick and the same age as Henry
    and Marshall. He may not be a good defender but if he turnout
    to be a good scorer, he could be a useful piece for trade.

    Please don’t go for Hedo, he’s freaking old and lazy. If Lakers
    going to rebuild, use this opportunity to sign a young player.

    • Lakers Fan

      I have a feeling that’s what they are trying to do, sign Hedo. The Lakers aren’t going anywhere this year, so they should use this time to see who they will bring back to help us in the near future. The Lakers don’t need anymore old players on this team. Let the young guys do their thing, and use this season as an auditioning year.

      • Jim213

        Likely Clipper bound (Hedo).

    • NBÁlvaro Verdún

      I hope Royce get a shoot in LA, i really love the way he plays, or used to play at least.. and yes, i would be horrible to go for hedo. We need to rebuild, now that this season is almost over for us, a team with Henry Marshall, Royce would be fine to watch, and pretty nice for the NBA2K Hahaha

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Look for the Lakers to make a run at Hedo.I stand firm in saying this.

    • LakeShow

      If this happened, I’ll be crying. Please don’t waste our roster spot for another old, washed up and lazy player. For God’s sake, he’s turning 35 this year. Give the spot to someone younger.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        LOL yeah the FO see’s it differently than that sadly.I like Hedo but not enough to go crazy if we sign him LOL.I actually am pushing for Terrence Williams from our D-League affiliate the D-Fenders.

        But also we could leave the spot open for this season or we can sign a old veteran like Hedo to help space the floor and run some point forward like Toni K. did for the Bulls years back.

        But otherwise i am with you on the youth movement here in LA.Adding another big man like Jarvis Vernado or Dewayne Dedmon can help out the interior defense and rebounding as we all know Chris Kaman is on the outs with the Lakers.Sacre and Hill are good but adding another big man is possible.

  • Nazeem

    If saving money was the goal they should’ve traded Pau or amnestied him last offseason. The Lakers don’t seem to know if they are coming or going, whether they are preparing themselves for the future or trying to try and compete this season with Pau and Kobe (a futile and delusional proposition). it’s like they are “Ok, we are moving in this directions…nope, up, hold up, we are going that way…no wait…this way”. What a mess. Stick with a plan already.

    • Daryl Peek

      Amnesty Pau is and should never be a consideration. He’s too valuable as a trade chip.

    • LakeShow

      I think it wasn’t about the money. Lakers want free up a roster spot to sign someone because they have seen enough of Shawne (he’s not really improving). I don’t know who’s they are going to sign but I hope it’s going to be another young player.

    • Brenny Ortega

      It wasn’t a move to save money. Have you seen how much williams contract was for? that’s change for these guys. Its a move to bring in another stretch 4 that has a better shot

    • Troy

      I don’t think it was a money saving move, but I totally agree with the latter half of your assessment. Laker management doesn’t have a clear cut plan of attack right now, either to try and compete-in vain-this season, or line up their ducks be it draft picks and cap space for the next few offseasons.

      • Terrence

        The problem was the Cav’s didn’t want to give us picks for Gasol. So FO has to go looking elsewhere for a team that will.

  • Brenny Ortega

    Hedo or ODOM coming soon.

    IMO I think the LAKERS should of picked up Barbosa. Our big men aren’t the ones going down like flies right now, its our guards! I haven’t been able to see any footage of ODOM working outs or heard any updates..

    come one FO, work some magic

    • Daryl Peek

      Nah. This move is to have more leverage in a trade of Gasol. The team needs an open roster spot given Pau will be traded for multiple players now that waiving Bynum or any other player received is off the table.

      I highly doubt they add another player/salary.

      • Brenny Ortega

        I hope you’re right. that’s what I was hoping for. Hope they can work something out for Lowry. A combination of Lowry/Marshall wouldn’t be too bad to watch

        • Daryl Peek

          Not sure PG is what we need. We now have 4 but just need three of them to come back from injury. Would not be a good move to get another PG unless we can trade one of the injured ones in a deal.

          • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

            we are so bad on 4 and 5, as no one controls the board on both ends, being out rebounded by more than 10 so often. the defense and turn overs are horrible often times and most likely the reason for the loses giving 30-40pts/qtr. Coaches needs to integrate defense with offense in consistently basis, just don’t know how Rambis? & D’Antoni mix works, they come in spurts and dryer than the dessert in summer time

  • Sti1lmatic

    Forget Hedo, they need to go after Mickael Pietrus. We have the PF and C positions full. Swaggy P needs help at the 2 or 3 at scoring

  • Chaz Bartending Academy

    Don’t count out the Lakers in the Andrew Bynum free agency.Word out on the streets is Jim Buss is very fond of Andrew Bynum and he has always loved Bynum as a player and he likes him as a person also.In return Andrew Bynum is very anxious to get back to LA to play basketball and he would rather return to the Lakers than backup Deandre Jordan on the Clippers.

    With the Lakers Andrew Bynum see’s a wide open spot in the starting lineup at Center.Jim Buss would bring back Andrew Bynum in a New York minute.It makes too much sense not to happen.Lakers want to improve the center spot.

    • Gregory Choa

      If there was anyone that was COMPLETELY antithetical to D’Antoni’s system at center, it’s Andrew Bynum! Jim Buss can love him all he wants, but that won’t make him a good fit on this roster and in this system – a system that Jim Buss brought in when he and Mitch hired MDA.

  • Al

    Come on Lakers, just sign Vujacic instead of Turkoglu COME ON!!!! I miss Vujacic. I still say try to trade Gasol for young players or picks.

    • vdogg

      OMG, enough with the vujacic talk! he is a marginal NBA player at best. shot much better in practice. let it go!

      • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

        Buts that what we have right now, at least he is a pesky defender, good ball handler and had played good when healthy. his defense creates opponent turnovers, a lot more than the defense we have right now.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Bulls Release Andrew Bynum, Clippers Leaning Toward Not Pursuing

    Jan 07, 2014 3:19 PM EST

    The Chicago Bulls have waived Andrew Bynum, according to CBS Sports’ Ken Berger.

    Bynum was acquired in a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers in a deal involving Luol Deng.

    Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times reports that the Los Angeles Clippers are not expected to pursue Bynum due to the issues arising from his time with the Cavaliers.

    The Miami Heat will reportedly express interest in Bynum.

    Via RealGM Staff Report

  • Jim213

    Williams wouldn’t have been released if K Marshall wouldn’t have been acquired. Best wishes to Williams but it seems best to stick with a 14 man roster.

  • Terrence

    Williams is a bench player at best, but M’antoni kept putting him in the starting lineup. TO’s and rebounding have lost us several games and this Williams was part of that problem.

  • jeff

    I’d trade for picks or young prospects everyone that doesn’t have a shot of being on the team next year. These losses don’t matter, we are reloading!

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