Lakers News: Lakers to Work Out Jermaine O’Neal

Lakers News: Lakers to Work Out Jermaine O’Neal


The news of the first significant free agent signing for the Los Angeles Lakers surfaced on Monday with the team reportedly on the verge of reaching a deal with veteran forward Antawn Jamison. These reports may have been premature with Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak claiming that nothing is imminent in terms of any player getting signed.

Even though the consensus is that Jamison will sign a deal with the Lakers for the veteran’s minimum in the next few days, the storied NBA franchise plans to work out free agent Jermaine O’Neal in Las Vegas on Tuesday according to Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports via Twitter:


Once Kupchak made it clear that the Lakers have no intention of using the mini mid-level exception of $3 per season to upgrade the bench, the options have become even more limited for Los Angeles. With only the veteran’s minimum of $1.4 million to entice prospective free agents, the Lakers will almost certainly be unable to attractive younger talent in free agency.

Some sign-and-trade possibilities are out there with players like Brandon Rush and Courtney Lee still available, but it would be safe to say at this point that the Lakers are targeting veteran players willing to sign for the veteran’s minimum. It appears that the front office has no intention to take on any more salary in an effort to avoid a massive luxury tax.

With that being said, O’Neal, Jamison and Grant Hill remain viable options. There’s no question that out of the three veterans mentioned that O’Neal is the least desirable with numerous injury problems over the years that kept him from reclaiming his All-Star form.

Last season, O’Neal averaged 5.0 points and 5.4 rebounds per game for the Boston Celtics. The veteran forward/center only played in 25 games for the Celtics last year.

Over the past two seasons, O’Neal saw the floor a total 49 times for Boston due to nagging injuries that seemed to resurface after considerable time on the floor.

Obviously, O’Neal isn’t a great option for the Lakers to backup Andrew Bynum and or Pau Gasol, but he may be their only option outside of Jordan Hill and rookie Robert Sacre. With no guarantees the Lakers will re-sign Hill or take a chance on Sacre, O’Neal will probably get a shot in Los Angeles with a good workout in Las Vegas.

  • Sanchezjg

    Lakers really need to work with Jordan Hill and get a deal done because signing a guy that will move slower than Bynum defensively will be a bigger liability for them. Even that kid Sacre will be a viable back up for Bynum. He seems to have some defensive skills and can run the floor. I understand that most coaches don’t trust the rookies to be on the floor until the last meaningless seconds of a blowout game but getting Sacre out there and working him in with Hill (if they resign him) may be a good athletic pair.

  • Joelsky

    Lakers office getting dumb again..looser!

  • Joelsky

    Grant HILL to La Clippers?? Damn, I told u Lakers are bound to lose again. Mitch and his team were too slow. What are they waiting to make any move? so so damn really.

  • Tomk777

    Joelsky, low not slow, the Lakers only have the vets minimum, 1.4 million, the clippers signed him with the bi annual exception, that’s 2.5 million plus for multiple years. The Lakers don’t have their bi annual because there over the cap.

  • Tomk777

    Jordan Hills agent is dragging his feet, I smell a rat, be t anything he signs with Minny.

  • Johnnyloc35

    We need SuPerMan!!!!

  • PJ

    I’d like it more if the lakers train Robert Sacre hard and get him to be a threat in the low post than get this old guy who will most likely spend his days as a laker injured and watching games from the bench.