Lakers News: Lakers Sign Manny Harris To 10-Day Contract

Lakers News: Lakers Sign Manny Harris To 10-Day Contract


Idaho Stampede v Los Angeles D-Fenders

With the Lakers 14-25 and only nine available players, Los Angeles has reportedly decided to bolster their backcourt by signing D-Fenders guard Manny Harris to a 10-day contract.

According to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, the D-Fenders guard will join the Lakers in Boston. In the past three games, Harris has been impressive, averaging 43 points on 60 percent shooting:

Undrafted out of Michigan in 2010, Harris previously played for the Cavaliers and spent some time overseas. According to a source, he will wear the No. 3:


While he has played extremely well since being acquired from the Canton Charge, Harris has been on a tear lately. Over the past two weeks, he was named the D-League Performer of the Week. In 13 games for the Lakers’ D-League affiliate, Harris was averaging 30.6 points, 6.5 rebounds, 3.7 assists, and 2.1 steals.

With Nick Young possibly being suspended for his altercation with the Phoenix Suns, Harris’ ability to create off the dribble will be much needed. While Harris has played well in the D-League, this will be his first true opportunity to show that he belongs in the NBA.

  • LALfan Kosharek

    about time…

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I love this signing by the Lakers.A 10 day contract is perfect for the former Michigan player.Manny Harris is a big guard and he plays hard and he better understand this is a big chance for him to prove he belongs in the NBA.Nick Young is probably getting suspended so this will give Manny Harris a chance to show the Lakers he can score points on the NBA level.

    He was one of the best scorers in NBA D-League history.Yes Manny Harris can be a playmaker and i suggested the Lakers sign him when he first got put on the D-Fenders he adds depth to the guard position and if he plays good enough he might get to sign for the remainder of the season hell yeah.Welcome Aboard Manny Harris.He is a combo guard plays PG/SG.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yes 10 days is the contract length.Sounds like a smart move.

  • Daryl Peek

    Needed signing but lets not go overboard in exceptions. I hope Manny does well but a D-League player rarely translates into instant success in the NBA. Malcolm Thomas has yet to impact the Spurs at all and he was the #1 D-League prospect.

    D-League play, especially scorers thrive simply because they are in a league where there’s little to no team play. Everyone is just jacking up shots trying to showcase themselves to impress scouts.

    Andrew Gouedlock was the D-League MVP last season and is playing in Russia. Devin Ebanks is the #1 prospect in the D-League right now. He only showed small flashes of promise with the Lakers. Gerald Green is finally showing he has something to offer two season after being called up. He was very inconsistent in Jersey and Indy over the last two seasons.

    I’m not saying all of this to be Debbie Downer, just conveying a need to calm down on expectations. Hopefully he turns out to be a hidden gem. We’ll see…

    • Daryl Peek

      All of that said, on second thought, Manny should fit right in given MDA’s system rewards jacking up shots. LOL

      • Lakergem

        Yup it’s all about opportunity. And manny should get his minutes asap!

        • Daryl Peek

          With Young and Hill likely being suspended Manny will get prime PT off the bench… one shot to make his mark. MDA has been experimenting with Kelly at SF but Marshall, Meeks and Johnson are our only guards available.

          It’s crazy how every time were hoping for someone to return (Henry) something else happens where we need to react in emergency fashion an bring someone in off the street. If Williams had not been cut we’d have to waive someone to bring Manny in, and it would’ve been luxury tax costly as all salaries are guaranteed now.

    • nlruizjr

      I never felt that Ebanks was given enough min. with MDA, how funny under PJ he was used to defend KD and he defended him well, I agree his offense was off but as you know the offense is there game to game, even for the great ones, it’s amazing what min. will do when given the opportunity and what the right coach will do when he works his bench instead of just relying on your favorites to make the same mistakes over and over again. A coach has to be flexible, know his bench well. Imagine that, J. Hill gets injured and MDA is forced to play E. Clark and E. Clark is just what the Lakers needed at that point and MDA would of never knew if J. Hill hadn’t of got hurt.

      • Daryl Peek

        Actually it was Mike Brown who gave Ebanks that PT when he locked in on KD at the end of 2012. Ebanks was completely buried on the end of the bench along with Derrick Caracter. Phil never gave the rookies PT unless they were absolutely outstanding. Mike Brown gave many of the Phil holdovers a chance they never would have gotten in the triangle.

        MDA is way more flexible than Phil every was. Phil ran a very tight rotation. This is why we rarely developed rookies under him. Farmar and Shasha had to pay dues before they got PT. Fisher had to also and he was not a rookie by the time Phil got to the Lakers. Fish had to prove himself above and beyond Harper and B. Shaw. Farmar left the Lakers because he wanted starter PT.

        MDA always run a very deep rotation when he’s in development mode. He did so in Phoenix and NY early on in those stops. This is why no name players have their best production under MDA. D’Antoni wont tighten the rotations up til a team starts to contend or he has no choice.

        Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a big fan of his coaching style but given the circumstances were in (even before all the injuries) MDA was a very good choice for HC. The FO knew we were not gonna be serious contenders the next few seasons, especially after Howard walked. This is why they’ve made statements about not spending all of the coming free cap space in 2014 or 15. MDA is one of the best player development coaches out there. I’d even go as far to say he’s better than Pop at developing talent. Not winning it all though.

        MDA also puts a very exciting product on the floor when he has his type of players. Think about how exciting this team looked early on when they were running and actually playing fairly good D before all of the injuries? They were winning more than a few games here and there also. This is what would keep the steats filled as that’s very important also. Signing Kobe to the contract they did was a move to help the FO transition with a familiar face everyone trusts

        Bottom line, we were in for a rough few years regardless of the HC. MDA is perfect for developing players and who knows? Maybe with a healthy Kobe they can possibly get to the promised land, I know wishful thinking but any thing is possible *KG voice* LOL

        • Raymond

          Thank You Mrs. D’Antoni. Your objective opinion is greatly appreciated.

          • Daryl Peek

            I dig your pun but it would only fitting if you kindly showed some proper respect by actually speaking on basketball matters instead of trolling

  • BlackMamba_From_Brazil

    Welcome, I hope he keeps that average

    We need players who are in order to be a Laker, see it on Nick Young, for me it is better this season

    Go Lakers! JIM BUSS please listen to the advice of a Legend Magic Johnson

    • Daryl Peek

      “JIM BUSS please listen to the advice of a Legend Magic Johnson” ?

      Magic is a flip flopper that has not been privy to actual insider info in years when it comes to the Lakers. I hate to even say that as Magic is my all-time favorite Laker.

      Need proof? Here are comments from Magic over the past few years:

      Magic on the signing of Howard and Nash…

      “I love it. Jim, you look like your father; I’m proud of you. He’s definitely the guy now to win the NBA executive-of-the-year award.

      This is also so good for Coach Mike Brown. He knows defense so well and Dwight is going to erase those shots coming down the lane, and Mike will know just how to use him. The Lakers’ tradition of great centers continues. It’s just great. Howard has already told the Lakers he will sign a five-year contract extension next summer.”

      FF to the next season and today in typical pundit/fan hindsight revision…

      “This is what happens when you make the wrong decisions, two coaching wrong decisions, giving Steve Nash that deal, it’s backfired. …

      You’ve got to have someone helping Jim. He’s got to quit trying to prove a point to everybody that he can do it on his own, get his ego out of it, and just say, “Let me get someone beside me to help achieve the goals I want.”

      I absolutely LOVE Magic, and with all due respect he need to go sit his azz down somewhere when it comes to Lakers biz. He’s gotta be better than this! He’s bigger than this fanatical flip flopping.

      • BlackMamba_From_Brazil

        Truth! Friend have to agree with you, Magic is unfortunately very shit talking with all the respect for this legend.
        I had not read this earlier comment and thank you for the information, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the Lakers here in Brazil

        Go Lakers

      • kdf

        I still think Jim Buss has to go though. His ego is what caused us to lose our chance at Phil. Although it’s a longshot, I hope Jim gets his sister to help him with the basketball operations. Quite simply, I don’t see how the Lakers are successful with Jim.

        • Daryl Peek

          I disagree simply because I trust the judgement of the Late Great Dr. Buss. He saw fit to groom both Jeanie and Jimmy into their current roles. Was Dr. Buss all knowing? No but again I trust his judgement.

          • nlruizjr

            now how do you know that Dr. Buss wasn’t troubled by this decision, we know that he is going to give his son the benefit of the doubt first and foremost, do you think that if he were alive now, he would make the same decision ???

          • Daryl Peek

            YES! He was adamant about Jimmy and Jeanie in the specific roles he set them up for. There’s a 2005 interview he had with Michael Eaves where he explains in complete detail what it was at the time and what we could expect in the future beyond him.

            I suggest to all hardcore Lakers fans to look up that youtube footage of that interview and listen to the words from the man about his plan. It touches on specifics to an eerie exact of what we’ve been discussing every since his permanent illness til today.

            If you’re truly interested this is the title… Dr. Jerry Buss (Age 72) One On One Interview With Michael Eaves

          • lakers4life

            Daryl, I like reading your post and your insight of Lakers current state but it’s obvious that your on Jim Buss payroll–just my opinion..Lakers4Life

          • Daryl Peek

            I can appreciate your passion for the Lakers also but we’ll continue to differ on this. I’m in no way on the Lakers payroll. I just try to look at things objectively without the lynch mob mentality of many who are always looking for someone to blame when all of this is years in the making via failed championship chasing in over spending.

            No team wins all the time. No team has a 100% success rate at all the moves they make. Championship contention is a cycle and unfortunately we are in the down trend of it. This is not a first for the Lakers. And wont be the last. I have full confidence the team will rise again. Patience’s will be needed just as it was from 89-2000. Hopefully we wont have to wait that long…

          • kdf

            I think although it’s hard to imagine, I think Dr. Buss made a mistake. Jim doesn’t seem to have a basketball mind even remotely close to his father. It seems he wants to prove he’s the owner of the Lakers. Not exactly doing a good job.

          • Daryl Peek

            Gotta take the media blinders off and look at the big picture of all that has transpired over the last few seasons. It has not been all bad. A lot of things didn’t pan out but solid moves have been made given many outside influence obstacles.

            Hindsight is always 20/20. Too many Magic Johnson included are playing the revision blame game. On one hand they prasied Jimmy when he first pulled the trigger for Nash and Howard, they were even praising Mike Brown as a great choice to lead given his defensive back ground and what he did with LeBron and a bunch of scrubs.

            After the bad results they turned on Brown and Jimmy totally flip flopping on what they had said just a year earlier because they needed a scapegoat to blame?

            This pic is indicative of the off-season hype everyone was riding… funny how quickly folks forget as they turn against what was once a joyous time of expectations.

  • D-League Status

    Manny Harris is the Andrew Wiggins of the D-League.He plays end to end and he has been to the LeBron James skills academy and he was the top student LeBron had at camp.Also Manny Harris is a D-League legendary player and he has some NBA experience so he is not totally raw and green out there on the NBA court.Played great in Michigan and was player of the year in High School and he played great for Michigan and he plays defense hardcore since he has length and he uses it to be a advantage for him on defense.

    Dude was putting up 40 points and up his last 3 games in the D-League and he was the number 1 prospect in the NBA D-League.Manny Harris is playing like Andrew Wiggins should play lol.Manny Harris wore number 22 for the D-Fenders same as Wiggins.Come Manny Harris lets win some games man.

    But in reality the Lakers just need to make sure this kid Harris starts getting PT right away.I am not saying he is the best player in the world,what i am saying is give him a chance and let him prove he belongs in the NBA.Their is a chance he will be cut in 10 days that i completely understand but he is athletic and good enough at shooting and scoring that he might be a gem likely.

  • Harley Knoxx

    Problem for the Lakers is not offense it’s defense. Lakers only question for him should be can you play defense?

  • Stephen Gilson

    But can he play in the 3rd quarter. We all know the Lakers as a team shut down in the 3rd.. Just saying..

  • Marty Susman

    It really doesn’t matter, the only thing thats important is getting a top three pick in the upcoming draft & that should mean losing 9 out of every 10 games left in the season & if that gets them the #3 pick, GO FOR IT !!!!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers: OFFICIAL: The NBA has suspended Nick Young for Friday’s game in Boston.

    Yes Manny Harris might see playing time tomorrow night in Boston.Prove us you belong MH.

    • Daryl Peek

      Young, has been fined $15,000, and Marcus Morris has been fined $25,000 for escalating the altercation.

      All of this could’ve been avoided if Teammates had helped out their brother. IMO they should all pool their money to pay the fine for him

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Agreed.Sorry Daryl about all the BS.

        • Daryl Peek

          You don’t have to apologize to me man. We all have our opinions and it can get heated at times. I don’t take nothing on the internet or in here personal. Most are passionate Lakers fans. We know who the trolls are. It’s all good Mayne

      • Kasey

        Kendall should pay the majority of that fine. He was all the way by the 3-point line. Then had the nerve to say Nick shouldn’t have lost his cool. smh I wish Nick had guys like X, Farmar, Wes, Hill and Kobe on the court with him at the time. I have a feeling that they would’ve helped their brother out. No one said they should fight too, just get in there and help him damnit.

        • nlruizjr

          why weren’t both the Morris bros fined and/or suspended they both jumped on Nick and started shoving him, that IMO is what added fuel to the fire and Nick reacted on Dragic when he came in to add his 2 cents, again that’s more proof that the Commisioner is a Laker Hater !!!!!!! and he has his boys (the Ref’s, hitting the Lakers with more fouls and not calling fouls on their opponents).

          • Daryl Peek

            Agreed on all but the conspiracy theory. LMAO

  • LakersHeatBeef


    3 – Manny Harris


    Birthday: 9/21/89

    NBA Comparison: Jamal Crawford (less athletic)

    Strengths: Athletic SG with terrific skills and ability to score … Harris is very versatile and aggressive player that can score in different ways: in the paint, posting up smaller defenders, creating his own shots off the dribble and coming off screens for catch and shoot (quick at changing directions and coming off screens) … Patient reading screens and sets up his defender well to get open off of screens … Harris is a difficult match-up for many opponents due to his quickness, size and strength … Quick at changing direction and attacking the basket (30% of his points are from the free-throw line), which tells you that he doesn’t rely solely on his outside shot … Possesses a good first step and body control while driving to the basket … Harris improved his passing ability and showed solid court vision and unselfishness since last year (4.9 APG so far) … Has good elevation on his jump-shot and NBA range as well … Very good free-throw shooter .87 %. Solid defender with sound lateral quickness … His quick hands help him deflect many passes and grab rebounds 7.7 RPG so far (shows more aggressiveness on the glass).

    Weaknesses: Lack of body strength is a concern … Harris has to add muscles and put in work in weight-room in order to survive at the next level … Has trouble converting layups when he is guarded by bigger players (vs. Wisconsin for instance) and doesn’t like too much pressure (physical contact) … Can improve on his decision making, when he attacks the basket he can get out of control (the Michigan coaching staff worked with him during the summer on not commiting offensive fouls while driving to the basket) … Must improve his shot selection and become a more consistent outside shooter … Can get wild and commit too many turnovers (3.6 TO last year). Harris should improve his ball-handling ability especially left hand. Needs to work at improving his mid-range game …

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Manny Harris was compared to Jamal Crawford coming out of College.24 yrs old.

  • hookedonnews

    Hope he can step in and help out. Success in the D-League doesn’t automatically mean success in the NBA, but right now we need someone to fill in for Young if he’s suspended. Who knows when we’re going to get our PGs & Kobe back. Marshall has helped, but he’s not a scorer.

  • Corperryale L’Adorable Welcome

    Manny Harris is the best DLeague playa ever,he a real good guy ya’ll.Mane he a Detroit Jive Tone and he know his way to da hoop ya’ll.Keep on wit ya bad self.

  • Lakers4Life

    Somebody get that idiotic coach Dumbtoni out of Lakerland for good.