Lakers News: Lakers Sign Free Agent Forward Marcus Landry

Lakers News: Lakers Sign Free Agent Forward Marcus Landry


As expected, the Los Angeles Lakers have signed free agent Marcus Landry, according to a Lakers press release. Landry’s deal is expected to be a partially guaranteed contract. Much like Xavier Henry and Shawne Williams, Marcus Landry is expected to be invited to camp, but will have to work through training camp and pre-season to make the Opening Night roster.

In the D-League last season, Landry averaged 16.5 points and five rebounds per game while shooting nearly 43 percent from three-point range with the Reno Bighorns. For the Lakers Summer League team, Landry averaged 15.2 points and 4.2 rebounds in 26.8 minutes per game.

Much like Elias Harris, who received a two-year deal with the Lakers, Landry is a tweener in size and will fluctuate between the small and power forward positions. The Lakers are in need of a stretch four, and Landry could provide that service off the bench with his propensity for hitting the long ball.

What separated Landry from his peers on the Lakers summer league team was not only his ability to shoot the three, but his ability and willingness to attack the paint. Landry can also guard multiple positions. Of the three guys being brought in on partially guaranteed contracts, Landry has the highest celling and the most potential to make the team.

UPDATE: According to Serena Winters, the Landry contract will be a one-year, make good deal.


[showhide type=”pressrelease”]EL SEGUNDO – The Los Angeles Lakers have signed forward Marcus Landry, it was announced today. Per team policy, terms of the agreement were not released.

Landry, a 6-7 forward out of Wisconsin, has spent time over the past three years with the Maine Red Claws and Reno Bighorns of the NBA Development League and internationally with teams in Spain, China, Venezuela and Puerto Rico. During his two seasons (2010-11 and 2012-13) with the Bighorns, Landry played in 84 games (83 starts) averaging 16.9 points, 4.6 rebounds and 1.6 assists in 36.0 minutes.

Signing with the New York Knicks as an undrafted rookie free agent in 2009, Landry played for both the Knicks and Celtics during the 2009-10 campaign averaging 2.4 points and 1.1 rebounds in 6.1 minutes over 18 games.

The Milwaukee, Wisconsin native and younger brother of NBA veteran Carl Landry, most recently was a member of the 2013 Lakers Summer League team where he played in all five games (4 starts) averaging 15.2 points and 4.2 rebounds in 26.5 minutes.[/showhide]

  • JohnBrownWasAterroristAMIRIGHT

    Well that’s incredibly depressing. If you’re gonna go full rebuild mode then amnestying Kobe and building around Dwight would make more sense, jimmy boy. Seriously, hand over the keys to your sister and let her drive before you slam the team into a wall or drive it off a cliff…oh wait, free fall has already commenced.nm

    • emezie aniagba

      you must be fucking kdding me??? you must be a heat fan man!!!!!!!

    • Guest

      Even Jeanie wouldnt have amnestied Kobe. theyre not even in full rebuild mode. They’ll hardly play defense but if everyones healthy youve got a superstar laden core and young hungry guys with fresh legs surrounding them. thats more than you can say about most NBA teams.

    • Guest

      I agree! I would have thought that Buss would have given the
      responsibility to Jeanie! Especially since it would have given us Phil

      This coach sucks! He is not a good fit for the Lakers! They could
      have let the Assistant Coach have the position OR hired Byron Scott like
      they should have! How could he have bypassed Byron Scott? Really?

      Kobe was supposedly so ready to retire? Yea Right! Once everyone started
      interviewing Dwight as they would do any team leader Kobe all of a
      sudden doesn’t want to retire! I am not mad at Dwight for kicking rocks!

      It seems like every player that was vital in getting them those
      rings gets traded! If you have a winning formula then you leave it be.
      There was nothing left to rearrange!

      • vdogg

        kobe never said he wanted to retire. what the hell are you talking about? you don’t know much about the lakers, angie. stick to swapping recipes.

        • Angie Kyles Frazier

          I would normally just go there but I am trying my best these days NOT to stoop to someone Else’s level! You really need to learn how to talk to people.

          Kobe’s plan was to retire! That was the reason why they were acquiring Dwight in the first place! Now, out of all the things I said, you found that 1 thing, took it and ran with it, and had the audacity to be condescending on top of that!

          Don’t get it twisted! I don’t mind people speaking their peace! That is what is so great about being an American! But, a real MAN does NOT talk to women the way you did! You wouldn’t want anyone disrespecting your mother, sister, grandmother or daughter! I am someones daughter and sister! Be careful because what you put out here can and will come back to you. And NO, I am not talking about Karma. The word of GOD is true. Don’t believe me! Find out the hard way!

          Now you have yourself a wonderful rest of your day/evening

          • vdogg

            show a little backbone, will ya? it’s just a comment board in cyberspace, after all… so dry those tears. you need to learn something about the lakers before you comment. NOT ONCE did kobe ever hint at or say he would retire once they got dwight. even after he got hurt, he said he would work as hard as he could to come back and play. so i don’t know what team you’re following, but it clearly isn’t the purple and gold.

          • Heykid

            Angie, I don’t know about any recipes, but Kobe was thinking two years…or more, depending on how he felt last season. Which as it turns out was very good.
            Slight Coward will be a divisive force in Houston in short order…he’s done it everywhere and you can’t change the spots, well…:)
            And your statement is vital cause that was one of the excuses that Coward used to hightail it out of town…
            Anyway, you sound like a nice person…:)

          • Guest

            Hi Heykid. I understand what you said. I understood that myself but I guess some people want you to write a book about what you know or don’t know. I don’t see in my post anywhere where I said that Kobe was retiring immediately but, I guess that is what the person who was so rude and flat out disrespectful took it. But, it is what it is… LOL

            I know that it was the intention of acquiring Dwight whether it worked out in the end or not. He was supposedly acquired to eventually take over when Kobe retired.

            And for the record yes I believe in treating people the way that I would want to be treated. That means NOT talking to people whether I am on-line or in person in a way that I wouldn’t want to be talked to. I was raised better than that. Am I perfect NO! But that should be a common practice.

            Thanks for the breakdown and noticing my character. #GodBless

          • William Pitts

            and for the record, you’re statement made it sound as if he was going to retire much sooner then he ever planned on.

          • Coldcorona

            Wow @ the way she put that dude in his place! Hats off to you lady

          • Daryl Peek

            Whenever you say something that can even be insinuated less than Kobe glorification some will run left with it against you. I get it all the time on Laker blogs. I’m a huge Kobe fan but I’m a Lakers fan first.

            Father time is undefeated, that’s all you were saying the way I see it.

          • William Pitts

            if you read all the articles or interviews, you’d know his plan for retirement wasn’t any sooner then three years from know. if you’re going to make a statement, know what you’re talking about first.

      • vdogg

        anyone who uses dwight in the same sentence as “team leader” clearly knows nothing about the NBA.

      • richard

        I am not sure where did anyone got the notion that Kobe was “so ready to retire”… he mentioned… “might” be in 1 year, in 2 years, or 3 years… go check the interviews… it was all on D12…

        “Kobe all of sudden doesn’t want to retire…” this is where I have a problem same with @disqus_uj9JiHx2Op:disqus … base on Kobe’s performance last year, I can’t see him retiring anytime soon… would you retire a star player who still commands double team, hard working, and top scorer of the league? Name me 2 shooting guards on the league that is better than Kobe last year… harden wasn’t better than him. yes, Harden is young, but no way he was better, BSPN analyst said so. What is going for harden is his age, that is the reason they put him above Kobe. Go check out the article. Is Wade better than Kobe… not a mile. So, why do we question Kobe for saying he wants to play 3 more years provided it is still on a high level? Please instruct me.

        I would have love Dwight to stay in LA… but I have had no illusions that he will carry the torch post Kobe… no, I was one of the few who said that Dwight cannot carry a team to championship is he doesn’t command double teams on offense. we have seen what he was in Orlando.. and he never improved since then… it is easy for teams to plan for him, since he lacks fundamentals offensively… heck even Pau bettered him in the 2009 finals, single covered..

        Am I happy with the current lakers roster… not so much, but I have hope.. is this a contending team, by any stretch it isnt as currently constituted, but the games are still to be played on the court 6 weeks from now. Is Houston a contending team, I doubt it.. we will see.

      • Daryl Peek

        I’m not mad at D12 for bouncing either. I completely disagree with you about Jeanie. Dr. Buss was done with Phil also. Jeanie fell out with her dad over that. Very long story that has been twisted by so many. Bottom line, Dr. Buss empowered Jimmy to run basketball operations for a reason, and he liked D’antoni himself also. I trust both Dr. Buss and Jimmy basketball judgement.

        Phil is done as a HC. The triangle is over for the Lakers. Lets support the team we have. GO LAKERS

        • Marc Dasco

          Now, you sir are a true blue Lakers fan. My hats off to you

  • sparky

    That is a good choice he is promising for the laker gang great pick up !!!

  • Jim213

    About time, yes/no, yes/no. wish him the best though it may be tough given that 8 to 10 players will fill 2 or 3 roster spots. But per Kevin Ding 5 days back, Expect Lakers to sign sharpshooter Marcus Landry (@mlandry11) soon.

  • cj

    with this signing and sasha might come back the lakers should look like this……

    unning a line up of

    nash 25 mpg-blake 20 mpg-farmar 15 mpg
    kobe 30 mpg-meeks 15 mpg- henry 3 mpg
    wesley 18 mpg-young 25 mpg-landry 2 mpg
    pau 30 mpg-sasha 15 mpg- elias 3 mpg
    kaman 25 mpg-hill 20 mpg- sacre 3 mpg

    the main rotation would be. (starters)nash, kobe, wesley, pau, and kaman (bench)blake, meeks, young, sasha, hill, and farmar. the reserves of (henry, landry, elias, and sacre) would get filler pt. dump shawne williams

  • LakersNation

    If the Rockets are title contenders with their current roster why can’t we be a top 6 team in the west! The Rockets only real superstars are Harden and Howard! We have Bryant and Gasol and yes Nash is aging bur he can still give you solid 10ppg 7apg and only playing around 30mpg! Plus all the young additions will make us a more athletic team! If our roster can get good chemistry i see Lakers fighting for the 4/5 spot in the west!

  • Daryl Peek

    Camp competition, all good!

  • 3339

    It still annoys me that dantoni is still our coach. such a joke.

  • The Rock

    Just to think a Dionte Christmas article about him signing with the Phoenix Suns currently has 127 comments on Bright Side Of The Sun SB Nation that is crazy that a Marcus Landry article about him signing with the Lakers only has 20 comments thus far lol ahahahahaha.Add more lol.Suns fans are pathetic fools and have no lives obviously.