Lakers News: Lakers Sign Free Agent Center Dan Gadzuric Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers added another player to the training camp roster on Friday signing veteran center Dan Gadzuric according to a press release from the team The Los Angeles Lakers added another player to the training camp roster on Friday signing veteran center Dan Gadzuric according to a press release from the team Rating:
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Lakers News: Lakers Sign Free Agent Center Dan Gadzuric

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Dan GadzuricThe Los Angeles Lakers added another player to the training camp roster on Friday signing veteran center Dan Gadzuric according to a press release from the team.

With Gadzuric added into the mix, the Lakers training camp roster stands at 19 with a maxium of 15 of those 19 players to be retained by the team once the roster must be finalized.

Along with Gadzuric, the team’s front office recently added Darius Johnson-Odom and Eric Boateng earlier this week.

As of right now, there’s no telling how many of the recent training camp additions will earn spots on the roster for the regular season, but with so much uncertainty moving forward, players may have a better chance of making the roster opposed to last year.

Gadzuric was a promising young prospect coming out of UCLA back in 2002 and played well for the Milwaukee Bucks until 2010, but has bounced around the league quite a bit since then with short stints with the Golden State Warriors (2010-11), New Jersey Nets (2011) and New York Knicks (2012).

The former UCLA standout also played overseas in China with the Jiangsu Dragons (2011) and most recently in Venezuela with the Marinos de Anzoategui.

For the full Lakers press release, click below.

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  • Jim213

    Brought this up a few days back but it may likely be the last signing for training camp.

    • Sti1lmatic

      Pietrus is one of my favorite players in the league. Don’t know him personally but he seems to have a good work ethic, hustles n’ plays hard on the floor and can knock down the tre bomb.

    • The Rock

      Man you brought Air France lol.Aye man WTF happened to Chris Douglas-Roberts?He never even got a damn camp invite wow how he has tapered off to being off the radar more than ever.I sorta thought he was a decent possible bench player.He tore up he D-League but yeah he was a average Summer League player.CDR is finished?

  • Daryl Peek

    I’m not reading much into this. As Ramona Shelbourne said, he’s likely just a camp body to fill practice minutes so Pau is not overworked. Especially given Kelly is not ready yet. DJO will help keep Nash’s practice minutes down.

    It would be a huge surprise if Boateng, DJO or Gadzuric makes the 15 man roster. I still contend Henry and Landry are the ones battling for that 15th spot. Kelly will make the roster unless he has further injury delays.

    • The Rock

      Perhaps Darius Johnson-Odom might surprise in Lakers camp but that guarantees jack shit at this point.It seems like the Lakers are in the market for a big man.Why not Tyrus Thomas?I know he sucked ass in Charlotte but come on he is better than Dan Gadzuric or Robert Sacre.Honestly Dan Gadzuric reminds me of a older wiser Robert Sacre lol.But what up man?Who do you think comes on to the roster from camp?

      • Daryl Peek

        1-11 are locked… Nash, Kobe, Young, Hill, Gasol, Blake, Meeks, W. Johnson, Farmar, Kaman, and Sacre.

        12-14… Harris, Kelly, Williams.

        15 a toss up between Henry or Landry.

        • The Rock

          Yeah i agree it will be a dog fight in camp for spots 12-15.Marcus Landry is a hard nosed legit tough guy he is down to mix it up and scrap much like his bro Carl they are known tough guys.Marcus is a shooter with precision.Xavier Henry is looking good according to some people.

          At least he is working hard.Ryan Kelly will be a NBA player but that damn injury issue sucks hopefully he can recover and make it.Elias Harris is a virtual lock to make the team.Shawne Williams i bet on himmaking it.

          MDA is a great coach and i am so happy he has young talented players to help him out.Coach will get the best out these players on offense and maybe we find a gem or 2 in camp and preseason.

  • Jim213

    Gasol Tweet:

    This morning I’ve completed the team physical! Tomorrow we finally start training camp. I can’t wait to get started!

    Didn’t training camp get pushed back a day the 29th as LN reported?

  • Alvon Woods

    I love the pickup, I always wanted Dan to be a Laker….. He’s hard working, he hustles, he plays defense and can give us 10-10 per game off the bench. And at age 33, he can give us 3 solid years as we rebuild.

  • The Rock

    Dan Gadzuric is camp fodder.

    The Rock Final 15 Lakers Roster Prediction
    Steve Nash
    Kobe Bryant
    Pau Gasol
    Jordan Hill
    Nick Young
    Chris Kaman
    Wesley Johnson
    Jordan Farmar
    Steve Blake
    Jodie Meeks
    Xavier Henry
    Robert Sacre
    Shawne Williams
    Elias Harris
    Ryan Kelly

    • Jim213

      I believe they’ll likely go with a 14 man roster though Kupcake mentioned that it’s possible they go with 15 players this season. Thus, it’ll be a toss up between X Henry and R Kelly IMO.

      • The Rock

        That is a possible scenario.Jordan Hill tweeted that Xavier Henry is working hard.I would keep 15 players.Exact tweet below from Hill.

        Jordan Craig Hill ‏@jordanchill4326 Sep

        U been workin hard lil homie @xhenry7…keep dat up boy…laker fam love that…show him love for me…

        • Jim213

          He’s more likely than Kelly given his slow recovery. Eric Pincus has even tweeted that R Kelly is not looking good to make the cut. But they may keep him for the future or like DP mentions they can also send him overseas.

          • Daryl Peek

            I really think Kelly makes the roster. He was recently cleared to play the preseason.

          • Jim213

            Likely if a 15 man roster is implemented for this season.

          • Daryl Peek

            15 man roster is a lock this year IMO

          • The Rock

            Ryan Kelly is a tremendous shooter from distance he reminds me of Pat Garrity.Yes it could be fun to see him stick like i said he would above.MDA will love Ryan Kelly think about it another Pat Garrity possibly.

          • Daryl Peek

            Don’t forget he has very good ball handling skills also.

          • The Rock

            Yes he is a good ball handler also a good scrappy defender.He is a very good team defender trapping Duke system defense expert.

      • cj

        kelly is very underrated. i wish shawne could get cut i know dan likes him but hes older and i would like henry haris landry and kelly to make it

    • Daryl Peek

      Agreed, they are gonna carry 15 this year. The on thing I’d say different, is Landry and Henry are gonna battle it out for that last spot. I think Landry may have the uppper hand due to being more versatile. He can play SF and PF. Henry is strictly SG and SF. We have a bunch of SG’s.

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  • Daryl Peek

    Pau looks like he’s in prretty good shape. He’s down a few pounds, and his beard is back already? lol

    • The Rock

      Nice.Pau Gasol is my dude.He is the best according to Coach D’Antoni!

    • Jim213

      Looks ready to ball and in better shape than the past few seasons.

  • richard

    Dan is a better version of Sacre… has a decent lateral move, knocks down 12-15 feet jumper specially from the baseline, lots of energy on defense, a banger on the defensive board. I think,given the opportunity, and of course a veteran. he might bump Sacre from the rotation on the front court. A rotation of Gasol, Kaman,Hill,Gadzuric looks a lot better, IMO. ANd didn’t I mention that he runs like a gazelle for a big man?

    • cj

      hes a camp body he wont make the team

  • Gadzuric

    this guy Gadzuric is a good hussler and play hard! he reminds me of ronny turiaf/jordan hill combo, who can run the floor and finish at the rim. he is not afraid to scrap it up under the rim. hell be good backup center off the bench, i think he’d be a better fit rather than Sacre who is still young and inexperience and not as athletic.
    Gadzuric be a good 3rd or 4th center string player off the bench,
    gasol, kaman, hill, gadzuric.
    advise for lakers management if ryan kelley is still not 100% i’d sign landry if he shoots lights out in camp and plays good defense.
    i think darius o.j. can make the roster and backup nash, and farmar instead of blake. lets see what eric boateng has to prove in camp if he’s worthy signing into the roster and be another backup center.?
    whats up are lakers going to invite chris d. roberts and Sasha V. to training camp? go for it!! :)

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