Lakers News: Lakers Players Anticipate Facing Dwight Howard Thursday

Lakers News: Lakers Players Anticipate Facing Dwight Howard Thursday


NBA: Indiana Pacers at Los Angeles LakersFresh off an embarrassing 123-104 loss to the Dallas Mavericks to start their three-game road trip, the Los Angeles Lakers were greeted in the locker by questions about who other than Dwight Howard.

The Lakers will fly to Houston tonight in advance of their Thursday matchup at the Toyota Center against Howard and the Rockets as it’ll be the first time they face him since he decided to leave for Houston. After Tuesday night’s game, Lakers forward Jordan Hill said he respected Howard’s decision to go to Houston via TWC SportsNet:

Last night, it was Howard getting all the questions about the Lakers as he made his first trip back to Staples Center as the Rockets took on the Los Angeles Clippers. It was Hill that Howard named as a player on the Lakers he keeps in touch with, and after a rough loss tonight, this could prove to be an unnecessary distraction.

While the Lakers have been impressive at home, it seems their biggest growing pains will be winning on the road as they lost by 31 points to the Golden State Warriors and were down by 30 points at one point tonight.

Veteran guard Steve Blake put things in perspective after a disappointing start to the road trip:

Blake is absolutely correct as the Lakers need to prove that they’re mentally tough enough to win on the road this season. The bench continues to outscore the starters even with the insertion of Xavier Henry into the starting lineup for the second straight night.

Going into Thursday night’s matchup against the Rockets, Lakers players will continue to be asked about facing Howard, but like Blake said, they need to focus on themselves and not their former teammate.

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  • Jim213

    Don’t expect different if they don’t guard the outer perimeter with Harden out there.

  • Mark Guerra

    I like what blake answers..focus on yourselves and get that fucking win..

  • ra

    only course of action — foul DH, and foul hard (and … foul often … let’s see some of those free throw bricks!!).

  • collinnyo145

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Damn does every Lakers have to be on National TV?LOL Lakers are not very good right now and every flipping loss is on TV and it’s being magnified times 100 by jerks in the NBA Studio.Leave the Lakers alone we are rebuilding you should know that by now Ernie,Charles.Houston versus Lakers on TNT.

    Watch it on paid TV no need for League Pass,TWC has a Lakers channel and they are charging per month for the games.I hope someone fouls very hard against Dwight Howard,make him regret leaving the Lakers.Beat his ass and then beat it some more.Lakers must figure out how to play defense as a team.

    • Paytc

      It’s tougher on the road always has been. They have played better at home. It will take time to get better road continuity going. The Heat and other elite playoff bound teams who have been playing together longer still don’t always click on the road.

      It is suppose to take time. The coach is still being foolish enough to start and play his highest paid veterans just to help the FO look good for signing certain players to large contracts. Everyone wants to look good. But MDA needs to do what’s in the best interest for the teams success.

      I gave MDA major props for having enough guts (as I called it) to stick with his most athletic and capable in the 1st game Clippers victory. Who in the world believes the starting lineup MDA was rolling with would have won that Clippers game?

      It takes courage to get my full respect as a coach. Anyone can roll with the leagues best players and win. Only the courageous are willing to go against the grain.To sacrifice their ego for the team’s benefit. Pat Riley was the last Laker coach willing to make that much of a sacrifice.

      The answer is within MDA’s hands because he says who plays and for how long etc….
      Leadership has to be willing to “STEP UP ” especially without the presence of “great ” on the court leadership which the team is certainly missing without Kobe.

      Roll with the athletic back court Famar and Henry. Then add Hill,Kaman,Gasol,Young. Then let’s give Elias Harris a chance to see if he has “Heart” enough to “STEP UP”

      Go Lakers !