Lakers News: Lakers Planning To Keep Steve Nash Next Season

Lakers News: Lakers Planning To Keep Steve Nash Next Season


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The fate of Steve Nash has been uncertain for quite some time. Although the two-time NBA MVP has only played in 12 games this season and appears to be nearing the end of his career, the Lakers are planning on keeping him next season according to Mike Bresnahan of the L.A. Times:

For financial reasons, the Lakers currently plan to keep him next season, The Times has learned, eating the remainder of his contract ($9.7 million) in one swoop instead of waiving him and spreading the money out over three years.

As Bresnahan points out, the Lakers will likely eat the $9.7 million owed to Nash next season in order to be fully prepared for free agency in the summers of 2015 and 2016. This will give the storied franchise more leverage in terms of landing game-changing free agents:

It would give them more money to spend in the summers of 2015 and 2016, when they figure to be active players in the free-agent market amid such possible names as Kevin Love, LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

With Nash continuing to struggle to stay healthy, there’s no telling when or if the veteran point guard will be forced to retire. Nash will have the entire summer to get back to form, but many believe that his days as an elite player are over.

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Despite the fact that Nash has been nowhere near the player of old since being traded to the Lakers in the summer of 2012, the team does have the advantage of having him help mentor younger players. Kendall Marshall’s development could be another reason for the Lakers reluctant to part ways along with the prospect of possibly bringing in Australia’s Dante Exum in the upcoming 2014 NBA Draft.

Although Nash will likely never provide the Lakers the kind of production they were hoping, the mentoring aspect in a rebuilding period could become usual moving forward.
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  • Chrmngblly

    Oh, great….why?

  • Jim213

    IMO, it depends on what they do this off season. But a $3 million stretch for two + years is chump change for them given they aren’t concerned about the cap tax.

    • comrade24

      not chump change with new salary cap restrictions under the new CBA.

      • Jim213

        Differ given bad contract signings and especially signing players who earn more and are under utilized.

  • Daryl Peek

    Been saying this all along.

    • Wiggins got traded by Jim Buss

      Hey man you seem to know a lot about the Lakers.What the hell are their big picture goals?They seem devastated by the Kobe injury,are the Lakers FO keeping Coach Mike D’Antoni long term?Are you a Lakers employee?If you answer this you do really know what the Lakers are doing in the big picture but if not just goes to show nobody knows what the hell is going on big picture long term with this disorganized bunch?????

      • Daryl Peek

        I’m not a Lakers employee. The reason I seem to know what’s going on is because I just simply comment on these blogs using the info that’s out there, via direct source quotes. Too many people want to inject their own personal opinion (ESPN First Take, sheep/mob mentality) and believe those within the Lakers organization speaking on the state of things are just giving us sugarcoated fluff. Almost everything the FO has told us is what has happened. This goes all the way back to what Dr. Buss foretold the future would be several years ago.

        Given what has been going on dating all the way back to 2010-11, it’s obvious the team was due to have a down time. There’s no one to blame for this as it’s just a part of the ebbs and flows of a dynasty team lead by an aging Kobe on the decline. This is no different than what we’ve seen with many other superstars, both with the Lakers and other teams.

        Most are in a panic mode because of Dr. Buss’s passing coupled with the desire to target a scapegoat for this losing season. We’ve been here before, this is not the first losing season for the Lakers. As you stated, Kobe our best player has only played 6 games. Gasol has only played 59 of 73 games in a season he’s battled off-season surgery recovery, ETC… with all of the injuries.

        All of that said, this is the first full season without Dr. Buss and everyone just needs to calm down and let his WILL be done.

        • Chrmngblly

          F*ck Dr.buss’ WILL. Geezuz, Peek. His WILL was to give his kids jobs. Let’s talk about giving away FOUR first round picks for nothing through the Howard and Nash deals and hiring TWO substandard coaches in a row. Don’t feed us sh_t and tell us it’s sugar.

          • Daryl Peek


  • Josh

    Bresnahan has already reported this. Kupchack has already said next season is up to Steve. This is not news. A lot of people want the Lakers to stretch him, but I agree that it would be best to just pay him next year and get it over with. And, who knows, maybe he can play 20-30 games next season and help develop the younger PGs and ease the rotations so Kobe can play fewer minutes.

    • Daryl Peek

      Agreed. Most people don’t want to read the obvious writing on the wall.

      • michael

        he can play up to 40 and maybe some play offs (if we’re going to). It’s not like he couldn’t play every second game.

        Also stretching is bad, unless we’re going big with FA (we wont BE ABLE, due to lack of big players).

        Like many said, we definitely wanna go big in 2015 and 2016. We would have 3 mio off in both years, makes no sense.

        • Daryl Peek

          What the FO wants to do in 15 & 16 is completely dependent on what the FA market is at said time, and who’s willing. Basic finance management points to paying Nash out next season regardless of who, what, where and why because when he’s off the books, it creates more Cap flexibility and completely closes that chapter.

          • Chrmngblly

            Saying what you are saying is belaboring the obvious. But if the right guy is available, we have to do what we have to do to get him—except go over the cap.

            Rim protection might be a good reason or to upgrade from Marshall–even though I like him and hope he develops.

          • Daryl Peek

            KM better get in the gym and work tirelessly on changing and improving that jumper or he’ll fall to the same fate he did with the Suns this coming season. His defensive issues can indeed be masked and tolerated if he improves his offensive issues given his above average court vision. Can’t be one dimensional with that many glaring decencies. Rondo’s jumper was horrible also but he was a beast as a defender and could finish in traffic attacking the rim.

            And what I said is far from belaboring when so many are in favor of stretching Nash. How is what I said any different from you stating the obvious about getting the best available talent if possible?

          • Chrmngblly

            Oh yes, in this way: I don’t favor either approach until we see what is possible after the draft and free agency—then we do what we must.

            For example, even though I am not in favor of it, if Kobe were to lure CA into wanting to join up, a whole lot of things change. If Love calls up and says anything, those things are things that could change everything.

            Personally, I am dubious about any of that being remotely possible. I think we have to get competitive again before any super-star FA will consider coming here.

            That’s why I see us losing Young, Meeks, Hill, Kaman and Gasol, sadly, because Kobe will come back and if we draft a stud not named Embiid or Vonleigh we will have to pursue Monroe or Asik or somebody else for rim protection. Could Hill or Sacre be our 5? I am doubtful, too. Thus we may have to stretch Nash to get under the cap and still get our 5.

            Do you think it would be smart management to bet everything on our being able to get Love or any of those stars in 2015? Me, either.

          • Daryl Peek

            Agreed some of what you say. Stretching Nash is not a good move in any scenario. Best to ride his contract out and have full cap space in 2015. No one knows what Nash will look like next season, and who’s to say the team couldn’t trade him as an expiring contract at the trade deadline, to a team looking to create cap space like we were in considering the Oakfor or Bynum trades? Too many hypothetical’s in your thinking, that are over thought process IMO. Again, the belaboring aforementioned will determine what moves need to be made going forward. The gloom and doom panic is being over hyped.

          • Chrmngblly

            “Stretching Nash is not a good move in any scenario”

            Almost any scenario. We MUST be under the cap in 2014–or we are screwed in 2015, because of last year, right? So whatever it takes.

            And we should really re-sign some of our own crew, I think, like Young and Hill. What are your thoughts on that? who?

            You know I don’t totally disrespect you, DP…:-)

          • Daryl Peek

            Easier to achieve the under the luxury tax goal without stretching Nash. All that does is free up a roster spot and keep 3 mil on the books for another two years after next season. Why refinance a car when you’re already upside down in equity? Nash would still likely need to be replace in the line up which is money spent on top of his 3 mil that’s gonna count next season.

            Farmar, Kelly, Meeks, Bazemore & X. Hill & Young if we can afford them, and I’m really up in the air on Marshall?!? Gasol possibly if he’s willing coupled with the price. Of course Kobe, Nash and Sacre are locks to return.

      • Chrmngblly

        I know some people who are just blog-parrots, too. They just regurgitate everything all these spin doctors put out. There is a reason all these PR-types and agents make so much.

        • Daryl Peek

          I’m often followed by blog trolls who can’t help themselves

          • Chrmngblly

            Wow. Me, too.

  • Dan

    Steve Nash+Kobe+Bazemore+Kelly+Marshall+Sacre will be back and that’s $39 million dollars spent on those guys.Bazemore+Kelly+Marshall+Sacre all have a team option and the Lakers likely will pick up the option on them.DELUSIONAL Lakers fans need to stop talking stupid stuff about the Lakers getting a Major Free Agent.Lakers are really in deep trouble face reality being delusional is bad.

    • Greg

      *warning: the comment above was made by a Mentally disabled wnba fan. Take his opinions into consideration with CAUTION. That is all*

      Lakers have a ridiculous amount of cap space and are not afraid to go over cap space because they are THE LAKERS, YOU KNOW THE FRANCHISE WORTH ONE BILLION DOLALRS ($900 million). 16 championships don’t lie MFa.

      • Chrmngblly

        Dan is right. The Lakers are in a jam. They need to be under the cap every third year, I think, or they cannot get any new players except through trades. They wanted to do it in 2014 but Kobe is pushing them. I think what they do depends on who is available that is willing to come. Would a big star accept a heavily back-loaded contract to help them out? Do we re-sign Swagy-P? I don’t know.

  • Veneno

    Kepping KM, what a waste of space……..

  • quickster007

    Wow, next year the Lakers will have two overpaid has been who can’t remain healthy the whole season and expect to get paid to much money. Another mediocre season.

  • hookedonnews

    I’d say that’s an overly negative assessment. The problem is not whether Nash can still play at a high level, it’s whether he can stay healthy and how many games he can play. He’s obviously superior to any other PG on the team. No offense to Kendall Marshall, but who are we kidding here? Not discounting the money aspect. Of course that’s a factor, but he can still play

    • CAP

      Nash Can still play at a hi level for the Lakers, the Bucks and the 76ers.

  • Ed Wendt

    hell nah they aren’t on the same page!!! Kobe is trying to win and win NOW .. while Jim is trying to run the team into the ground … that was evident when he hired D’Antoni over Phil Jackson … that has been evident since he has been letting star quality players go and picking up garbage! He has no sense of business or management! What a loser!

  • CAP

    Nash will take up 1/6 of the CAP $ and play 10 games. Kobe will take another 2.5/6 of the CAP $. The other 13 players can fight for 2.5/6
    Of the CAP $.

    Sounds like another long year.

    “Ask not what the Team can do for the player, but, what the player can do for the team?”

  • Gekko

    Personally, I am excited by this article.
    Before I get yelled at regarding that statement, lets stay in the realm of reality in regards to our expectations. I don’t think there is going to be any amount of free agent moves we can do that will give us another championship. If there is anything we can do to bring a championship to the Lakers, I am all for it. However, I would rather see the Lakers put the pieces together for another dynasty!
    That being said, I would love to see the Lakers get Nash off the books quickly rather than spread it out over three years. That tells me that they are interested in making a big splash in the 2015-2016 market.
    OKC is not a big market team. I would love to see the Lakers make a run at Durant.
    We all hear the rumors about Love.
    Aldridge is a possibility.
    Even Lebron could be bought.
    The point is I can deal with a year or two of scrubs playing if we are positioning ourselves for a dynasty.

    • CAP

      Duant will have completed his 9 th season by then. That’s 2/3 of his career done. Soon after he will be going into his twilight years. The pieces must be in place by then.

      Why not someone like curry and cousins. They are really good and and they have not reached prime yet. Or Curry and Durant.

    • CAP

      Shaq was brought in after his fourth season. He was out of prime at the end of his 10th season. This point is being stressed that no all players can operate at hi levels after 10 seasons like Jordan and Kobe.

    • Chrmngblly

      Myself, I favor working at it. Maybe we can land a Super Star, maybe it will take a while. We need to try to grab young, solid FAs whenever we can. We have our one decent draft pick this year, but we won’t have another one this decade, I don’t think. Right now, a casual glance would show we lose way too many games just because of the difference in points in the paint and rebounds. We need rim protection and rebounding; we score plenty of points. None of these hot scorers like CA or KD or LBJ would make any difference without defense. Love could help but there is no guarantee we will get the guy–especially without a more fundamentally sound situation to invite him into.
      On the other hand, what if a couple guys we want also want to join the Lakers? Should we pass them by so we can pay off a non-contributor like Nash or should we stretch him? I can think of three guys right now we should consider not named Carmelo: Monroe, Lowrey and Stephenson. That’s hard to do and stay under the cap.
      The cap is important to get under every third year (correct me if I am wrong) or league rules will prevent us from acquiring any players while we are still over, plus big penalties.

    • Chrmngblly

      Of course, paying off Nash and flushing the big leach is a no-brainer. But I will not leave one cent of the available cap unspent if it will get us the pieces necessary to attract one of the guys you say you want—but we have to have a competitive team established for these guys to want to come to. So if a good complimentary FA wants to come this summer, I am stretching Nash without any hesitation. I wish he would just f*cking retire and quit hurting us.

      Even if a miracle occurs and Nash is as good as new tomorrow, he is still not in our future plans. The Lakers have to move forward. We can’t rely on him next year. Nash is broken AND over 40; Kobe is broken and a little younger–plus he is Kobe.

  • CAP

    Nash Stays or Leave the Lakers will Not make the Playoffs Next Season. Dallas might not make it this year. Is Los Angeles going to better than Dallas next year?

    Nash Stays or Leave makes no difference. Nash will have no impact. Is Nash going to be younger and healthier next year?

  • michael

    I have those concerns too, but we shouldn’t make a conspiracy. I think they just don’t care rushing players out there, make ’em 100%.