Lakers News: Lakers Officially Eliminated From Playoffs In March Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="169"] The Los Angeles Lakers suffered another loss over 30 points on Friday and while there are still 16 games remaining, their season has [new_royalslider id="169"] The Los Angeles Lakers suffered another loss over 30 points on Friday and while there are still 16 games remaining, their season has Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Lakers Officially Eliminated From Playoffs In March

The Los Angeles Lakers suffered another loss over 30 points on Friday and while there are still 16 games remaining, their season has for all intents and purposes come to an end as they are now officially eliminated from playoff contention. It marks the second time the Lakers have missed the playoffs since the 2004-2005 season, which was Kobe Bryant’s first season without Shaquille O’Neal.

With a 22-44 record, the Lakers find themselves last in the Western Conference and 16.5 games behind the Memphis Grizzlies, who are in eighth place in the conference. After losing Dwight Howard in free agency, the Lakers figured to face an uphill battle this season, which has been magnified by injuries to several players, namely Bryant and Steve Nash. The Lakers managed to hover around .500 prior to Bryant’s return in December, but any chances at turning that into sustained momentum were quickly lost a week later when Bryant suffered a fracture in his left knee.

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Largely due to injuries, Mike D’Antoni’s attempts at finding a rotation capable of competing night in and night out have been futile and unsuccessful. D’Antoni’s frayed relationship with Pau Gasol has also reared its head at multiple points throughout the season, which has led to further speculation that Gasol will not re-sign with the Lakers in the off-season.

While the Lakers have continued to pile up the losses, they have steadily been improving their chances at landing the top pick in the forthcoming NBA Draft. They currently hold the fourth-west record in the league and conceivably could fall to third or second-worst by season’s end. Any hope of combining a top pick with Phil Jackson’s return were lost on Friday with reports that Jackson has officially signed an agreement to join the New York Knicks front office.

During Bryant’s press conference with the media following the announcement that he wouldn’t return this season, the 18-year veteran expressed his desire for the team to re-tool immediately, saying he doesn’t have any patience to continue on the losing path.

Missing the playoffs is another disappointment for the Lakers organization that finds itself heading down a road of uncertainty.
Kobe Bryant On Change THIS Summer, Jim and Jeanie Buss, Coaching Staff

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  • Lakers Rider

    Duh no surprise here,that piece of garbage Mike Dummytoni is coaching them.

    • Ralph Rivera

      Herez d no nothing toni explain of loss to any team ” duh they took it to us we couldnt stop them duh next question

    • Jim213

      Per Mike Bresnahan (LA Times): the Front Office observes Mike as a “capable coach and don’t want to be known as a franchise that lacks coaching stability.”

      • juny

        Bring in George Karl as head coach

        • Sylvia Ross

          Byron Scott, for head coach !!

          • Zimmeredge

            hell no! look at what he has done with the cavs!

          • Daryl Peek

            Not Fair. The Cavs were a hot mess that season due to just coming off the Decision. Scott was expecting to coach LeBron. They had nothing and have been a hot mess ever since.

            I like B. Scott but I wont go out on a limb and say he’s the guy to lead the Lakers back to the promised land. Fits the bill on many levels tho.

          • Zimmeredge

            eventhough he is a young coach he is not the good one to handle the mediatic thing in LA imo. D’antoni who’s a brand name struggled with the fire in here. Sloan or Karl are bigger names and of course they are legit to a lot of people. the young hollins or del negro have recent record in the league. those guys, i think, can make the bond between the present and the future especially if their contracts expires after kobe’s contract.

          • Daryl Peek

            Sloan or Karl would wilt in the LA spot light. Sloan is done, and is too much of an old school disciplinarian to connect with the kids today. We saw this with Deron Williams in Utah. I don’t think Sloan would like the Hollywood atmosphere either.

            Karl is not much better than D’Antoni. Not since his Sonic days has he been deep in the playoffs. The Nuggets failed to get past the first round and Karl had issues with superstar ego’s like Melo and JR Smith.

            B. Scott is a much better choice then those two. Scott has a good enough resume, and the LA roots to not only deal with the Lakers fan base but have their confidence from the jump.

          • Zimmeredge

            a bit harsh on George Karl. yet the nuggets traded melo and jr and they managed to remain competitive. you have to admit that williams, melo and jr are complete idiots. i mean mentally. off court they have not professional ethic.
            parker, wiggins and randle are far more intelligent, humble and hard working guys. the only arrogant guy in this draft is probably Smart but the guy is a hell of player.
            a pair with Stephenson-Randle or Stephenson-Love in the future lead by sloan. it leaves me dreaming.

          • Daryl Peek

            To be fair to MDA, if Karl had this Lakers team under the circumstances of this season, he’d fare no better.

          • Zimmeredge

            he would have the team played ina different way because he knows how to play with different pieces. small ball, two bigs, half court or full court. and he’s better on d.
            i like hollins tho and del negro seems to be a competitive guy. those two are great to build for the future.

          • Daryl Peek

            You’re giving him way too much credit. When did Karl ever play two big’s? Allof Karl’s teams played up tempo fast break open court style. Hollins is a good coach and will be back in the league but is still no more proven than MDA. Del Negro was ran off by both the Bulls and Clippers. Pass on him.

          • Zimmeredge

            but they are young coaches. see the players had he led them in po. and hollins has a better pedagogy than mda. he is not a self centered coach he can evolve in a variety of games. he’s got different systems. and pardon me… Byron Scott is NO better than Hollins imo he just had the chance to have better players. Paul, West, Chandler, Kidd, Martin that’s much better than Conley, Randolph or Gasol.

      • Daryl Peek

        MDA is more than likely a lame duck coach at this point but don’t get it twisted. Kobe has absolutely no pull on the coaching situation….

        Jim Grey “What will Kobe Bryant’s role be in selection of the next HC of the Lakers?”

        Dr. Buss “Well he will not be involved in the selection whatsoever. We will discuss it with him like many teams do with their marquee player but in terms of of deciding, that decision will be made by Mitch Kupchak, Jim Buss and myself. Kobe has never had any influence on decisions of coaches, he played under Del Harris, he played under Phil Jackson, he played under Rudy T. he played under Frank Hamblen, he’s had a lot of opportunity to speak on who he’d like as coach but never did that.”

        Dr. Buss also spoke on how he did not like the mass criticism coming from the fan base during a down season.

        Jim and Jeanie actually discussed this very moment many times with their father before he passed away. He cautioned both that this will be difficult.

        “He always said, ‘You have to have a shell and be able to repel water because you’re going to get pelted,’” Jim Buss said. “And I said, ‘Dad, I have no problem with that as long as I believe that you believe in me and we believe in this philosophy.’ “

        • Zimmeredge

          in the same time i don’t the fo throwing mda 10-15 days before the end of the season. they will wait until the end of the season. they will take their time, think about the different opportunities. they will assess the situation with the coach and then they will act. now, it’s useless to drop him.
          i think a lot will be determined by who’s gonna win the final game of the season. they won’t make a move until we know the identity of the champion.

        • roseducanna

          You are right, MDA is a lame duck coach, he bring a group LAKERS ‘ players to lamed too.

        • Jim213

          Really?! smh,

          Sam Amick, USA Sports Nov 12, 2012

          Kobe on:

          On his relationship with D’Antoni from playing against him and on Team USA…

          “I mean, we have a great relationship. The offense that he installed for
          our USA Team is the offense that we run to the tune of two gold medals.
          We all know the type of talent that we had on that team, so it was
          important for us to have an offense that was flexible, that was open,
          that kept everybody involved. It worked pretty well for us.”

          On how D’Antoni’s system will work with this roster…

          “It’s going to be fine. It’s not like he takes the same thing that he did
          in Phoenix and incorporates it here. He has different personnel. He can
          use Steve to his greatest advantages, and me to mine and Dwight to his,
          and Pau to his and so forth and so on.”

          On whether he was disappointed it wasn’t Jackson…

          “Obviously there’s always going to be a little bit, because Phil and I
          have gone back since I was 20 years old and everything that he’s taught
          me and so forth. There’s a little bit of (disappointment). But at the
          same time, I’m very excited for Coach D. I know Phil will be enjoying
          his retirement and looking to get back in the game — although probably
          not (from) a coaching standpoint, but a managerial role or something
          like that.”

          On why D’Antoni the first coach you recommended…

          “Well, I mean I’ve been around him quite a bit. I’ve always played his
          teams for a number of years. I know his philosophies, I know what he
          stands for, and I know how competitive he is. I mean he is a feisty,
          feisty, dude man – temperamental even. And I like that.”

          On how long it will take to learn his offense…

          “Nah, it’s pretty quick. It’s not something where you have to remember a
          sequence of options or something like that, it’s really about spacing
          and reading. It shouldn’t be too hard.”

          On how you maximize this team defensively…

          “Communication. Communication. I mean that’s really all it is. It’s
          constantly communicating with each other on the floor, understanding
          personnel – who likes to do what, who likes to go where, and reacting to

          SMH… it’s one of those ‘they made their bed now lie in it situations currently.’ But tho Kobe wanted Phil he wasn’t opposed to them them hiring the current coach. His input made the decision easier for FO who didn’t want to bring in Phil back. Kobe’s input matters (especially with the $48 mil but he doesn’t have the final say. We know this…

          • Daryl Peek

            You said all of that to get to “We know this…” ? SMH

            Every FO that makes a decision makes their bed and lies in it. Dr. Buss and West did this in the past and the results weren’t always favorable.

          • Jim213

            Nothing is twisted, but keeping it real for all. Especially for those who agree with Kobe NOW being that he has no interest in playing with the coach. They cite with Kobe now but he wasn’t opposed to playing under the current coach. He may not have pull but he can sway someone to a more favorable position.

          • Daryl Peek

            I’m not the one who insinuated Kobe had a personal problem with D’Antoni. You didn’t either but the overlapping narrative most imply is that of Kobe not wanting to play uptempo, as a referendum of his view on MDA as a coach. BTW, Kobe didn’t play against D’Antoni on team USA, he played for him.

            Time will ultimately tell if MDA is indeed a lame duck coach at this point.

  • Lakers Rider

    Lakers suck this season it’s the coach that is at fault.No defense no game plan.

  • Lakers Fan

    I mean…who didnt see this coming? With No D’ Antoni as the head coach, a bunch of castoff players trying to find their way, 90 year old Steve Nash, and Jim Buss being a complete idiot, who didnt see this as an outcome? If Jim Buss REALLY wants what’s best for the Lakers, he will fire No D’Antoni at the end of the season and hand the team over to his sister Jeanie. That would be the perfect start to our offseason. Hate to see my team look the
    way they have, but at least we have a bright future to look forward too(hopefully).

    • asshole

      don’t blame Nash for the fo mistakes. dude doesn’t even play!

      • Zimmeredge

        and yet he openly said that he will come back next season for his money while there is no certainty he will be able to play a single minute!

    • Ralph Rivera

      Ditto ditto ditto no need to say more!

  • destiny brown

    Lakers Should Resign Bazemore Young, Henry, Farmar, Johnson, Hill,And Gasol Draft Marcus Smart,&Aaron Gordon. Sign Rudy Gay,&Isaiah Thomas, And Al-Fariq Aminu(Defense,&Rebouding) Sign Greg Monroe,&Klove on Draft Day. Waive Nash&bring him back for less.

    Starters: Marcus Smart,Kobe,Rudy,Kevin,Monroe
    Bench:Al-Fariq,Hill,Johnson,Nick,Farmar, Bazemore,Xavier, Thomas,Gordan,Nash

    • labroukos

      rudy gays selfish play will destroy the team

  • LakersHeatBee

    It’s time to start focusing on the upcoming draft which is vital to the Lakers future.Also we can discuss upcoming free agency and possible other changes.This season is officially over in regards to making the playoffs that over with.

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