Lakers News: Lakers Have Contacted Phil Jackson For Coaching Job

Lakers News: Lakers Have Contacted Phil Jackson For Coaching Job


According to Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles times, they’ve made contact!


We know the man’s resume. Phil Jackson has 11 championships, five with the Lakers. After the firing of Mike Brown, the Lakers front office realized that they don’t have much of a window left with this current team. The Laker fans echoed this sentiment, as they were chanting, “We Want Phil!” during their game earlier against the Warriors. And Dwight Howard agreed as well; he wants Phil Jackson back with the Lakers.

Jackson left the Lakers after the 2010-11 season, when they got swept by the Dallas Mavericks in the second round of the playoffs.

  • Luis Chávez

    BANNER #17

    • saadi saadi

      too early to say!
      It only says they made contact. Nothing happened yet. So, you gotta wait and see what happens next…

      • George

        Just procedure. Phil is coming back.

        • saadi saadi

          I wish and hope he comes back to L.A to rescue the Lakers but noting is for sure as of yet…

          • Guest

            Technically not, but it will be official, most likely tomorrow.

  • saadi saadi

    What can you do with this team Phil? It is a mess, even Dr. Phil cannot fix the problem that the players are going thru…
    Looking forward to Zen Master

  • Guildtank

    Lakers basically need to sign a WHITE coach. Noticed that the majority
    of winning coaches are white? Jackson, Sloan, Popovic, Auerbach, Coach
    K, Thibadeaou, Scott Brookes, George Karl…etc. Blacks are better
    players, whites are better coach.

    • Mr. Mister

      are you on crack or something? seriously, just never speak again.

    • killa

      color has nothing to do with it idiot..

    • rperrymotorsport

      what about doc rivers? he is one of the best coaches out there!

      • Guildtank

        I was going to mention Doc Rivers but he is an exception. I guess it’s a bit of generalization but the observation is still the same

    • Carmen Madonna Campos

      And let’s face it, the Mamba will forget more about basketball than you will ever know.

    • Guest

      Thats sort of races you think

    • MoneyBall

      half those guys never won anything…

  • Win games

    Hope Phil comes back to help us

  • Leo_Go_Lakers

    NO D’Antoni please… please. Rund and gun here??? NO.
    Bring in Shaw and Phil as consultant (like Tex Winter was). Go Lakers!!!

  • Andrew Fysh

    i really want the guy, but can we even afford him? i mean Phil Jackson is the Worlds Expensive Coach.. he will be asking 15 million for 1 season.

    • killa

      we just signed a 3 billion dollar tv deal.. i dont money is an issue

    • rperrymotorsport

      Coaches are not included in luxury tax. Also if you were not aware, the Lakers have just signed a 20 year deal with twc worth 3 billion…. that is 150 million per year, The Lakers can afford it, trust me. That income does not include tickets and merchandise sold

  • trei

    WE WANT PHIL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dominic C

    If Phili don’t come back, D’Antoni will be the right coach for the Lakers.

  • brazzo09

    Bickerstaff would be a fine coach but if phil is available then bring phil back

  • don vigil

    Everyone keeps throwing d’antoni out there….must i remind you.KOBE HATES THIS GUY AND VICE VERSA

    • don vigil

      Also the fucking idiot below me need not ever say another word as long as you live…fuckin racist idiot

    • hookedonnews

      Not true. He and Kobe have a good relationship. Kobe idolized D’Antoni was he was in Italy. Heard that just the other day.

  • hookedonnews

    Prefer D’Antoni or Sloan. At some point the Lakers have to find a good coach other than Phil Jackson. As long as they have Nash, they need someone who will maximize his talents. Not sure Phil Jackson is that person.

  • Aaron Valdez

    You are all crazy and dont know basketball. If we get Phil, Pau gets the starting spot. Pau needs someone strong enough to coach him. He needs someone to get in his face and tell him to step it up. That is how we won two more championships with Phil. Mike Brown is a pussy. If we don’t get someone who can keep the Lakers accountable game by game we will not win a championship.