Lakers News: Lakers Express Interest in Signing Austin Daye Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers have only two spots remaining on their roster for guaranteed contracts after signing free agents Chris Kaman, Nick Young, Jordan Farmar a The Los Angeles Lakers have only two spots remaining on their roster for guaranteed contracts after signing free agents Chris Kaman, Nick Young, Jordan Farmar a Rating:
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Lakers News: Lakers Express Interest in Signing Austin Daye

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The Los Angeles Lakers have only two spots remaining on their roster for guaranteed contracts after signing free agents Chris Kaman, Nick Young, Jordan Farmar and Wesley Johnson.

According to Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld.com, the Lakers have expressed interest in signing forward Austin Daye for one of the two spots after working him out on Wednesday:

Over the past few weeks, the Lakers’ front office has been gauging interest around the league in terms of players that would be willing to sign with the team for the veteran’s minimum. Daye appears to be one of those players after five seasons in the league.

Daye is a California native who played his high school basketball in Irvine at Woodbridge. The veteran forward went to Gonzaga and was selected with the 15th overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft by the Detroit Pistons.

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Unfortunately for Daye, the forward simply hasn’t been able to live up to expectations since being drafted out of Gonzaga. Daye played his first four seasons in the league with the Pistons and went to Russia to play BC Khimki during the 2011 NBA lockout.

After a short stint in Russia, Daye returned to the Pistons and was traded along with Tayshaun Prince to the Memphis Grizzlies in a three-team deal that resulted in Jose Calderon heading to Detroit and Rudy Gay being shipped to the Toronto Raptors.

In five seasons in the NBA, Daye averaged 5.6 points and 2.8 rebounds per game while playing 15.4 minutes per contest at the small forward position.


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  • Katarga

    Why taking so long to sign Odom? He would an ideal back-up for Gasol and he will certainly contribute to the defense. Sign him !

    • thatdude31

      cuz he doeant want to be here

      • thatdude31

        He doesnt want to be here

        • Jim213

          Although, he has personal issues pending he’s the best bang for your buck player out there so he will need to make up his mind soon before he gets passed up by both teams which looks apparent.

      • Daryl Peek

        More like the FO doesn’t want to deal with his personal life drama right now. The Clippers don’t either.

    • Robert Plant

      Why are you people so hung up on Lamar Odom? Did you see him play last year? He’s washed up. If the Lakers are going to sign someone who sucks might as well get a young dude with a little bit of upside instead of a 33 year old who’s shot like 37% over the last two seasons.

      • richard

        Because Lamar Odom, if he sets his mind to playing is one heck of a player… he is still only 33yo… it’s a question of motivation for him. When he is motivated, he can do a lot of good things for the team. But that’s a BIG IF though…

        • Eddie Lazaro

          He also elevates his game when playing with Kobe (2Championships 2009-10, 6th man 2011), asked for the eventful trade to Dallas after the trade (CP3 trade that includes him & Pau) was rescinded by David “Stalin” Stern, landing him to the Clippers thru buyout.

          • richard

            that’s right… that trade really affected him more so emotionally…

    • Eddie Lazaro

      He’s got so many issue outside of basketball and Lakers don’t want to get involved having issues to fix on their own. He will come out once he’s ready.

  • Daryl Peek

    I’d be good with Daye. Fits the D’Antoni system and will come cheap. High reward low risk.

  • Jim213

    I’m thinking Dumbtoni intends to play run and gun the majority of the time given that most of the players acquired are runners with no body size to them to an extent. IMO, we need solid defenders not more offensive minded players given the current roster.

  • Mark Iliosylvia


  • richard

    Austin Daye worked out for the lakers .. and management and coaches like what they saw…

    • Eddie Lazaro

      Seems like they are all out support on MDA system, guess we have to, since we don’t have any choice now that he is here to stay, for now. Stacked to the roof of Runners and Gunners. I see a lot of ups with these add ons but still missing bangers in the paint. Also, what’s the deal with Kurt Rambis? I though it should be done by now, and can we add Michael Cooper while we’re at it? That’s one major concern I have. Any or both these coaches can help integrate Defense on MDA system which is lacking to make this team balance. They needed that badly to get deeper if we were to make playoffs (I think we do). LO is out of the runnings since he was caught late carrying “Khloe’s Luggage’s” and Lakers don’t have Storage for it. Tired of the drama I guess. It will be interesting to see how these roster plays with the system. They can shoot the daylights out from downtown and athletic enough for High Flying Slams. EXCITING!

      • richard

        I agree with you absolutely… this team is better constituted than the one MDA have in PHX circa 2006. Rambis is basically in the fold… I think what they are negotiating is the structure of the contract. If not, Michael cooper would be a great addition.

        And also, with the addition of E.Harris, I think we have added a little bit of defensive muscle. He can play the 4 as he did at Gonzaga but again still too raw for my taste. A veteran PF who can defend will give better balance, IMO.

  • ra

    Daye? ok yes they want sprinters. So, there will be ‘no’ defense. ALL offense. Just grab a rebound after a successful 2 points (or 3 points) from the other team, and run like hell down the court. Maybe even cherry pick.

    It won’t be Showtime 2. It will be the Jamaican track team, which works well in the Olympics, and maybe even football. Showtime 1 had Kareem.

  • Laker J

    Austin Daye? He is long, but lacks body mass, another 3 point shooter to fit D’Antoni’s “O”. He w
    has upside, and has shown he can play in the league. If they are looking for bangers down low, and Lamar is not willing to sign, Ivan Johnson, Malcolm Thomas, and Tyrus Thomas are still available. Thomas, however, is injury prone.

  • Rob

    make another COBRA

  • Eddie Lazaro

    We need to fill 3&4positions who are defensively inclined and bigger bodies to bang on defense and help on the boards. This guy can rebound and intimidate shooters with his length, but a little thin to bang in the paint. He can shoot from outside has a good free throw %. A reduced D. Lee, that needs more meat to be an inside threat but with situations Lakers have, we’ll see how it works. Looks like we are filling rosters for the shooting daylights to come. Here is your wish Mike. Looking to see a Very different Lakers this year.

  • gotemcoach

    I wouldn’t want this scrub on the team just because he’s a HUGE defensive liability. We already have Gasol, Kaman, Nash, and Meeks(undersized) to deal with. He’s a slower, water down version of KD minus the rebounding and ball handling. He has to do a lot more than shoot to win a spot on the Lakers team. A better player would be Shawne Williams.

  • Rigged4fun

    The Lakers are just filling their roster with bargains. The chances of signing LeBron or Carmelo are slim. The key here is that they need to ascertain a plan to rebuild. It takes time to move up the personnel ladder and as fans we’ll just have to grin and bare it. While they are rebuilding, it seems they’re trying to circumvent the repeater tax. I have no argument with that.

  • Larry C.

    I think he has the potential to be a good player. He is 6’11″ and listed as a small guard. He could oppose a potential threat depending on his growth and development as a role play. He will fit well in D’Antonio system because he can shoot well and can help stretch the floor. He reminds me of a Shannon Fry that was in D’Antonio system at Phoenix and did pretty well. It will be all about chemistry for the Lakers to make it all work. But we need a PF now in one of last spaces available who will work the boards, become a stretch 4 and who have the athleticism to dominant occassionally. All this SG and SF that we selecting or already have isn’t completely helping the team. We already have Nick Young SG/SF, Wesley Johnson – SF, Jodie Meeks – SG, Jordan Farmer – SG/SF, Steve Blake – SG/ SF, Ryan Kelly, SF/PF along with Kobe – SG/SF. Only real PF we have now is J. Hill. We need a banger down low, great defender, and a good stretch 4 to help the team. Just my opinion.

  • ersliva

    well daye would give them size at the small forward spot that they are lacking…waite a minute…he would be their only true small forward ……

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