Lakers News: Lakers-Bulls Will Be Shown On TWCSportsNet

Lakers News: Lakers-Bulls Will Be Shown On TWCSportsNet

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

It was announced recently that the matchup between the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers on January 20 would no longer be shown on TNT. This was the second time this season a Lakers game has been dropped from being broadcast nationally, but it appears Time Warner Cable SportsNet will pick up the slack:

Without Kobe Bryant in the lineup, the Lakers are starting to lose their appeal on a national stage. Not only is Bryant out for at least a few more weeks, but Jordan Farmar, Xavier Henry, Steve Nash and Steve Blake are all stuck on the sidelines with injuries as well.

Needless to say, the Lakers aren’t exactly an attractive sell to a national audience and may see more of these nationally televised games dropped. The Chicago Bulls are in the same boat with superstar Derrick Rose done for the season once again and no longer competing at a high level.

As of right now, Bryant is expected to return after the team finishes a brutal road trip on the east coast on Jan. 28 against the visiting Indiana Pacers. The Lakers schedule has the team playing 10 of the next 13 games on the road without Bryant, Nash, Farmar or Blake in the lineup.
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  • Stephen Gilson

    Wow!! Speechless!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    That is the fault of the Networks carrying the NBA games.They scheduled way too many Lakers games knowing Kobe Bryant was seriously injured and also knowing Nash was nearing retirement and also knowing Lakers were picked 12th in the West by ESPN,they rolled the dice and came up snake eyes.Screw you David Stern you are the most hated man in LA.The Lakers don’t need to be on National TV.It’s the obvious the Lakers are not drawing ratings as the Networks wanted so they are pulling the plug on the Lakers by flexing them off the TV schedule.SMH!

  • Lakers Fan

    We shouldn’t be surprised by this. What we should have been surprised about, was being scheduled for more televised games than the Miami Heat. SMH! It’s a sad time in Laker Nation.

  • NITSbleedPURP

    I can care less about watching games on ESPN or TNT. I’d prefer to watch the games on TWS since they actually talk about what the Lakers did well and what they need to fix in each game. ESPN commentators just bash the LAKERS. Saves me the boredom of watching Charles Barkley try to be an analyst.

    • Michael.Hidalgo

      I love TNT analysts. They actually tell it exactly like it is, are informative, yet funny as hell. TWC has to understandably sugarcoat a lot because, well, it is the Lakers network. Seeing Robert Horry and Worthy utter commentary from a biased script can be painful to watch especially after a loss.