Lakers News: Lakers Agree to One Year Deal With Wesley Johnson

Lakers News: Lakers Agree to One Year Deal With Wesley Johnson


The Los Angeles Lakers are continuing to add to their roster post-Dwight Howard, and their latest addition provides some more depth to their bench.

According to Mike Bresnahan on Twitter, the Lakers and shooting guard Wesley Johnson have agreed to a one-year deal worth the veteran’s minimum.

Johnson last played for the Suns and has been bouncing around the league a bit ever since being drafted. However, the young and athletic guard will be a nice player to have in the rotation. The Lakers are a fairly old team and bringing in fresh legs is something the coaching staff will surely appreciate.


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  • Bobby

    Welcome to the Lakers. I really believe we can make the playoffs next year.

    • Jim213

      I’ve posted too many times about this but if the Lakers can get the correct team depth acquisitions this off season which includes Odom then I’m sure we’ll be a better team than the Rockets likely falling in the lower top seed for now…

      Also forgot about Steve Nash, he’s a great shooter as well and given his injuries we didn’t see him play his usual style of play. If he gets healthy again which all signs point positively then this team will be fun to watch. Better than last year’s given the lack of chemistry.

    • jody chappell

      Offensively this team looks great, but defensively this team is going to be diabolical… Remember that Mike D had talent with the NYK and let them to a 18-24 start before Mike Woodson went 18-6 with the same roster. Coaching says a lot and there is a reason Mike D has no Finals appearances let alone rings… Keep your expectations low as he has been known to disappoint before!

  • Kevin

    Really thrilled with what the lakers will be bringing this season! :)

  • Rob

    didnt expect this signing happen, well a great pick once again.

  • nuj

    nxt byron mullens!

    • flea

      agree mullens, odom and ready to roll!!!

      • Tal

        Lol u wanna be 4 deep at PF? Mullens Odom Hill and Kelly SMH too much..

  • vincekaizer

    There you go, slowly Lakers are reloading. =) great deal another young player with great athleticism. .

    • mary952

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  • lakers4life

    center: Pau ,kaman,sacre
    Pf, ryan.byron mullens, odom
    sf. young,wesley,
    sg: kobe,meeks,sasha
    all added as vet min! thats wat lakers brings to the table!damn u dwigth!lets go lakers!!!

    • Terrence

      Where’s Hill? Keeping Blake? Rather sign Selby than keep Blake.

      • Derby

        Hill and Blake are still under contract. I think they’re ok with the PG line up of Nash, Blake and Farmar.

    • C white

      For for jordan hill is getting better and better

  • vincekaizer

    lets go for another young defensive player =)

    • Jim213

      Agreed, solid players for team depth in the paint will help Kobe given his injury which won’t require him to drive to the paint as much as before thus focusing more on jump shooting.

  • john m

    In 1960 Jerry West came to LA, played with the kids at Mar Vista Park and gained the Lakers a bunch of lifetime fans!! When the Lake Show is on we will still root for them to win and cry when they lose……but we’ll die Laker fans.

    • Tim Brummett

      I remember listening to Laker games when Jerry West was a rookie and becoming a star. Still a Laker die hard fan.

  • Terrence

    Oh wow nice. Getting some good bargains for vet min. This season might be really fun to watch.

  • AC25

    so is he gonna be used at the 2? i was really hoping there was a point of getting vujacic, but i guess if wes is gonna be used at the 2 then there’s no point of getting vujacic. Now we need to get Lamar!!

    • meep

      i bet he will be the 2/3 most likely young back up at SF.

  • bigrickpick

    who cares, when we are 8-27 they will trade pau and tank the season. Getting rid of Metta set the tone.

    • meep

      this team will not be that bad. this team is way younger and better than what we had last year

    • Frank Lyons

      Team will be better than most people give them credit for and could be very good.

    • jody chappell

      Finally! Someone else who shares my realism… Having a bad season with this draft may be the best thing for LA long term so I don’t know why everyone is dismissing the idea of missing the playoffs… the west is absolutely stacked too!

      San Antonio, Oklahoma, Memphis, Clippers, Warriors, Rockets are all in. That leaves two spots for the Mavericks with a healthy Dirk, Trailblazers with Lillard & Aldridge, Timberwolves with a healthy Rubio & Love plus Kevin Martin, Pelicans with Jrue, Gordon, Evans & Davis who will be healthier and better & the Nuggets who still have Lawson, Gallinari, McGee, Chandler and more. Hell the only three teams I can see us beating are Utah, Phoenix & Sacramento with Mike (no defense) ‘Antoni!

  • Derby

    They need another big man who is willing to mix it up and bang bodies down low. Anchor the interior defense and get some rebounds. Lakers need Dalembert or Pryzbilla in a vet’s minimum so they can slide Gasol or Kaman to PF from time to time, sign that rookie Kelly as stretch 4 and they are good to go

    • County

      Elton brand can still bang if you recall last season he was giving the drama queen a whole lots of problems down low

    • Daryl Peek

      With 4 centers already on the roster I doubt seriously they add another. Hill is a banger. I would like another goon like Metta tho lol

      • meep

        hill is a PF/c. not just a center

    • jay boogy

      Lakers already have Hill to bang down low, rebounds and putbacks

  • Lakers Always

    Lakers may very well win 47 to 52 games next season. This is a better signing than Nick Young. And I thought the Young signing was a positive step.

    • Jim213

      Given that Ariza is making good salary these days WJ will definitely help given the Lakers lack of athleticism.

  • Lakers Always

    Should Johnson prove himself as reliable, he could earn an MLA contract next summer when we have cap room.

    • Jim213

      Agreed, given his age, youth, and athleticism hopefully he can prove himself to be a crucial asset. The players that would like to remain Lakers will need to put their best foot forward next season to get a future contract given that their future employment will require them to do so…

      WJ may prove to be a good fit within the second team or better. Let’s hope that playing for the Lakers is motivation enough so these players can put their best foot forward. As the team itself has something to prove to themselves.

    • Terrence

      Whoa, whoa, whoa, let’s not start talking about overpaying for guys now. I do not want the Lakers to be paying WJ 8 million 3 seasons from now. Maybe a contract like Blake’s where it’s just 4 million flat for 3 or 4 season.

  • BillyDrago

    Wow!! i was just thinking about how wesley might actually be the player he was predected to be coming out of syracuse given the right situation good job mitch if you cant step it up in LA then you’ll be wearing a whole lotta jerseys over your career….thanks dwight i really was hoping that you would leave so we can have depth on our bench. The only thing that would make this season perfect is if we got Odom, Maggette, vujacic and dont forget about elton brand he still out there he still can bang down low with them big boys! Lakers till i die.

    • meep

      lakers dont need all those guys and plus we dont have spots for all of them and where will they all get min? lakers already have like 12 players there only room for 3 more. with them more likely to only sign one or 2 more players ,

      • BillyDrago

        My bad, what i meant was that i would be happy if the lakers management chose from these guys to complete the roster ofcourse..not everybody is going to make it but 2-3 of these guys would make sense to me rather than picking up other scrubs out far very impressed with the management hope they keep it up

    • tara myricks

      yeeessssiiiirrrrrr …corey maggette!!!!!

  • LAfan4life24KB

    All hail Mitch bi%ch

  • LM

    Sasha Vujacic coming back to LA

    • jody chappell

      I hope so!!!!!

  • Mike

    Sasha Vujacic might come back to the Lakers

    • Jim213

      yes, posted last wk… looks like the roster is starting to get full too. Trade Blake and will see what happens then, though we have to sign Odom first.

  • flea

    What about Antawn Jamison? I haven’t heard any rumors. Could be of some help though not a solid option…

    • meep

      i think the lakers are moving on from him and it seem he more likely to be signing with the clips

  • LALALand

    Nice player. This season will be exciting to watch after all. With new faces and some old ones, we can be sure Lakers will not disappoint too much this season.

  • flea

    I like our chances and i bet a better season than the previous one. Pau activate beast mode again!!! Lakers stay away from injuries!!!

  • Jess

    Where’s Odom? Ariza? and Farmar?

    • meep

      ariz with the wiz

    • Laker J

      Odom, has not made a decison, but the Lakers have reached out to him.

      Ariza is under contract with Washington and can only be attained via a trade. Hill and Blake for Ariza works salary wise, but it would be up to the Wizards. I would do it in a heartbeat if Odom was on board.

      Farmar is now part of the Lakers.

  • richard

    Good Job Mitch! ONe of the glaring need of the roster has been addressed.. now just one mobile PF that can shoot from the outside and we are really really good to go.

  • Frank Williams

    Another nice acquisition! Most of the chatter I’ve read earlier in the off season was that the Lakers should “Tank” the season, but most pundits are not on Mitch’s staff and don’t know what’s up their sleeves. I have faith in the staff to bring in and man the Lakers with the player pieces which will make the Lakers very competitive this coming season as noticed by the acquisition of several young, eager, talented players and the returning of some fan favorites who will complement the core Lakers team of Pau, Nash, Kobe. I will not speculate or make strange suggestions who should be brought in or who should go. I like most loyal Lakers fans will just relax and let Management “do that voodoo that they do so well”, they haven’t let me down thus far. Let’s Go Lakers Let’s Go!!!

  • richard

    With the Wes Johnson signing… our depth at the SF position has really grown deep with Kobe playing that position too. I think, FO should really go after a PF…– ODOM comes to mind… do it Mitch!

  • Jim213

    Aside from Wesley Johnson:

    Jordan Farmar Update

    The Lakers are having trouble signing Jordan Farmar to a contract. Mike Bresnahan from the LA Times reported a few days ago that his current team in Turkey wants the Lakers to buy out Farmar’s contract for $500,000. However, the Lakers are still negotiating a lower price for Farmar’s buyout as it’s also reported that Farmar is expected to make $1.2 million for next season.

    Aside from Kobe, Farmar is excited to learn from Steve Nash who he feels can help him to further grow as a player. Mike, also mentions that with Farmar’s acquisition it would be unlikely that Sasha Vujacic would be resigned again given the current depth within the position.

    • Eddie Lazaro

      I love to see Sasha back. He is a pesky defensive player who give fits to opponent he guards. A big plus on outside (3) and can add more to their chemistry. Also, Elton Brand is still available and if he is willing to take mid min, he can add depth in the middle with his shooting ability.

      • Jim213

        Agreed, but the the roster almost full Lamar and Ronnie Brewer would be the best acquisitions IMO. However, if Blake gets traded or something then definitely bring in Sasha.

  • jody chappell

    All these moves are pointless when they have an incompetent coach. At least we have our first round so when we miss the play-off’s we get a young future starlet to take over the mantle from Kobe. Bring in Lionel Hollins!!!

    • meep

      mike d a good coach. yes he hasnt won a win, but doesnt mean he hasnt but together pretty decent teams. you be crazy not to think this team can go to the playoff. this team 2x time better than last year team.

      • jody chappell

        You must be crazy…. Mike D’Antoni is a horrific coach! Look at the talent he has played with! 2008 his record with the Knicks was 32-50, next season was 29-53, 2010-11 it was 42-40 with Billups, Stat & Melo. 2011-12 they were 18-24 under D’Antoni and then Woodson comes in and they go 18-6 with the same roster!!!!

        His Suns teams were ridiculously stacked with talent in a time where basketball wasn’t as strong as it was now and even with that much talent he couldn’t win when it counted. He does not play play-off basketball. That stuff might work in Italy but it doesn’t in the NBA.

        – Terrible defensive coach
        – Really poor player management
        – Bad relationships with his players
        – Only uses an 8 man rotation
        – Stubborn
        – In love with the 3-pt shot too much

        I could go on… He will be gone by February/March after winning maybe .350 of his games. Terrible coach

        • richard

          I can understand why you keep on saying that MDA is not a good coach. However, all the stats you sighted says only half of the story. How about when they were leading the conference in PHX? when was this comments when we were 28-12 over the last 40 games of the season? Oh yeah, it was because of the players, not the coach, right?

          Tell you what. It’s a shame that when teams win, it’s about the players. when they lose, it’s about the coach. Can we at least give credit where it is due. MDA is a good coach! He has not won a championship yet, but it doesnt’ mean he is a bad coach. If he is a bad coach, Mitch wouldn’t have signed on him. Kobe would not have anything to do with him.

          As it is, I trust them more than i trust myself when it comes to my Lakers!

          • jody chappell

            Absolutely it was the players… They moved away from his system. Kobe was playing at an unbelievable level, Dwight was healthy & Pau was playing alongside him plus Metta was always taking the tougher match defensively so Kobe could chill. Kobe single handed took LA into the play-off’s for a few years between the Shaq & Pau era’s so is it impossible that he took this team into the play-off’s again? Hell no!

            As for Phoenix, he had a two time MVP and one of the best point guards in the league plus some pretty stacked rosters if you look back. What good is a regular season record without post-season success? Is Mike D a good coach? Probably. But is he an NBA championship calibre coach? I’m still going with definitive no until proven otherwise.

            Mitch didn’t sign him. Jim did and Jerry claimed to say it was his decision as Laker fans would excuse Jerry, but hold Jim accountable which is what they have done. We will see this season how good Mike D really is… I have my money on LA missing the play-off’s and that’s not because I’m a ‘hater’, it’s because he is out of his depth and will be exposed with the roster as it is currently constructed in a tough western conference. Silver lining is a bad season = a great prospect in the draft this year which could be the future ‘Kobe’ of the Lakers organization as well as finding the coach to take the franchise forward from the 2014 free agency class

          • richard

            what you said about “it’s about the players,” I will disagree to a degree… it is not about the players only… the coach and the players must come together… in one single purpose. Win or lose, that should always be the reason… we win and lost as a team. Not just because of one party.

            The fact that you said, “until proven otherwise”, is cannot defend your position of declaring MDA as a bad coach. You have already made up your mind that he is that, “a bad coach”. So, what is the use of saying until proven otherwise?

            In a court room, you do not say a man is guilty until proven otherwise. I am sure you are familiar with this. It should be that, he is innocent until proven otherwise. The same argument should apply to our judgment of MDA as a coach.

          • jody chappell

            But then in my opinion I have enough evidence that is making Mike D’Antoni a bad coach for this Lakers team. If he was the coach of the Golden State Warriors then he would be suitable for the job as the personnel and the location suit his philosophy more. If it looks like a cat, sounds like a cat, it probably is a cat… until that cat proves otherwise 😉

          • richard

            Alright, I can take that. It is your opinion, and you are entitled to it. I just have to have an open mind on our coach. Until proven that he can’t coach a team to a championship, given all the opportunity and the right personnel to work with, I will reserve my judgment.


    i hope the lakers mitch/j.buss please resign SASHA VUJACIC IF WE ARE GOING TO WIN ANOTHER TITLE! PLEASE THANKS!!

  • aprince66

    Nice 1 year bench pick ups. I’m liking it. If only they could have kept Clark….

  • AC25

    I think they should maybe sign Ivan Johnson. I love Lamar and all but who knows if he will return to form or some kind of his old form from the 2010-11 season. If they do sign Lamar then great, i hope he can at least be in some kind of form from the 2010-11 season. I think they should also sign Corey Maggette or Ronnie Brewer. I would prefer Brewer just cause he can play better defense. I donno anything about Maggette’s defense, is it any good or decent?? Get Wesley to switch between the 2 and 3. I would get Wesley to play the 2 for now to back up Meeks when he’s starting for until Kobe comes back.

  • Daniel

    I like this guy. I just hope we can boost his assist average up from 0.7 last season.

  • Magese William

    man we are going to be great, kobe , nash and gasol is enough star power , it 2009 all over again,d antoni have to preach defense, defense, we play team d like san antonio

  • Tim Brummett

    Excellent work Mitch!! Building a team for speed and excitement. Now I hope Odom is somehow signed and brought back to the Lakers and this team. He would be a great fit. Now, we just need Kobe to return and play his game. Not at MVP level, but just be Kobe and lead. I’ll take a hobbled Kobe over 95% of the league. Laker Nation is getting fired up.

  • Hank#8

    is there any chance that lakers get Kyrie Irving & Paul George & Roy Hibbert in 2014 ?

    • Sti1lmatic

      You don’t want Kyrie. We need Rondo!

      • Jim213


    • jody chappell

      Kyrie has a team option so Cleveland will not turn that down at all… Lillard also has a team option. Rondo has 2 years left on his deal and could be gettable later in the season when his value rises again but would probably come with a price of the 2014 draft pick.

      The best point guard options for next season are John Wall who is a RFA, Kyle Lowry is UFA & Eric Bledsoe is an RFA too. Hibbert has only just signed a deal so is under contract for another 3 seasons I believe, Paul George is a RFA but Pacers would match that deal. Danny Granger will most probably be waived when his contract expires at the end of the season so they can pay PG what he is worth.

      • Jim213

        Somewhat agree, but the two best options are Rondo and D Lillard, and a few others, IMO. Once again not everyone can handle the spotlight as well as have the game to meet Nation expectations of being competitive.

        • jody chappell

          Lillard isn’t a RFA until 2016. Rookie contracts are 4 years. 2 that are guaranteed and then 2 seasons with a team option which means they keep the player at a reduced rate so very rare for teams to opt out of deals with superstars like him. Rondo is gettable but Celtics will not give him away for peanuts… expect minimum of 2 x 1st round picks and a few younger pieces or expiring contracts while taking back one or two of their contracts.

          Only way I see them acquiring him is Rondo & Wallace for Pau Gasol, 2014 & 2016 1st Round Picks. I personally would say look at Lowry or Wall first as you won’t have to give up those pieces to get them in.

          • Jim213

            You’re correct about Lillard… the Blazers wouldn’t trade deal him out or trade him given his potential. With regards to Rondo I believe the Lakers tried this past season but they weren’t interested in the trade with Pau.

            Three team trade sending Pau where ever for a younger talent to the Celts for Rondo. However, too many teams are trying to acquisition for Rondo especially the Pistons.

            You’re right Granger is a solid pick and one of the top free agents come 2014, I’ve previosuly posted that the Lakers should look to trade pau to the pacers for one of their younger players. If I was in management I would be calling Bird up (Magic) and trying to deal pau for Granger. Although the Pacers are one solid player from beating the Heat I don’t know if trading Granger would help them… though at least with Pau they’ll be getting an experienced leader… lol.

            I’d even say that Granger would be willing to resign with us for the future too, if the Pacers considered it they have enough solid players and young talent to be willing to trade Granger (hopefully).

            Then all we would need to worry about would be attracting another superstar aside of Granger, and Kobe if this was likely which is possible. Good post…

          • jody chappell

            We may not need to deal Pau to get Granger though…. With Paul George being a RFA he will get some big offers and Pacers will of course match but with Hill on $8m, Hibbert & West both on big contracts they wouldn’t be able to afford to keep Granger as well unless he took a significant paycut and with Lance emerging at the 2 and PG playing at the 3 he is definitely expendable come July 1st. LA just need to be smart with who they prioritise as if they waste 10 days going after Lebron and then Melo, Deng & Granger are all gone by the time Lebron passes on us, then we could be stuck.

          • Jim213

            Pau’s best times were under the triangle offense since IMO he hasn’t earned his pay. Jim Bust won’t bring Phil back, trading Pau would be the best fit especially if the Lakers can sign Lamar plus a few other bang for your buck acquisitions. (vet pay)

            Thus saving them some $$ come next season as the Lakers could also trade Pau to another team (lower seed) for a 1st round draft pick. Weren’t going to tank and as I mentioned before the lottery doesn’t guarantee any team the first pick. Best option trade Pau, for a true future superstar or trade him to a lower seed team for a #1 draft pick.

          • jody chappell

            Pau is skilled and because he relies on his skill set instead of his athleticism he will continue to be significant. He needs to be utilized correctly though in the post which hasn’t been the case recently as we all know. Lionel Hollins knows how to coach skilled bigs and could definitely use Pau correctly. Phil isn’t the answer as coach now due to age and health, in the front office he would be valuable though.

            Because of how much Pau has been shopped recently he doesn’t command a #1 pick now especially when it is such a good draft. There aren’t the teams that have the cap space to absorb his contract and are looking to contend either really. I would keep Pau and have him as a 6th man off the bench on a contending team hopefully able to put Melo at the 4 with drafting a small forward. Although Wiggins would be great, even a Jabari Parker would be great. LA have the type of luck that would get them a high pick so just have a little faith should it come to it.

            Dream scenario would be sign Lowry PG, Kobe SG, Wiggins or Parker SF, Melo PF, Cousins C, Pau 6, etc. Dream scenario of course but I think its possible if the right moves are made

          • Jim213

            Sounds like you want the team to tank, not dissing but it’s not likely to happen. IMO, it would be best to trade Pau b4 next seasons trade deadline by then we may get a better offer as long as it’s a #1 pick. This would also help to appease many band wagoners, not calling you one.

            Trading Gasol would be best especially if Lamar comes back/ 6thman of yr. I know some may say that he hasn’t played like b4, but IMO Lamar plays with heart and never wanted to leave. I heard he was shooting a prop late 2012 and instead of mentioning the Clipps he said he was with the LA Lakers.

            Shows you were his heart is at and at least we got his $$$ worth during the regular season though he needs to step up more during the playoffs. Phil ain’t coming back, Gasol’s game favored the triangle offense and since hasn’t earned the $20 mil and would still like a future stay in LA billboard.

            The so believed 2nd best player of the team can’t adapt, Kobe is still Kobe… for $20 mil trade him for a future younger prospect or for a #1 draft pick.

          • jody chappell

            I dont want them to tank, I just think with their coach in place, no Dwight & Metta for defense and Kobe recovering along with how loaded the West is now we won’t make it. I mean Spurs, Thunder, Clippers, Grizzlies, Warriors, Nuggets, Rockets all seem certain and then there is the Mavericks, Timberwolves, Pelicans & Trailblazers all fighting for that 8th seed too.

          • Jim213


            I believe we’re forgetting team chemistry… we didn’t have that last year so things can only improve. All these acquisitions do for now is buy Dumbtoni another year. To attract a star you need to have solid team depth given that IMO no superstar would be willing to join a franchise that has nothing going for them. I also believe that given today’s current NBA contracts many players aren’t willing to wait 3, 4, or even 5 years down the line for a franchise to rebuild around them in the future. Good example Lebron with the Cavs…

            Many want to compete now, this is why DH thankfully left aside of Kobe and Dumbtoni. Acquiring solid team depth today especially at bargain prices really helps the Lakers short rebuilding plans. While keeping Kobe and the fans appeased and excited for next season given the low expectations. Who knows one year contracts may prove miraculous given the future of these players. As many are just excited to be with the organization (non DH’s) bargain players don’t mean that they can’t play.

            Some of these players were drafted high too, and possibly didn’t fit the type of play within that organization. I do agree that the defense needs to improve but that’s the job of Dumbtoni to motivate players while coming up with the best defensive recipe to play solid defense. However, height also helps and if they get Lamar back that further benefits the inside aside of CK and WJ. IMO…

          • jody chappell

            Yes team chemistry is important, I don’t dispute that for a second. But last season you had a few guys who were good for chemistry that are now gone. Chris Duhon was a smaller Sacre on the bench, a lot of people had time for Earl Clark because of how he hustled when he came in and there is the legend that was MWP. The attracting of a star is more variable though, Miami had no pieces in place before and just filled out around Bosh, James & Wade after. I’m not saying that will work now so yeah if you have a few decent role players or contributors on board then logically you would be more likely to acquire someone but considering it is LA I don’t think that will be the problem.

            You are absolutely right about the one year deals, everybody is playing for a longer deal now so Mitch has absolutely pulled a rabbit out the hat with getting Nick Young & Wes Johnson on 1 year veteran minimum deals so far. You are slightly overvaluing the defense however… Dwight Howard led the league last season in changing shots, while also being the best defensive rebounder and I think he was 3rd in blocked shots. Also add in Earl Clark who was probably our 2nd or 3rd best defensive player and had athleticism and length and was good on the boards too. MWP I don’t need to explain and also Darius Morris when he played. Morris shut down Damian Lillard in one of the games against the trailblazers and although his minutes were scarce he was the best point guard defensively which is where the trouble is going to be.

            Looking at the roster now, Steve Nash will no be able to contain any of the starting point guards in this league. Last season even the poorer guards like Hinrich, Udrih & Thomas all went off for big games, maybe even season highs. Kobe will be okay, but the thing he will lack after the achilles surgery is reaction and responsiveness so expecting him to mark younger, quicker players for long periods is not feasible. Pau is not really a rim protected in the same way Dwight is so when the guards get into the paint who will be there to challenge their shots? Hill can hustle and bang so maybe him if he gets minutes. I have my reservations about Sacre & Kelly at NBA level so far and Kaman is similar to Pau. The problem will not be how many points LA can put it. Its how many points can they stop. One thing that is for sure is LA’s games should be high scoring!

          • Jim213


            Good post, it sounds like we agree though somewhat differently. In other posts I’ve opinionated that aside of athleticism the Lakers also need to consider defense when bringing in a player. Although, the run and gun appears to be in somewhat of an effect with Dumbtoni the Lakers seem to lack defensive wise. The team needs to be more defensive minded especially now that MWP has been amnestied.

            Aside from these acquisitions I really believe the franchise can build with some of these players as given their contracts many will be playing for a future position. Thus, some of these players can help to attract other stars come 2014 free agency. Given that the roster is almost full, who would you like to see the Lakers go after for the vet contract? Any players come to mind?,,,

            Given the roster and lack of defense that is still questionable I’m still hoping that Lamar can be signed as well as Ronnie Brewer a solid defensive player if he’s still around. Both can help to bring rebounds too.

  • Ezekiel E. Chavez

    we need odom…. and another pf

  • TheMonitor

    ..But who is going to play defense on this team? Who is going to stop the ball? We are not going to outscore every opponent every night!

    • jody chappell

      Thank you…. The Mike D’Antoni philosophy is in full effect. Who needs defense?! This team is a lotto team and nobody can seem to acknowledge that…


    Need to sign Kmart or Elton Brand and play Kelly at PF work on cheap ext. for Wes Johnson, Nick Young , Meeks ,Kobe, Gasol for the next 3 yrs pick up some big free agents next year and Kobe and Gasol better take a serious pay cut or they need to make a hard decision on bringing them back to the Lakers you don’t have a choice its about the near future and good years to come . LAKERS4LIFE

  • Rob

    From being the worst bench on the leauge to a deep solid bench very nice! MIke D’Antoni better use these guys wisely i know he is the coach who is getting paid to do the job but just a reminder that Lakersnation are not going to settle for a playoff spot we are spoiled by greatness! #wewantmore

    • jody chappell

      Mike D doesnt know how to use a bench though… only ever gone 8 deep and relied on his stars to figure it out. Hopefully LA miss the playoffs to get a high pick in the draft and to get rid of Mike (no defense) D’Antoni and get a real coach in like Lionel Hollins

      • Eddie Lazaro

        I do not know how good of a coach he is if he is not utilizing his bench players on a Run-n-Gun he plays. We have seen what he did in NY, and last year here with LAKERS. He will be leaving his starters exhausted and out of gas comes playoff time, not considering the benefit of having depth and strength of his bench. Also, with aging players like Nash, Kobe and Gasol, he needs to manage their minutes properly (like Pop in SA) to be more efficient. A lot of younger players nowadays were not given the proper playing time, (even if used on practice and your drills) missing that confidence booster they need in actual plays and if you add them to the mix comes crunch time, they buckle down due to the lack of confidence. They get lost during plays due to missing of exposure. Great coaches usually have 9-10 players on their rotation, keeping their fresh legs ready and confidence, maximizing the efficiency of the rotation.

        • jody chappell

          Exactly man, Pop in San Antonio always strict with his minutes in the regular season so his stars have enough in the tank when they need it. Doc Rivers did the same with KG last season. Run & gun is fine with the correct squad but it is only for regular season success… His hatred of throwing the ball in the post to a big man is the difference between a first or second round exit in the play-off’s and winning it. You speak so much truth too, how can you expect younger unproven players to prove they can contribute at NBA level without giving them a chance. Minutes regularly will help so much with their development than just training alone so if they ever have to step up when it counts (Earl Clark, Rob Sacre, Darius Morris & Andrew Goudelock) then they can perform to their potential.

          This year we get to see how good Mike D’Antoni really is. Personally I have my doubts but if he proves me wrong and massively exceeds expectations I won’t be disappointed!

  • Eddie Lazaro

    Lakers filling roster like a puzzle, seeing available F/A players and getting the cheaper and good ones which actually might fit with the system. Championship roster is coming out bigger and better every time I look at it.

    Lets add Chi Chi “The Machine as another pesky guard, Lamar Odom and Elton Brand in the forward mix, that will give us another Championship caliber list. to make another run. I just hope Mike D’Antoni gets his youngsters (Kelly, Sacre, Goudelocks, etc.) ready and give them a chance to get some playing time. It will boost their confidence and save our older players legs instead of running them to the ground, like what happened last year.

    • jody chappell

      But you need a championship coach, and people are forgetting about defense. Dwight hated having Steve Nash on his team because he was getting torn to pieces every night and Dwight had to help and was getting in foul trouble.

      The point guards in this league are too good for Nash now. Rondo, Rose, Irving, Westbrook, Parker, Paul, Curry, Lillard, Lawson, Holiday, etc. Offensively this team will be fine, defensively this team will be atrocious. Defense wins championships. Just look at the 2010 game 7 and how good that defense was!

      • Eddie Lazaro

        Totally agree with you, but Jim Buss is so stubbornly wanting to prove to everyone that he can bring Championship (like Dr. Buss) caliber team with his likings and choices so we are stuck with Nash and Mike this year. Mitch K is stuck in the middle with his hands tied. but the ups to it was to prove him wrong comes playoff time. D’Antoni need to bring his (A) game plan to make the playoffs or he will be send packing like Brown. About bringing Sasha back, He is a pesky guard that fits in to the system and have a great chemistry with Kobe and Pau (2006-2010), and if D’Antoni will get these youngsters ready, give them (still do not like the hiring of his bro. Dan) confidence and playing time, comes playoff, they will still have gas in the tank. Unlike last season, he almost killed (6-7player rotation) everyone for playing them with so much minutes, not utilizing his bench on rotations that trigger his Assistants leaving and Clark bolting to F/A. There are still quality players out there that will take the mid min to play with the Lakers. Barring injuries, they will be in the playoff again unless the D’Antoni brothers run them down like they did in NY

        • jody chappell

          Great points. I’m not thrilled with the hiring of Dan D either. You seen any of the summer league games? Nearly half of all field goal attempts are from 3-pt range! Hope LA don’t fall too in love with the 3 this year as if you live by the 3 you die by the 3 more often than not. Needs to be the right balance of inside scoring as well which with an older Nash and possible a less mobile Kobe may be a problem. Can’t see D’Antoni playing through Pau for the whole season either really so who knows…

  • Rob

    kyrie, paul george, cousins 2014..

    • jody chappell

      Kyrie isnt a free agent, Cleveland have a team option on him and they will not turn that down for a second