Lakers News: Kupchak Suggests No Decision Has Been Made On D’Antoni

Lakers News: Kupchak Suggests No Decision Has Been Made On D’Antoni


The future remains uncertain for the Los Angeles Lakers as they will face a lot of tough decisions once this season comes to an end after the final four games.

With no clear indication on what will happen in the off-season, USA Today’s Sam Amick sat down with GM Mitch Kupchak on Tuesday night to talk about the immediate future. Amick asked the most pressing question in regards to head coach Mike D’Antoni’s fate and Kupchak said the following in response:

Q: Do you have clarity on that (D’Antoni) decision yet?

A: No. No. In fact, I told Jimmy let’s get to the end season, take some time off…then review the season. Look at our roster. I mean we have a plan. We’ve aligned our contracts in such a way where we’re at a position where we’re not financially stuck. But there’s a lot we don’t know. We don’t know where we’re going to get our pick. Are we going to be sixth, are we going to be eighth, are we going to be two or three? We don’t know. We know who may be a free agent, but we don’t know for sure until June 30.

Before the matchup against the Houston Rockets on Tuesday at the Staples Center, conflicting reports surfaced about D’Antoni’s immediate future. One report has the Lakers leaning toward parting ways with D’Antoni and the other says the organization wants to keep him for the final guaranteed year of his deal.

Needless to say, it appears no decision has been made at this point in time. Kupchak suggests that time off is needed for both Kupchak and Jim Buss to process the season and make a decision moving forward.

Kupchak also admits that although the franchise wants to contend for a championship next year, it may not be realistic, but there are plenty of options to take advantage of via Amick:

So we know a lot, and we’re set up to take advantage of the situations — whether it’s to make a trade, take back a player, get a good draft choice, pursue free agency. But once again, it’s a different world than it was 20 years ago. And as much as we’d like to be very competitive and competing for a championship next year, it may or may not happen, ok?

So although Amick was searching for clarity of the D’Antoni situation, none was given and it will apparently stay in-house until after the season is officially over, a common course of action for a franchise constantly surrounded by speculation.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding D’Antoni’s future, the Lakers did make sure Kupchak isn’t hanging in limbo heading into next season, agreeing to a multi-year deal with arguably the best GM in the NBA.
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  • cyborgspider

    He’s not going to tell USA Today “oh yeah, he’s gone. Don’t tell him I said that, though”.

  • Erman

    Firing Mike D’Antoni is the answer.Mitch the team gave up 145 points tonight and Mitch looked pissed on TNT.It’s over for the Clueless Loser Mike D’Asstoni.

  • ra

    Daryl Peek (aka, friend of Lakers’ inner circle), what’s the scoop?

    • DP

      All eyes know is they got to improve on offense.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    The Lakers gave up 49 points in the 3rd quarter and 145 points overall in the game also the Lakers were lost by 15 points it was much worse but in garbage time Nick Young made a couple 3 pointers and Wesley Johnson nailed a 3 at the end.Just the first time in 4 years any team has given up 145 points in a game that’s the most points in that 4 year time span of any team.

    Also the Lakers have given up over 140 points 3 times this season no NBA team has given up that much even once this season.Also last month the Lakers were the first team in over 20 years to give up 130 points or more as many times as they did.Yes this Mike D’Antoni defense is at a all time low in the NBA it’s purely disgraceful and unacceptable.It’s the style of play that is causing the team to get involved in these ridiculous high scoring games and the Lakers are now 25-53 because of it.Don’t want to turn into a non championship team for good last i checked defense and rebounding make champions in the NBA,don’t turn into the old Phoenix Suns that could never win it because of no defense and rebounding and terrible post play no inside scoring.No no no forget this coach he is trouble.Mike D’Antoni lacks discipline and he has no way to discipline players.Also Mike D’Antoni is awful at making big egos mesh in the locker room.Bad at demanding respect he gets no respect and he is always flipping out.

    Yes this franchise needs to start getting back to the basics meaning defense and rebounding must take front and center also lessen the 3 point shots and improve the moral of the entire state of California by firing Mike D’Antoni it’s long overdue at this point.We have no chance with this coach.I understand the injuries excuse and the roster is not talented excuse and the whole if John Wooden was coaching these guys nothing would change it well i also know Mike D’Antoni has failed with good players before.Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony are top notch players more so Kobe and they couldn’t save him.Kobe,Dwight,Pau,Nash,MWP,Blake,Meeks,Jamison couldn’t save him.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Ya this season is finally ending.Thank god.

  • 3339

    dantoni should be fired a week from today in San Antonio

    • kinglaker

      Best coach option is callapiri but he’s staying in Kentucky forshure so forget that xp so my choice towards improving the squad would be draft good like Dante exum or Aaron Gordon maybe randle or embiid if still available . pursue Monroe try to get Lowry and next year on 2015 the Lakers can really get Irving he wants to play in LA and so does love a perfect duo but then embiid would be a good piece since you’ll have an outstanding pg and dominate pf we would need a good center Kobe would perform good and as sf idk yet xp