Lakers News: Kupchak Met With Buss, D’Antoni After Loss To Clippers Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="188"] Following the worst loss in franchise history, GM Mitch Kupchak met with head coach Mike D'Antoni and Executive VP of Basketball Oper [new_royalslider id="188"] Following the worst loss in franchise history, GM Mitch Kupchak met with head coach Mike D'Antoni and Executive VP of Basketball Oper Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Kupchak Met With Buss, D’Antoni After Loss To Clippers

Following the worst loss in franchise history, GM Mitch Kupchak met with head coach Mike D’Antoni and Executive VP of Basketball Operations Jim Buss according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne:

Most Lakers fans were calling for the firing of D’Antoni after the near 50-point loss to the division rival Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center on Thursday. The Lakers were outplayed and outmatched by a superior Clippers squad that they were able to beat in the season opener back in October.

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With Shelburne stating that Kupchak and Buss want to see how the team responds, it appears that D’Antoni’s job is safe a little while longer.

The debate going on right now is if this is the right time to part ways with D’Antoni considering the fact that the season is already lost in terms of competing for a playoff spot.

Fans maintain the stance of wanting D’Antoni out as soon as possible, and for good reason following such a disappointing loss, but the front office remains reluctant to part ways and may not do so until the off-season.

Only time will tell if D’Antoni is ultimately on his way out in Los Angeles.
Pau Gasol’s Asked Whether He’s Questioned Management’s Decisions

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  • Rigged4fun

    Once again the Lakers proved the concept you can’t outscore the lack of defense, which seems to be a tenant of D’Antoni’s scheme. There’s no urgency for the Lakers to fire him, however they need to start their search for a real NBA coach that can develop the players who will be asked to become the new Lakers.

    • Jim213

    • Jay Brodes

      we had that last year when kupcakes and dumb jimmy went danidiot over pjax which would have coached 1 more year and handed the reins this season to bshaw..great job. mamba would have never gotten hurt. would we be a championship team..probably not but in a much better state than we are now!

  • miket

    at this point why would we fire D’antoni? keep him so we keep losing by 50 points and get the #1 pick.

  • Dana Douglas

    Are you kidding? D’Antoni is doing GREAT! They probably met with him to congratulate him on the tank job he’s doing. He has the team in 5th place in the lottery sweeps, and might be able to get them as high as 3rd by season’s end. Why in the world would they fire him? How silly.

    Or is it that fans and the media want the team to lose, but are upset because the team wasn’t competitive enough to entertain the masses? Like, there’s some threshold of losing by just enough, but going beyond that is like, whoa, WTF is going on???

    Chilll out your little undies, people. If the FO was worried about losing, they would have dumped D’Antoni a long time ago, and brought in some talent through trades and free agency, rather than getting rid of the best guard standing and bringing up players from the D-League.

    • Marcel Akende Atiabet

      Hey Dana, I don’t know if you are being sarcastic or you are pouring in your true opinion.

      I will differ with the rest of lakers fan. I believe in D’Antoni. I personally think he is doing what a coach supposed to do to motivate his players. The only thing he is not getting right now are the wins because the talents are not there to win at that pace or level that will please our lakerland. All the guys have been very happy with the opportunities and encouragements D’Antoni has given them exception of a few. The only person I think has proven but D’Antoni hasn’t give him the minutes he deserve consistently is Jordan Hill. I think Phil Jackson has always ditch the lakers when the talents are not there to win a championship and comes back when he sees championship caliber talents. That to me is not a definition of the true coach. He would have been down with Phil if he was a Greg Popovich type of COACH. That is, be there for the long haul.

      • Daspin

        Kupchak: “Hey Mike, great job tanking”

        D’Antoni: “Tank?”

        • fakerstolakers

          Now, let’s not give Rigatoni any Credit. He does not have to tank. He is natural at it.

      • joejojo

        I’m sorry Marcel and Dana, but I whole-heartily disagree with both of you. D’Antoni is not a good coach, he struck luck with the Suns with Nash, but his other tenures have been disastrous. I understand that this team was not good to begin with, especially since Kobe has been sidelined, but that should not be an excuse to be blown out. Just look at the Bulls and how Tom Thibodeau runs his team. You can argue that that team has just the same amount of talent as the Lakers but one strong distinction between the Bulls and the Lakers is the coach. Smart coaches are capable of utilizing their rosters to the fullest, an in part lower the chances of injuries, which D’Antoni FAILED to do! Don’t dilute yourselves into thinking that D’Antoni is a good coach because he’s not. His style is prehistoric now, and there are other coaches like Alvin Gentry, Jeff Hornecek, George Karl, Eric Spoelstra and more that have a better run’n’gun offense and actually incorporates good defense. And to Dana, having your team be in last place for a better lottery pick doesn’t take any skill, and that does not make you anywhere near a average coach. Ultimately when it comes down to it having a losing record, and more so an awful record, is no excuse and since coaches are dispensable…well I’ll let you two do the math.

        You’re welcome!

        • AntRodrigues

          You do realize Dana was talking crap about Mike D right?

      • David Moses

        What?????? You smoking crack there, you idiot?

        D’Antoni is worthless! He can’t do shit. What motivation??? He just plain sucks!!!

        • Marcel Akende Atiabet

          I am definitely not smoking crack but stating my opinion @davidmoses. You have proven to be an idiot by trying to insulting and or intimidating others from expressing their opinions. You probably think you are a bully but you are not. You are just a wacko that needs to be smack across the face.

      • Jessica Lopez

        The true problem is that Mike D’Antoni can not win a championship with that type of run and gun offense and then not really devoting true time to defense. Defense wins championships and his teams are known to be horrible at DEFENSE. You can’t expect your team to be a run and gun type of team and last the whole season and playoffs. There is a time for run and gun, but all the time is always a bad idea. It leads to injuries and players being completely exhausted at the end of the season. The players are human, not robots. The injuries that you see aren’t just bad luck, but as a result of being run into the ground. You are sitting Jordan Hill over Sacre because Sacre can run the court (which he can’t.) Partially this is because the Lakers have given up on this season, but if you look at all of the other teams D’Antoni has been let go of, he is not a winner…POTENTIAL LAKERS WILL NOT WANT TO PLAY FOR D’ANTONI SO THE LAKERS NEED TO GET RID OF HIM ASAP TO TRY AND SHOW THE POTENTIAL LAKERS THAT WE CAN BE GREAT AGAIN…

      • gakerstolakers

        Gregg will never come to the Lakers. Greg is the best coach post 1980….the spurs will never release him. they need a coach right? Who else?

      • Jay Brodes

        dantoni must go..sorry!!! when the lakers got destroyed by the bucks at home no less i have no faith in dantoni which proved he does not make any adjustments! dantoni must go at the end of the year..thanks for getting mamba hurt…the door is there..dont let it hit him on the way out!

    • Chrmngblly

      I agree with you a million percent. Also, I find it exciting that you chill your undies. I am going to try that right away….:-)

    • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

      you cannot be serious…. he’s doing so great that this is the first time I’ve seen LA lose by nearly 50… thats awesome

    • Dana Douglas

      Some folks here need to up their reading comprehension game.

      • fakerstolakers

        Ignore the ghetto.

        But, what is the formula for chilling?

    • David Moses

      You dumb fucking cunt! We’re sick of this guy. We hate him. We never wanted him here in the first place, most of us don’t care about the rest of the season, we’re getting the lottery pick anyway, we just want his sorry ass out of here!!!!!

      • Dana Douglas

        Of all the millions of things you could have said, calling me a “dumb fucking cunt” is the one that made it up through all your filters, and you thought, “Oh, I just have to post this!” You didn’t keep it to yourself, you didn’t moderate it to something more reasonable. You just exercised the intellectual capacity of a chimp flinging his own shit, and had to share that with the world as the shining example of your withering brain power.

        You could have said, “I disagree with you,” or “You’re not thinking about this the right way,” or “Love the sarcasm!” or you could have said nothing at all (which might be your best choice from now on). But no. Instead, you had to dig an intellectual turd out of your own ass, eat it, throw it up, pick it up in your hands and smear it all over the internet. Nice job. Now maybe your keepers can put you back in your cage where you’ll sit in front of curious passers by, furiously masturbating for hours, and eating your own spunk with wide-eyed glee.

      • Jay Brodes

        i am with ya..as long as purple and gold gets parker i am coolio..we should have had bshaw..not sure where we go as per coach to be honest..u give rambis another shot?? i dont know where to go as per coach but dan-idiot aka pringles must go!

      • Marcel Akende Atiabet

        @David, you are such a low-life. Why do you always have to settle on insults. Is it education or lack of vocab or both? LOL.

    • Karla Cook Slaterblair

      dana what you are thinking we have lost so many games he does not know how to do his job. his days in la is over you need to check the scores in all the games we have played since the season started. he needs to go.

  • ra

    there’s nowhere to go but up. Or, stay the same and continue to be pathetic.

    obviously tanking (not the players, the FO – by stocking the team with more scrubs).

    Tanking was not Dr. Buss’ philosophy, but there’s a new sheriff in town.

    • lakers72

      lets say they werent tanking… do you honestly think the active players on the team now were going to get the lakers out of the lottery?

  • Milton Perez

    Yesturday was just FRUSTRATING and HUMILIATING Lakers did not play with HEART nor PRIDE Marshwan Brooks threw up like 3 air balls. Although injuries has plagued the Lakers this season we have to admit the Style of Play isn’t going to get us anywhere and the stubbornness play and teach Defense and not us the BIGS to their advantage is Frustrating to watch… IDK what do ya think??

    • cyborgspider

      I keep hearing OKC, SA, and Miami have adopted facets of Antoni offense into their system, and they’ve been pretty successful I would say. So where the hell are they adopting their defensive system from and could the Lakers get a hint of that?

      • Milton Perez

        Ok @cyborgspider:disqus but those Teams Pride themselves with DEFENSE yes they have some Antoni’s offense but it is not the same, they use their strengths to their advantage Duncan, Ibaka and Bosh you have to admit are key to their teams.. Gasol and Kaman come on rare post play and when they do they call their own number.

        • Daryl Peek

          Those teams have elite talent that can play defense. That’s the major difference. And D’antoni did give the bigs a chance at playing together, they stunk when he did give it to them.

          • Milton Perez

            @daryl_peek:disqus Every team can play defense but you have to be committed to play defense and it starts with the coach bringing the defensive environment to a team.. I don’t believe they stunk Kaman has played well he started Jordan Hill is a Beast and Sacre can post and we all know what Pau can do, right!

          • Daryl Peek

            If that’s the case then why are their so many bad defensive teams in the league? Check the month of January, MDA gave them all PT then. The Clippers murdered us on 1-10-14. All four of them played equally time in that game.

          • Sam Saab

            yea and they are so much better now losing by 50 without the bigs together

          • Sam Saab

            we also have good defensive players…johnson, bazemore, farmer…hes also putting sacre in for his defensive skills and the defense still sucks….its obviously the coach and his offense thats fucking up defense.

          • Kay Carter

            let’s just all agree, this coach suck and isn’t all that good

          • Daryl Peek

            You act like these new guys are supposed to just step in and ball out? It don’t work like that in real life. They were bench warmers elsewhere, only getting garbage minutes but you and others get mad at the coach for not making them into instant superstars?

            Tracy McGrady told Kobe I feel sorry for you my Brotha for this very reason. We don’t have good enough talent.

          • AntRodrigues

            I have to agree, people seem to think that this group of players are supposed to all of a sudden gel and become true starters. Injuries have also played a major roll this season obviously. BUT Mike D is still not the right coach for this team.

          • Daryl Peek

            I can respect that. It’s the blame game that trips me out.

        • fakerstolakers

          Bosh is not.

          6 rebounds a game. A power forward in his prime at Max Contract.

          He is Gasol second coming.

          • AntRodrigues

            Whoa.. why are you bashing on Gasol? Gasol has done nothing but help this Lakers team. Some of you talk so much shit about Gasol but without him we would be even in a worst situation.

    • David Moses

      Wow. I didn’t know that there is a “U” in Yesterday :-/ #SMH

  • cyborgspider

    His reputation is ruined, his all-time coaching record is plummeting (Phoenix is the only team he’s been successful with, the other three have had atrocious records with him), but he’s getting humiliated on a near-nightly basis. A bit of karma for the way he treats Pau, Kaman and Hill? Maybe a bit of payback for the 06/07 Playoffs? Either way, let him suffer for twenty more games and drop the axe the day after the season. We’ll see you in Milwaukee or the Italian leagues soon, Pringles.

    J or S Van Gundy, B Scott, George Karl, in that order. PJ isn’t coming back, nor should he, to coach, unless Kobe begs and pleads for his return.

    • Chrmngblly

      Add Jerry Sloan, please.

      • Matt Williams

        Lionel Hollins too!

        • Chrmngblly

          One more good possibility. I like him.

  • Purpleloft

    Why is D’ Antoni even a coach ? I mean he does not understand the fundamentals of the game. He keeps on repeating what he did for the Phoenix Suns & Nash because he had moderate succes with it. But it has become a gimmick that hasn’t worked outside of Phoenix. God forbid they keep him on to rebuild the Lakers…
    His rotations don’t work, has no clue on how to utilize the talent that he has on this team. Refusing to play good players because of personal issues, or because he feels they don’t “fit in”… So depressing to watch. Until they give him up as a coach i won’t follow the Lakers anymore, it is just too painful…

    • fakerstolakers


      • Daryl Peek

        In 2006 Joe Johnson went down to injury in the playoffs, in what i consider the one season that was their best chance to win the championship. I believe they would have taken the Heat in the finals that year.

  • TheTruthKills

    So Mo, Curly, and Larry had a meeting. So what. By seasons end D’Antoni must be gone. Also, what is Jeanie waiting for? The team is the laughingstock of the league and Jim Buss just stays the course like nothing is happening. Dr. Buss must be rolling over in his grave by now. It’s time for Jim Buss to go. Look at his history. Everything he touches fails and now the Lakers are on that list of failures. When will the madness end?

  • Shannon

    D’Antoni is doing a wonderful job helping us lose to get a great pick, accidentally of course, but I’d prefer we not lose by you know-50 points on national tv. He has to go at seasons end. HAS TO! Please hire Van Gundy or Lionel Hollins, George Karl, anybody!

    • Chrmngblly

      Add Jerry Sloan.

      • vdogg

        bryon scott, please.

        • Chrmngblly

          Another worthy possibility.

          • fakerstolakers

            a james Worthy possibility!!

  • Eddie Luna Castillo

    What else does Jim Buss need to fire the damn coach.

  • DantoniMustGo

    Antoni’s system is crap. He wore down all our players to the point they got hurt. Why is our 3rd qtr the worst qtr, Guys are too tired and that makes them prone to getting injure. Don’t blame players and not enough talent. Jordan hill and Kaman great talent yet Antoni’s is making them the best bench warmers in the league.

    • fakerstolakers

      Hurt part has a lot to do with the trainers and medical staff. A coach does not have the authority to over rule the trainer and medical staff. That would be gross mal-practice.

  • qbnjax

    It doesn’t make economic sense to fire D’Antoni right now. Sadly, this season is already done for the Lakers. That being said, I pray D’Antoni does not return next season. He has shown lack of flexibility in his coaching, his attitude stinks, and a lot of the players don’t want to play under him. This has to be the worse season in Laker history. As a die hard fan, this year I have not been committed to watching every game (maybe 15 games so far). If this organization wants to thrive, there must be major changes in the front office including demoting Jim Buss.

    • TTKIN

      Since it doesnt look like the lakers r gonna get any FAs this yr, dantoni might be back next yr (with the laker FO saying injuries r the reason for this season). I think dantonis contract comes off the books next yr. so does nash. Pretty sure kendall mrshall too, leaving kobe as the only contract on the books and a much better FA class than this season. That would be r OFFICIAL blank slate. Not this offseason like everyone thinks.

    • fakerstolakers

      Kobe could do better. Put him to work.

  • Kristi

    I’m sorry, but there needs to be change at the very top. Let Jim managed the Center and bring in Jeanie and Phil to run the Lakers. Get rid of D’antoni and get a real coach. We need an upbeat spokes person for the Lakers and it is not Mitch or Jim Buss. It is Jeanie. Swallow your pride, Jim. Your Dad made a mistake in not trusting a woman.

  • mattyice

    While I don’t like D’Antoni as a coach, its important to remember that the Lakers are made up of players that nobody wanted or should be in the D-league. The team has been ravaged by injuries all year and has never been able keep their big players healthy for any reasonable amount of time. To put all of the blame for this terrible season on D’Antoni is not warranted given the catastrophic injuries the team has suffered this year. Not to mention, its hard to coach a bunch of players who have no expectation of returning next year. Not even Phil Jackson could coach a bunch of D-league players into the playoffs.

    • Sam Saab

      kaman doesnt deserve to be in the d league or jordan hill but hes not playing the players that should be in the lineup.

  • Mitch

    Mike D’Antoni is a trashy coach the worst in Lakers history.He will be gone.

    • Josh

      He’ll be gone, but I still don’t think he’s half as bad as Del Harris or Mike Brown.

      • fakerstolakers

        Mike finished third in the West and Lost to OKC.. a better team.

        Mike finished top with Cleveland several times with lone star.

        Mike D. could not beat the Spurs or Dallas in his Phoenix days, that that team was loaded to the brim.

        • Josh

          What is Mike Brown doing this year with aroster that is much better than the Lakers? Not much other than hoping to keep his job.

          • fakerstolakers

            With the Lakers, he did a better job that Rigatoni. I am not saying Mike. B. is an elite coach.

            Mike B. What was expected of the Lakers in 2012. That Lakers team was not better than OKC….Harden, Westbrook (before injuries), and Durant.

  • Badeng

    maybe it was a good idea to cover up the Lakers’ championship banners after all–either home or away games at the Staples Center.

  • truth24


    • fakerstolakers

      What has Karl and Mcmillan done. They are a few Notches above Rigatoni. Both, non defensive run and gun melt down type coach.

      Lakers town, need someone that can full the shoes of Pat Riley, Phil Jackson…Pop is not coming here, so you are left with Scott, or Rick Carlisle.

  • Chrmngblly

    You guys all know that “small ball” did not actually originate with D’Antoni, right?

  • 3339

    that fool should not be allowed to coach our team again. but those front office fools won’t fire him now. Hopefully as soon as the final regular season game is over dantoni is gone.

  • Б. Золбоо

    d’antoni bye bye

  • Matt Williams

    Let’s all be patience my fellow Laker fans. We’ve got 19 games left. I say let’s get though the season with him and tank the rest of the way. The good thing, possibly great thing out of all this is we get a nice draft pick. Dante Exum I hope. By the end of the season Mike D’Antoni will not be a Lakers coach. The weak links on the team will be gone and everything will be better. At least better than this.

    P.S. You guys do realize that with Mike Brown we were #3 two years ago this time right?

    • fakerstolakers

      #3 and made it to the second round. Lost to a better team, OKC…….

      This was the lowest IQ move. Trading Mike Brown for Mike D.

      If you make a change it should be upgrade.

      Mike is a professional, I bet you they had an argument with the owner/Mitch.

      No one gets fired at 1-4. Even Jackson was shocked on this one.

      Look J. Kid he was more than ten games below .500, they were up for a day.

  • hoperhetoric

    I blame Gasol & Farmar then Dantoni!
    Gasol supposed to be the best player of the Lakers but he can’t carry the team!
    He can’t make consecutive shots to take over the team. When the clippers are starting to lead by double digits Gasol should takeover.. He got so many open looks! I bet if Dirk is playing for the Lakers instead of Gasol, Dirk will score 30+points every night & wont need a step back. Post up moves is so unreliable & prone to turnovers! + He can’t dominate the rebound.

    Before we complain about coaching staff, question first our best player if he can carry the team & able to be clutch. Star players always takeover the game when the team is losing. But Gasol’s skills can’t do it! His post up moves are always pressured by nonfoul body contact of the defenders that affects his percentage. Unlike when taking a jumpshot, any contact will be considered a foul.

    Then Farmar who’s ballhogging the ball with an intent to pass but not accomplishing anything! He’s holding the ball too much, expecting to command double team. The opponents defense are not collapsing because he is not fast enough like steve blake to dribble penetrate. He is an acting leader too, so he should take over the game in shooting when lakers are losing.

    Then Dantoni talking about sacre as best defender??? Dantoni should realized early that defense failed & the Lakers are getting outscored plenty. The Lakers can’t make shots because their moral is shattered/disoriented. So the proper thing to do is the leaders/star player/gasol should take over & show he is doing his best. & lift the moral of the team. But Gasol is not capable, hes got plenty of field goal attempt close to the rim & good team spacing but cant convert!
    Even if the Lakers play big, griffin will just beat them off the dribble or strip the ball off Gasol. It wont be a blowout if kaman played over sacre! the blowout started when the 2nd unit came in.

  • Kay Carter

    dumbtoni doesnt like playing players like Hill nd Kaman….good defensive bigs who cant get on the boards, you have some ppl who will defend the fact we dont need to rebound to win games, but rebounds help contributes into getting points

    when the opposite team misses nd we dont get rebounds, that helps them get 2nd chance points….buss wants a showtime 2.0 but rebounds and steals is how you get into fastbreaks, the heat gets more steals than rebounds…..when we miss our shots, getting rebounds help get 2nd chance points, dumbtoni’s way isnt like that, this guy thinks giving the ball energy helps win all the damn time, when you have to look at your opponent’s line-up nd make changes to help win…dumbtoni nd dumbtoni supporters don’t get that……DEFENSE HELP WIN GAMES, not just outscoring opponents smh…..bkuz you still have to come up with defensive schemes to stop the opponent to not outscore you as well…dumbtoni doesnt get that…..everyone agrees, WE NEED TO FIRE HIM!!! and have a coach that fits our roster, his style doesnt fit our players

    Also Lakers always won rings when we had big men on our team…..ppl keep saying this league is run by guards and wing players, but those same guards nd wing players still need a decent big to help protect the paint

  • Christian Lozano

    Homeboy should get fired ASAP. Come on now, he says that more than 50% of practices are spent on defense. Where is it? I have not seen it. I thought Kurt Rambis got on board for defensive reasons, once again: WHERE IS THE DEFENSE!! I’m tired of seeing this free for all, I prefer the TRIANGLE OFFENSE!! That is why Phil one 11 CHAMPIONSHIPS!! an D’Antoni NIL!!

  • Brian Cook

    I hope the last game of the season, they play that song NA NA NA HEY HEY GOODBYE to send off No-D ‘antoni into the sunset. That would be the best way to close this season!

  • RealDawg

    It would be smart to switch Dantoni before the 2014-2015 regular season.

  • fakerstolakers

    ESPN just in!
    Kuchak offered his resignation.
    Ya all wish!

  • alex s

    We need a better coach right now so we can start and learn to play defense on the new coach. It is really embarassing not only to the team but the whole lakers nation. We want to see the old showtime with the right play of defense.

  • fakerstolakers

    DH gods must be smiling somewhere in the Sky!!!!
    Who knows, if DH, was here, Melo could have demanded coming here before the trading deadline, and adding Granger and Davis (instead the clippers did it), Lakers would be competing in the West and not the Clippers. And, Rondo, is dying to get out of Boston.

    Rondo PG
    Granger SG
    Davis PF
    DH C
    Melo SF

    This would be top one or two team in the West right now.

    Lakers could have rebuilt on the fly!!!!!!

    Kobe and Gasol were both coming off the books at the end of 2014…
    This was very possible. Very Very Very possible. And buying Nash out.

    This would have freed some $60 Million dollars..this would have been absolutely possible.

  • Tye

    whats the point in us tanking, when we are going to fucking go after a damn oversees player with that pick. We need real talent and stop over paying for these damn bench players. Probably need a GM with a clue.Sick of this damn team looking like this

  • Jay Brodes

    bout time…dantoni needs to go and needs to go yesterday!!!

  • Jay Brodes

    best move all year..dont care if it is now or in may..dantoni must go!!! STAT!

  • Kenneth Simkins

    I want to see the Lakers bring in Byron Scott! I believe if the Cavs had kept him as coach they would have won a lot more games especially after getting Deng!

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