Lakers News: Kobe ‘Wasn’t Surprised’ Over Phil Jackson To Knicks

Lakers News: Kobe ‘Wasn’t Surprised’ Over Phil Jackson To Knicks


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The news of Phil Jackson joining the New York Knicks front office became official Tuesday when the Knicks held a press conference to introduce the former Lakers coach as president of basketball operations. There has been plenty of reaction over Jackson’s decision, including some from those he was close to within the Lakers organization.

During an interview on the Dan Patrick Show Wednesday morning, Kobe Bryant revealed he expected Jackson to accept the Knick’s offer, according to Lakers Nation Reporter Serena Winters.

While Bryant continues to recover from a knee injury he suffered against the Memphis Grizzlies in December, he has had plenty of time to reflect over this season and prepare for the next. The time away from the court allowed Bryant a chance to catch up with Jackson over breakfast last week.

Over the course of his 18 years in the league, Bryant has maintained a close relationship with Jackson. With Bryant winning five titles while being coached by Jackson, Bryant sees his former coach as great mentor and teacher on and off the court.

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When the Lakers held a press conference last week over Bryant not returning this season, Bryant told reporters it would be tough for him to understand Jackson not being given the chance to return the Lakers twice. During the interview Wednesday, Bryant also confessed to being aware that no offer was made to Jackson according to Winters:

This echoes what Jeanie Buss mentioned in an interview Tuesday night. TWC SportsNet aired a conversation between the Lakers owner and Chris McGee and Buss revealed Jackson was not offered any position with the Lakers.

With Jackson officially a part of the Knicks organization, the Lakers are ready to move on and prepare for the future. Buss and the rest of the front office will be expected to make some tough decisions this offseason, and Bryant expressed his faith that things will turn around.
Kobe Bryant On Phil Jackson To The Knicks, “I Don’t Really Get It”

  • Marty Susman

    M.J. Was a GREAT Player, a HORRIBLE OWNER.
    Jerry West a GREAT player, a GREATER G.M. & Horrible coach.
    Larry Bird a GREAT Player, a horrible coach, great front office.
    Magic Johnson a GREAT player, a bad coach.

    PHIL JACKSON WAS A GOOD PLAYER, A GREAT COACH & HE COULD BE A TOTAL BUST AS PRESIDENT. He has an odd personality, he rubs people the wrong way more often then the right way. Phil I am happy you came back to where it all started but Nick fan’s, take it easy because when he loads the team to an avg. age of 33 to 35 plus in hopes of squeezing out a playoff run, expect it but it won’t work. The team has zero draft picks to speak of, not much money extra & a bunch of yucky contracts. Phil is 68 & won’t be around that long. My guess is if Melo leaves, Phil won’t be far behind unless LBJ comes in from the heat……Can Melo & LBJ play together, hell yes but they still NEED a center & a point. Again I am guessing a Heinrich type/age point, that’s Phil’s guy.

    • Zimmeredge

      West a bad coach? have you look at his record? it’s not because he didn’t win that he is a bad coach. he paved the way for Westhead and Riley.
      Larry Bird made it to the playoff that’s not bad coaching.

      • Daryl Peek

        West did not have the patience’s to be a HC. He admitted it. KAJ and many of the Lakers he coached had a very hard time relating to West. West was a perfectionist and if you couldn’t see things as he did he’d often go off! I’m talking disrespectful to another man trash mouf in practice.

        Bird was a very good HC. Bird is that rare type to excel on all levels. Magic was awful as a HC and he knew it immediately. He suffered from the same thing West did as a basketball perfectionist who couldn’t relate to players not getting it. It’s that same mentality that caused him to speak out of place about Jimmy as he flipped flopped on Jim big time over the last three years.

        If Dolan leaves Phil to his devices he may do well. It all depends on how much hands on approach he’s physically up to. If Phil can manage to close ranks on the entire Knicks organization like he did with the Bulls and Lakers rosters in the us against them way, he’ll do well. That is a tall order though on such a large scale. If Dolan does leave Phil alone this will be his first time with total autonomy. He would have NEVER gotten that with the Lakers and this is why Jeanie, Kobe and other in the organization keep saying there was no place for him. Phil’s ambition as an exec is too big for what Dr. Buss was willing to cede. Phil’s time had run its course with the Lakers and this is what I keep trying to tell most.

        This was the same with Riley when he left. You can’t hold some as they grow in the nest.

  • Robert L. I.

    Phil is going to bring a Champion mindset to the Knicks. He’ll probably pluck Gasol, and some former or even some existing coaches of the Lakers that know the Triangle. Hell if Phil can figure it out he’ll nab Kobe too especially when Kobe melts down because Gasol bails do to Jim Buss’s incompetence.