Lakers News: Kobe Wants Accelerated Rebuild For ‘Selfish Reasons’ Reviewed by Momizat on . Kobe Bryant has never been one to hold back his opinions on any subject matter. When he said that he expects big changes in the off-season, he meant it. Kobe kn Kobe Bryant has never been one to hold back his opinions on any subject matter. When he said that he expects big changes in the off-season, he meant it. Kobe kn Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Kobe Wants Accelerated Rebuild For ‘Selfish Reasons’

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Kobe Bryant has never been one to hold back his opinions on any subject matter. When he said that he expects big changes in the off-season, he meant it.

Kobe knows that changes are on the way in Los Angeles, but, in an interview with ESPN’s Darren Rovell, he reiterated that he wants those changes to be sooner rather than later:

We’re all moving in the same direction. This organization is just not going to take a nosedive. But I think we need to accelerate it a little bit, for selfish reasons. Because I want to win, and I want to win next season.

Kobe will not take another losing season like the one the Lakers are experiencing right now. And with his career winding down, he wants another championship before he hangs it up for good.

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It is also important to note that Kobe knows that he and the Buss family are all on the same page. Many wondered if there was some dissension after his words a couple of weeks ago, but everyone seems to be on one accord.

Kobe has come to grips with this season being a lost one, but there is no way he will accept it next year. Though Mitch Kupchak continues to preach patience, there will only be so much Bryant will take.

Even though Bryant admits he wants this process accelerated for selfish reasons, it is up to Kupchak to keep the future of the Lakers in mind at all times. Balancing the two will be of utmost importance.
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  • kobe24

    if you want to accelerate rebuilidng process (which I don’t think will help Lakers future in the LONG run)

    I think the top 4 priority is

    1. Sign Carmelo Anthony (Get him not for max persuade him etc etc)
    2. Sign Greg Monroe (Good defensive anchor will need that with Kobe, Melo)
    3. Draft Marcus Smart, Dante Exum (need a strong PG that can run the floor and can help once Kobe retires)
    4. Fire MDA

    And this is assuming all the chemistry problem works. Before anyone starts naming other FA and all that this is assuming we want to win WITH kobe and become instant contenders and this is plausible with current cap space

    • proamerica

      Why in this life time, a 30 years old Melo Would come to a last place team for Less money? So he waits, 31,32, 33, 34 years old and done. He wants a team that is ready to roll.

      Melo can go to Chi, Miami, Houston, and possibly OKC, since Westbrooks is injury prone now. (Houston can give up Lin and Asik, both minimally used in Houston)

      Get in his head for a second.

      Appreciate you idea.

      • Al Haldie

        It really does not matter what we think until we get a Coach – fro next yr then they will see how all this fits….NEXT SUMMER…

    • J Taylor

      If you sign Carmelo, you don’t have the $13M to sign Monroe.

    • Shannon

      Why would Carmelo come here? Sign Greg Monroe sure but Melo is older and he will eat up all the rest of the cap space and I don’t see how the Lakers situation right now would be attractive to him.

    • $tacksGotti 1017 Not$oberPapi

      We need Kevin Love!!!!!!!! He should be priority #1 Melo is 30 and prob going to chiraq wit d rose. Draft Dante EXUM!!!!!! HE IS THE KEY TO THE FUTURE.

      COACH- ??????????? IDK MAYBE ……… SOMEONE FROM COLLEGE!!!!!!

      PG- Dante , Kendall Marshall / Farmar
      SG- Kobe , Xavier
      SF- Melo? —-if possible , NICK YOUNG SWAGGY P, andMarshawn Brooks
      PF- Love , Ryan Kelly
      C-Pau , Hill

      • Kay Carter

        it’s nort possible to have that roster smh

      • John Tocco

        Stop yelling…you know nothing about basketball or business.

    • Kay Carter

      lol iono how you got 12 likes but G.Monroe is def. not a defensive anchor, melo, kobe, monroe AND rookie will not be possible this year, if we keeping same roster bkuz our cap is not that big wit kobe, nash, sacre on books

    • comrade24

      I’m on the fence on the whole signing Melo thing. Did you see him the other night? He was terrible in the 4th quarter, made bad decisions, and played selfishly. He had a chance to win the game by dumping the ball off to Amare and selfishly threw up a bad shot attempt. He says he’s committed to winning a championship, but i don’t know if he has that inside of him. Also, i’m leary because it would nix our chances of getting Kevin Love, who IMO is a much better, more complete player.

  • Jim213

    Just shows his competitive side.

    • Zimmeredge

      Impossible to trade love for randle.

      • Jim213

        Disagree, best to go with the sure thing to guarantee a better future NOW other than waiting 3-5 yrs down the line with a potential prospect like Randle. But if they happen to land a player like (Wiggins, Exum, Parker) keep him tho don’t believe Embiid will opt put IMO.

        • Zimmeredge

          It´s not about agreeing or not Jim. It´s financially impossible to go after love and trade him for randle. Love has a 15me contract. Then minny won’t trade this summer their only superstar in Town eventhough they do not have any certainty about him next summer. He is the only valuable player they have right now. He sells tickets and jerseys etc etc
          The only way to go grab love is to make a sign and trade with gasol. Money for money it´s almost the same and gasol could make an effective pair with rubio.

          • Jim213

            Disagree, it’s still viable. Kobe’s and Sacre’s contract = around $26 mil. At max 6 players on the roster (posted my preferred choices) will likely be given no more than a 2 year deal at most and be signed for no more than $13 mil total IMO.

            That would still leave more than 1/3rd of the remaining cap in which Love could be attained as well as signing a potential starting PG, backup PF and C IMO. The issue is if Nash will be stretch provisioned as the issue that I see is what’s the point in trying to for for K love if they acquire a potential prospective PF for the long term?

            Aside of that also believe other franchises will have more pool and sway than the Lakers in 2015. given their past moves to appeal to talent not sure if they’d be able to close the deal in FA (2015). If they end up getting a player like Randle (3-4 year development) it doesn’t guarantee that it’ll be a sure thing with Randle.

            IMO, given the team’s current close to all time bad play best to go with a sure thing (Love in 2014, depending on who they get tho) rather than waiting for FA if FO intends on making a big move in the near future. But it may make it somewhat more difficult if pau ends up returning (but it’ll be for lesser pay as GM’s also believe) being signing an $7-9 mil contract.

            Still achievable but Nash would need to be amnestied so in lesser words ‘what’s the point in letting Nash’s contract go to make room for 2015 FA when their main target may sign elsewhere?” The only possible player they’d likely go after would be Lebron too as they’ll be waiting for 2016 too. I’d rather build this off season and appeal to players than wait around and have nothing going next season while waiting for 2015 or 2016 to make some big moves if FO can manage to attain another star player. But IMO it’ll come down to their draft selection spot and who they attain.

          • Kay Carter

            Given the way Love talks highly of Min. i doubt Minny will go for that trade

  • Daryl Peek

    “Even though Bryant admits he wants this process accelerated for selfish reasons, it is up to Kupchak to keep the future of the Lakers in mind at all times. Balancing the two will be of utmost importance.”

    Balance Danielson…

  • truth24

    Get rid of henry, farmar, young, gasoft all injury prone. Don’t need meeks, hill, marshall, sacre, kelly, bazemore, brooks honestly they suck. This roster is not good enough to get past the thunder, clippers, spurs if met in playoffs.

    • michael

      get rid of young? What you smoking?

    • J Taylor

      Truth….? really?
      Are they all “injury prone” or were they held out deliberately by the medical staff. In most seasons, guys battle through injuries, in this one, they are held out for the medical maximum.
      - Blake had “Pitcher’s Elbow.”

      This year’s roster is an AMAZING 2nd team and rotational starters if used sparingly. The team still needs to find a starting SF, C and PG.

    • Shannon

      Are you high? How are they injury prone. You clearly don’t know the definition. You realize they are the second highest scoring bench in the league right? The Lakers just need a better starting PG, SF, PF and C. Farmar, Young, Meeks, Hill and Bazemore can all stay.

    • Kay Carter

      are you on crack? get rid of Hill nd Meeks???? get rid of young??? nd bazemore??? kid you need to stop playing 2k lol

  • LakersHeatBeef

    This has been one messed up season.I am so tired of the two factions that are going on the Tankers versus the Anti Tankers it’s just crazy at this point.My own family is divided i am Anti Tanking and some of my family members are Pro Lakers Tanking.It is a big mess and you got Kobe saying speed up the rebuild process well then i can say without a shadow of a doubt these NCAA players are grown ass men with grown man games Julius Randle and Marcus Smart and Jabari Parker.

    Actually Wiggins pissed me off today so he is on my crap list right now lol but otherwise he would be on my ready now list towards the top.Hard to be a Lakers fan with all the BS going on.This website is not bad at all,you guys and girls do a great job.Lakers will bounce back in the future with Jim Buss leading us.

    • truth24

      Umm…. Jim in charge of basketball oprrations?
      Doc rivers > Jim buss
      Phil Jackson > Jim bust

    • Zimmeredge

      Wiggins is sick of playing ncaa basketball. He wants the big league already. If he had an opportunity to go straight into the league last summer he would´ve seize it. He had no interest in playing march madness as he is a top 3 already maybe top 1 because embiid Will be there in 2015.
      In fact it´s really rare to find future lottery picks who won march madness and it’s certainly not a security for success when those gays bring their talent in the nba (melo won it look and look at him now: no accolade except best scorer)

      • J Taylor

        Wiggins just choked on the biggest stage. Maybe he needs another year, just to learn how to play offense against a zone…

        • bomb

          Wiggins didn’t choke he shot 6 times all game. The team did a horrible job including the best player on the court.

  • disqus_aCzvNuGEo8

    Simple…Sorry guys, sorry Kobe I like you, but you take 24 million per season and then expect a big moves in offseason? Just cant get it. There were room for more valuable players if Kobe wouldn’t signed such a high contract.

  • Opinions

    To be honest, I doesn’t matter if Lakers sign Monroe. D’Antoni’s offence doesn’t consist of post up game play. That’s why Gasol seems useless and old because d’antoni doesn’t know how to use him.

    • Opinions


  • Kobe Bryant


    • Kay Carter

      Wiggins nd Parker will be gone by time we get to em unless we #2 pick

    • John Tocco

      Stop talking. Why would the Bulls trade Noah? He is playing like an MVP candidate right now…they won’t get Wiggins or Parker and I think Embiid stays one more year.

      They’d be lucky to get Exum, Marcus Smart showed me nothing in the tournament and if anything hurt his draft stock this year.

    • MissCicely

      pmsl @ Noah in LA!!!!! Bahahahahah

  • MichaelL

    …and get rid of “Mr. Turnover”, Kendal Marshall, and “Mr. Delayed Reaction”, Robert Sacre! They’re a waste of money.

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