Lakers News: Kobe Unhappy With Chris Kaman’s Bench Antics Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="125"] The Lakers game against the Cleveland Cavaliers last week was one of the strangest NBA games in recent memory. Injuries and fouls dep [new_royalslider id="125"] The Lakers game against the Cleveland Cavaliers last week was one of the strangest NBA games in recent memory. Injuries and fouls dep Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Kobe Unhappy With Chris Kaman’s Bench Antics

The Lakers game against the Cleveland Cavaliers last week was one of the strangest NBA games in recent memory. Injuries and fouls depleted the roster to the point that the Lakers had to play Robert Sacre, despite him fouling out of the game.

Kobe Bryant, watching the game from home, tweeted his support of the team after their grueling victory, but there was something that did bother him during the game.

With no other players left on the bench, Chris Kaman decided to lay down and mimic taking a nap across the chairs. The picture quickly went viral, leading to a number of hilarious memes. In speaking with ESPN LA’s Dave McMenamin, however, Bryant was not impressed:

The last week’s been horrible. That Cleveland game, it was crazy. And then [Chris] Kaman goes to sleep on the bench, it’s like when big brother is not around, you start doing crazy [stuff]. So, it’s been rough. It’s been rough

Bryant has developed a reputation throughout the years, as being a bit of a jerk. He has no problems getting in the faces of his teammates if he feels like they aren’t doing their job.

With a young team like this one, it makes sense that Bryant would adopt a big brother approach. Guys like Nick Young, Xavier Henry, and Wesley Johnson could learn so much from Bryant’s experiences in the league.

Bryant is the leader of the team, and if he feels someone is doing something to hurt the team or make the Lakers look bad, it is his job to say something.

While Kaman laying out on the bench was a hilarious moment, it is probably something he didn’t need to do, and Bryant will make sure he knows that.
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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers need to figure out some trades,using players on 1 year deals can be tricky in trade talks.But if the Lakers can gather some future first round picks or just second round picks this could be a doable thing for the Lakers FO.

    But we need to build some assets for the future,these players are on 1 year deals and some of these antics this season by the players have been very questionable and the team needs to cut the antics out of the locker room,has Mike D’Antoni lost the respect of the players,is he no longer a authority figure on the bench,has MDA lost the locker room has he lost his players have they just checked out on him???Bad times are guaranteed when the team is 18-23 with all these injuries.SMH

    • NickOld

      So which other “antics” are you talking about on the Lakers bench? You did read the part where it says Kobe is known for being a jerk in these situations right? The man takes his profession very seriously and can’t stand people joking around, aka Dwight Howard.

      • markjsunz

        Kobe may be a lot of things, but he is all business on the court, and he does not put up with nonsense.
        It is very disrespectful to do what Kaman did. We saw this out of Bynum and he threw away his career.

        • Joseph Apohen

          Kobe is 110% correct. The Lakers situation is bad enough without someone taking it for granted.

      • nlruizjr

        except Chris Kaman gives us more effort than DH12 did and what does Kobe expect Kaman to do when the coach isn’t playing him, he should take his anger out on the stupid coach.

    • NotSoAnonymous

      D’antoni still has their respect. Shoot, any young ball player would love to play that system. Kamans just weak defensively and bitter about not playing. Sure he can score and should get playing time, but he can’t speak out against the coach (when the chemistry has been great) and lay on the bench.

      • Bee Ballin

        every game he get enough mins he has 1 – 3 blocks and a double double

        • NotSoAnonymous

          a double double does not mean he’s playing defense. Throughout his career he’s been known as a guy who can score but doesn’t play defense. He’s given it some effort now that he doesn’t play, but he’s limited defensively

          • FUCKDANTONI


          • NotSoAnonymous


            He never had a championship team…but he made something out of nothing in Phoenix. He had a chance with the Knicks but idk…injuries, Melo, and no real chemistry amongst the players.
            You can also say that Phil Jackson would’ve never won anything without the two best SG’s to ever play the game…along with one of the greatest Centers ever (Shaq) and a great underrated star named Scottie Pippen.

            You can’t play the half court system with this roster….You want to try the Princeton Offense as well?

            And yes….Kaman scores…while attempting over 20-25 shots and every time he catches the ball. I get he doesn’t play but he needs to relax a bit. You’ll get your shots, heck there’s only 5-8 active players

            Why don’t Laker fans (some…mostly these youngsters) have patience??

          • nlruizjr

            what the hell are you talking about, when Kaman plays he scores 18+pts, 12+boards and alters numerous shots, he is not supposed to guard the PG’s , just come in to help and he does that, when the coach has Kelly playing in front of him and Kelly gets beat just about every play and he scores what 6pts.per game, get off of Kaman’s back !!!!!!

          • NotSoAnonymous

            If you think anyone in this team can actually play defense (beside probably Hill)…you’re mistaken. Defense has been the problem the entire season (along with injuries). Nobody in this team plays good defense, not to say the effort isn’t there, cuz it is. . . but effort does not mean good defense.

            No reason to mention the 16 PPG and 10 RPG…i never said he can’t score. He can score….but heck, he shoots every time he gets the ball. Like Stu Lantz said, when your FG attempts equal your points, it’s not efficient basketball

            You cannot give a player a free pass because he scores..scoring has never been a problem for this team. It’s been defense. Nobody is excused from playing defense, idc how many points you score. Kaman is pretty similar to Gasol…Gasol having a higher Ball IQ

            Kelly has no defense..No need to elaborate.

      • Joseph Apohen

        I’ve always said Kaman should be playing ahead of Sacre. I never said Kaman should be laying on the bench. Poor choice.

        • nlruizjr

          He’s a 10 yr vet, he has a right to make a statement and he did, Mitch knows what Kaman can do but apparently MD doesn’t.

          • NotSoAnonymous

            1) He’s newbie in the Lakers
            2) He’s not a superstar
            3) He can’t just open his mouth like that in public and risk the team chemistry. This team has unbelievable chemistry and passion, one old guy will not ruin that.

            Yes, he should’ve been playing…handle it privately. Where’s the professionalism?

          • Joseph Apohen

            That’s not the right way to make a statement.

  • Swaggy Rambo

    Sounds like he was joking himself. Way to blow his statement out of proportion. The regular media does this enough so why as Lakers Nation would you do this?

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Sorry i meant Lakers record is 18-33 in my post.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Joking around happens but their is a time and place for everything tbh.

  • theyams

    Why should Kaman have any respect for ‘Antoni (no D) and the team, when the coach has no respect for his playing abilities? If it wasn’t for Pau going down, Kaman wouldn’t even get to play. Yes, this has been a disaster of a season due to injuries, but ‘Antoni is a horrible coach. BTW, if you watched the game, Chris only laid down for about 3 seconds, just showing how ridiculous it was that there was no one left on the bench.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Shutup Kobe – The “Big Brother” is a greedy mf that takes 20 mill a year and then complains that we dont have enough talent

    • ItIsWhatItis

      Kobe complained about not having enough talent?

      • C*HarrisTHEboss

        Go troll elsewhere

        • Christopher Richardson

          youre the one trolling homie. You think Kobe begged for the 20 Million dollar contract? Kobe just didnt turn it down. That offer was an investment because quite frankly nobody wants to go to staples to watch the all star cast of Nash, Kaman, and Gasol. Get real man. People watch the Lakers for Kobe until they get their next REAL superstar

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            Listen Big Worm – next time you feel so inclined to comment on my posts – take your 2 cents and go buy a stick of gum. This is the guy that thinks the president is actually elected and creates his own policies. You are a perfect example of the shadow pointers from Plato’s Cave Metaphor.

        • ItIsWhatItis

          I was asking you a legitimate question you tweeker. I want to know when Kobe complained about not having enough talent on his team after taking that deal? You’re saying he complains, I wanted to see the article, don’t get butthurt.

    • NotSoAnonymous

      The F.O offered him that…he didn’t demand or ask for anything. Still a 10-15 million pay cut from what he should’ve/could’ve received. It’s more of a reward for what he’s done. Plus, we don’t know what Buss left in his will…I’m sure he wanted Kobe to remain a Laker no matter what

    • myJasper

      Kobe has been carrying the Lakers for 15 years. He knows how to win. Kaman made an error, lost his focus – and Kobe called him on it. Nuff said.

      • C*HarrisTHEboss

        Looks like i pissed off the Hero Patrol

    • robcuzzo

      He deserves every penny. The lake show wouldn’t have the last 5 championships had it not been for him and all the western conference pacific division championships too.
      He bring the best out of everyone. A lot of players just can’t handle that shawdow that he carries over them. That’s why Dwight coward left he couldn’t take on that responsibility that the Lakers organizationsprung on him

    • Michael Bromley

      Firstly, Kobe wasn’t greedy in taking the $48 million contract, it was the contract the lakers offered Kobe, and also assured him it wouldn’t hinder their free agent plans in the future (ie we don’t give a s$&t about going into luxury tax again, we will spend to get the players we want). Was he meant to turn the contract offer down? Secondly, Kobe has been nothing but supportive of this team, despite the talent level being less than that of lakers teams past. So here’s an idea C*HarrisTHEboss, why don’t you Shutup???

      • C*HarrisTHEboss

        Send in the Clowns!!

  • roseducanna

    How many time NASH lay down the floor ? Why i don’t hear anything ?

    • Lenn82

      Nash lays on his back to keep it from getting too tight …

  • Jim213

    Yes, the frustration of a losing season. About 30 games left #rollwithit

  • remy

    I just thought it was because he was too tired. That game they were only playing with 5 players so there were no subs.

  • hookedonnews

    Not surprised Kobe didn’t approve. I didn’t think it was the best idea myself.

  • markjsunz

    Trading deadline coming up maybe a contender can use Kaman who is still a decent center.
    Let some one else pay for the last 6 weeks of his contract.

  • Marty Susman

    First off the Lakers need a whole new starting five plus a coach before the 2015 season begins…They need to starting five to win games & a new coach who can not only coach but attract players like Doc Rivers did for the Clip’s…. As for Kobe, they gave him $48,000,000. & truthfully I think he might end up going medical retirement & allowing his salary not to count on the CAP space, that my friends would be GREAT….

  • Erad

    Well it’s gotta be hard to take the game seriously when you know you’re really not building towards any future with D’Antoni there

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