Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Tells Pau Gasol He Wants Him Back Next...

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Tells Pau Gasol He Wants Him Back Next Season


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The Lakers have a lot of decisions to make this off-season. The biggest will be deciding who the next coach will be, but the fate of Pau Gasol will also be extremely important.

Gasol enjoyed an excellent season, despite being hampered with nagging injuries and a dealing with a serious case of vertigo.

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No one is sure whether Gasol will return or not, but if Kobe Bryant has his way, Gasol will be back in purple and gold next season as he told

I spoke with Kobe before the end of the season and he told me he wanted me to stay. We have a great mutual respect and a great friendship.

The friendship between Bryant and Gasol has been well noted and Gasol has said that he considers Bryant his brother. Despite the connection, there are still a number of factors that will decide whether Gasol returns.

The resignation of Mike D’Antoni obviously plays a factor as D’Antoni’s system was not conducive to Gasol’s skill set, but Gasol re-signing with the team could come at a price.

With the Lakers looking to preserve their cap space in order to make a run at the superstar players who become available over the next two years, the Lakers may not be willing to pay Gasol the amount he would like.

Gasol and Kobe have won two championships together and would love to win another, unfortunately for both of them, it will take more than Kobe’s word to ensure that Gasol will be back in Los Angeles.
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  • Chris Park

    I have full respect for Gasol but if we do sign him for $6~8M Lakers will just be delaying the rebuilding process…

    • kookiebuger

      Sign him to a 1 year 10 million dollar deal.

  • $20509373

    I think it’s time for breathe of fresh air for both Pau and the Lakers. Time to let Pau go.

  • Vladislav Stefanski

    You cant let Pau go because he is the “Lakers” you fuckin fagots. …

    • Nalin Shukla

      You forgot to apologize for your english

  • e3bonz

    What Kobe wants Kobe gets….

    • Lakerlady

      In this case, I hope so

  • Sanders

    Lakers must let Pau Gasol go and trade The Lakers lottery pick and Suns All Time Favorite Sun Steve Nash trade to the Phoenix Suns for Eric Bledsoe $12 million per sign and trade.Also sign Carlos Boozer amnesty claim $4 million per and Luol Deng $6.5 million per then make a major signing of Chris Bosh $12 million per.Lets win it all in 2014-2015.It’s EPIC how 2014-2015 we will win it all.

    Affordable Team Pick A Top 5 Coach And We Win It All
    PG Eric Bledsoe/Kendall Marshall/Jordan Farmar
    SG Kobe Bryant/Kent Bazemore
    SF Luol Deng/Xavier Henry
    PF Carlos Boozer/Ryan Kelly
    C Chris Bosh/Emeka Okafor/Robert Sacre

    • Joe Haeberle

      What is everyone’s deal with Boozer? The guy is Ok. He is nothing special. You really think Bosh would come to the Lakers just like that when he has a team like the Heat? Forget the pursuit of Ryan Kelly and pursue Gasol and Hill. Bazemore yes. The guy has talent and had many years to grow. But to let Pau go just like that even though he put up a pretty good year with the injuries he sustained would be idiotic. Hey the right coach that can play to everyone’s strengths and practices defense and Lakers could become playoff ready. My lowly opinion. That’s all.

    • Joe Haeberle

      Oh and the lottery pick no way. Lakers need that but I do like the Farmar and Bledsoe idea. But most likely Nash will stay with the Lakers.

      • honestly

        gotta re sign jordan hill… he can step up and has improved a lot… young, hill, bazemore, and farmar are in my opinion the only ones who deserve to be resigned… Kaman too if he’s willing, he’s good, the offense just didn’t favor his style.

    • kookiebuger

      So you want an over paid PF and another soft Center?

      • Laker4life

        You dumb? Kaman isn’t soft he just didn’t want to play for that horrible coach.

        • kookiebuger


      • Joe Haeberle

        I never said kaman. And we don’t need to pay Gasol so much. My bet is that he would be willing to lower his asking price because he wants to play with Kobe so badly and prove to all the naysayers that he is still capable. That it was only D’antoni who was the reason why he didn’t do so well.

      • Joe Haeberle

        Right. Boozer is terrible and Bosh is weaker than Gasol. What is this guy thinking?

    • Laker4life

      Wtf you want Okafor,Sacre,AND Bosh. All are garbage get young point guard, keep pau, amnesty Nash, and let Xavier go. then the other thing you need is a good small forward. Why bother with bosh and Okafor they suck.!

    • Tyrone Von Gilyard

      We wont win shit with bosh starting at the 5.. And fuck carlos boozer non producitve ass

      • nlruizjr

        I’d take NeNe or Gortat over Boozer !!!!

  • Sanders

    Lets win it all stop being scared of championships.EPIC.

  • Thomas Torres

    Some of are of the mindset that there are an abundance of BIG MEN out there just waiting to be signed by the Lakers. With Pau’s skill set? None, save K-Love & its just gambling to believe that you are going to get value in return for Pau in a trade. Kobe has 2 years left. Sign Pau for 2 & lets see what Mitch can add to the mix with the remaining $$.

  • Thomas Torres

    **Some of you** (sorry)

  • KingEmperor

    Los Angeles Lakers roster 2014-2015

    PG- Marcus Smart 3 / Jerryd Bayless 7 / Jordan Farmar 1
    SG- Kobe Bryant 24 / Nick Young 0
    SF- Rudy Gay 22 / Wesley Johnson 11
    PF- Tyrus Thomas 12 / Ed Davis 32 / Jordan Hill 27
    C – Pau Gasol 16 / Emeka Okafor 50

    Coach- Lionel Hollins Or Byron Scott

  • celtic man

    Why would pau take less if kobe took 24 million per year. Pau is younger than kobe and has more to offer at this stage in career. kobe is the most overrated player in nba history. what a joke!!!

    • Frank

      Pau has nothing to offer on the other side if the ball (defense)

      • Nalin Shukla

        Yup he gets 20 and 10 but the person he’s guarding scores 30

        • Don

          And it’s not just the Blake Griffins, Love, Aldridges dropping 30 on him. So are the 2nd tier or lower journeyman bigs like Nene, that Plumlee guy, Markief Morris, Hawes, Faried, etc are hanging season/career highs on him.

    • Tyrone Von Gilyard

      Why the fuck are you here?

  • Grant

    Great, another year of Paus “ole” defense. Lakers will give up a ton of pts in the paint again. It will be a damn lay up line to the basket since opposing teams know there will be no resistance waiting to meet them down low. What happened to making people “pay” whenever they go inside? We need someone like a Nene who might not be that huge low post scorer, but he damn well protects the paint like a rabid dog protecting his turf.

  • Nalin Shukla

    As soon as pau resigns day 1 day 2 he will be in trade rumors..

  • KingEmperor

    If we can only sign and trade Pau Gasol for Nene then sign Kevin Love in 2015 so the lakers have frontline of Nene at the center and Love at the power forward..

  • hoperhetoric

    All gasol can offer is his offense & passing ability. It’s dominant in the past but not in todays league. After Lakers two peat, the league reloaded their frontlines! thats how the Dallas swept them. Gasol’s impact declined just like when Shaq left the miami. In a physical game, no matter how skill you are in hook shots, with just a single bump/nonfoul body contact can alter your shots. & Gasol is normally soft!

    Gasol is offensively minded & he thinks that’s his value. But experts will tell that the most important skill of a center should be defense. Specially in todays NBA with lots of Elite dribble penetrating scoring pointguards, teams need shot blocking.

    Gasol will waste energy working hard fighting for position in the paint & still not a sureball, while elite teams doesnt even need post ups from centers, because they are loaded with shooters just like the Clippers. Lakers will be outscored if Gasol is involved in clutch games. So if he is not involved in clutch games, specially when Kobe takes over, then what is his role if he is unreliable to protect the rim?

    Lakers should model their frontlines to the likes of Bulls & Thunder.
    Noah & Ibaka have great mobility & quick reaction time even if they are not 7footers, but great defensively.

    He is in trade rumors all the time because of his defensive liability & inconsistency.

    Hill can replace Gasol as the Lakers new center. good mobility & quick reaction time! together with Deng or Ariza frontcourt, kobe will have a elite team to compete!

    Farmar, Bazemore, Kobe, Deng, Hill
    Nash, Draftee, Young, Kelly, gortat/sacre/kaman/spencer hawes/

    DeJuan Blair
    reserves: kendall, manny harris, metta, sacre

    • Trent

      Thank you. But listening to talk radio and reading and elsewhere, it’s painfully obvious many fans give Pau a pass from playing D. He’s exempted from it. It’s ok to them that when he’s on the floor, it’s pretty much 4 on 5 on D and it’s the other 5 guys’ job to cover for his inadequacies.

  • Lakerlady

    I hope Pau stays, and I really like Byron Scott for coach.

  • wangkon936

    Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol… together… forever.

  • wangkon936

    Together, forever… creepier version: