Lakers News: Kobe Tells Jimmy Kimmel He’s 100 Percent Health Wise Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="281"] The Lakers can hire whoever they want as head coach and bring in all the right players in free agency, but their success will ultimat [new_royalslider id="281"] The Lakers can hire whoever they want as head coach and bring in all the right players in free agency, but their success will ultimat Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Kobe Tells Jimmy Kimmel He’s 100 Percent Health Wise

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The Lakers can hire whoever they want as head coach and bring in all the right players in free agency, but their success will ultimately depend on the health of Kobe Bryant.

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After battling to return from a torn achilles, Bryant lasted only six games before suffering a fractured knee. Thankfully for the Lakers, Bryant is already 100 percent, as he told Jimmy Kimmel last night according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

It is good news to hear that Bryant’s knee is completely healed, but like he said, there is a difference in an injury being healed, and being ready to play basketball.

Bryant will need to get himself in basketball shape, and more importantly, regain confidence in his knee. Players put so much pressure on the knee when cutting and jumping, it takes time to feel comfortable doing these basketball actions.

Heading into his 18th season, there will be a lot of pressure on Bryant. He wants the Lakers to turn things around immediately, and he will not accept another season like the one the Lakers just went through.

Bryant can be one of the more difficult players to deal with because he has high expectations of everyone in the organization. He wants to at least be heard on who will be the next coach, and it isn’t unreasonable to think he would want the same in regards to the draft and free agency.

But everything for the Lakers will come down the Bryant putting this team on his back, and the first step to that is Kobe Bryant being healthy.
VIDEO: Kobe Bryant On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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  • Marcus Livingston

    36 years old,19. season, fractured knee, and achilles… Father time undefeatet…

  • Al Haldie

    They only have three guys signed for next yr we don’t know how KOBE, or NASH will be and SACRE ”’. And everyone thinks KOBE can carry the team on his back, we don’t have a team right now – I would not put any bets on that just yet..

  • hoperhetoric

    Kobe can’t doubt himself if he’s watching Manu Ginobili impacts the game right now.
    Even if kobe is less athletic & ,less explosive, he will not do less than what Ginobili can do at that age, offensively/defensively. The key is he needs a defensive players more than offense. Kobe is amazed of what the spurs old core do to reach the finals. If Lakers can sign both Deng & Ariza + jordan hill, they are automatic contenders!

    Starters: Farmar, Kobe, Ariza, Deng, Hill!
    Nash,bazemore, young, Draftee,sacre
    Kendall, Manny harris, metta, Kelly

    • Francisco

      Come we need Jodie meek back Xavier Henry, Jordan hill, Ryan Kelly bazemore , Gasol , we need a center actually I wouldn’t mind keeping kris kamen as back up center, plus we got the drafte coming, I’ll say let’s keep it, our las two high 2nd rounders weren’t bad, now we have the chance to get Kobe’s successor when he retires In top 7 first round pick. Let’s go lakers. We need coach Thib, as our next coach.

      • comrade24

        Jodie i agree with. would love to have him back, as well as Farmar, Young, Bazemore, and Hill. Not so convinced about Xavier. He can be good in spurts, but hasn’t shown he can be consistent or that he can stay injury free (not just counting his sole season in L.A.)

    • comrade24

      i wouldn’t say they’re automatic contenders. Maybe if a massive earthquake happened (knock on wood) and LA floats all the way around the gulf of Mexico and becomes an island off the coast of Florida and the Lakers end up in the Eastern Conference. 50 win teams miss the playoffs in the west. It’s going to take a game changer to get us back to the top of the pack.

  • ra

    100% healthy, good. Yes, and that doesn’t mean 100% ready to play, or 100% protected from potential injuries in the future playing at a high level.

    I hope that his summer ‘intense’ workout brings him to another level. This could the final swansong for Kobe (next few years), so let’s hope for the best.

  • Ralph

    When Jodie Meeks or Nick Young are considered better than Kobe Bryant you know it’s time to hang it up old man.Kobe is injured and not able to play.

    • comrade24

      in what universe are Meeks and Young considered better than Kobe?

  • Ralph

    Kobe is washed up.Kobe would be great if he could run as good as he runs his big mouth.

    • nlruizjr

      oh geez, another computer monitor tough guy !!!!!!

    • comrade24

      That’s okay. We Love Haters. 16 times.

  • EmperorKing

    Kobe is still the best..

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