Lakers News: Kobe Says Lakers Need to Get Younger For Next Season

Lakers News: Kobe Says Lakers Need to Get Younger For Next Season


NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Denver NuggetsIt’s been a busy offseason for the Lakers and it’s not even July. Then again, any offseason that is following a non-title year is one that is generally busy for the Lakers. This year the uncertainty following an injury-plagued campaign and a first round sweep at the hands of the San Antonio Spurs has fans questioning the future direction of the team. But it’s not just fans sharing their thoughts on how the team can improve, it’s team star Kobe Bryant that’s chiming in as well.

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In a recent interview with ESPN Brazil, Kobe talked about his recovery process from his Achilles injury, and even mentioned how he had consulted soccer star David Beckham for recovery tips. But in the same interview, which was transcribed by the L.A. Times (h/t CBS Eye on Basketball), Kobe also shared his thoughts on how the team needs to improve moving forward.

“It’s a big summer for us. We don’t know what direction we’re going yet but one thing I know about the Laker organization is that they’re very committed to making sure that we have a team that’s on the floor that’s a competitive team to win a championship,” said Bryant. “Which direction that’s going to be, whether it’s with Dwight or not? I don’t know. We’ll just have to see.”

If Howard returns and with the addition of some youth, length and defensive ability on the perimeter, Bryant is confident the Lakers can compete next year.

“We need a couple of younger legs, long guys that can defend and can cover the floor on the perimeter,” he said. “If we do that, I think we’ll be all right.”

Kobe has expressed different opinions on the success of the Lakers moving forward several times, saying he would like another opportunity with last year’s roster, stating he thinks injuries played a large part in the disappointing season. Obviously the team doesn’t have a lot of young talent, and the younger guys they did have ended up getting hurt as well.

So, whether or not the Lakers do get younger this offseason will be seen shortly, but they don’t have a lot of options. Without a first round draft pick or a lot of trade bait, they could be left waiting until next summer when a lot of their players come off the books and they have more cap space. But one thing we know for sure, is that if anybody could convince the team to do something, it would be Kobe.


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  • Crenshaw

    Andre iggy, get on that a….. We need his defense and also athletic. Perfect for the lakers

    • Kontra402

      With what cap room?

      • AWL0331

        Lakers only have 3 players Kobe, Pau and Steve Nash under contract for next season should have room.

        • Josh

          Most of the roster us under contract for next season. Nash is the only one for the following year. And Iggy’s a free agent this year.

          • Michael

            Love how ppl think its easy for the lakers to sign so & so player. Face it, other than the Dwight signing, if he signs at all, the Lakers cant do ANYTHING for this season. All we as fans can do is support this team to what is going to be a very very hard season next year, and then wait for 2014. I say, lower our expectation to the lowest it can be, and who knows, they might surprise us with a deep playoff run. All in all, the team is going to look a lot like last years team and remember, people were picking the Lakers to win it all last season. They have the talent, so who knows.

        • Kontra402

          Those three alone take up the cap. And Blake, Hill, Meeks, Morris, Ebanks are all more than likely to be resigned.

  • 3339

    I swear the Lakers problems can be fixed so easily.
    Fire dantoni and hire Brian Shaw. dantoni is misusing everyone on the roster. He has no plan and no leadership. he shouldn’t be coaching.
    Shaw, a Phil Jackson apprentice, would use everyone correctly, and wouldn’t run Kobe into the ground.

    • Crystal

      I don’t know if that would solve all their problems but it would definitely help! But I definitely agree with you on D’Antoni misusing the players. I knew from the beginning, D’Antoni was/is not the right coach for this team. I was hoping Shaw would’ve succeeded Phil but we saw how that all went down. -_-

    • Thered3065

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      All in all, the team is going to look a lot like last years team and
      remember, people were picking the Lakers to win it all last season. They
      have the talent, so who knows.

  • 3339

    Jesus Christ, the clippers just got Doc Rivers………….great

  • $20509373

    Kobe needs to take a pay cut if he’s serious about wanting another ring. Also does he realize that D’Antoni is still coaching the team and Jim Buss is still in charge? That pretty much assures we won’t be parading down Figueroa anytime soon. Besides the team is not going to abandon their 2014 plans (whatever they may be) just because Kobe wants to go all in now. The Lakers have to think about the future.

  • Richard

    Base on what Kobe said about getting a couple of young guys that can compete and defend. Which player/s, 6’7″-6’8″ you would want to be on the roster if we can trade for them.

    Would a Pau Gasol trade for Derrick williams + Kirilenko + Shved/pick suffice? The Wolves will love this trade as it will pair Gasol with Rubio.

    What do you think of this lineup?

    C = Howard(if he resigns)
    PF = Kirilenko
    SF = Derrick Williams
    SG = KOBE/Shved
    PG = NAsh

    • Richard

      Or perhaps instead of Kirilenko we get Dante Cunningham, he is good player. keeps his head straight.