Lakers News: Kobe Says Jim Buss Is Confident In Turning Around Lakers

Lakers News: Kobe Says Jim Buss Is Confident In Turning Around Lakers


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Early Wednesday morning, Kobe went on The Dan Patrick Show to talk about his injury status, and the departure of Phil Jackson to the Knicks. While the most shocking news was that Kobe admitted he could be playing right now if the Lakers were in contention for the playoffs, Kobe also took some time talk about the status of the front office.

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Seemingly backtracking on his comments from last week, Kobe appeared to have a different view of the front office. As quoted by Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters, Kobe says he has talked to Jim Buss about the rebuilding process:

After calling out management last week, Kobe’s view has apparently changed. While Kobe would most certainly like to win now, he is putting his faith into the Buss siblings to turn things around for the Lakers.

The good news for Lakers fans is that, according to Kobe, both Jim and Jeanie appear to be on the same page, via Winters:

The passing of the great Dr. Jerry Buss has thrust both Jim and Jeanie into the spotlight as they try to keep up the legacy that their father was known for. With a high draft pick and plenty of cap space for this upcoming off-season, the Lakers have positioned themselves in a nice spot to make a quick turnaround.

As Kobe said last week, the Lakers franchise comes down to Jim and Jeanie collaborating together toward one common goal. With Phil Jackson now at the Knicks, Jim will get the chance to show Laker fans why his father entrusted him with the legendary franchise.
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  • Jordan

    Lets hope so…

  • Abet

    The Lakers should have elite players and a defensive minded coach. This is the WORST Lakers season I’ve ever seen since the Del Harris era. Magic was always right in his comments about the Lakers and a BIG MISTAKE why let go the Zen Master!

    • lakers72

      magic needed to just shut the fuck up or be supportive… his POSITIVE comments were right last year too when he stated jim buss was starting to be more like dr. buss after lakers got dwight… nash….. or how about when lakers almost had cp3? as soon as it was evident last season it wasnt working the nonstop negativity kept coming out of his mouth. yes i understand he can speak his mind.. and somewhat or most of it could be accurate… but then again… we’ve heard you like 543958390583490 times already… if this is about an ego issue with jim buss… do you honestly think negative comments made towards him is helping?….. this is coming from a big time magic fan … probably one of my favorite players of all time.. … but he hasnt helped the last couple years … im a die hard laker fan… regardless of how bad the team is doing i still watch and root for the lakers…

      • MrJoepch .

        Lakers 72 your comment is a joke and you should be the one shutting the fuck up! Fucking stupid ass!!!

    • Jim213

      The Lakers had a better roster with Del Harris. As when Kobe, Shaq, and Fish came along Del still struggled to take it to the next level. Likely why they went after Phil who’s gotten the most out of the roster.

  • MrJoepch .

    Can we all get on the same page on bringing George Carl to the Lakers. He should be able to help the Lakers in becoming contenders again.

    • DJ

      You are aware that George Karl and Kobe Bryant do not like each other (they respect each other) but do not like each other…

      • Daryl Peek

        Don’t burst his bubble like that mayne LOL

    • Sylvia Ross

      No George Karl, Byron Scott please. NO GEORGE KARL.

      • truth24

        Slap* not Byron scott!! Wtf???? What is wrong with you people!!! Why would Lakers want Byron Scott that’s just getting another mike brown!!!! OMG just slap yourself. Plus cp3 is next door are you out of your damn mind. Cp3 knows his syle! Doc rivers is still a better facing coach!!!!!! Wow just slap yourself please exceed do me the favor

        • DJ

          I don’t know if you live in LA and watch TWSports, but Byron Scott is a analyst on the show… from the first time he’s been on he had a loose demeanor YET last night he was more serious analytical and was tougher on the Lakers play and on players…all indications of He being the next Laker HC, he has been to 2 NBA finals with inferior teams, defense minded and attention to detail on offense… He isn’t another Mike Brown… do research before posting emotionally and just plain wrong information.

          • truth24

            Umm he is another mike brown, his last team was Cleveland what are you talking about… A lot of coaches turn to analysts yes I find see him all the time. A lot of coaches turn to analysts just because his analyzing games well doesn’t mean he’ll be a good coach for the Lakers fool. Shaq and Charles analyze games maybe you think they’ll make good coaches how about ernie…. He won championships as a player his best years coaching was with cp3 but not in Cleveland, LeBron left right after he became coach he couldn’t convince LeBron to stay. Nice try idiot. Nextttttttttttt

          • DJ

            First proof read your post before hitting the send button: Secondly, how in the hell was his best coaching done with C. Paul and the Hornets, when HE TOOK THE NETS 2 (TWICE) to the NBA finals.. and i’m the idiot! Do not reply to me again, I can not get back the brain cells wasted on you or your idiotic, uninformed and sloppy written post.

    • hookedonnews

      No we’re not on the same page. Karl runs a D’Antoni style offense and isn’t a great defensive coach. Why bring him in and still have to pay MDA? The Lakers will be contenders when they can keep their best players healthy and add some top players to the roster. The Lakers competed for most of the game tonight against the Spurs with a roster full of players (except for Pau) who would be riding the bench on any other NBA team).

      • DJ

        Exactly! George Karl damn near invited small ball “7 seconds are less” offense… though I do believe that MDA will be paid he’s 4mil and relieved from his position… again watching Byron Scott last night he sounded like more of a HC than a analyst, even speaking to who the players he would have back and what they needed to work on this summer, I believe that Byron will be the next HC, MDA is in the last year of his 3 year deal, he has gotten a raw deal with injuries etc… but with Kobe not communicating with MDA (MDA said that he not only hasn’t seen Kobe that they don’t communicate “Kobe usually comes well after the staff is gone for rehab, so I don’t see him.. I haven’t even talked to in a few months, I cant tell ya where he is in his rehab unless Gary or someone on his staff updates me”), the team refusal to compete at times, spats with Gasol, Kaman, Hill, Farmar, playing players out of position, not playing to THIS teams strengths…. I also believe that Nash will be flexed this summer and he’ll get his salary and then if he’s able to play, will play for a different team… if he took the medical retirement he would have been paid but could play in the NBA… Euro, yes but Nash wants to end it in the NBA…as well as he should.

        • hookedonnews

          I don’t know whether MDA will be fired, but so far there has been no indication of that from MK. Bryon Scott may be an option in the future depending on what the team does next season if D’Antoni returns. Doesn’t make sense financially to pay two coaches, but they may decide to do that. I don’t know if they are still paying Mike Brown. I’ve heard conflicting stories on that.

          I don’t think there’s a problem between MDA & Kobe. They have a relationship that goes back to Kobe’s childhood. Even Steve Nash & D’Antoni don’t communicate outside of practice or games according to Nash. I’m pretty sure he assumed that Kobe’s chances of playing again this season were slim. Of course, I have no inside knowledge of what’s going on between him & Kobe. Should he be calling him and staying in touch? I don’t know.

          I don’t believe the team has failed to compete. I believe they are out-manned and not as talented as many of the teams in the Western Conference. Everyone who has watched the team has said that they have played hard all season in spite of the injuries and the talent level. If players have been out of position (some of that is a matter of opinion), it’s been because of injuries. The idea that he hasn’t played to this team’s strengths is also subjective.

          The fact is that D’Antoni was brought in because of his system, so it’s not surprising that he wants to use it. The players that were brought in during the off-season were chosen because they fit the system. Kaman was seen as a back-up for Pau, but his defensive deficiencies have put him on the bench in favor of Sacre (better defender) and Kelly (better 3 pt shooter/younger, and becoming a better defender). With Kobe & Nash injured, it has made sense to try to develop younger players that can be a part of the team’s future.

          Yes, Gasol & Kaman have complained. I think Kaman will be gone after this season, and Gasol won’t be back unless he’s willing to play for less money. Still he has played well in D’Antoni’s system. I don’t think Hill has had any feud with D’Antoni. He may have wanted to play more at times, but he has spoken highly of D’Antoni in interviews and said that he can play in any system. I don’t know of any problem with Farmar. Farmar has said he loves playing for D’Antoni and said that he was one of the reasons he came back to LA. Blake and some of the other younger players have also said how much they like playing for him.

          I don’t think Nash will be waived. Mitch Kupchak has said it’s up to Nash whether he plays next season, and Steve has made it clear he wants to play. He was not eligible for medical retirement because he’s able to play. That option hasn’t been used very often, and he doesn’t qualify for it. He may be back before the season is over according to what MDA said recently. Using the stretch option would just keep his salary on the books for 3 seasons instead of one. They are going all in for 2015-2016. No reason to have $3 million on the books for each of those years. Hopefully he can play, but I guess we’ll see.

          • DJ

            Mike Brown was a 4yr 18mil contract by signing with Cavs it offset some of the salary, they actually “finished” paying the salary last year…. MDA was for 3yr 12million..2014-15 is the last year they would pay him IF they decided to let MDA go that salary wont have any effect on their FO decision… 16gms left so we’ll see what happens..

    • truth24

      Ehhh wrong not George karl…… not good enough

  • MrJoepch .

    It’s going to suck to be a Laker fan for a long time, all thanks to Jimbo Bust!

    • DJ

      And Jim buss has made one huge mistake in hiring MDA, which Dr. Buss wanted… The Nash and Howard move any and every GM would have done the same, hence Phil willing to coach the team.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I support the Lakers no matter what.Jim Buss get to work and bring LA a trophy.

    • Daryl Peek


    • truth24

      ………. wow

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Jim Buss must follow his dads way of doing things,it’s a tough business.Be ready.

    • DJ

      I agree, if you really think about it, what has Jim done wrong, what move did he do that any other Owner/Gm would not have done.. the MDA hiring was Dr. Buss’s wishes, i’m starting to think that’s the reason why Kobe didn’t flip out when MDA was hired and not Phil…

      • hookedonnews

        According to Mitch Kupchak, when Brown was fired they asked Kobe who he thought should be brought in to coach. He said Mike D’Antoni.

        • DJ

          Actually Mitch and Jim went to Kobe and told him that Phil or Mike were the two HC they were going after, Kobe didn’t mind either, Kobe is on record saying that he preferred Phil, (had to look this up), but didn’t mind MDA, because of having Nash run the Offense.. and he(Kobe) could be a “striker”… Phil WAS offered the job, Dr. Buss wanted MDA due to bring back a “SHOWTIME” feel back to Staple’s… that’s the reason Jim, Mitch and Dr. Buss said that MDA was a better fit for THIS team… people want to hear what they want, and will believe what they want to, yet all they have to do is a bit of research before posting what they may have heard. *not referring to you Hookedonnews* some others here I absolutely am referring to…

          • hookedonnews

            Sorry, but that’s not what Mitch Kupchak said. They asked Kobe right after the firing who he thought should be hired, and he said MDA. Kupchak said that they only talked to Phil because the fans were calling for him to be hired. Of course, Kobe said he would like for Phil to come back after it looked like that was going to happen.

            Yes, Jim & Mitch talked to Phil and he didn’t give them an answer, but they also made clear to him that they were talking to other coaches as well. Dr. Buss wanted MDA because of his desire to return to Showtime and because they had Nash to run the offense.

            I read an interview with Kupchak when all this went down at the beginning of last season, and I recently read what Phil Jackson said which confirmed what Kupchak had said at the time. Most people don’t know that Kobe’s original choice was MDA before Phil Jackson was in the mix. Kobe later said that he assumed that PJ wasn’t even an option. I’m sure that interview with MK is out there, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

            Yes, there is a lot of misinformation. People write articles that have little basis in fact. The best sources are the interviews with the people involved. That’s where you’re going to get the truth.

          • DJ

            This is what Kobe said about the coaching:
            EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — Before Kobe Bryant told reporters last week he wanted Phil Jackson back as his coach, there was a different name he told to Los Angeles Lakers management: Mike D’Antoni.

            “I spoke with Jimmy (Buss) before everything went down and we talked about some of the coaching candidates and stuff and to be honest, I said D’Antoni was my first choice because I didn’t even know Phil was going to be an option,” Bryant told reporters after Tuesday’s shootaround, recalling his conversation with the Lakers’ executive vice president of player personnel.

            ESPN Radio

            “Then Jimmy was the one that brought up Phil’s name,” Bryant continued. “I said, ‘I didn’t even know that was a consideration.’ They said, ‘Well, it is and we want to know how you feel about it.’ I said, ‘I love it,’ and that was it. So they knew my two guys that I liked and if one didn’t work out, obviously with Phil, they knew that they had my approval to pull the trigger on the other one.”

            Bryant admitted he experienced “a little bit” of disappointment that Jackson did not get the job, but he hasn’t spent much effort trying to investigate what happened behind closed doors.

            “It’s kind of a waste of time for me at this point,” Bryant said. “What good is that going to do for me? It does nothing for me.”

          • hookedonnews

            I heard that interview with Kobe. That’s why I said that he said he didn’t think Phil was an option. You pretty much verified everything I remembered. I had not read that he was disappointed that Jackson did not get the job, but at this point it’s really irrelevant. That would not be that surprising in any case. Most people want to ignore (or maybe they just don’t know) that Kobe had said D’Antoni when first asked. They want to lay the D’Antoni hiring all on Jim Buss, and a lot of them won’t believe otherwise even when they are given the facts about Dr. Buss making that call.

          • DJ

            No, i’m with you.. I was even a bit excited to see Kobe in that offense with Nash running the point… and youre dead on Dr. Buss made the call on MDA, that’s why it seems like they pulled a dirty move on Phil by what would seem like a offer and a Monday decision and a hiring of MDA “unexpected” by Phil… my point to all this is that the Lakers don’t feel like they are married to MDA… only a few weeks ago MK, JB and MDA all had a private meeting after the loss to the Clippers and when asked Mike refuse to talk about anything that was discuss when the reporter asked did the meeting have anything to do with his (MDA) future going forward. His 4million dollar salary would be non factor if he’s let go.

          • DJ

            This is what happen with Phil: two points Phil never got a chance to answer: Had Kobe known about Phil; Phil was the first choice…

            After the Lakers fired Mike Brown last week following an unexpected 1-4 start to the season, it was looking like Los Angeles was going to replace him with Phil Jackson, to the delight of many Lakers faithful. But the organization decided to go a different route Monday and hired former Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni, which reportedly “stunned” Jackson, who’s won a record 11 NBA Championships as a head coach.

            Ramona Shelburne and Chris Broussard reported via ESPN Los Angeles that Jackson was under the impression it was “his job to turn down” and the Lakers were giving Jackson until Monday to make his decision. But before Jackson announced his plan, the Lakers announced theirs, and Phil Jackson wasn’t in it.

            The team had been reportedly uneasy about going back to the triangle offense, which would have been the case had they decided to hire Phil. The recent acquisitions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash made team management lean towards D’Antoni, who spent years coaching Nash in Phoenix. Jackson had also apparently made special requests to come back to Los Angeles, including more say in personnel decisions, travel accomodations due to Jackson’s persisting health problems, and salary demands.

            Lakers team spokesman John Black said that the both Jerry and Jim Buss, as well as GM Mitch Kupchak were “unanimous that D’Antoni was the best coach for the team at this time.”

            It will be very interesting to see how the Lakers respond in coming weeks and how their season pans out with D’Antoni at the helm. D’Antoni resigned as head coach of the New York Knicks with a few months left in last year’s season when the team’s record was a less than stellar 18-24.

          • hookedonnews

            I don’t have any argument with what’s said here. I’m not really sure about whether Phil would have actually been Kobe’s first choice because why not just say Phil if that’s who you really wanted? Kobe & Phil’s relationship has not been perfect over the years. But that’s water under the bridge and doesn’t really matter one way or the other.

            Although D’Antoni had some success in NY (taking them to the playoffs for the first time in 9 years), he ultimately couldn’t co-exist with Carmelo Anthony. The problems that Mike Woodson has had this season in NY are very much the same problems MDA was having there that last season. Anthony tried to be more of a team player when Woodson first took over, but sooner or later he fell back into his old patterns. I’ve heard analysts say that the ball movement was non-existent during that long stretch of bad play this season.

            D’Antoni resigned because he didn’t want to deal with Anthony much like Jerry Sloan resigned in Utah because he was tired of dealing with Deron Williams. NY is playing better recently. Maybe Melo has finally gotten the message, but I wouldn’t bet my boots on it.

            I can tell you how the season is going to pan out. Not well unless Steve Nash returns and works some magic. Doubt that’s going to happen. The Lakers don’t have the players right now to compete with the teams in the West. Having Henry back was helpful the other night, but he’s still not 100%. Losing Farmar just makes things worse. A healthy Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash would make a difference, but there’s been very little of that this season.

            If you’re expecting MDA to resign, I wouldn’t. He has another year on his contract, and he has a group of players he likes. They are going to have to fire him if they want another coach.

          • DJ

            Very good points Hookedonnews, Steve Nash is playing tonight so we will see how he feels and just getting his feet back under him, i’m for one am rooting for the guy… Stephan A. Smith again said that inside sources told him directly that MDA is gone after this year(we’ll see how informed his sources are)…. even if he is gone, the next HC will absolutely will have Nash back is he can play 20mins a game… Nash and Kobe could be and will be great recruiting guys for free agents… I personally believe that if Nash gets some rest this summer as well as his regular work out routine he’ll be back for sure.

          • hookedonnews

            It would be great if both Kobe & Nash could be 100% next year. I guess we’ll find out whether SAS knows what he’s talking about when the season is over.


    Im just hoping that Jim Buss has now saw the light and seen that he needs others that is really well versed is running a basketball organization(Jerry West who is only a “consultant” with G State) and that is those who was with you the whole time Jerry,Mitch,Magic,Kareem,Worthy,Lester these were the people that helped your father who had the Lakers in the playoffs every year from 1979 to now only missing 2 but soon to be 3 times in-between during those years but won 10 Championships also so even with Phil gone continue to use the formula that your father used which was a winning formula which is in fact better than Phils beleve it or not cause we’ve been to the Finals 16 Times and I’m not knocking on Phil wish he was still with us but what your dad has done was remarkable so use everything your dad has taught you your sisters and brothers and keep the winning legacy going strong !!!

  • Daryl Peek

    Oh snap, Kobe’s drinking the post Phil water again. What are the Jimmy haters to do now? Go against Kobe? *Looking*

  • Glen Rice

    Jerry Buss could handle things on his own, and Jim can’t do that. It needs to be Jim and Jeanie putting their minds together to run things. No more Jim runs this side and Jeanie runs the other side. It has to be they put their heads together and run it together and work it out together. And though Phil is not part of the Laker organization, it doesn’t mean he can’t teach his future wife a thing or two.

  • truth24

    Ummmm Jim buss, most people who side with him are clueless. This guy has absolutely zero basketball knowledge. Hes taking whatever credit he has away from mitch. You want to run your daddy business, but your a dumbass. Phil will probably assemble a better coaching staff and aquire better players. Let’s just assume Kevin Durant is a free agent leaves okc in 2016. Thats who lakers are gunning for right? Who would he feel more comfortable to play under? Jim buss or phil jackson with 11 rings. Even if Phil wasnt to coach he has more respect around the league and would probably be able to lure a better coaching staff along with players….. Also all these injuries is bullshit!!!!! I’ve never seen so many stupid injuries. This is what happens when you assemble the worst roster ever. Back during early shaq days we never had these bullshit injuries not to mention shaq himself was a big mofo it was way more physical then. How in the he’ll are these guys so brittle, I’m just not falling for this bullshit. These guys need to gtfo and ride the bench somewhere where they belong. These guys are young and getting injured like this???? Give me a fucking break!!!!!!! Kobe will probably demand a trade if lakers suck again next year.

  • ersliva

    I now have a feeling with phil running the knicks….that deals between the knicks and the lakers will be a common thing….with the league having no power to stop…imo the knicks will regain the top spot in the east by 2015 while the lakers with phils help this summer regain the west this coming season giving kobe his chance at his 6th ring before the lakers meet the knicks in the finals 2 years from now…..Anthony imo will be traded to the lakers for cap spacing players and future picks….so that phil can have james/bosh and an all star guard…in which the lakers wont persue because of the Anthony deal…the lakers imo will have Bryant/Anthony and gasol next season along with players taking limited year/s plus limited financial contracts so the lakers can still have money to sign love in 2015….
    imo this could become a start of something new in the league with teams working with another team or two only to get themselves better….thusly placing their own goals only aside….and imo this would actually make the league better and more tougher of a league and bring pride back into the players…..
    but jimmy also needs to fire d’antoni and hire a coach with a history with the lakers to start and draft exum imo….I exum is good as they say…he will be the guy who prolongs kobes career as a laker and also anthonys and gasols….and if they also get love as well….your looking at a team that will stay together till they retire with exum and love carring on the torch to build around in the future…
    also expect the lakers to offer odom a vet minimum contract this summer if he passes a indepth physical…..
    they should imo also sign sefolosha if young opts out to back Bryant…
    also sign a starting powerforward and backup center…resign marshall and Johnson so they can actually reach the nba finals this coming season….

  • Godfrey Uche

    Nobody root for failure. I do not know what you mean by “die hard Laker”