Lakers News: Kobe Says Chris Paul Should Be A Laker Reviewed by Momizat on . On his 'Kobe Up Close' special that aired on AXS TV tonight, Kobe Bryant echoed the sentiments that most of Lakers Nation has been saying for years. Chris Paul On his 'Kobe Up Close' special that aired on AXS TV tonight, Kobe Bryant echoed the sentiments that most of Lakers Nation has been saying for years. Chris Paul Rating:
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Lakers News: Kobe Says Chris Paul Should Be A Laker

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Kobe Bryant and Chris PaulOn his ‘Kobe Up Close’ special that aired on AXS TV tonight, Kobe Bryant echoed the sentiments that most of Lakers Nation has been saying for years.

Chris Paul should be a Los Angeles Laker.

Kobe was very careful in choosing his words when asked the question, but finally let his feelings be known:

“Legally speaking, yes. David Stern speaking, no.”

The vetoed trade single-handedly changed the fortunes of numerous NBA franchises including the Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Orlando Magic, New Orleans Pelicans, Philadelphia 76ers and Houston Rockets. Kobe also took the time to share a conversation he had with Paul after news of the trade broke and Paul believed he was going to be a Laker:

“I was working out and he called me and said ‘It’s a done deal I’m coming.’ There were mixed emotions because it hurt that we were giving up teammates I was close with. And like 30 minutes later he calls me back and says ‘Man you won’t believe what happened!! They stopped the trade. This is some bull…”

We can only speculate what could’ve been with a backcourt of Kobe and Chris Paul, but what also stood out was that Kobe was legitimately disappointed that he would be losing Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom even though it meant bringing in a point guard the caliber of Paul.

Kobe and Gasol have grown close over the years as evidenced by Kobe being bothered by the Lakers constant shopping of the Spainiard and his possible departure would have been a huge blow to Kobe.

While it hurts to hear how excited Paul was to join the Lakers and dream of the possibilities, David Stern’s word rang final. Plus after the Clippers draft blunder years earlier, I guess they were owed one.


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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • ra

    Did we just travel back in time 2 years? CP is already a Clipper, and Steve Nash is here in LA.

    Of course CP ‘should have been’ a Laker; has the right attitude, alpha dog, high achiever, intense like Kobe .. but it di’int happen, ok? He’s a Clip. Too late baby.

  • ryan braun

    thats what happens when a jew runs your league

    • Jim213

      You must have confused this site with the klan league, WRONG SITE.

    • 3339

      is this eric cartman?

    • SoftRose4You

      keep your bigot remarks to yourself and go grawl back into the little hole you came out of……

  • Jim213

    I remember thinking about this likely future pickup back in 2009. CP3 just seemed like a no brainer for the Lakers but Stern put a stop to it at the request of the cry baby owners. Although Odom left it would’ve been a tough trade to let go of the 6th man (consistent) at that time. But it seems like Gasol is always involved in trade rumors as this is likely due to his inconsistent play as the 2nd man of the team. Otherwise all that talk and rumors wouldn’t be brought up on a constant basis.

  • Ancient Laker fan

    What was the reason Stern gave for stopping the Paul trade? Anybody know?

    • ra

      May not have been a ‘stated reason’, but one given at the time was to promote league ‘parity’ (to keep the Miami Heat issue from happening again – having too many superstars on one team), and also giving the smaller market teams a chance to have superstars (or something like that).

      Not sure if the Clips qualify as a small market team.

      Real reason: at the time, the Hornets (um, Pelicans) were ‘owned by the NBA’, so ALL the other owners put pressure on Stern to veto the move. He had no choice, really, but too bad he didn’t defer to his buddy Dr. Jerry Buss. I think he could have done that, and made a case that the “Laker brand” helps the rest of the league. You can read articles by ‘the Sports Guy’ (a Laker hater/ Celtics fan, but acknowledges that Lakers / Celtics are the big ticket teams that drive the NBA).

      After all that, the Hornets were bought up and have an owner. If that were the case years ago (if the Hornets were owned by someone, rather than the NBA), we would have CP3 now, and DH would never have come here in the first place.

    • Bojangles

      “Basketball reasons”

  • knezpedja

    Biggest BS in recent NBA history!
    Trade was vetoed because LA is big market, to many stars in big market blah-blah-blah, and year later he ends up in LA.
    David screwed up big time here. I hope he get lot of Benjamins at least.

    • Paytc

      He knew exactly what he was doing… me too, he was Kobe/Laker hating. But that’s what happens when too much authority is given to haters and/or control freaks with no talents.
      That’s why society is calling for new sources of reliable authority.Authorities without bias agendas,and without hate.

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