Lakers News: Kobe ‘Raged’ Over Dwight Howard’s ‘Clownish’ Behavior Reviewed by Momizat on . After Dwight Howard left for Houston, people began to start asking why. Many wondered what would inspire Howard to leave $30 million on the table and a chance t After Dwight Howard left for Houston, people began to start asking why. Many wondered what would inspire Howard to leave $30 million on the table and a chance t Rating:
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Lakers News: Kobe ‘Raged’ Over Dwight Howard’s ‘Clownish’ Behavior

KobeDwightAfter Dwight Howard left for Houston, people began to start asking why. Many wondered what would inspire Howard to leave $30 million on the table and a chance to play in the league’s most glamorous market for Houston, TX. Well, now it turns out that one of the big causes may have been Kobe Bryant’s unwillingness to coddle Howard.

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In the latest column from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, more details from Bryant’s involvement in the team’s recruitment process of Howard have been leaked. And, not surprisingly, Kobe wasn’t very fond of all the fun and games Howard was having in the Laker locker room.

Bryant had come to rage against the idea that Howard’s clownish disposition could overtake the locker room, the Lakers’ culture, and had warned Howard that he would never, ever let it happen. He hated it with Shaquille O’Neal, but Shaq performed on a championship plane for the Lakers and delivered a disposition to dominate on the floor.

This isn’t exactly breaking news, as people have long known that Kobe’s steely demeanor clashed somewhat with Howard’s bubbling, childish behavior. But Bryant wasn’t about to let Howard get his way on Kobe’s team, and reportedly spoke to Howard in a way he wasn’t accustomed to.

“Kobe talked to Dwight in a way that I don’t think anyone one had ever talked to him – not in Orlando, not here, not in his life, I’m betting,” one witness in the room told Yahoo! Sports. “He’s been coddled, and Kobe wasn’t going to coddle him.”

In reality, this was probably a major factor in Dwight’s decision. Howard has been praised his entire life as a basketball prodigy. Not many people close to him have criticized him, for fear of alienating a major basketball star (and potentially a paycheck down the road). Kobe, who isn’t going to sugarcoat anything, reportedly told Howard how things would still be his show once Dwight re-signs, and it sounds like Dwight wasn’t going to jump on board with that.

In the end, the obvious disconnect between Bryant and Howard could have been a big reason Howard left Los Angeles.

Of course, if you ask former Laker Shaquille O’Neal, it was something else. But who’s counting?


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  • Eric Ting

    Fuck Dwight clowning ass fool. Houston gonna get fucked now hahahah

  • jiego

    He will play with Bobcats next hahahaha! In Charlotte they will make him a spoiled brat!

    • 3339@yahoo.com

      MJ wouldn’t put up with his act

    • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

      NOT with JORDAN as the OWNER.

  • ra

    clowning was ok for All-Star games – the whole superman thing. LA is not a clowning market – players and fans are serious. Even MWP (who was interviewed a while ago) did not really like DH’s clowning ways (and … MWP has given some interviews that have been very amusing).

    I wonder how clowning will work out in Houston? There will be a lot of ‘beard’ jokes, and one day someone will get pissed off. Then, it will be another bad situation.

    BTW, ‘clowning’ is the reason that Orlando lost in the Finals in 2009.

    • KwonGuerillaCross

      Lakers are the reason Orlando lost in the 2009 Finals.

      • ra

        clowning didn’t help, I’m sure.

  • Caluco

    I agree with Kobe, If a so called “great player” can’t act like “that” we better get rid of him and move on, Lakers might not get very far the oncoming season, but we will make some great changes for the next one with all the money Cap we will have.
    I really doubt D12 will win a Championship with Houston, Harden will be out of Houston when he’ll figure out that D12 is just a joke.

  • Geoff

    Magic used to smile a lot, except when he was on the court. Then he had his game face on. That’s the big difference. The fact is, Dwight is over-rated. If he refused to learn from Kobe, a man who has 5 rings, then he’s never going to learn from anyone in this league. I wonder how long he’ll play for Houston before he decides to move on to that “perfect” team.

  • Joe K

    Lets see how many wins Kobe can lead the Lakers too without a great front line. My guess is they won’t make the playoffs.

    • Truth

      u r correct, and I am a Lakers fan. What half of these Kobe nut huggers don’t get is hell Kobe has NEVER WON ANYTHING by himself. He needed Shaq…..Bynum….and Gasol….and even World Peace. Now without a dominant big man and a sorry ass coach…he will be nothing more than Iverson. If we do get to the playoffs we won’t get out of the 1st round. This team is old and done.

      • Robert in Vegas

        No one has ever won anything by themselves in the NBA. Magic had Kareem and Worthy. Bird had McHale and Parrish. Shaq didn’t win without Kobe or Wade. Jordan never won anything without Pippin, Etc. How old were the Spurs this year? D12 was a liability at the end of games with his pathetic free throwing, he intentionally got thrown out of a pivotal playoff game. Zero mental toughness got him on Kobe’s shit list. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Let him take him comedy act to Houston.

        • Joe K

          Don’t worry, Kobe is on a lot of people’s shit list. More people will prefer to play with D12 than with Kobe.

          • knezpedja

            Sure, and those are called LOSERS!

          • Deshawn Hill

            Joe K u know u sound really stupid sayin people will prefer to play Dwight over Kobe

          • Joe K

            It’s just Kobe’s personality. He calls people out, demands to be option #1, and is harder to play with. It takes special players with specific personalities to play with Kobe. D12 is easier to get along with. Doesn’t demand to get the ball as often. Rebounds and backs people up on D. He’s younger and now has a much better chance of winning a title. I’m not even a D12 fan. If I was Lebron, Carmelo or Durant, I would prefer playing with D12 than Kobe, do you disagree? We’ll see what happens in the next few years.

      • djsteez

        But its a team sport dummy

        • Joe K

          Yes, but a superstar like Kobe should at least get his team to the playoffs and probably past the first round. Lebron’s and Shaq’s teams were always contenders no matter who was on the their teammate. They didn’t always win titles, but they were legit. That’s the difference between Kobe and other greats. He can’t carry a team like the other greats.
          And don’t give me that “It’s a team game” when Kobe’s main accomplishments is winning 5 rings. That’s a team accomplishment. So don’t play both sides. The most important individual accomplishments are MVPs and Finals MVPs. Kobe only has 1 and 2 respectively in 17 years.

          • djsteez

            Look you obviously don’t like Kobe & that’s fine but you can’t sit here & tell me that a superstar could get far into the playoffs (or into it at all) without good pieces around him. Lebron’s teammates in Cleveland were vastly underrated as far as that goes. Also what Kobe had around him after Shaq left just didn’t cut it. Shaq always had good players around him in Orlando, Lakers, and Heat. Lebron had to join two all stars to win. Kobe, well he stayed on the Lakers even with Smush Parker and Kwame Brown.

          • Joe K

            Lebron’s teammates couldn’t win 20 games the season after he left.

  • TheMonitor

    Dwight is still a clown and will always be. He says he want to win right now, but he agreed to a contract that would make him a free agent again in 3 years! Sounds like he loves to be cuddled more than he loves to win a title. A lot can happen to a center in 3 years in terms of injuries!


    He don’t want to win championships…REALLY ???HOUSTON A BETTER OPPORTUNITY TO GET A CHAMPIONSHIP???….what an idiot

    • Truth

      If you think this aging ass team is going to win anything with an old ass Nash(who can’t stay healthy, or play defense), a Kobe (who has been banged up the last 2 or three years towards the end of the season, and is #5 on the NBA ALL TIME TURNOVER LIST), a soft ass Gasol, and NO HEAD COACH…..you need to reevaluate who you are calling an idiot.

      • 3339

        funny how an “aging ass team” that was hurt all season still had a better season than a healthy houston team. as far as i’m concerned the Lakers got rid of one of their 2 biggest issues from last year in dwight. the other is dantoni, but the leadership of Kobe and Pau can overcome that this season. Lakers will be much better than people expect this year and then reload in the offseason. dwight fucked up

        • Sammills95

          The reason you had a better record than the Rockets was that you had Dwight and they didn’t. Don’t believe me? Check the standings at the end of the next season.

          • So Fly

            Kobe was the MAJOR reason they got to the Playoffs! Kobe was The reason they got 7th seed! When Kobe got hurt in the last game before the Playoffs, what did D12 do? He assisted them in getting SWEPT while Kobe was OFF the floor. D12 couldn’t get The Lakers ONE win in The Playoffs!

      • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

        As a Lakers fan you said you are, you are not very convincing. I see your point of saying this team is OLD and BROKEN and having a SORRY ASS COACH of MDA does not help the cause, but LAKERS will always be RELEVANCE as you can see on the rafters. With all the GREATS that CAME an STAY here, they know that at THE LAKERS, they have to show a lot of GRIT, HARD WORK, be RESPONSIBLE, CONFIDENCE, KILLER INSTINCT and most of all, THE HEART OF THE CHAMPION. DWIGHT does not have any of that. I am GLAD and HAPPY he found himself a NEW HOME in Houston with his CIRCUS on his TOW. But the FACTS are: he

        1. is never COMFORTABLE and NO CONFIDENCE in the BRIGHT LIGHTS of LA
        2. does not like RESPONSIBILITY and shows his GOOFY CHILDISHNESS manner instead to cover his weaknesess.

        3. is not willing to adjust to the SYSTEM at hand, (when you go to someone else house, take what is offered and adjust until PROVEN that THE HOUSE IS YOURS, then make the call.
        4. MENTAL TOUGHNESS is questionable by often times showing his desperation leading to turn overs and unwise decisions and

        5, no coexistence the floor and being a liability comes closing time, (Nash took the challenge of being more of a spot up shooter and it worked) with his free throws and a pivotal game where he childishly got thrown out.

        Lakers are LOYAL and will REBUILD in time as has always been, and it will be BRIGHT and GLORIOUS once again.

  • Eric Sierra

    fuck howard he fucking sucks he didnt do anything for LA why does Houston think hell do for them ? fno respect for him no more or harden. ringless fucks . we dont need howard weve played all season without him fuck him.
    #no respect

  • 3339

    as I recall, Metta said that dwight clowned around 2 much. Just think about that for a second.

    rockets are a rip off of the Lakers.

    funny how howard wants to be the man, but houston is clearly harden’s team. I bet that dwight is really going to regret leaving LA. he really does have to grow up.

  • sleepyeyez

    Dwight just wanted to get hugs and get baby..Jordan would slap D12 silly.Kobe ain’t having it.fuck D12, much love vino.shaq was right he ain’t shit

  • Islesteelr

    If a Player refuses to be Led in their Life, then they will never LEAD! DH is too immature to just shut up and Listen. And, as a result of that, will never truly have players shut up and listen to him. All that translates to is a Losing culture! Congrats Houston, and good luck wit dat….

  • Jim213

    Can’t compare Diesel to Dwight… Shaq was all business come game time while meeting challenges and assuming responsibility. Never wanted DH as a Laker and have to thank him for saving the CLUELESS management the $118 million investment nightmare. DWIGHTMARE 2017 will happen you watch…

  • lakerfan33

    Fuck all you Kobe haters yea he’s made mistakes off the court but were talking about basketball.not personal shit You wanna get personal look at all of Howards baby mamas he’s a fucken pig who can’t keep it in his pants I guess he needs to feel like a man some how cause he sure don’t act like one on the court.but besides all that if were just talking basketball he’s soft plain and simple no heart at all. every NBA player has talent but it takes a hell of a lot more to be a champion and that he’s not Lakers made sure of that when they beat Orlando in the finals…several years ago.All season long I really wanted to like Howard but seeing his big stupid ass smiling and laughing during all the defeats really pist me off I don’t think he takes the game serious he’s a clown and Houston fans will soon see what I’m talking about there’s nothing to smile or laugh about when your team struggles and that’s why he got criticized so much in LA its OK to love what you do but there’s a time and place……
    when your winning championships

    • Joe K

      Laker fans are delusional. The leading rebounder in the league, and top 5 shot blocker has no heart? He doesn’t try? The two stats that are all about effort, and you say he has no heart. Stop it already. You just sound bitter.

      • Jokobe

        The pressure of offense > pressure of defense. Dwight could’ve worked with Hakeem on his post moves since DAY 1. This guy started just this year. He couldve worked on his freethrows since DAY 1, (and claimed he was a 90% FT shooter in HS). He aint a fighter, he a runner. If dwight was some 5’5 130lb dude, I’m pretty sure he’d be known as a pussy.

  • Backcourt Shell

    Lakers should be glad that the dwightmare has bolted from Laker nation. Now it’s time for the Lakers to shop $30 mil on a more mature and productive replacement.

  • Joe K

    Laker fans. Be classy. The guy made the smart move for his career. Kobe was going to make the same exact move if Shaq wasn’t traded. You make the rest of us Laker fans sound dumb and hypocritical. A bunch of you sound like bitter boyfriends that just got dumped by your ex girlfriend. Why won’t you hold Kobe accountable for saying stupid stuff like, “This is still my show”. Kobe pushed him away, and now you got a barely average team. Making the playoffs will be a successful season next year.

    • ra

      Laker haters (and Kobe haters). Be classy. Kobe let everyone know what his intentions were, and we all knew. There was no ‘mystery decision’. DH was actually ‘not classy’. He had his mind made up already, and considering he was going to leave anyway, did not do a service by making it tougher for the Lakers (read, Lakers management, and the Lakers fans as well). See comment by Phil Jackson on this site (re: DH left distaste).

      It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it (with regards to this issue). We did know that DH was non-committal in his year here, so his leaving isn’t that dramatic. However, considering he was going to leave anyway, he should have just moved on quickly and let the Lakers have more time to regroup, etc.

      And CIO – Omar Asik already wants to be traded. Doesn’t want to work with DH. Wonder why?

      • Joe K

        He didn’t move quickly? You can’t even sign free-agents for a few more days. You just want reasons to bash the guy. He made the right move. He’ll probably very well next season, and Laker fans are going to ask why he couldn’t do that here.

        Asik doesn’t want to play with Howard because he’s going to go from being a starter to move to the bench. He wants more playing time. I don’t blame him. Not many people like to be demoted.

    • djsteez

      Kobe didn’t drive Shaq out, Shaq drove Shaq out.

      • Joe K

        Kobe admitted that he didn’t want to play with Shaq because he wanted to win it on his own. Call it what you want, but it’s pretty clear that Shaq left because of Kobe.

        • Jokobe

          You are tied up way too much on what the media reports. There is alot of shit going on besides two people fueding. Lemme guess, you probably think Dwight left L.A. because of Kobe too huh? GTFO

          • Joe K

            Media report? It came out of Kobe’s mouth. He said he wanted to do it himself and didn’t want to be remembered as Batman’s Robin. It was on Steven A. Smith’s show on ESPN back like 8 or 9 years ago.

    • Jokobe

      Yeah Yeah. This was after everyone recognized Kobe was the best player in the NBA. This was after they won 3 titles and Kobe proved himself in the playoffs. He deserved the finals MVP in the 3rd title run too. Dr. Buss knew Shaq was getting old and he demanded a $120 million -7 years contract when he was 31-32, and Buss didn’t give it to him. This is clearly the main reason Shaq left (read Phil’s book).

      • Joe K

        Phil also criticized Kobe in his first and second book (Especially the first). You should look that up. I’ll get you quotes if you want. Ur obviously a Kobe fan, so you’re going to be a bit biased. Kobe didn’t deserve a 3rd MVP. He should have been discredited for costing the Lakers a title in 2004 when he tried to beat the pistons and win the finals MVP. You remember, when he shot 38% while Shaq shot about 60%. Kobe still demanded to take many more shots than Shaq. That’s your champ. Great team player that just wants to win? He wants to win, but his own way.

        • Jokobe

          And Phil admitted the reason why he criticized Kobe was because of his rape charge ( which later was dismissed). There was alot of emotion tied up with his words in the book. But you’re right about the Lakers lack of chemistry in the Piston series. But the bottom line, Shaq left Lakers cause of the contract issue.

  • Cry_Zero

    Fuck Dwight Coward. If he isnt willing to learn from the best there is then he should get his ass whooped in houston

  • Sammills95

    Deal with it, someone doesn’t want to play for the Lakers

  • Steven Zahl

    Kobe is TOAST.

  • lorenzo

    well hes out now. honestly he could not make a freethrow with the game on the line at all.

  • Mamba8fever24

    A problem Houston you have had since Yao Ming. Dwight is like another Shaq Houston you have a problem.

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