Lakers News: Kobe Calls Gasol And D’Antoni ‘An Old Couple’

Lakers News: Kobe Calls Gasol And D’Antoni ‘An Old Couple’


Mike D'Antoni Kobe Bryant Pau GasolThe Lakers were thoroughly dominated in tonight’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight. Despite the loss, Pau Gasol had one of his better games of the past couple of weeks, totaling 14 points and seven rebounds on 6-10 from the field.

Gasol was able to operate in the paint a little more in this game, which is something that he recently spoke about wanting to do more. Coach D’Antoni did not take kindly to Gasol’s criticism of his coaching style and implored Gasol to play hard every night.

These stories dominated the Lakers news feed during the day, but Kobe Bryant thought nothing of them as he shared to the media via Time Warner Cable Sportsnet:

Bryant has been one of the biggest supporters of Gasol over the last couple of years despite Gasol’s struggles, so it is not surprising that he is dismissing any notion of a rift between Gasol and D’Antoni. Both of them have made some valid points in their respective rants to the media.

Gasol is right when he says that he is better operating from closer in the basket. D’Antoni is right when he says Gasol shouldn’t make excuses for the way he is playing.

These are two very sharp basketball minds, and if the Lakers plan on turning around their recent skid, it will be on Gasol to get going, and D’Antoni to figure out how. Bryant will have nothing less than greatness and that hinges on these guys figuring out how to work together.

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  • e3bonz

    As I expected much to do about nothing…

  • Robert Perez

    We want Tacos!

  • clippersrunLA

    F* both

    • hyrule

      lol clippers run LA? since when?

    • mohammed


  • JohnC

    I can’t decide who’s right or wrong. Only, I can’t see D’Antoni’s point. Gasol is the most skilled big of the league offensively. By moving him out of his comfort zone, LA Lakers do not add this valuable contribution in points + make their offensive game much more predictable and easy to defend. This is not a play-off team..

    One of the fundamentals of the game is that having a big guy threatening the rim makes things easier for everyone.

    • savi

      D’Antoni’s point is, He is not forcing him to play outside of his comfort zone.!!!!, Pau is doing it all himself

      • Daryl Peek


      • boccs5

        It hurts to agree with dumbtoni but he’s right. Pau lets people shove him out the post. I remember some playoff series the lakers had where carl landry was guarding pau and damn near rooted his ass out to the three point line! Pau needs to bang more and run to the basket as fast as he can and post up yell

  • skycaptsickz

    First off Dantoni is A known “hater” of ”The Big Men in the NBA, Look at his Track Record, “He likes to run the ball. Unlike the Zen Master who likes to penetrate”. Look at HIS track record. I’m just saying. I always thought A Brian Shaw, A Kurt Rambis would be a much better fit. I think they would keep the Laker Mentallity going, that dynasty that was greatly feared, being as The greatest Franchise to ever accend the NBA ranks. Look at that Track Récord, but It is Missing that Final Push to put us in a comftorable spot. Second of all, how is the author of this site a Dallas Cowboys Fan. Obviously not a true LA native, being that we Dont hav a nfl Team or most are Raiders, Niners, Chargers Fans…. Im just Saying. Yeah, Yeah, most are fans of both teams but not where Im from. Bring Back Phil, we need a true point like always. I hope Lakers Dont become the knicklebackers. Paul Gasol for presidente.

    • Danny E. Pagan

      Look as his track record? Amare dominated the league under D’Antoni. I mean the guy was posterizing everybody in the league on a nightly basis. People forget cuz he is always hurt nowadays but he was an absolute monster under D’antoni. D’antoni wanted Dwight to take that role but Dwight never committed to pick and rolls. In regards to Pau, the stats are out there Pau is shooting more within 8 feet of the basket than from 10 feet and beyond. He needs to take responsibility and stop blaming the coach. He is shooting close to the basket and is missing wide open 15 footers that most big men in the league hit nowadays so he needs to shut up about hating the coach and about free agency and start producing. His value is dropping fast.

    • hookedonnews

      Phil isn’t coming back. He’s through coaching and couldn’t do it if he wanted to because he isn’t physically able. Time to stop looking back. The Triangle is gone, and Brian Shaw has a job. D’Antoni doesn’t hate Gasol. He has said nothing but good things about him all season, and if you’ll read the article in the LA Times about what was actually said by both of them you’ll realize this is much ado about nothing like Kobe said.

  • mambapleasescore

    They need to play as a team. Dantoni as a coach! Kobe as a scorer! Pau as a Defensive Player! I miss the Kobe that never give up and play till he blackout! I want to see him score 30 points every game! I miss that Kobe!

    • Leo

      Pau never will be a defensive player and Kobe slowly accepts that he has 50 million good reason to accept that he is not going to get 6 rings… espcecially not with no point guard on the team for a quarter of the season.

    • RKM

      He cant do it right now…wait for another 15 games…he just got back from a serious injury lol

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Plain and simple the Lakers are a mess right now.Prove me wrong please.

  • 3339

    everywhere dantoni goes someone complains about him. fact is that he can only coach players that fit his system of running around and bombing 3 pointers. not gonna produce a championship. Lakers are planning on brining in big players in the near future and that is going to require a coach that knows how to adjust to them.

    • STFU3339

      stfu3339, beeooch cry baby!

  • Big Dipper

    Coach needs to go. He doesn’t know how to use his bigs. He has such a college basketball mind

    • hookedonnews

      I don’t even know where to begin on that comment. D’Antoni’s system is used by the majority of teams in the league in one form or another. He is considered an offensive genius by people who know a lot more about basketball than you and me. Gasol’s blaming D’Antoni for his lack of success is a cop-out. He needs to shut up and play. No one is keeping him out of the post.

  • mohammed


  • roseducanna

    Trade GASOL , will LAKERS better or go to bad? Fire coach first and trade GASOL letter.If LAKERS want next year can sign the players like JAME or ANTHONY.

  • hookedonnews

    If you read the article in the LA Times about what both Gasol and MDA actually said you’ll see that this was not what it was hyped up to be in other media. No big deal.