Lakers News: Kobe Bryant’s Recovery Going ‘Better Than Expected’ Reviewed by Momizat on . After playing only six games during the 2013-14 NBA season, Kobe Bryant was shutdown for the year due to a knee fracture. -- Lakers Nation Store Is Back! Check After playing only six games during the 2013-14 NBA season, Kobe Bryant was shutdown for the year due to a knee fracture. -- Lakers Nation Store Is Back! Check Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Kobe Bryant’s Recovery Going ‘Better Than Expected’

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After playing only six games during the 2013-14 NBA season, Kobe Bryant was shutdown for the year due to a knee fracture.

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With Kobe going down with a season-ending injury for the second straight year, many have questioned how much the five-time NBA champion might have left in the tank. Even though Kobe believes he’s still an elite player in the NBA, it remains to be seen if that will be the case once he returns next season.

Following a return from a short vacation in France, Kobe got back to work immediately with an intense six-month training program in April in order to get his body back to form.

According to Sam Amick of USA Today, trainer Tim Grover says Kobe’s recovery is going very well:

Kobe will turn 36 in August and will be entering potentially the last two years of his NBA career after a signing a two-year, $48.5 million contract extension with the Lakers back in November of 2013.

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With all the uncertainty surrounding the immediate future of the Lakers franchise, there’s no telling who will be playing alongside Kobe next season or even for the rest of his career.

The Lakers brass will attempt to rebuild around an aging Kobe this summer and the next, but there’s no guarantee the team will be able to make the right moves with limited options. The team will have considerable cap space at their disposal, but few trade assets to upgrade the squad immediately with a proven star.
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  • TrutHurts

    Heard the same thing last season before he played and during the season when everyone’s saying he’s looking good and will be back for the last month or so.


    Yeah we heard this before and then his knee cracked open so….yeah.

  • Jim213

    Obvious, Kobe being Kobe came back too soon as the former coach who played him over 25+ minutes @ the 1 was a big contributor to his second injury. His strength and conditioning was absent which he prepares for in the off season so expecting the Kobe of old with the a5thleticism (father time) but his strength relies in his shooting.

    • god

      Kobe will be fine. If he says hes good hes good. What happened last yr couldve happened to anyone so stfu and let kobe do his thing. If not go cheer for the clippers.

      • Jim213

        ?! what do you think I’m saying dumb ass. Ain’t the one moaning and crying about Kobe’s injury like some bloggers being seeing the end of him. You need hookedonphonics before reading a post idiot.

        • valla

          Fag shut up

          • Jim213

            smh, pussy that hides behind an alias. Punk bitch I’ll leave you in a comma.

        • Jim213fuckyou

          get the fuck out of here

          • Jim213

            If you can’t contribute to the conversation get the fuck out dumbass fool.

  • VillainKing

    Black Mamba please come back strong and get your 6th ring!!

  • Matt Williams

    His last injury wasn’t an old age thing or a worn out thing. It was a thing that could happen to anyone. If and when he’s healed, he’ll be fine. Besides, Kobe has been playing old man basketball since the championship years with Gasol. I’m not worried.

  • Josh

    Michael Jordan came back to play with the wizards at age 40 avg 20 and did good. I’m sure kobe coming back at age 36 off these injuries and be just fine avg at least 20 and play that crafty post game hes got a little more.

    • Ty

      Yeah, but MJ didn’t tear his Achilles and had a chunk if his kneecap crumble on him prior to his comeback at 40

  • Jay Brodes

    look forward to the mamba back on the floor..cant wiat for the beethoven’s!

  • http://www.gofuckyourself.com/ BestxInTheWorld

    That’s the right thing to say.

  • Sam Saab

    Finally some news on kobes recovery…would love to see a video of him in the gym working on his game…

  • From Lotto To Playoffs

    Kobe is our only hope to be good.

  • TheTruthKills

    This was the same thing people were saying last year. Kobe has to show me before I believe any reports about his recovery.

    • Jed

      “But But…It’s Kobe we are talking about here!!! If there’s someone who can defy the odds, it’s him! He’ll be back as a no doubt top 5 player in the league and will carry the Lakers back to the title! This is Kobe we are talking about!!! Him of the ungodly competitiveness and work ethic!!!” Old age, all those minutes played for 18yrs, and the history of what a torn Achilles Tendon has done to others, don’t apply to him…This is freaking Kobe man!!!!
      –Be prepared to hear this repeatedly over the summer. Anybody who dares to be muted and tempered in expectations and dares to bring up logic and caution will be cursed and crapped.

      • TheTruthKills

        Lol I’m used to it. I tell people we’re in rebuild and they flip out and say we’re in win now mode. I point out we don’t have enough assets to trade for Love or Kyrie, and people flip out and say we have enough. I tell them it’s going to be a while until the Lakers are back to being championship contenders and people flip out say the Lakers will be back in contention next season.

        I’m used to being one of the few logical Lakers fans that are seen as crazy.

        • Chrmngblly

          And it is a sad thing, too. I don’t know how Jim Buss looks in the mirror around noon when he gets up.. We have NO assets. Zero. And no draft picks in our lifetimes, practically. Now what?

  • LOTR

    What Kobe says or what anyone else says about his recovery means absolutely nothing. The truth will be told over the season, and aging players with two consecutive catastrophic injuries are not likely to play at an elite level.

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