Lakers News: Kobe Bryant’s Knee To Be Re-Evaluated In February

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant’s Knee To Be Re-Evaluated In February


It looks like Kobe Bryant will be out a little longer than expected thanks to the fractured knee he suffered December 17 against the Memphis Grizzlies. Bryant was expected to be re-evaluated later this month, but that is no longer the case as he revealed that he will now be looked at in February during his talk with Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters and the media prior to the Lakers game in Boston tonight:

The Lakers have struggled mightily as of late and have very few people capable of creating their own shot. They recently signed D-League standout Manny Harris to a 10-day contract and will also be without leading scorer Nick Young tonight due to his altercation Wednesday night with the Phoenix Suns.

The Lakers have lost six straight games and 12 of their last 13 and are in dire need of something to turn the team around. Even though the playoffs seem like a longshot at this point, Bryant’s presence on the court and in the locker room could do a lot for the careers of the Lakers young players who are struggling without their leader.

Even though Bryant may not play at the level we all expect him to this season, it is important for him to get back on the court so he can get his legs under him and feel more confident. Workouts and practices help, but there is no substitute for real game time. Hopefully we will see Bryant back on the floor soon.


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  • kobe24

    Good, don’t rush it next thing we need is a immaturely healed knee that gets hurt again. Rest as much as you need Mamba and come back strong when you are ready.

  • Lakers Fan

    Kobe can’t come back and play salvation for this team. He will end up hurting himself again. I think with this season, he should focus on getting himself ready for the offseason and next season. We all knew Kobe wasn’t going to sit out this season, so his response was expected. He should use the rest of the season to get himself in game shape, that way he will be good to go and live up to that extension he just signed. I just hope he dont come back and do too much and end up hurt again. That would not be good.

  • Boobie Knight

    Sit Kobe out the whole season, trade Pau. Hopefully Nash retires. Play for next year. High draft pick, maybe a couple of middle-of-the road free agents and next year we’ll be competitive again.

  • Frank The Tank

    And no way should Kobe rush back on a lottery team with no hope to make the playoffs.Kobe should pull off a David Robinson and comeback next season 100% healed and ready to win rings.Tank the season away.Sign max free agent add pieces and get a new coach with a high top 3 draft pick in the best draft since 2003.Come on Kobe Bryant sit out we need you healthy to help us win rings.

  • Jay Brodes

    doees this mean no all star?/ damn!!! this is like dj all over again and i hate baseball!

  • Al Woods

    Let’s do it this way,……… Pay Jerry West whatever he wants and Bring Him Back!!! He assembled “Showtime”,The Shaq Attack” and gave us Pau before leaving Memphis. He’s built contenders in Memphis and Golden State. Bring him back to G.M./Player Personnel/Minority Owner.
    Jerry West is responsible for getting us 10 Championships!!!!.

  • Al Woods

    Also, Kobe has Pre-season to get in game shape in real time action. Wait until next season Mr Bryant.