Lakers News: Kobe Bryant’s Advice To Young Players

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant’s Advice To Young Players


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Kobe Bryant, without a doubt, is considered one of the best basketball players of all time. After 18 seasons of playing professional basketball, what advice does he have for younger players?

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Bryant recently went on a trip to China for the Nike “Rise” Campaign. While in China, Kobe highlighted his skills and excited fans with his presence. He even showcased his will to win by playing one-on-one matches against fans, and he sure wasn’t letting the fans win!

During his visit to Shanghai, in an interview with SINA for, Bryant also lent his advice to younger players.

“Defense, defense, defense. Got to play defense. Especially being a shooting guard. There are so many other good shooting guards in the league. It takes a lot of effort for us, we have to be the best conditioned players on the floor because we are asked to score and then you have to go and defend and usually the other team’s best scorer is a shooting guard, so there is no time to rest.”

As one of the top shooting guards of all time, Bryant has not only been great on the offensive side of the court, but also on the defensive end. Over the course of his NBA career, Bryant has been named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team nine times, and named to the NBA All-Defensive Second Team three times.

As Bryant enters into his 19th season, coming off both an Achilles and knee injury, it’ll be interesting to see how his defense matches up.

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant’s Message To Jeremy Lin

  • ernie824

    Defense wins CHAMPIONSHIP

  • Duckathon

    Sound advice from the Mamba

  • B.J. Cummings

    “Stay in school?”

    jk lol

  • Jim213

    NBA Legion@MySportsLegion

    “Here’s what the Lakers (16x) gold championship patches will look like on the jerseys.”

  • Cypressmurf

    Great advice Kobe, last time I checked “Defense wins championships”.

    • Kishan

      great advise, but i like to see kobe do more of it too… his defence was terrible the last full season he played …. not a good defender of the ball

      • Cypressmurf

        Well I think its the most difficult job to defend off ball. Especially for an older player. That’s why Kobe might defend the opposing teams SF’s who are more standstill and not constantly moving (unless its KD or LeBitch) but his advice is still nonetheless true. I still believe that when Kobe commits to something, he will do it with ease.

        But it might be best for him to take it easy on defense because he will exhaust a lot of his energy on it. And it might lead to him overworking his knees leading to another injury (GOD forbid).

        • Kishan

          im not being a critic i just like to see some more defence from him and if that does mean going bit easy on offence and bit more focus on defence coz i don’t think kobe can do both at both ends of the courts but its the “The Black Mamba” we speaking of so who knows

          • Cypressmurf

            Oh no I understand what you mean, the only thing is most of us are selfish fans who want to see points scored by one of the greatest to have ever played! I for one want to see him use his variety of moves to score the basketball, because when I see him use his proficient footwork its like watching MJ play. But I know what you are saying and would like to also see Kobe be the complete player on both ends of the court.

          • Kishan

            i really believe in this team if we play some defence … this team can surprise have some good pieces …..
            still believe we need to sign someone…… don’t take wrong here coz i think Randle is a great player and will be … but i think the lakers will trade him next season or after as they will go after som PF in FA…. so i think we should trade him now when he’s valued quiet abit right now … e.g. Randle and 1st round pick for Rondo …… i would love to keep randle but if we trade in future then now is best option

      • ra

        Kobe was 1st team D for ‘years and years’ in the NBA. Good D requires good lateral motion, which also requires a well functioning ‘achilles heel’. Kobe can’t do D like he used to, because of his injury. He can play Zone just fine, but one on one is a challenge now.

  • RVK

    Also learn from my mistakes …. Be wary of easy women with suspect motives. Money is the root of all evil. They told us this in rookie orientation but in Eagle, Co. that one fateful evening, LUST simply trumped COMMON SENSE. Didn’t stop me from continuing to lay the pipe … but made me smarter in how i went about it.


    • independentbynature

      What a stupid comment……

  • Mambanation

    Defense, thats what all the champs would tell you especially the one that won multiple champs.

  • Mambanation

    these kids have to listen to the Mamba, the legend if they want to success

  • fanla

    “Defense, defense, defense. Got to play defense. ” Rofl, that’s why Bryant been ignored defens for many years? He is funny.

    • john

      ur funny to write such a comment, try to find who was on the best defensive teams for “many years”

      • fanla

        Try to find who has been donated this awards because of his popularity.

        • vdogg

          tim duncan?

          • fanla

            kobe bryant

          • vdogg

            LOL. ok.

  • Blue

    First of all – Kobe doesn’t play defense himself. Second of all – the current incarnation of the NBA has completely withdrawn from the SG spot. It’s now a PG dominant league and no team in the NBA has both an elite PG and and elite SG. In fact, I think the SG is the least emphasized position in the NBA – even moreso than centers. There are maybe 3 great young SGs in the NBA Harden, Beal, and Thompson, and none of those guys are the best players on their team.

    • Tune

      Elite? Maybe not, but good? Yes. Spurs, Raptors, Warriors, Suns, and Wizards have pretty strong backcourts.