Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Willing To Play All 48 Minutes For Lakers

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Willing To Play All 48 Minutes For Lakers


Kobe jpgKobe Bryant has said he will not let the Los Angeles Lakers miss the playoffs, but if they do, Bryant will make sure he ends the season giving it his all.

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Over the past several games, Bryant has logged in 40-plus minutes and the Lakers needed him nearly every second. In the Lakers’ loss to the Clippers, Bryant sat out for less than a minute and he was working as hard as he could whenever he was on the court.

Even though the Lakers could not beat the Clippers, it was clear that Kobe was doing whatever it took to complete the comeback.

After the game, Kobe spoke to the media and Mike Trudell tweeted that Bryant is willing to play 48 minutes if it helps guide the Lakers to victory.

Bryant may be willing to play all 48 minutes, but it’s the toll that these minutes are taking on his game, especially late in the fourth quarter, that’s most concerning to the team. Even if Bryant says he’s able to play the entire game, there’s little question that the impact all the compounded minutes are having on him has been an issue late in recent games. Still, unless Mike D’Antoni chooses to do something differently, don’t expect Bryant’s minute load to decrease anytime soon.

The Lakers will be back on the court Tuesday night when they play the New Orleans Hornets, a must win this late in the season. The Jazz will also be in action that night and if the Thunder manage to beat the Jazz and the Lakers win, Los Angeles will reclaim the eight seed in the conference.


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  • Willie D

    That’s why Kobe deserves at least a share in the MVP!
    Kobe and Lebron should be this years co-MVP’s.
    I guarantee you no other player if faced with all the immaturity,lack of heart and championship desire,selfish egotism,poor coaching,injuries,and all the other inconsistencies would still have this Lakers team still with a slim playoff chance.
    That includes Lebron,Cp3’Durant,Jordan or any other so call superstar.That is they wouldn’t have been able to switch places and do it in their prime time.Kobe is doing this at this stage of his career with only 6 or 7primetime years left in his career.:o)
    Kobe we Lakers and NBA fans appreciate all you have done and are still doing!

    • Shawn

      You spot on bro, ppl will see how special KB was to the game when he hang it up. Man my fav player of all time, much respect is do 33/8/24. One word and that word is “Legendary”.