Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Will Base Kobe Inc. In Newport Beach

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Will Base Kobe Inc. In Newport Beach


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After two consecutive season-ending injuries, Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar Kobe Bryant had an opportunity to think about his life after basketball. With likely two seasons left in his future Hall-of-Fame career, the five-time champion established his own company, Kobe Inc. earlier this year.

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With BODYARMOR being his first major investment, Kobe Inc. will be based in Newport Beach after the City Council approved the sale of a city-owned property on Tuesday according to the Los Angeles Times’ Emily Foxhall:

Council members authorized the sale Tuesday of a city-owned property in Newport Beach to Kobe Inc. for use as its headquarters.

The roughly one-acre site, at 1499 Monrovia Ave., includes a 16,550-square-foot office building, where Road and Track Magazine used to operate.

With his company located in the city he has called home for 18 years, Kobe Inc. president Andrea Fairchild says the building will be refurbished and remodeled and expects to support physical health and wellness:

The office building will be refurbished and remodeled, said Kobe Inc. President Andrea Fairchild, who now also lives in Newport Beach.

In addition to its business operations, the company expects to support physical health and wellness in the community, Fairchild said.

While Bryant has shared that he calls Oprah and Arianna Huffington for inspiration, all the focus for him right now is on the basketball court. With the five-time champion turning 36 in August, the final two seasons are perhaps his greatest challenge as he tries to win another ring while showing that he remains one of the best players in the league.

For the Lakers, they were unable to land LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony to help Bryant this summer. However, Kobe has said on numerous occasions that he is content with the effort the front office made as they moved on to Plan B which included trading for Jeremy Lin and being awarded Carlos Boozer on a partial waiver claim.


Kobe Bryant’s message to Jeremy Lin

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  • Paytc


    Hopefully you will consider working with me to launch our “Win anyway ” project.
    I think the concept should be used by you and the Lakers in this up coming season.

    You may recall me saying there are folks out there counting you and the Lakers out. But I trust you will find the keys to “Win anyway “.

    All the best !


  • LakerJ

    I hate to say this, but the Lakers roster does not represent plan B. If that’s the case, they have lowered the standard miserably. This plan is further down the line and the philosophy is “let’s build for the future”. The reason Kobe is “content” is because he got a lucrative contract and he will be focusing on his new venture. Unfortunately, I believe that even he realizes that a 6th championship is not in the cards for him. I know some will be offended, but that may be the reality we are facing at least until the 2015-16 season.


    Is Kobe hiring? If you need a systems or business analyst, get at me!!

    • paul

      I hope so. Kobe, if you need a statistics guy for the marketing team, then I’m your man.

    • Al Haldie

      That does not sound good for a guy who cant spell his own NAME..

  • atakan

    pg=lin or it will be eric bledsoe
    sf=paul geroge
    c=davis or hill will stay
    that’s why lakers didn’t trade a player at sf.i don’t think lakers will gio after melo or lebron again and they didn’t persue rudy gay or they couldn’t we don’t know exactly anyway this is a possibility coz he wanna play for la other options are newest ones like jabari parker,andrew wiggins,i don’t think there is more superstar sf.i mean lakers will definitely go after paul geroge this year.and do their best to get him.

    • Marcus Franco

      Impossible to get PG this year, he has signed a 5 years deal with pacers and besides, we don’t have any good player to make the trade with anybody.. It’s a hard cenario to not say impossible.

  • atakan

    lakers plan A: MELO AND LEBRON JAMES

  • WouldYouLookAtThat

    Starting lineup and Bench lineup
    PG Lin
    SG Kobe
    SF Wesley
    PF Boozer
    C Davis
    PG Clarkson/Nash
    SG Young
    SF Xavier
    PF Randle/Kelly
    C Hill/Sacre
    7,8th seed If No injuries occurred


      Davis over Hill or Sacre?

      • Marcus Franco

        Yeah, Sacre has proven to be an amazing player..

    • Cummin to LA

      Are you smoking crack? They’ll be lucky to win 33 games this year with no injuries. Spurs, OKC, Clippers, Portland, Houston, Golden State, Dallas, Memphis, Phoenix, New Orleans and Sacramento are all better than the Lakers at the moment. The Lakers must win at least 50 games to even sniff the playoffs and eventually get theirs asses handed to them in the 1st round of the playoffs.

  • Deez Nutz

    He’s going to rape in his new office.

    • 11 Inch Wonder

      After he retires he can become a full time rapist.