Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Wants No Part In Lakers Decisions This Summer Reviewed by Momizat on . With two years left on his deal with the Los Angeles Lakers after signing a contract extension recently, Kobe Bryant may only have two more shots at winning a s With two years left on his deal with the Los Angeles Lakers after signing a contract extension recently, Kobe Bryant may only have two more shots at winning a s Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Wants No Part In Lakers Decisions This Summer

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With two years left on his deal with the Los Angeles Lakers after signing a contract extension recently, Kobe Bryant may only have two more shots at winning a sixth NBA title. Despite the short window of opportunity, Kobe apparently wants no part in the decision making process this summer for the Lakers.

Kobe spoke to the media before the 2014 NBA All-Star Game on Sunday and let it be known that he’ll be hands off in terms of the decisions made by the Lakers in the off-season according to Brett Pollakoff of Pro Basketball Talk:

“In all honesty, I don’t want it,” Bryant said, when asked if he expected to have more input in front office decisions this summer. “That’s what they do. I’m not a general manager. I don’t know about scouting players and doing things of that nature, so I’ll let them do their job. They have obviously done a phenomenal job at it for years, so I’m not going to jump in the way. All I ask is if something is going to go down, just let me know about it beforehand so I don’t hear about it on a ticker or something. But that’s about it.”

At this point in time, there’s no telling what will happen before the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 20 or over the course of the summer in free agency. It seems as though the Lakers are leaning toward making an impact in free agency during the summer of 2015 rather than the upcoming summer.

Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh can all become free agents this summer, but it seems like a foregone conclusion that all of these perennial All-Stars will stay with their current teams. Anthony was the most likely to opt-out considering the state of the New York Knicks, but he recently came out saying he’ll take less to stay in New York long-term.

Needless to say, the future is uncertain to say the least for the Lakers. Kobe taking a step back and letting Mitch Kupchak and company figure things out is a smart move, but there’s no telling if the storied franchise can turn it around in the twilight of Kobe’s career.

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  • gm jack

    Mr. Kobe, take the money and run. There are no decisions since no big time player is gong to come! No top brand player is going to come in and wait 5 years, unless they are on rookie contract. Veteran players in their late 20′s will be past prime by the time the Lakers are a contender again. Remember, the Lakers won in 1988, then, in 2000. It took 12 years.

    • J24

      No faith huh? Fail to mention 2002 to 2009, 7yrs.

      • gm jack

        Lakers had a Super Star in the Process. 7 years is still a long time for any prime player to come. By the time Lakers will be ready, they will out of prime. Lakers need someone young like 23, 24, 25 and hope by the time they are 30 they will win. Can Lakers pull off a Pat Riley, hard to imagine. What Pat did was cheated, by bringing in One Super Star and two supporting Cast in Wade and Bosh.

        Try putting it together wit new CBA.

      • gm jack

        It took 5 years 2004 to 2009. With one Super Star in the Prime.

        Granted, If Lakers had Durant today, they, should be able to Win in 4 to 5 Years.

        But, how.

      • gm jack

        Even 7 years would put any player in his Prime over the Hill.

    • Computer Networking

      Not true. This is a difficult time but there are some good things that came out of this season so far. We know that the lakers can make a strong bench with the players they have now, and believe it or not, kevin love is coming to the lakers. The question is who else will come? I hope they go after kyrie irving or greg monroe

      • gm jack

        Even If Kevin were to come in 2 years. He would be 27 years old. He is no Kobe. Kobe won 2009 and 2010 as a One Super Star team. Love would need help like a Durant. By the time they put the team around him he is past prime.

        Lakers need to get Durant. This is the Real Star Right now.

        • Computer Networking

          The lakers is not getting durant. I would rather them get westbrook. I think that he is the more explosive player out of the two. What I believe is that the lakers is going to go after love and irving. The writing is on the wall. If they get the two of them, and resign gasol, I think they become a more dangerous team. I think that wesley johnson is playing outstanding defense and deserves a shot at the starting position at pf. What do you think about that squad?

          Eric bledsoe/kendell marshall
          Kobe bryant/jodie meeks
          Wesley johnson/nick young

          • gm jack

            Now, to Win an NBA title, You need Defense. Lakers won two with Gasol, he was younger. And, they had Odom and Bynum and Ron Artest playing defense.

            Gasol, would be a good bench. Kaman is better than Gasol. Why would you bring him back?

          • Computer Networking

            That’s a good point but understand, even though they had all of those players playing defense, defense was still a team concept. Bynum didn’t get all the blocks by himself, gasol put the offender in te position to be blocked at times. They all have to work together defensively to be a defensive team. Gasol may not be the monster he use to be but he can still get the job done. I would like it if the lakers left bledsoe where he is and pair gasol up with greg monroe. That would be better defensively and offensively now that I think about it. I just think that there is more left in gasols tank but it is hard to make it happen under a non defensive system under d antoni

          • Marty Susman

            Are you kidding me… Johnson & Young, Kelley & Hill ?????

          • Computer Networking

            Yes I’m serious. Young has done more than anyone thoughtb the he would do this season and he can create his own shots. Kobe has been coaching him and his game has picked up dramatically. Kelly needs work on his post game, but he battles for rebounds and he is a pf that can spread the floor by hitting those occasional mid range jumpers and he shoots in the 40 pecentile from 3 point range. Hill has a good post game and he is a defensive and offensive rebound threat. He can average a double double every game if given the time that dantoni won’t give him unless he has to. Look at what he has done this season when they have played him. The bench has to have chemistry and lets be honest, the lakers is not playing bad basketball, they just aren’t playing good defense. What better bench can you hope for? They are gaining chemistry and experience together right now. Johnson is a very good defender and he gives the bench extra athleticism. If he can work on his 3 point game, he could be worth keeping. Look at their potential as bench players not their record. That will always fool you.

          • gm jack

            Keep Hill, good for 8 or 9 rebounds off the bench, Keep Young,He is good for 12 to 15 points off the bench.

            They are like your 8th or 9th player on the roster. Your 6 th, ,and 7th, should be as good as your 4rt or 5 th starteer in case of injuries.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            YOung and Hill is your typical 6th and 7th guy… they should be alright. Marshal, Henry, Kelly… that should complete the bench…

            They should go after a proven 3-4 and a mobile center… Deng and Monroe would be ideal.

            Farmar-Kobe-Deng JOhnson, Monroe…. but then again, nothing is written in stone… I trust FO will their magic as they have done before.

          • Computer Networking

            I don’t believe that your 6 and 7 should be as good as 4 and 5. I believe that you should just look for energy and chemistry when it comes to your bench. This will allow money to be freed up for the starting 5. The bench is just there to play a little defense and give the starting 5 some necessary rest. As long as they can play offense and defense with energy, they will do just fine.

          • Computer Networking

            I think I have a better idea. Houston wants asik off the books and he has two years left on his contract. Get houston involved in a three way trade. Minnesota gets asik with the lakers first round and houston second round draft picks, lakers gets kevin love and houston gets kaman. Every one is happy. Minnesota doesn’t lose love for nothing, houston gets asik off the books and saves money, the lakers pays more with luxury tax (what’s new) but they get love and hasa substancial amount of money left over to stay under the cap next season and bring championship additions to the team, and the cba rules are unheld. Lakers roster would look like this


            After bryants contract, they have about $40 million left. Another $15 goes to love $8 goes to gasol leaving $17 million. Waive nash and get that $10 million leaving $27 million. Offer rudy gay a 12 million or go after lowry from the raptos for $8 million. Either way, there is more than enough money to build a sold bench. Lastly, fire d antoni and bring in george karl or avery johnson with the team looking like this

            Lowry/blake and/or marshall

            If gasol is released, release him for monroe. This would give the lakers a true center for the next 5 years and they probably can get him for $5 mill

  • 3339

    hopefully jim buss and dantoni have no part in it either.

  • Jay Brodes

    sad to see an asg with no mamba..i know he has said he would not do it but i think he will be great in the booth in a couple of years! get well! he really needs to tell jeanie to fire dantoni asap!

    • gm jack

      Fire Mitch and MDA. Groom Kobe to be a Coach. He can Start as Assistant.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Sacre, Johnson, Williams, Kelly & Marshall all need to be cut next year – and Nash needs to retire – pack of losers

    And please don’t trade Pau for the sake of D’Umbtoni bringing in some more big men that can’t play defense or rebound

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    That’s an excellent move by Kobe… I think, FO has already discussed the strategy with Kobe… and who the players they are going to go after hard this summer… let’s see…

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