Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Wants Lakers To Go All In This Summer

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Wants Lakers To Go All In This Summer


After dealing with two major injuries, Kobe Bryant is no longer willing to wait for the team to rebuild and wants changes this summer rather than the next.

Kobe spoke to the media on Wednesday after officially being ruled out for the season. The veteran shooting guard did not hold back when talking about the franchise and the direction that needs to be taken this summer according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

All indications were pointing to the Lakers potentially standing pat this summer with only a few free agent acquisitions to fill out the roster. Currently, there are no potential game-changers that will become available in free agency with Pau Gasol, Luol Deng and Kyle Lowry leading the way.

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There remains a possibility that one or more big-name players could become available, but the chances seem to get worse and worse as the off-season draws near. Carmelo Anthony is the only perennial All-Star that may elect to become a free agent this summer while LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh appear content with staying with the Miami Heat.

Phil Jackson more than likely heading to the New York Knicks was thought to be a move that would keep Anthony in the Big Apple, but reports have surfaced that it won’t change his stance one way or the other this summer.

Needless to say, with Kobe demanding the team make some moves, it could be an interesting off-season for the Lakers. Kevin Love appears to be in the team’s crosshairs for the summer of 2015, but Kobe may have forced the team’s hand and as a result, the Lakers could attempt to pull off a trade in the off-season.
Kobe Bryant Isn’t Happy About Phil Jackson Possibly Going To The Knicks

  • Daryl Peek

    Of course he does, he wants number six. I hate to say this but if Kobe felt that way he should have taken more of a discount on his contract. Like it or not the Laker have to get under the repeater luxury tax sooner rather than later and this is why his accepting that offer works against his present sentiments.

    Anything’s possible and it will be interesting to see if Mitch can pull another rabbit out of his hat like the CP3 deal now that the league does not own any teams.

    • Cam Deezy

      YOU’RE ACTING LIKE KOBE ASKED FOR THAT CONTRACT! L.A management approached him with the mindset of getting the extension with kobe out the way now. They laid out a plan and Kobe just accepted it.

      • Daryl Peek

        “and this is why his accepting that offer works against his present sentiments”

        Understand what I said before you get all capped out huffy puffy!

        Kobe’s no dummy. He knows the Lakers luxury tax plight and was active in the new CBA negotiations therefore he knew taking that offer was not good for going all out this summer, period.

        In order for the FO to go all out they need/needed teams to be more cooperative in trade talks. Those days are clearly over and that is why Kobe needed to refuse the offer if he wanted them to go all out. The team has limited cap space and no MLE exception due to being over the luxury tax. Trades are the only way they can go all out without becoming a repeat offender when the new more punitive luxury tax penalties kick in next season.

        • withTheLakersBestIntrestInMind

          honestly who in the hell could they sign this offseason worth mentioning anyway pau gasol wasnt a free agent they got it done via trade and they’ll do it again i cant blame kobe for wanting the money and a ring what is he supposed to say”well since i got this check i guess ill sit back and say screw it i have enough rings” he is still a superstar and should be paid like one

          • Daryl Peek

            I can dig that but Kobe should not be so presumptuous in spending Lakers money that’s not his in saying go all out. Kobe has absolutely earned that 48.5 mil and some, but that does not change the fact that the Lakers franchise has NBA bylaws they must abide in. And they too are in this to make money. Look up the Forbes profit margins of the Lakers. The Time warner deal is indeed lucrative but the Lakers bottom line is not all of that.

          • Marcel Akende Atiabet

            @daryl peek, I have read ur responses on this forum but this is not just making sense at all. Nobody in this league deserve it more than Kobe.

          • Daryl Peek

            My man, it’s not about has he earned it. There’s no question he has as I said above. This is about Kobe putting his championship aspirations above his pockets. Again…

            “Kobe’s no dummy. He knows the Lakers luxury tax plight and was active in the new CBA negotiations therefore he knew taking that offer was not good for going all out this summer.”

            There’s no way the team could go all out for Kobe in two years given where they stood when he signed that contract. That’s the point.

          • Mase Andrew

            Daryl Peek is 100 percent on point. Kobe is extremely intelligent and his ” accepting” that offer handicapped the Lakers from making big free agent acquisitions. You know how the saying goes, “all money ain’t good money.”

        • truth24

          Kobe is worth more then what they paid him. He still took a pay cut and I’m not blaming him one bit. He knows hes got a bunch of scrubs on his team but he can’t do anything about it. Kobe would fire your ass if you were his agent. He already took a discount and you basically want him to make less but then still have him ball out like crazy and be paid garbage out of all those loyal years he’s given???? Your out of your damn fucking mind. Do your thing kobe!!

          • badfuthamucka

            Kobe is worth 31 million for 6 games this year where they didnt even go .500? His 6 mediocre games were worth more than a full season of LeBron + Durant combined?

            Get off the crack. It isn’t good for you.

          • Marcel Akende Atiabet

            There is something that is called contract, which means it was signed before the effect, which again it does not go by how many games u play or how ur team performs. Nobody deserve it more than Kobe24

          • Daryl Peek

            See my above remarks. SMH

          • Hugo Batres

            I don’t believe they told kobe when he signed the contract here it’s your money just forget about a championship. You are all over the place justifying this whole thing. Bottom line lakers need to get it together. Period.kobe running out of patience funs running out of patience.

        • Marcel Akende Atiabet

          When you earn it, you get it. Kobe has given more to the organization in anyway you can think. Besides, he still gave them a discount. Respect the guy and agree that nobody would have had it more.

          • Daryl Peek

            You can get it but there’s a cost. As of right now, the chance to win another championship is the payment due for his respect due. IJS

          • Bren0

            Daryl, these Kobe lovers are blinded by their love for the great one and as such, can’t understand the logical points you make.
            I understand what you’re saying. It’s not about whether or not he deserves it, it’s that he can’t have both the massive contract AND another two stars in the team to try for a ring. Simple as that.

  • Aditya Sriram

    Lakers get Camelo and a great draft pick and great free agents.

  • Jim213

    Not necessarily all in, but all in for 2-3 STARTING role players that can do it night in an out aside of their 1st rnd pick. But IMO BEST IF KOBE LIMITS HIS OFF SEASON BUSINESS VENTURES this year to focus more on strength and conditioning and getting back to his high level of play.

  • Greg

    Sorry, but the Organization can’t afford to be myopic and just put ALL their eggs in this next 2 year basket. Kobe is driven to get no.6, and I get that, but the organization has to look forward beyond Kobe. If they go all in for his final 2years and the team craps out, then the organization is screwed and any flexibility and spending ability they should’ve had is gone until who knows when.

    • badfuthamucka

      Agreed. They owe more to the fans long term than they owe to Kobe over the next two years.

      I personally am already thinking about the post Kobe era because a championship wont happen while he is the highest paid player in the NBA, and the best 3 players (LeBron / Durant / George) either barely crack the top 10, or aren’t in it at all.

      • Marcel Akende Atiabet

        When Kobe had his monstrous contract he had three championships and two after that. How many does all those players have combined?

        • Daryl Peek

          How many new CBA’s have been ratified to stem the big market pilferage of small market teams since then? When Kobe, Shaq and Gasol were getting that money the CBA was much more friendly thus the Lakers could absorb the cost to be boss.

          The league has put an end to that.

  • $20509373

    So he wants the team to go all in after tying one hand behind their back with that extension? I know he didn’t ask for it, but he didn’t offer to take less for the sake of the team. Now things will get tricky if he wants a suitable team to play with. Other than our lottery pick who can we get? Melo will not take a pay cut when teams like Chicago will find a way to offer him the max. We don’t have the assets to trade for Love. The best we could is try to land Wiggins or Parker in the Draft. But even then we won’t be good enough to come out of the West.

  • Shaqtus

    Why wouldn’t he want them to go all in? His time is just about up. He wants another ring before he retires.

    • badfuthamucka

      well, he took that stupid massive untradeable contract didn’t he? At this point he is stuck with a bad team surrounding him here in LA.

  • CISCOlution

    As if you people would not take the money… PLEASE!

    • truth24

      I know right?? I would take the fucking money!!! All these fucking idiots saying he should have taken less are wack ass laker fans.

  • xplatinum31

    my thing is…all of you guys are analysts in here…smh,..i believe there is a reason kobe took that money…u all mention the obvious, and im thinking..YOU THINK KOBE DIDNT THINK ALL OF THIS THROUGH?? ESPECIALLY IF HE WANTS NUMBER 6 MORE THAN HE WANTS MONEY????????????..u guys state Dantoni is trash…u dont think management know this?? my goodness..u have to wait

  • michael

    I like it.

  • badfuthamucka

    Trade this offseason? They have no assets and still owe first round picks to Phoenix and Orlando.

    Sorry Kobe but you are going to be the top paid player in the NBA in the next two years with a strict new salary cap. You made your bed… LEAD this team to a championship because a lot of help isnt on the way.

    • Marcel Akende Atiabet

      You don’t know any better

    • Daryl Peek

      It looks bleak but I can’t cap it off with an absolute of gloom and doom. Mitch has done the impossible before.

  • Mike

    Kobe has no business discussing team matters at all in the media. His job is to play basketball for the Lakers, nothing else. His years as a superstar are over! He is an overpaid role player now!