Lakers News: Kobe Bryant ‘Very Happy’ For Spurs’ Fifth Championship Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="297"] Kobe Bryant is currently in Brazil to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup where the home team took on Mexico in the Group stage. While the [new_royalslider id="297"] Kobe Bryant is currently in Brazil to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup where the home team took on Mexico in the Group stage. While the Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Kobe Bryant ‘Very Happy’ For Spurs’ Fifth Championship

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Kobe Bryant is currently in Brazil to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup where the home team took on Mexico in the Group stage. While the five-time NBA champion did not really speak after suffering his second season-ending injury, Bryant has done numerous interviews and even played street soccer.

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While Bryant was not able to watch the NBA Finals due to his busy schedule, he was “very happy” for the San Antonio Spurs and their fifth championship serves as motivation for his own team via FIFA.com:

“Well deserved. It really is a lesson on how you get guys to play together if they share one goal. I am very happy for the Spurs. It is a motivation for us. Hopefully we can do the same next season.”

Although the Miami Heat were favored to three-peat, the Spurs displayed great teamwork on both ends of the court in route to their first championship in seven seasons. In a copy-cat league, numerous teams will likely use the Spurs’ blueprint to win a championship of their own next season.

For the Lakers, the franchise faces its most important off-season in nearly a decade. After failing to make the playoffs, there is optimism as the Lakers possess ample cap room to go along with the seventh pick in this year’s highly-anticipated NBA draft.

With the Lakers still looking for their next head coach after the resignation of Mike D’Antoni, Kobe hopes to lead his team to another championship in what will most likely be the final two seasons of his career. The five-time champion recently stated that he is 100 percent for next season and it will be interesting to see what level he can play at after two season-ending injuries.
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  • XereX

    His nose grew a mile when he made these comments.

    • Jim213

      Per Brian Windhorst (ESPN),there’s mutual interest between the Heat and Kyle Lowry who spoke @ SportsCenter.

      • BevWadevob

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        • god

          Shut up you dumb bitch. This is basketball talk. Nobody cares about your classmates aunt. Go run along and die.

        • Jujubee

          I hope you get cancer

          • hinatasama

            thats going a little far

    • caf150

      Says a typical Kobe hater!!!

  • ra

    further: “As long as Timmy doesn’t get #6, I’m cool. I’d like one more, and then KD can come to the Lakers. Then the future will be set.”

    • JillPhackson

      Timmy will get his sixth next season and then Kobe can get off his high horse and stop talking about himself as being the last of the dinosaurs. Timmy will get his sixth because the Spurs big three decided to take paycuts in order to stay as a group. What a concept.

      • god

        Your smokin some good shit fool. The spurs will never win again. So please shut your hot disgusting mouth. Go watch hockey

        • alex

          Lmao you misspelled Lakers fool….

  • L0gan

    Oh, you mean you will start moving the ball next season and quit trying to go 1 on 5 or turn the game into personal battles whenever your man is having a good game against you?!? I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Andy L

      If teammates actually start putting the ball in the hoop when Kobe’s passing it to them, then maybe he doesn’t have to go 1 on 5…

      • ra

        exactly! Last year’s scrubs were D-League+ players, maybe not fully ready for NBA. Need more scorers.

        So, like Kawhi Leonard, they should come in early to practice, leave late, and work on their shot CONSTANTLY, like Kobe does.

      • ZenMeister

        If Kobe didn’t sign that team crippling contract, maybe the team could afford the teammates Kobe longs for. What’s that saying about having your cake and…

        • steve

          Lakers have more money than the spurs. Lakers have a contract with Timewarner. The front office considered that, That is why they gave him that contract.The Lakers can go over the luxury tax because they have the money to pay and they will do it. The Timewarner contract was taken for that reason.They knew they needed to get more money for the new agreement arrangement so they did that for that reason and now they can go over the luxury tax comfortably.
          Laker fans don’t have to worry if the front office can get one or two more max players because of the Timewarner t.v. agreement. Besides there will be player willing to go for less to play for the Lakers. Laker hater like it or not player will be wanting to come to L.A. for less.

          • caf150

            Did all you none basketball comprehending haters understand what Steve just said? If not read what he just posted, AGAIN!!

      • god

        Well said. Lol at kobe haters. You are pathetic people.

    • Tune

      Kobe always moves the ball, stop being ignorant. The only time he goes 1 on 5 is when nobody else on the teams is capable of scoring/tries to score or when the play breaks down.

      • DoomedtoMediocrity

        same old song and dance by the Kobetards. Kobe goes 7-30 and 0 assists, while Pau goes 6-8 and never sees the ball the entire 2nd half, and who gets the blame….Pau.

        • vdogg

          do you even watch laker games?

          • caf150

            vdogg – That’s why DoomedtoMediocrity is his name!! Nuff said, he must be a Clipper fan!!

        • DKWTTY

          Why are we experiencing an influx of Lakers/Kobe haters recently? Your comment proves you know nothing about Lakers basketball.

        • VillainKing

          Did you saw the duo of Kobe and Pau properly.??

        • god

          Your a hater. Man in a womans body. Go cry and complain somewhere else bitch.

    • DKWTTY

      Your right because leading the team in assists for almost every year he was a Laker is playing 1 on 5.

    • VillainKing

      Are you insane??!!

    • Daren Clodio

      Kobe was second in the league in assists for a two guard the season he got injured. Try again.

    • steve

      He’s got 5 championships!!
      You need mor proof?

  • Showtime818

    Guess who has lead the Lakers in assists for 12 out of 17 seasons? ……..Kobe! Surprise!!

  • iEATcelticBabies

    he ain’t lying !

  • Jon

    As big of a fan of kobe as I am, he deft could’ve taken a paycheck 2 get some better players…take away that injury and he was the best sg in NBA by far even at his age, so he deserved it but look at da spurs…ducan best pf ever, and even doe he doesn’t play as many min or score as many pts or asst he took a huge paycut and their team is more loaded with small name/big game players…lakers, miami, and the rest of the league could learn from the spurs…#1 Lakers fan speaking da real

    • Jon

      Deft didn’t do good job proof reading lol but I’m sure everyone gets da point

    • steve

      Lakers have more money. They can afford to pay Kobe , what they payed him. The Timewarner contract makes up for the amount over the salary cap.

      • caf150

        That contract was for 3 Billion Dollars with Time Warner Cable, so that $48.5 million that they gave Kobe is just a write off for Time Warner and is a drop in HUGE bucket!!

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