Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Vacationing In France Before Season’s End

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Vacationing In France Before Season’s End


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UPDATE (4:05 PM PT): Kobe Bryant left to France for a short anniversary trip and also plans to visit a doctor in Germany for a check-up via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

Most Los Angeles Lakers fans are happy to get this terrible season over with. Kobe Bryant apparently is in the same boat.

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According to the LA Times’ Mike Bresnahan, Bryant went to France with his family members to begin his off-season a little early:

Bryant went to France with family members either Tuesday or Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times has learned. The Lakers conclude their season Wednesday night against the San Antonio Spurs. A team spokesman said he was unaware of the situation and referred a reporter to Bryant’s agent, Rob Pelinka, who did not immediately return a phone call

Bryant obviously was not going to play in tonight’s game, and probably would not have traveled to San Antonio with the team anyway, but it is still a little odd to see someone possibly on vacation before the season has ended.

It is unknown if upper management or teammates were aware that Bryant would be heading to France, but Bryant is sure to get right back to work once he returns. If he plans on returning at a high level, he will have to.
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  • Josh

    Kobe’s comments and behavior are really starting to bother me. I’m a fan, but I questioned him previously when he said he was sitting out even though he was physically able to play. Now a vacation before the season even officially ends? Between Kobe and Steve Nash, Nash is the better Laker this season. And that pains me to say.

    • Guest

      Kobe has helped bring us 5 rings, he has never taken a day off for us. This year I think it would be fair to give him a pass. He’s coming off two injuries, which would be better for him to rest and rehab to become dominant once again. Unlike Nash, Kobe is not coming for a paycheck, he’s coming back to try and get 6.

      If Kobe returned, most likely:
      – Another significant injury or multiple injuries (due to D’antoni’s system)
      – Stretches of games where Kobe would have to play 40+ minutes
      – We probably wouldn’t potentially have a top 5 pick in this year’s draft

      • Josh

        Kobe never took a day off before this year (except for that playoff game against the Suns). Kobe is coming for a paycheck, that’s why he signed a contract to make sure he is the highest paid player in the league throughout the remainder of his career.

        If Kobe returned:
        – D’Antoni’s system doesn’t cause injuries. It didn’t cause injuries in Phoenix. It didn’t cause injuries in New York. It doesn’t cause injuries for other teams that run it. It doesn’t cause broken bones, concussions, or vertigo.
        – Medical staff can limit a player’s minutes. His time on the floor would ease rotations and limit the overuse problems for other players. Kobe being in the rotation may have prevented some injuries to other players, guys who thought Kobe was their teammate.
        – We were predicted to be 12th in the West with Kobe. We might have won 5-10 more games if he had played 20mpg the last two months. That’s still a lottery pick.

        • Guest

          Yes, Kobe strives to make as much as he can get, that’s no surprise, however his top priority is to win a championship every year (realistic or not), so there’s no reason to question his priority.

          D’antoni’s system (I believe) causes injuries due to the overplaying of minutes and the constant running up and down the court. Sure, the injuries would appear to be just a random stint of bad luck which led to other players having to play big mintues, but just like everyone stressed last year when Kobe went down, it wasn’t due to the wear and tear, but more so the amount of minutes he had to play (the stretch of 40+ min games to get into the playoffs). Take Bazemore for example, many would argue his injury occurred due to a huge increase in the amount of minutes, for a guy who really didn’t play at all in Golden State. Another reason I believe the system takes a tole on the bodies is because most, if not all the injuries were all involving the legs. I don’t necessarily think injuries all resulted from D’antoni, but I think it could be a factor due to his system since they are constantly running up and down the court for heavy minutes, as opposed to slowing down the temple (offensively or defensively).

          The medical staff can limit other players minutes, but it would be tough to tell Kobe to sit, especially in a losing season. If the Lakers were just a few games away from the playoffs again this season and Kobe remained injury free, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kobe would be doing the same thing again this year, which led to the achilles last year.

          Realistically, if Kobe were still playing we would have won a few more games, but our draft pick position would probably be around the tenth pick which is not a better position where we are now, but it depends on the lottery balls and hopefully we can land in the top 3 spot, somehow.

    • kobe24

      I believe you’re referring to Kobe saying something along the lines of “If this was playoff etc I can play”. Why would Kobe want to play on this crap team? If this team had a legitimate playoff chance that’s a different story but this team is rock bottom and even if Kobe came back 30 games ago with his top form, this team would still wouldn’t be in the playoff picture. Why risk another injury coming in for a lost cause?

      • Josh

        Kobe should want to play for this crap team because it is HIS crap team. Some of these guys might be worth resigning in the summer, but the front office never had a chance to see if they can play with Kobe. It’s awfully hard to evaluate players when they’re playing in such a free system void of any real talent.

        • Lakers Fan

          I understand what you are saying, but come on. Kobe will be 36 when next season starts. With the system D’Antoni runs, he would probably re-injure himself in the process of trying to play. Whether he was ready 30 or 40 games ago, there was no need for him to resume playing this year due to the team going no where. None of these players will be starters, so it really doesn’t matter how they will fit with Kobe. I want Kobe to be fully healthy when next season start. These players got their time to shine, and some of them will reap the reward while others won’t. This was an auditioning year for us. I completely understand your feelings toward Kobe, but you have to look at the bigger picture and realize there was no point in Kobe coming back.

    • Shannon

      I wouldn’t go that far. By the time Kobe was cleared to play the season was already over, why come back then? He signed a new deal. He wants to be as healthy and strong as possible next season. Coming back to play for a lottery team and potentially injuring himself again would be a very foolish thing to do. I agree though that a lot of his comments this year bothered me.

      • Josh

        I’m not anti-Kobe. I’m a Kobe fan, and I’ve generally been anti-Nash. Probably because he won two MVPs that belonged to Kobe. But Nash, at 40 years old, worked his butt off to get back on the floor and played through intense pain because his team needed him. I wish I could say the same about Kobe.

        • Shannon

          Nash had totally different reasons. He wanted to move up the ladder on the assist leaders before he retires and he wanted to prove to himself that he could still play at 40 years old. It wasn’t really for the betterment of the team. Kobe knows he can come back and has some time left. Nash’s window is closed at this point. We still have Kobe for 2 more years, not Nash. We need him then, not now when we’re lottery bound.

        • richard

          you are a Kobe fan? really?… I wish I could say the same as you….

          “laker fans” are becoming idiots day by day… sigh….

    • Mike Dumbtoni

      Laker fans = idiots

      • richard

        I second that… fans who says they are lakers fans seems and sounds like IDIOTS!!!

      • Josh

        You calling me an idiot? I’m just voicing my frustration with our star player, who has built his legacy on his determination to play and help his team at any cost. He quit on them this season because he felt the team wasn’t worthy of him.

  • Daniel

    Lakers, should not decide based on Kobe opinions as far as coaching staff and reconstruction of the team. The lakers should think about the lakers, not Kobe. Kobe has been a selfish prick his entire professional career. He will be one of the best in History, he will be one of the best in Lakes history, but it gets to a point that the Lakers needs to think about the future. He got his money, so now is time to build for the future, with young stars, not old washed players.

    • Jim213

      GTFO with that sh”t. Kobe gets paid $$ for holding the torch of the brand as well as the NBA on a global scale. FOs paid him millions b/c they expect the unexpected from him (high regards) so now that Kobe speaks about having the same expectations for FO some rant about him expressing himself? Rather he gets everything out of the way now to focus purely on his return for the next 6 months after.

    • Shannon

      Mitch already said they won’t so save your melodramatic rant on Kobe for another time will ya.

    • richard

      this is why people thinks laker fans are idiots….