Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Tweets About Amnestying Metta World Peace Reviewed by Momizat on . It's been a busy day in Lakerland as the team agreed to terms on a one-year contract with Chris Kaman and it's been reported that they'll amnesty Metta World Pe It's been a busy day in Lakerland as the team agreed to terms on a one-year contract with Chris Kaman and it's been reported that they'll amnesty Metta World Pe Rating:
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Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Tweets About Amnestying Metta World Peace

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It’s been a busy day in Lakerland as the team agreed to terms on a one-year contract with Chris Kaman and it’s been reported that they’ll amnesty Metta World Peace.

While they can’t officially announce the transaction with World Peace until July 10-16, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant confirmed the transaction via his Twitter account tonight:

World Peace was praised by Bryant several times due to his incredible work ethic and uncanny determination to win at all costs, something that resonated deeply with Bryant.

The game that Bryant is referring to is when World Peace hit the game clinching three-pointer against the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of the 2010 Finals after Kobe couldn’t buy a basket.

World Peace went on to have one of the more memorable post-game press conferences, where he thanked his psychiatrist for his play on the court.

Since Dwight Howard left for Houston, the Lakers are looking to get as far under the luxury tax threshold in order to secure as much cap space before next off-season.

The 2013-14 free agent class includes superstars like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and John Wall to name a few.

Update from Kobe Bryant about amnestying MWP


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  • http://www.islate.org/ Apple Tablet

    I guess Lakers are trying to beat Dallas in losing players.

  • Laakkkers 4 life!!

    Keep him!! He plays with Heart!! That’s what we want and need!!

  • Terrence

    Problem is he was getting slower and slower.

  • Josh

    The worst thing the Lakers can do next season is scrap and get to the playoffs, get eliminated quickly, and have late 1st rd. pick. That is freaking No Man’s Land. Kobe should just take his time with the injury and if the Lakers have to endure a 30-52 season, so be it. That could lead to a top 10 or even top 5 pick which is where you want to be drafting next year. They get a young stud and then that boatload of cap space, and they are back on track for next season. “Tanking” is blasphemous in Laker-land, but that seems to be the best route to recovery right now. Contrary to the “Lakers are no longer the Lakers” anymore talk, there will be no shortage of superstar talent that will come to LA, take their money, and actually cherish and take to heart what it means to put on a Laker uniform much less be THE face of the franchise moving forward.

    • iDreFresh

      I don’t agree with this. You still have show those top free agents that your team is able to compete in this league especially when you have a terrible coaching staff. If D’Antoni isn’t relieved of his duties after next season, forget about Melo. LeBron and Wade aren’t leaving Miami. Bosh is not the answer for the Lakers and honestly not as good as the Heat makes him look. The Lakers aren’t going to be as competitive for at least another five years or longer. Sorry!

      • Josh

        We will just have to wait and see now won’t we. We’ve seen this time and time again, people quick to bury the Lakers after their title run ends and predicting years and years of mediocrity. Yet, what happens? They find ways to get back at it. Granted, this is a much tougher CBA and all, but they are still the Lakers. If any team in the NBA has earned that benefit of the doubt not to bet against them, it starts with the Lakers.

        • MambaFan24

          I agree with everything you’ve just said, except for one wildcard in the whole equation…..JIM BUSS. He’s going to make sure that our team will be stuck in mediocre land for the next 10 years plus. Mark my words.

          • iDreFresh

            This is exactly my point. Under this management and this head coach, being able to compete in the western conference is going to be very difficult. Before the Jim Buss era, this team had the best bench in the NBA. How did they manage to recruit so many D-leaguers that will just shoot beyond the arc whenever they feel they have a shot at it. It seems as though there are no more athletic guys on the team that can drive the ball and create space. At the same time, maybe it’s just the way the coach wants the offense to run.

      • Nino Blaq

        Dre Hit in on the Nail…D’Antoni has to go!! The Lakers go no where under him..He is too stubborn of a coach to change his system to fit his roster? He failed in Phoenix, Tanked and Literally QUIT on his team in NY, and 1st season with LA, star player leaves Storied franchise..What else is next? Not looking good people!!

  • Sebrina Glascoe

    I’m sooo disappointed with the Laker’s Organization for the past few years. I have been a Laker Fan since The 80′s. Metta may NOT be the fastest or the best NBA Player, but what he did have was HEART & LOYALTY for the Lakers; something Kobe had RESPECT for……AND something others who made the DECISION to move on to other Teams….LACKED. He gave his ALL for this Organization & like Fish & Lamar would/should have been a Laker 4 Life. As Laker Fans we need to Amnesty/Boycott The Laker Organization. As far as I am concerned YOU are losing Credibility with Your Fan Base. I feel bad that the Great Kobe Bryant will Play his last years with a Mediocre Team. Whatever Happened to Laker Pride? At this rate WHO would want to join this once Storied Franchise? I guess LOYALTY is Overrated! SMH

    • iDreFresh

      Jim Buss!

    • Jim213

      Somewhat agree, what’s really going to hurt with this is their defense as he was one of the few who played defense on a constant basis… Jim Bust and M Cupcake are CLUELESS… they’ll probably going to raise the prices on everything too… To make up for their dumbness…

  • Scottie Shaw

    please bring odom back. i have had a bad taste in my mouth ever since he left :(

    • Jim213

      With this it looks doubtful given MWP salary.. should’ve got rid of Blake to sign Lamar…

  • Laker J

    I’d rather see Metta leave than Gasol. I believe Pau will have a comeback year and may be a valuable asset in a trade scenario or in free agency. That’s why I’m disappointed that they did not try to retain Earl Clark, nor did they make a stronger effort to sign and trade Howard. Talent equals assets, and assets equal trade bait, mainly draft picks that are sorely needed. I’m glad that they are not absorbing hefty long term contracts though, but cheap talent should still be a goal.

    I’m glad that Kobe publicly supported Metta.

    I’m not about to turn my back on this organization, I will give them a pass this year, but Mitch and Jimmie Buss better come through next year, or they can step aside and let Jeanie and Phil take over. I for one, am a Laker for life.

    • Laker Love

      METTA is a true Laker. I agree with KOBE.

      Heart is something you cant measure on stats, but is something METTA shows every damn game. Ultimately that translates to success for the rest of the team.

      METTA is a true Laker unlike letdown Dwight with all his damn stats coming in.

      GASOL has allot of talent but lately he was all butter fingers. He kept losing the ball, made terrible passes, showed no defense, and couldn’t make simple layups! Now I can’t blame GASOL for being less than enthusiastic after years of constant trade talks and personal issues involving him and the Lakers, but damn it, play your best as a matter of personal pride!

  • drocket21

    MWP has been truly a great Laker. But, you can’t keep players(especially hurt fringe) ones too long. It’s time to retool people! The Lakers are less than a year to acquiring some of the most coveted FAs in the league. Be patient!!! Then the dynasty will commence once more…..GO Lakers go….

  • jerry

    so does MWP play this season

  • tha ring

    here some forward to think about lakers..mitch/jbuss.

    corey brewer, luke walton, hedo turkolu, trevor ariva, shawn marion,mikael pietrus., byron mullens, nick young, tracy mcgrady,

    all available free agents to replace mwp..

    lets do it mitch/jbuss pick of few of these cats and lets run..

    anything is possible in the playoffs, as long as the team stays healthy. any baller knows that!!

    ooh yea grab mo williams or chancey billups to replace steve blake!!!

    • Geoff

      Luke Walton? Really?? Anyone else on your list, yes. But not Luke Walton.

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