Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Trying To Remain Patient And Calm Reviewed by Momizat on . Kobe Bryant has been out since December 17 after suffering a fracture in his left leg. Initially, the timetable for recovery was scheduled at four to six weeks, Kobe Bryant has been out since December 17 after suffering a fracture in his left leg. Initially, the timetable for recovery was scheduled at four to six weeks, Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Trying To Remain Patient And Calm

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Kobe Bryant has been out since December 17 after suffering a fracture in his left leg. Initially, the timetable for recovery was scheduled at four to six weeks, but after being re-examined, it was announced by Lakers reporter Mike Trudell that the 18-year veteran would be out at least three more weeks.

For Lakers fans, this news couldn’t have come at a worse time. The team is currently on a five-game losing streak, and have have won only three of their last 20.

All Kobe wants to do is be out there helping his fellow teammates, and this lengthy recovery process has taken its toll on him according to Melissa Rohlin of the Los Angeles Times:

What Kobe has opted to do instead is remain positive, and try to find some silver-lining in spite of his unfortunate situation:

It is expected that Kobe will continue to work as hard as he can to get fully healthy. He’s made it known that he plans to play again this season, so it will be interesting to see what the Lakers’ medical staff suggests after this three-week period. 
Lakers’ Kobe Bryant Injury Update: OUT For NBA All-Star Game, Pain And Swelling In Knee

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  • ra

    Huge downer. The only positive is that Kobe is really resting, in a way. It’s at about 10 months now. He’ll be able to work his way back slowly, and actually maybe have a couple of great years to go. MJ had a two year rest playing baseball (yeah, not as tense as basketball), and came back to win 3 more.

    Kobe can come back and win 2 more. We’ll see a ‘revived’ Kobe next year.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I am hoping Kobe can heal up and play the game he loves playing.I think by next season we will all know whether he can still play at a high superstar level without missing too many games.

    If Kobe plays 65 to 82 games next season and he averages 22 to 24 points per game with his regular assists and rebounds it will prove he is recovered from his injury.But the Lakers big wigs need to provide the right players and coaches to Kobe so he can challenge the elite teams for a championship next season.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      can’t argue with that…. a slow pace, deliberate type of offense would do well with him… he is not a young gazelle anymore… perhaps someone like Hollins?

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Not pin pointing the entire blame on MDA just saying lets build a contender for Kobe next season if at all possible if not then we will probably see a identical team as this season that likely will NOT win the NBA championship nor be a serious contender.

        At best a playoffs team if the Lakers get a healthy Kobe back and keep MDA and with the same cast of players minus a few that bolt in free agency for better more lucrative free agent deals.Pau+Nick,Steve Blake+Farmar+Hill+Meeks+Wesley+Xavier are all up to enter free agency teams will sign them up.

        But no ring 6.I am assuming Lionel Hollins was you’re reference yes that would be a possible coach they bring in then again MDA is the coach as of now and from the looks of it he is going nowhere fast.

        The defense and rebounding must improve and also the transition defense must be better to win a championship next season or any future season IMO.This is not the 1980′s anymore certain teams lockdown on defense come playoffs time and if a team can’t match the defense then bye bye.

  • comrade24

    The silver lining: The Lakers are likely lottery bound, and may have a great chance to rebuild quickly through the draft and free agency. I hope the Lakers don’t go after Melo. My personal hope is that they try to go after Luol Deng in the off season, then Kevin Love the next season. Imagine a starting lineup of Marshall, Kobe, Deng, Love, and Embiid. totally conceivable, the biggest excitement of this season is the anticipation of the summer.

    • Lakers#1

      I agree! Melo is a better version of Nick Young. I rather keep Swaggy P and go after Deng and leave Melo in NY. Go after some rim protectors at the 4 and 5 spots via free agency and hope for a high lottery pick.

  • Pol

    Kobe is an old, again…OLD…35. Odds are he’s not coming back at the same level he was before. He can still play, but don’t expect 20+ pt a night Kobe who can put the team on his back and carry them to victory anytime. You cannot outwork and outrehab Father time. The only chance Kobe has of another title in a Laker uniform is if he cedes the drivers seat and assumes the Sidekick role, and lets another young stud take the reins. Look at Miami. Let’s not fool ourselves, that is Lebron’s team contrary to what Lebron and anybody else says that it’s still Wade’s team. Wade still gets to have his moment(s), but make no mistake about it, that team is on Lebron’s back. I don’t think Kobe has that kind of humility in him judging by his competitiveness.

  • Michael N. Norris

    This team is so bad they are impossible to watch. Tank totally and get a shot at the #1 pick and start the rebuild before it really gets ugly. Trade Gasol for a couple of draft choices and release Steve Nash. The guy has been a total bust. Let Farmar into the starting lineup when healthy and get a new coach……the sooner the better. D’Antoni was never a good choice for this team.

    • BG Rhule

      Agree completely Michael N. Norris. I feel terrible for Kobe. He has given his all as he does each season. I think Divine Intervention is keeping him out this yea for a reason–and all we have to do is look at this car wreck of a team. I want an overthrow of that front office and get Jimmy the hell out. The blame is his and his alone. Crappy coach who cant teach defense, crappy moves…We Laker fan are stuck with Problem Child running what was a class organization, now in the sandbox..

    • Dragon7s

      “impossible to watch”?
      It may be tough seeing them lose but for the most part, they’ve been fun to watch.
      Keeping games close against teams that should, by all rights, should blow them out isn’t “impossible to watch”.
      The young guys bring their energy and determination night in and night out and under the circumstances are doing admirably well.

      Obviously this isn’t Showtime but they are entertaining.

      – True Laker Fan

      • Michael N. Norris

        This team is terrible….hands down and I would guess I have been watching Lakers basketball a lot longer than you. They are so bad Magic can’t watch..energy?? please they couldn’t defend against my mother and she is DEAD!

        • Dragon7s

          Fair weather Laker fan much?

          And you’re right, you’ve probably been watching the Lakers longer than I have.
          I only starting watching them the year Happy Hairston joined the Lakers.

          Magic can’t watch because they are losing.
          He’s not a real fan in my estimation.
          Fans love their team, win or lose, as long as they leave it all on the hardwood every night…and these guys do.

          Is it their fault that 5 of their top 8 players are on the injured list? Of course not!

          That they go out every night and compete against the Miami’s and Pacer’s of the league and somehow, despite their “D-league talent”, manage to keep it close speaks volumes to their pride and work ethic.

          Not sure which games you are watching….oops, forgot…you’re not. Because they are “impossible to watch”.

          Go back to ESPN and whine on their boards…only REAL laker fans are allowed here. ;)

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