Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Takes Another Jab At ESPN During Presser Reviewed by Momizat on . Before the 2013-14 NBA season got underway, ESPN ranked Kobe Bryant and made a projection on where they believed the Los Angeles Lakers would end up in the West Before the 2013-14 NBA season got underway, ESPN ranked Kobe Bryant and made a projection on where they believed the Los Angeles Lakers would end up in the West Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Takes Another Jab At ESPN During Presser

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Before the 2013-14 NBA season got underway, ESPN ranked Kobe Bryant and made a projection on where they believed the Los Angeles Lakers would end up in the Western Conference standings. The sports network giant ranked Bryant as the 25th best player in the NBA while predicting the Lakers finishing 12th in the West.

In classic Bryant fashion, the five-time NBA champion wasn’t a fan of ESPN’s rankings and used it as fuel to the fire in terms of his return to the floor this season.

On Tuesday, a press conference was held by the team due to Bryant signing a lucrative contract extension on Monday. Bryant took another jab at ESPN via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

With the Lakers locking Bryant up for another two years after this season and the team playing better than expected while shorthanded, the veteran shooting guard was noticeably anxious and excited during his press conference. Bryant clearly can’t wait to get back on the floor and appears to be more than ready to prove all the doubters wrong.

ESPN’s ranking will definitely be something Bryant will continue to use as motivation. Although no one expects much out of the Lakers at this point in time, this team seems to be coming together with a lot of young players stepping up. Xavier Henry, Wes Johnson and Jordan Hill continue to play well and have been improving with more time on the floor.

Adding Bryant back in the mix would only improve this team’s chances of competing in the West while giving the superstar guard the opportunity to make ESPN look foolish once again.

Kobe Bryant, Mitch Kupchak, Jim Buss Speak Out After Contract Extension

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kobe was on one today, 1st this, “You’re at ESPN, so you’re probably wrong” then, this “can’t be revoked by the NBA” – all in good fun tho!

    LOL Serena Winters good job reporting Kobe is on one LOL.The big ESPN i actually watch that channel for about 1 hour a day,is that a bad thing???Anyways lol i love how ESPN and Kobe are feuding just a little hehehe.

  • Andre Young

    New man I was watching a game earlier in the season on ESPN them boys are anti-Lakers…I can’t quite remember exactly which Laker it was that’s was acquired in Howard trade that was shooting from close to 3 point line and the stupid announcer said one mans trash is another mans treasure…I can see that used in material thing but please using that on a person!? Get the fack out ta here with that crap! You outta Punch yourself for that!

    • Leo

      That was Reggie Miller, who said that non-sense. It was very irritating, I remember. He meant either Wesley or X. Shame on Reggie Miller and shame on ESPN for calling a person “trash”…

      • jeromie

        It was X

  • Carlito

    ESPN is pro-EAST conference, but for reals i stopped taking ESPN seriously since like 2007, when LBJ didn’t have any rings and they proclaimed him better than MJ, they also said Kobe was done and he went on to win 2 more championships, proving them wrong, but that was not the first time nor the last

    • Kendal

      Lol your rite u mean pro Lebron…..everything. ,,,,,now he’s the best dressed lol….media is fake these days

  • Julius

    But…what if ESPN was right? Anybody ever thought of that? A torn achilles is pretty much batting .900 in ending careers with only Dominique Wilkins defying the odds (It’s worth nothing though that Dominique was 4 years younger than Kobe and had much MUCH less NBA minutes logged by his body at the time of injury).Oh, and Nique had 2 All-Star years post-injury and then that was that. Not saying Kobe can’t come back, because he can but I feel like everyone is ignoring the odds just because he’s Kobe. I’m just saying that his injury doesn’t discriminate and doesn’t care who you are nor how hard you hit it in rehab. I’m a Physical Therapist Assistant and our practice has worked with elite NCAA athletes (primarily track) that also competed at the highest level of Track internationally in the World Championships/Olympics. I’ve seen firsthand those who suffered torn achilles tendons and while they too worked their tails off to get back and while they were still elite athletes post-injury, they couldn’t replicate their times/performance from before the injury (and in track, even mere milliseconds is the difference between medaling to not medaling and even not getting out of the prelims). Everyone seems to be so cavalier saying “Well, it’s Kobe, he’ll beat the odds”. I sure hope he does, I really do hope he is that freak of nature that can defy the odds

    • Rex

      Nice insight. I do hope he defies the odds.

      • Tyree Dawson

        They never predict the outcome of the playoffs correct so why count on this?

    • locusten

      it’s year 2013, the technology is light years ahead..
      might as well compare to how olympians from ancient Rome can come back and play their sports-

      • Rod

        Elton brand and Chauncey Billups were current generation NBA players. Yeah, the technology really helped them right?

    • playitcool

      You don’t think Jim Buss and Kupchack knows how Kobe is progressing with his recovery? You don’t think they talked to the doctors and trainers that are working with him? You don’t think that they’ve watched him in practice?

      This is a bold move and risky move by the Lakers, but it’s not a completely blind risk. Also part of it is their appreciation for what Kobe has done for the Laker organization. You think the Lakers wouldve gotten the Time Warner deal if it wasn’t for Kobe’s marketability?? Kobe made them lots of money, and is still the biggest draw in sports, aside from Lebron.

      • Mark

        As someone in Sports Medicine myself. you’re right, there are advancements in technology that helps in recovering from such injuries. But, as far as torn achilles tendons go, the technology is still not up to par. I’m certain the Lakers/Kobe with all their resources are really doing every treatment/rehab procedure both new and old, but it is no guarantee. Yes, he looks great at practice, but practice and actual game physicality and intensity is day and night. It is a blind and risky proposition. Just look at Kupchak’s commment: “Maybe we got a deal, maybe we didn’t”. He acknowledges that it could blow up in their faces. They are going by faith and that is the very definition of taking a blind risk.

        • playitcool

          Again, its a risk but not a blind risk. They KNOW Kobe’s progress, and they BASED their decision to invest on him on THAT. It’s not baseless.

          When you sign a healthy player to a max contract, there is no guarantee that that player will not have a career ending injury, or a season ending injury either(i.e. D Rose). Theres always a risk involve.

          But the fact of the matter is, if kobe is healthy enough to just play, he will make the lakers LOTS of money, win or lose.

  • Sam Lee

    Look at everyone reacting to Kobe’s comments. It’s ridiculous! All this news surrounding Kobe jabbing ESPN “all in good fun” Seriously? You don’t just disrespect a player like Kobe dropping him below players like Joakim Noah and John Wall. Shit let me give you some more names above Kobe on this list. Nicholas Batum? Seriously? Wtf just look at his stat line and overall impact on the Trailblazers, I’d put LMA, Damian Lillard, and Wes Matthews ahead of him. Chris Bosh? Okay who the fuck is trolling in ESPN? You can’t take them seriously, when’s the last time ESPN has ever been right in ANYTHING NBA related? Their high-horse approach with “inside information”. Yeah sure, anytime I hear something ESPN is reporting, the info they’re getting is complete bs. Kobe will prove them wrong, the whole top NBA players list is shit. LET’S GO LAKERS 2013! #nbaplayoffs2013

  • ra

    I mentioned ‘way back’, months ago, that ESPN is always wrong. ESPN cannot predict if the Sun will rise tomorrow, or not.

    Kobe must have read my comment from months ago.

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