Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Suggests Weight Loss Could Benefit Pau Gasol

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Suggests Weight Loss Could Benefit Pau Gasol


Kobe Bryant’s recent weight loss and desire to feel lighter has been in the news as of late, especially after mentioning that he lost five pounds after his season debut. Now, Bryant thinks that his teammate Pau Gasol, who’s listed at 250 pounds, could potentially benefit from losing a few pounds. After Lakers practice on Thursday, Bryant said that he actually suggested experimenting with weight loss to the Lakers seven-footer, after he’d realized that feeling lighter was an adjustment he needed in order to continue playing basketball at a high level into his mid-thirties.

Bryant said he recently had a “candid” conversation with Gasol about the Lakers center’s recent slump and offered this bit of advice.

“I told him I thought the thing that really helped me out is that I dropped some weight cause I felt like I was carrying around too much,” Bryant said openly before the Lakers hopped on a plane to Oklahoma City. “I told him he should probably measure it himself, and see if that’s something he needs to do as well.”

Bryant also clarified that these types of conversations with Gasol are common, as he considers Gasol like a brother to him, and there are plenty of times that Gasol brings “things to [his] attention.” In this case, Bryant feels Gasol is having some troubles moving around the court, and losing a few pounds could help out with that.

“When you get older, your metabolism just naturally slows, and you just quietly become a little more heavier, that might be something that he can do to help him move around on the court a little bit more. ”

There’s no debating Gasol’s decline, though in part to injury issues. Last season through 49 games (42 starts), Gasol averaged 13.7 points, 8.6 rebounds and shot 46% from the floor. This season, Gasol, who’s played and started in all 21 games this season, is averaging 14.4 ppg, 9 rebounds, and shooting a career-low 41% from the floor. His offensive rebounding (1.6 per game) is also at an all-time low.

Gasol has recently expressed frustrations with not getting the ball in the post, where he’s most effective, which he’s said has affected his aggressiveness. Friday, according to the L.A. Daily News, Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni responded back with, “It’s also a nice excuse not to play hard.” Whatever the case may be, with the unfortunate news of Steve Blake’s injury, Jordan Farmar and Steve Nash still out, the Lakers need championship-caliber Gasol back in action if they want to have any chance at coming out with a winning record on their tough four-game road trip.

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Responds To The Media About Jim Brown’s Comments

  • Jim213

    Kobe: Could lose some weight Pau.

  • Zimmeredge

    Weight excuses from Kobe? You can’t find any “believable” or “right” excuses to defend your mate.
    Gasol is bigger? that’s a fact and it’s not new… he was more muscular and athletic when we won back to back. that’s flagrant
    but i don’t think his fitness will change anything to the situation. It’s his commitment and dedication that will make the difference. and the least one can say: HE doesn’t want to commit and HE is not dedicated to the Lakers because he is not playing a 100% for our franchise. that’s main the problem. and that’s really hurting the fans.

    • Lakes4life

      Gasol was lighter when he got here. And kobe obviously knows what he’s talking about

      • Zimmeredge

        did I say something different? Do you read what i’ve written?
        I said that the weight issue is something that we already know about Gasol. You look at his body. His arms, chest, his face and you can notice that he got fat over the past 2-3 seasons. he had problems maintaining his physical form. Gasol is getting older.
        that being said, the problem is not how much he weights but how dedicated and willing to play, and play hard he is. that’s the most important part. because if he has lost his will, his motivation he will get bigger and fater automatically.
        the system is not the problem, the coach is not the problem he had problems with Brown and with Phil at the end.
        We can talk about the fact that he has been on the trade block for 2011-12 and 13. but since this summer there was no trade rumours on Gasol.
        he started all this one or two days ago when he talked about FA 14 and how pleasant it would be for him to get back to the Grizz. I appreciate his honesty but you are under contract in LA for F-sake so keep your mouth shut and do not disappoint fans that truly love you and support you.
        you can’t be the culprit and the victim at the same time. 😉

    • Lakes4life

      Although your right on commitment, gasol is lazy as fuck when it comes to defense plain and simple! We need someone young and athletic and it will change our team alot!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Now that is a fat guy lol.

  • John

    Huh? the way he gets pushed around already makes it look like he weighs a buck fifity. He will end up in the 3rd row at contact if he loses some more.