Lakers News: Kobe Bryant States He Could Play Another 5 Years

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant States He Could Play Another 5 Years


kobe dallasMuch has been made about how much longer Kobe Bryant will remain in the NBA. He’s said numerous times that he may retire following next season once his current contract is up. For now, Bryant still plans on evaluating things once this current season ends and deciding what’s best after that.

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However, in an upcoming interview for Time Warner Cable SportsNet’s Connected with Kobe Bryant, Bryant said something that we haven’t heard from him yet.

“I could play another five years. That’s not to say I will.”

In reality this isn’t that big of a surprise. Everybody knows Bryant’s conditioning is top-notch, and that realistically he could still compete in the NBA for years to come. Ultimately it’s been whether or not Bryant still wants to play in the league and accept the toll it has on his mind and body.

With the heavy minutes that Bryant’s been logging this season, the odds of him playing beyond next season might be slimmer than they once were. Kobe’s averaging 38.4 MPG, which is still one of the highest numbers in the league. That on top of a 17-year career with an average of 36.6 MPG and even more playoff minutes, the mileage on Bryant’s legs is certainly extensive.

While Laker fans aren’t ready to see Bryant hang up his shorts quite yet, ultimately his future will have to be determined by him and him alone.

To catch the full interview on Connected with Kobe Bryant, tune into Time Warner Cable SportsNet on Wednesday night following the Lakers’ matchup with Portland.


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  • chris

    i hope kobe will still stay with the laker’s but that is his desicion.



  • Fabian smith

    Kobe you are the best you need to show these dudes a few more years break Jordan records

  • Ina McLemore Martin

    Kobe we would love for u to play five more years. With a lot of disipline and a stable team u can do it. You can still be part of the team and limit your miniutes.. cant see the lakers suit up without u in the line up. Your presence alone brings something out in the other players…

  • Eddie Lazaro

    I love to see him re-sign for another 3-5years. He can still do a lot of damage being A POINT GUARD and playing 3o+min, having a15pt,10 assist, 5rebound, 2 steal per game. That of course is assuming another COACH at the HELM.

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