Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Starts Shooting In Practice

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Starts Shooting In Practice


Kobe Bryant Six games into his return from a torn Achilles tendon injury that kept him sidelined for eight months, Kobe Bryant went down again with a knee injury on the same leg as the torn Achilles.

As a result of the knee injury, Bryant is expected to miss six weeks with a return date of Jan. 28. Fortunately, Bryant was seen at practice on Friday getting shots up via Mike Trudell’s Vine account:

With the Los Angeles Lakers struggling and seemingly headed toward another disappointing end to a season, the Lakers won’t be rushing the perennial All-Star in fear of re-injury.

The Lakers will embark on one of the toughest road trips of the season after two more games at Staples Center. Pau Gasol and company will face off against the Utah Jazz on Friday and Denver Nuggets on Sunday before hitting the road.

The Lakers schedule consists of two games in Texas, one against the Dallas Mavericks and one against Dwight Howard’s Houston Rockets, before returning to Staples as the away team to face the Los Angeles Clippers.

After taking on the Clippers, the Lakers will play the Cleveland Cavaliers at home before playing the next seven games on the road.
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  • LakeShow

    Please just take the season off Kobe. You already have your money, let the Lakers tank hard to get the best player from 2014 draft. Lakers need to be in the top 5 bottom team in order to rebuild.

    If Kobe playing, Lakers might win more games which would not be enough to get into playoff and at the same time ruining the chances for the Lakers to get the next franchise player.

    We all know he’s chasing the All-Time Scoring Record but is it worth it for the Lakers to jeopardize the future for the sake of Kobe’s personal record. Before anyone here bashing me with “he’s after the 6th ring, not personal record”, use your head first. Lakers are not going to win the title this year with the current rosters and they have no tradeable assets to reload.

    • Paytc

      I am sure Kobe is chasing every accomplishment he can as he should be.
      If you are blessed enough to have Kobe’s talent you’d be a fool to settle for less than your best. Kobe is not a fool; however he did foolishly leave the scoring title that was his for the taking two years ago if he played the last game of the season and scored 30 points. He decided to pass on that opportunity and rest for the playoffs(most knew the Lakers were a long shot at best that year)but Kobe sacrificed for team over individual milestones.You can bet KD was happy as his streak was allowed to continue on. That will most likely be a decision Kobe regrets after retirement.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kobe has no lift on his shots in the video.He can’t jump over the yellow pages book.

    • Paytc

      I’m sure it is because he is not foolish enough to push it too hard. Many will say he can’t dunk with authority either when he returns. But Kobe usually doesn’t try to do anything unnecessary just to prove a point.

      He will return and continue to exceed all expectations…… Who can ask for anything more?

      Cheers to Kobe’s successful return to the top and more Laker championships in the process.

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      If there is one person to never lose faith in…..its KB24 – he has given us so much over the years – we gotta show him love/respect until he hangs it up. He will come back and be great – he will be a much different player – but this is Kobe we are talking about.


    u guys aint no real damn fans.. smh yall some media brainwashed front running basketball fans who don’t know how to respect the game for wat it is. this game is about winning. not today not tomorrow not later this year or later this decade. this stuff is about faing a challenge directly in front of u. real compettitors FACE COMPETITION. U PLAY TO WIN. AND WIN NOW. THATS IT. WE WONT KOBE ON THE FLOOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WINNING A TITLE IS ALWAYS A POSSIBILITY WHEN U BELIEVE IN URSELF. KOBE DOES PLENTY OF THAT. WITH OR WITHOUT UR SUPPORT OR UR DAMN FAITH IN THE TEAM. IF U SIDE WITH THE IDEA OF TANKIN THEN U A DAMN FOOL. SORRY EXCUSE FOR A LAKER FAN. AND DISRESPECTFUL TO KOBE AND ALL THAT HE HAS SHOWN UR IGNORANT ASS FOR 17 YRS.

    • LakeShow

      Right! As if LeBron stayed in Cleveland to “face the competition”. If you get too attached or emotional, you’ll never make good decision. It has nothing to do with being brainwashed, it’s all BUSINESS.

      Yes, Kobe won 5 rings for the Lakers but that was a long time ago. He ain’t getting young and there is something called CBA (maybe you want to look it up on Google) to stop big market teams like Lakers to simply get any superstar they want.

      Other than tanking, how else the Lakers going to get the next franchise player? Trade? No GMs are stupid enough to give up their young talents for any of our players. Lakers have NO TRADEABLE assets. FA? Most young talents are RESTRICTED FREE AGENT, there is nothing Lakers can do. The ones who are unrestricted are either old, injury-proned or not interested to join the Lakers.

      So tell me, what “believe” can do for you?

    • Apex

      Im with you and your passion for everything you said, it sets a bad standard if the lakers organization purposely tanks. And to think Kobe is not gonna play, has nothing to do what people think or say, I’ve said it before Kobe would come out and play with his left leg missing. Basketball is all Kobe knows period
      However, you would have to have the mathematical knowledge that of a 5 year old to understand this team at this stage would basically have to win most of there games for the rest of the season just to get into the playoffs. The wild wild west ain’t the easy east. And I have never suggested this team tank, but it’s more then likely gonna happen anyhow!
      At this point I just wanna watch Kobe play his final years out. When he’s gone, I will be one sad human being. So I just stay positive hope this organization can pull something out of their ass and put together one last championship run and get Kobe his 6th ring before it’s all over

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      worthless rant

  • Apex

    His shooting form looks really odd because he’s not able to jump. I could normally sit there and watch Kobe shoot the ball all day and pick at his technique, but this is painful to see. Hopefully he’s actually ready to play on the 28th as I’m sure there’s nothing more he would like to do then get back out there. I just hope he doesn’t feel rushed or worst just simply isn’t at full strength, the last thing I need to see is Kobe get injured again!!!

  • Boobie Knight

    Bet Sacre makes more free throws than Kobe tonight.

    • Paytc

      I’ll take you up on that bet. How much :-)

      • Boobie Knight

        I’ll bet you my free tacos tonight!

        • Paytc

          I’m hungry ! Tell me why you had to go there :-)
          I gotta go fix something to eat. LOL………

  • Dre

    Did they give him another 2yr extension on top of that 2yr extension he got prior to his first return? Just go ahead and shoot the other foot this time guys.

    • Success nothing less.

      Every business step is risky, But you gotta be willing to take the risk to be successful, It take someone with balls to do it and that is something Lakers have contrary to the other teams.

    • Matthew Kuhn

      You really are quite silly arnt you!! Yes they over paid Kobe with his new contract but how much does he make lakers money in the next two years…..???? Answer that question because it will be a lot more than his 48 million contract!!! If u had any business sense you would have thought before posting something so stupid!!

  • Marty Susman

    KOBE, please think of the following;
    A. PLEASE don’t come back until next season.
    B. Please just practice three point shooting.
    C. Please think about being the NBA’s First “CLOSER”
    D. When you come back, play only the 4th quarter.

  • Jay Brodes

    what shoes is mamba rockin??