Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Speaks About The ‘Black Mamba Mentality’

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Speaks About The ‘Black Mamba Mentality’


Kobe Bryant answered a series of questions during a promotional event at the Westfield Culver City shopping center on Saturday for the latest release of his signature Nike Kobe IX shoe, hosted by Jeff G., The Sports Dude. In his 18th season, Bryant is arguably in the midst of his most difficult stretch in the NBA, with respect to injury.

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The 35-year-old ruptured his Achilles late in the 2013 season when the Los Angeles Lakers were making a strong push heading into the playoffs. Only six games into his return this season, he fractured his left knee, which has sidelined him since Dec. 20.  Affectionately referred to as the “Black Mamba”, Bryant  provided some insight as to what kind of mentality comes with moniker, according to Lakers Nation’s Serena Winters:

The mentality Bryant speaks of is a major factor in why he is so revered and why he’s been able to bounce back from previous injuries much earlier than recovery timetables projected.  It’s also the same thought process that has played a role in Bryant’s assertion that he would return this season when healthy, despite where the Lakers may be in standings.  Bryant has stated on numerous occasions that he would continue playing basketball so long as he is able to meet his standards and not simply be viewed as someone who has aged and is simply trying to prolong his career.

Bryant’s “never die attitude” was on full display last season when he routinely played 40 minutes a game and willed the Lakers to one victory after another. Prior to getting injured against the Golden State Warriors on April 12, Bryant was the driving force behind the Lakers late-season climb in the standings that had many believing the Lakers were a threat to upset their opponent in the first round of the playoffs.  With a two-year, $48.5 million extension in hand, Bryant is again tasked with fighting his way back, whenever that is, and proving the naysayers wrong.
Kobe Bryant: “Revenge Is Sweet And It’s Quick”

  • Jim213

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  • FakerstoLakers

    Lakers last in the west. In my following the Lakers for 35 years never seen anything like this.
    I chuckle, none of these people are offering any real medical advice, “Kobe Being Great”. Based on what evidence. I am not disputing it, but, what evidence medically are you offering.

    Here we go again, all the Fakers fans, unrealistic ones, will jump up and down.
    Lakers fans are smart, they are realistic. Sure.

    • kobe24

      I don’t get what you were trying to point out.

      So tell me, what guys like Jerry West are supposed to say?
      -> Kobe is going to be horrible, he sucks and he should just retire? I personally think that Kobe is still going to be his old self (albeit a bit slower and probably not as many points) but im going with around 22~23 PPG since he relies on jumper alot and as long as there isn’t and freak injury he should be back, his work mentality is like no other.

      • fakerstolakers

        Before the injury Kobe was already 4th or 5th best player in the league behind LBJ Durant Love and Melo (yeah Melo, Kobe has not played much defense or rebounds last few seasons).

        So Kobe will be 2 years older and coming off an ankle injuries and A knee injury, he will be great.

        I am amzed that Lakers fans don’t get it, Lakers for the next two seasons will be lucky to fight for a playoffs spot and we are talking championships.

    • fromHaterToLoser

      you are here again trolling.. stop copy and paste, man.. you dont have anything else left in your brain, isnt?.. go home kid

      • fakerstolakers

        And you can go to your fantasy land. There is more to basketball than last place 2013-2014 Lakers.

        Since you are a fanatic, that what fan means, I am a student of basketball and try to be realistic.

        See the articles here about the Lakers and one ones on ESPN. On ESPN, who are the Lakers? That is the fact when you are last place.

        And, your attitude tells me that you enjoy being last place.