Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Sits Out Practice Due To Soreness

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Sits Out Practice Due To Soreness


The Kobe Bryant watch continues with the return date for the five-time NBA champion still uncertain after he returned to practice last week. After participating in two practice sessions with the team, Bryant claimed to be feeling good and received a rave reviews from his teammates and coaches for looking like the player of old.

On Thursday, Bryant may have started to show some chinks in his armor with the perennial All-Star sitting out of practice due to soreness, according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters via Twitter:

With Bryant unable to participate in basketball activities for seven months, it comes as no surprise that the 35-year-old would feel some soreness after getting back on the practice floor with his teammates.

Although many will speculate that Bryant has suffered a setback, the Lakers are insisting the superstar shooting guard simply took the day off. It remains to be seen if this is truly the case, but as of right now, the team is sticking by the fact that Bryant needed a day off.
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  • LakersHeatBeef

    That’s to be expected,a person has surgery on Achilles bottom of the foot,yeah expected.

  • Jim213

    Expected, he’ll adjust given his injury/surgery aside of his body adjusting to physical activities after close to half a year away from physical basketball activities. IMO, 4 to 5 weeks no rush.

  • Gregory Choa

    HA! C’mon now, you didn’t expect Kobe to go hard in three consecutive days of PRACTICE coming of the injury, did ‘ya? I mean…we are talking about practice here, right? …not a game, but practice?!?!

    Seriously though…Kobe should NOT push it in any way, shape or form…I would be very surprised if he played in either of these two home games on Friday and Sunday, and don’t see any reason to play him on the 3-game Thanksgiving week roadtrip…though he should definitely travel with the team. I still say that the most logical date for him to make his return is Sunday, December 1st against the Blazers, in that first game back at Staples coming off the road.

    Interestingly, I just also read that Steve Nash might be 10 days away from possibly making his return to the lineup…well, ten days from tomorrow puts him right at that same December 1st date at Staples, in the Sunday whites, against the Blazers…and Damian Lillard…the guy who inadvertently broke Nash’s leg on that fateful day in Portland in the Lakers 2nd game of last season…how fitting!

  • Jimmy John Smith

    Chink is the proper term instead of kink. The writer got it right gramatically.

  • Matt Williams

    It’s not a setback people. It’s alright.

  • meep

    so i see kobe not allowed to take a day off to rest. he just had a big injury and the first time he practicing he allowed to have a day off.