Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Says Michael Jordan Stole Moves Too

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Says Michael Jordan Stole Moves Too


Kobe vs. JordanEarlier this month, Michael Jordan was interviewed to talk about the release of the video game NBA 2K14. Among the topics of discussion was whether he thought any of today’s NBA stars could give him problems had they played one-on-one in his prime. His answer: “I don’t think I would lose, other than to Kobe Bryant because he steals all of my moves.”

On Friday morning, Bryant joined Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Power 106 FM and was asked about Jordan’s comment about stealing moves.

“I’m a student of the game, you know, so I know the history; I know where Michael’s moves came from,” said Bryant about stealing moves. “I know they came from David Thompson. I know they came from Dr. J. I know they came from, in particular, Jerry West. So Michael didn’t invent the wheel. He stole a lot of moves from a lot of great players.

“I just so happened to steal some moves from him, and I just probably stole them better than anybody else has. You have to learn from the greats that came before you, that’s how it should be done.”

Jordan has said in the past that his favorite player growing up was Thompson, and it would only make sense for anyone to mimic the moves from those he grew up watching. Jordan may not have created all of his own moves, but he was able to put his own signature on how those moves were executed in the same way that Bryant has throughout his career.

After Jordan’s retirement, Bryant became the premier wing for other perimeter players to form their respective games around. Bryant says it’s an honor to see some of today’s players do some of the same things he does on the court.

“Most of these guys that I’m playing against grew up watching me. Whether it’s James Harden or Russell Westbrook or the Durants or the LeBrons of the world, you know, they grew up watching me. It’s an honor when I go against these guys and I see some of the similarities in the footwork — it’s good.”

In 10 to 15 years from now, we’ll be talking about how the NBA’s future stars have shaped their games around Kevin Durant and LeBron James the same way that we’re discussing Bryant and Jordan and West and Thompson before them.

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  • Kendal

    He spoke the truth….this is why Jordan respects Kobe so much…..he knows Kobe is not just a player but a student of the Game….

    • Fullgore

      He re purposed the old quote Bill Gates gave to Steve Jobs when Steve Jobs accused Bill o’s stealing the idea of the Operating System(Windows). Bill Gates basically looked Steve Jobs in the eye and said “well Steve, it looks like you and I noticed Xerox had a nice TV, you came at night to steal the TV but I had already taken it.” The quote goes something like that. Good stuff but a little to nerdy for the people on this website.

  • Kyle L. Hillard

    I can’t figure out why this is such a big deal. Kobe patterned his game after Michael Jordan, he didn’t just steal a few moves, but I don’t see anything wrong with that. Who’s Kobe suppose to emulate, BJ Armstrong???

    • boccs5

      Well he did pattern some of his game after his favorite player who happens to be his coach now dumbtoni lol yell

      • richard

        yeah… lol… he might have… specially the shooting part… after all he did grew up in Italy where he saw plenty of MDA’s playing days… it’s not far fetch… even if the comment was meant to be in jest….

    • richard

      absolutely right… I don’t it when people feel like… “oh no, MJ stole some moves?” or “What the fuct, Kobe stole MJ’s moves!” We all take something from someone and it becomes part of our personality… that is what we call learning… our mannerism are learned from our parents… our values are learned from the family we grew up with and the environment that we live in. That is just how life revolves around… “what comes around goes around…” decades after Kobe is gone… the next generation will be watching superstars and they will be looking at the same moves that we are seeing today from Kobe.

      • cj

        idk about that. kobe has been bashed by the media so much we mave never see another kobe. we will se more lbj’s and kd’s

        • richard

          maybe not… LBJ is not a regularly built athlete… same as Durant… MJ and Kobe.. they looked ordinary in the positions they play, it’s their skill level that is something to unmatched…… you can’t say something like that in LBJ and Durant with the positions they play…LBJ just bulldozed everyone with sheer force .. Durant is just plain long… they have physical advantages over their opponent… can’t say that with MJ and Kobe, especially Kobe.

          • cj

            but look we had never seen a lbj or kd before but wiggens looks like a hibrid of the two so there some one who could model his game to theirs

    • Truth

      Exactly man! :) if u wanna be the best u gotta learn from the best (Kobe learnt from MJ, MJ learnt from the previous NBA legends)

  • Kyle L. Hillard

    If you watch old MJ footage, you see Kobe all day, it’s so similar it’s amazing!

    • cj

      mj was a less athletic better shooting dr j. kobe is a less athletic better shooting mj.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    I highly and sincerely doubt in 10 years we will be talking about how players have modeled their games after lebron and durant – their size and athletic ability dictate their game. It is not something people can emulate.

    • cj

      but people are getting bigger and stronger. the nba is also easy to get into. were going to see more tight ends like lebron in the nba in the next 10-15 season unless the nba passes the 1 and done law

      • C*HarrisTHEboss

        NOBODY – will ever be built like lebron or durant physically. The NBA is easy? Lebron is a tight end? dude what the hell are you yammering about

        • cj

          u can go 1 year of collage and be an nba player. u have to do 2-3 years of collage to get into the nfl and the mlb has minor league that u play in before the big leagues. so it is easy to get into the nba and make money faster then any other major sport. lebron is 6-8/6-9 and 250/260 lb that is a nfl player who liked basketball better. if more nfl capable players came into the nba we would have more lebron like players.

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            Current NFL players with significant basketball talent who played against NBA players back in the day , such as Terrell Pryor, Antonio Gates, Jimmy Graham, are all not even close to being good enough to compete like an all-star. Lebron is an ANOMALY. It has nothing to do with the money making aspect – it is the measure of anticipated success. They make it easier to get into the NBA out of COLL(E)GE because it is easier to measure future success in that league in younger players. Without trying to be rude, your analysis is pretty stupid dude.

          • cj

            im not saying lebron is an every day star hes not but more and more people built like lebron will turn to the nba because its a quick money maker. the more people like lebron come into the league the better chance one or two of them have the skill james has.

  • ra

    It depends upon what you mean by ‘steal’. I’m certain that there are hundreds, if not thousands of moves that look like other player’s moves. There’s really nothing original.

    In fact, several of MJ’s ‘moves’ look like Dr. J’s ‘moves’. Did he ‘steal them’? Kind of an odd way to put it. The game moves ‘so fast’, so let’s say in one play, MJ did a move (we’re talking, within a few seconds of ‘thinking’ time), and during that ‘few seconds’, the move to make was something that was similar to Dr. J’s move. Did he ‘steal it’? The fact that he saw the move previously, and in a split second adjusted his position so that it worked out that way — did he ‘steal it’?

    Basketball players watch tape, watch old games, etc. So this actually shows, that Kobe has a ‘great memory’. He can draw upon a number of plays, MJ’s, Hakeem O’s, even Dr. J’s, etc., and when the time is right, the knowledge of the move is there. Then, did he ‘steal it’? No … rather, he adjusted his position and used ‘aspects of the move’, and of course it ‘appears like’ MJ’s moves.

    I’ve played pickup games for years (at UCLA), and in a ‘guard’ position, I’ve often tried to emulate some of Steve Nash’s or Chris Paul’s old moves. I see them play, and say ‘how did they do that?’. I’d like to do that in a game. It works well. I can’t say that I was able to do it (either like them, or even ‘at all’), but they both know ‘what works’. So why not try what works?

    Actually, it will ‘never’ look the same as what the person who did it first achieved. MJ does not look exactly like Dr. J, even when emulating some of his moves.

    Do what you can, with what you’ve got. If something looks good, and you can do it, try it. Don’t hold back. Kobe knows what he can do, so if he tries ‘everything’, even MJ’s moves, great. I want to see that in a game, don’t you?

  • boccs5

    Kobe has some better footwork in the post and off the dribble than m.j., mj wasn’t able to do no shamgod or iverson like crosses, imagine if they didn’t take that out the league, kobe would have even scored more yell

    • richard

      agree… MJ himself acknowledge that about Kobe’s footwork… and that is how things should be…. the new generation adding a little something to what the present generation has done…

    • watchthepast

      It’s times and posts like these that I wish people were around when Jordan was in is prime.

      Anyone who watched a Chicago vs. Atlanta game knows what I mean. The bulls being down big at the half. Then mj fights back in the 2nd and brings it home for an epic win.

      Those were the days. The level of competition. The superstars on each team. The excitement was unmatched.

      You can’t relive those days through YouTube or first hand accounts. You had to be there. Watching Jordan was a spectacle. You knew there was something special happening that would forever change the game.

      As much as I love Kobe and lebron, that doesn’t happen today.

      • cj

        the 90s were watered down. they had 1 super team in chi and every other team was good. this is why jordan won so many. if he had to deal with the 6-7 super teams in kobes era he would only have like 3-4

  • Paytc

    Enough said ! No one really has any “Exclusive rights ” on the term the “Greatest” . There were great players before MJ and there have been great players after. Part of learning to play the game is to model excellence. No one was born knowing anything. You see what works and upon using it you sign your name to the new and hopefully improved version. Then we keep evolving.

  • richard

    I have no problem Kobe stealing the moves or MJ stealing moves… that’s how it is suppose to be. We all watch games and when we are on the court we like to emulate those moves and make them our own. That is just being a student is. We learn from someone by watching, by listening, by doing. I salute my hat to Kobe for acknowledging that he stole – or whatever you term it – most of his moves from the greats that came before him, not only in basketball but in all of sports and in life in general.

  • Hii

    well, we all learn from the best to be the best (or trying to be the best instead =P)
    therefore, that’s not a problem. as long you mastered them and put them in good use

  • markspark

    It’s not like MJ or Kobe can’t patent or copyright moves…. this is how players learn to play the game of basketball!!!

  • BP3

    Jordan created his own moves. None of them fooos moved like him before him. Ha.

    • cj

      u must not have watched dj, magic, bird or any other of the pre mj greats

  • 2AIRisnothuman

    It’s called sarcasm…MJ was being sarcastic…