Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Says He’s ‘Not Ready’ To Increase Minutes

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Says He’s ‘Not Ready’ To Increase Minutes


Kirby Lee
Kirby Lee
The Los Angeles Lakers are officially 0-3 with Kobe Bryant in the lineup this season after the team was blown out by the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday night at Chesapeake Energy Arena.

In his first three games back, Bryant has been limited in terms of minutes on the floor. Bryant decided to take a cautious approach to his return to the floor for the Lakers and smartly so.

Apparently, Bryant will continue to play limited minutes as he believes he’s not ready to receive a boost in playing time just yet via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

Bryant played 23 minutes on Friday night in a losing effort against the Thunder. Due to Steve Blake’s elbow injury keeping the veteran guard out for at least the next six weeks, Bryant was forced to start at the point guard position and that trend will likely continue for the rest of the road trip.

The five-time NBA champion finished with only four points on 2-of-6 shooting, but dished out a game-high 13 assists in the loss in an attempt to get his teammates involved rather than attacking on offense. Although dishing out 13 assists was impressive, Bryant committed seven turnovers.

With Bryant clearly still a bit rusty, it’ll take some time before he shows signs of his former form.
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  • High Rolls resident

    this is sweet for all non likkers


      …soon to roll as resident hikers on the Low_

  • Al Haldie

    So when do we start winning games again all this crap KOBE GOMING BACK IS TURN EVERYTHING AROUND is right —they sure did change 3 straight losses-last nite bench points 52/46 bench wins–rb-23/18 bench wins turn overs bench 6/13 bench wins wins—KAMAN 12 min. 8 r/b—but yet he has been sitting on the bench-cant do much there—its going to get better -maybe NEXT YR- BUT WE HAVE BEEN SINGING THAT SONG FOR A LONG TIME……long time lakers fan

    • Dragon7s

      Love your passion but you really need to put things in perspective, especially about Kaman’s numbers.

      The bench has been outscoring the starters all season long but do you really think that if you started the Bench Mob against the Thunder’s starting line-up that they would have done any better?
      All those numbers really tell is that our bench is better than most opposing teams’ benches…that is all.
      And Kaman grabbing 8 rebounds in 12 minutes of garbage time shows that he deserves more playing time? Not saying he shouldn’t be on the court more but don’t let that stat skew your view.

  • Jose

    Is he ready to lessen his minutes and maybe come off the bench? Well at least until he gets used to NBA speed again.

    • Dragon7s

      That might have been a good option before Blake got hurt but with no healthy PG’s, Kobe has no choice but to run the offense for the starters.