Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Says He’s Not Coming Back Against Grizzlies

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Says He’s Not Coming Back Against Grizzlies


The speculation continues to run rampant about Kobe Bryant’s return to the floor for the Los Angeles Lakers.

On Thursday, Kobe addressed the media once again about his return and squashed a theory about coming back against the Memphis Grizzlies on Nov. 15 according to Mike Bresnahan of the L.A. Times via Twitter:

With Bryant ramping up his workouts and hinting at a return sooner rather than later, the consensus seems to be the five-time NBA champion will be back on the floor at some point in November. Kobe also talked about his rehab and his current limitations via ESPN’s Dave McMenamin:

Before the 2013-14 NBA season got underway, Steve Nash said he believed Kobe would return before Thanksgiving. At this point in time, Nash’s prediction seems to be right on the money.

With 11 games left before the national holiday, Bryant might be able to get his body right in time in order to take the floor.

During that time period, the Lakers will face off against the Houston Rockets (Thursday), New Orleans Pelicans (twice), Denver Nuggets, Memphis Grizzlies, Detroit Pistons, Golden State Warriors, Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings and Washington Wizards.

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  • Paytc

    Yeah ! Now imagine how easy the Lakers with Kobe would crush the Rockettes.
    Dwight Howard was exactly who we thought he was. Hack-a-Howard worked on that no post move having,no foul shooting,childish joking around,low work ethic, non business like buster !

    And to all them wishy washy so call Laker fans….. Let me remind you of a couple of things.
    As I said in an earlier post. We can not get too high on wins, or too low on loses. This is a new team. We are still working on finding an identity in Kobe’s absence. We are still trying to develop some chemistry and consistency. It will take time before we can win a lot of games on the road. Win streaks even at home may be challenging for a while. But hang in there with the team.

    I thought the team played with some HEART and Purpose tonight. But it is just one game. Keep the champagne corked and chilled on ice. We have more work to do to stay in the hunt until Kobe returns to help anchor the team down.

    Though that would not have been my 4th quarter line up they did find a Hack-a-Howard way to win.

    Although I am not the biggest Blake fan…. Blake gets props on a big time game winning shot !

    Let’s keep taking things one game at a time. And let this be a reminder to the so call Laker faithful to remain faithfully in support of your team.

    Go Lakers !

  • Paytc

    Kobe should come back no sooner than dec 20th as a tune up before the XmasHeats game. But I would suggest he wait until a few games after the Heat for his return. But I am sure Kobe will do what his body and mind working in harmony tells him.

    Go Kobe ! Cheers to your successful return to dominance and more Laker championships.