VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Says He’s ‘100 Percent’ For Next Season

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Says He’s ‘100 Percent’ For Next Season


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Kobe Bryant has been in Brazil to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup and during his time, he has done numerous interviews and was even playing street soccer.

With the San Antonio Spurs defeating the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, all eyes are on the Los Angeles Lakers as they face their most important off-season in nearly a decade.

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While the Lakers currently have three players under contract for next season, Los Angeles does have ample cap room to go along with the seventh pick in the NBA Draft on June 26. However, if the Lakers want to make the playoffs again, Bryant’s health will be key in the next two seasons. When asked about his health, the five-time champion reveled that he is “100 percent” for next season. Here is the video via Terra Esportes.

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  • lakers4life

    kobes 100 percent..that means its up to jim buss and mitch to build the lakers back to a championship team this summer.. Do it Mitch!

  • Tyson

    Heard the same thing last season prior to his return. Practice/Scrimmage intensity can never replicate actual in-game NBA action . I’ll wait and see him return to actual NBA action before getting excited.

    • Josh

      He was 100% when he returned last season. Then he had to adapt to playing with guys he had never played with before. Then he suffered a new injury not related to the achilles. If he says he’s ready now, then he’ll have almost 3-4 months of working out with his new teammates this summer. Let’s see what Mitch can pull off, and we could be in for a good season.

      • JKR

        I thought it was the other way around when he came back for that 6 games last year. It was the other guys who had to adjust to him and Pau because those 2 just played on their own, junking what the rest of the team was doing that got them to 10-9, having won 6 of 8, and 3 in a row on the road.

        • Tune

          That’s just the nature of the game, there’s always going to be rust when one of your best players comes back. Look at the Clippers, OKC when WB and CP3 came back after injuries. OKC dropped from first seed to second from losing as they readjusted to WB.

        • Josh

          No, you didn’t watch. Kobe came back trying to work himself into the system, but he was turning the ball over and was not being effective because he was not familiar with any of his teammates other than Pau. After 4-5 games of that, he decided to take it upon himself to get Pau going again and to try to eek out a few wins, and that’s when he started throwing out the system in favor of a little triangle action with Pau and himself.

          • Dougoberto

            Very much this ^^^

          • EvoVIII

            Gotta agree with JKR. Pau and Kobe ditched the team and played their own game.

      • Ken Cheng

        I’m not 100% sure that the knee injury wasn’t related to the Achilles, but I’m no doctor, so I’ll leave it at that.

        When Kobe returns in the fall, however, he’ll have several things going for him that he didn’t have last season:

        1. More time removed from injuries.

        2. More time for conditioning.

        3. A full training camp with whomever will be his teammates come the start of the new season.

        4. A coach who’s not Mike D’Antoni.

        Together, these factors should make a world of difference.

        • cj

          he broke his leg that had nothing to do with his old injury.

    • Tune

      And he was 100% then he got an unrelated injury.

  • itsmarvinyo

    That is comforting news mamba. Ugh… I just hate crossing days off till pre-season…

  • KB24

    Heard that the minny will most likely trade love in the draft night….yep,to celtics again another kevin though without promise he will re-sign which is music from our ears, in that way we can package the pick for noah or dcousins deal or any all star caliber bigmen(noah,dcousins,ibaka,duncan,griffin,davis,aldridge,etc) or keep the pick most likely smart or randle(if his stocks go down). Then, we should re-sign pau 2-4 yrs then get a big man ala noah or dc….noah would complement pau’s game though his knees gets injured against wizards, if it is dc his attitude is the problem getting the most ejection for any player in the nba right now..ibaka,duncan and griffin are part of their teams core,maybe AD but he is a 4 like love not 5,best thing is to build a team that is competitive to reach WCF OR NBA FINALS then SIGN KEVIN LOVE NXT YEAR AWAY FROM CELTICS….noah will be a UFA in 2 yrs like durant and kobe, not sure if he is worth of a picks coz it should be 3-5 yr contract to include draftpicks…maybe, best scenario is keep the pick(best talent would be smart or randle or gordon)…let nash teach smart pg skills and shooting skills(3pt) for example, then kobe will mentor him post ups,mid range,read defense,footwork,skills,etc…then package monroe,meeks(bulls need a shooter),future picks in 2019 or 2021(after draft night) for noah, sign perfect role players and team players for the team, SMART-KOBE-deng/ariza-pau-noah