Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Says Ankle Was “Stiff” Against Hawks

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Says Ankle Was “Stiff” Against Hawks


Kobe BryantThings haven’t gone exactly as planned for the Los Angeles Lakers with Kobe Bryant back in the starting lineup. The Lakers have now dropped four of five games since he returned December 8 against the Toronto Raptors.

Tonight, the Lakers dropped their second of three games on the road in a 114-100 loss to the Atlanta Hawks and will end their four-game road trip tomorrow night against the Memphis Grizzlies. However, Bryant still didn’t look fully comfortable on the floor, admitting on TWC Sportsnet that his ankle is still giving him some problems:

It felt a little stiff on me. That’s the next level of progression. Playing these games, sitting out and getting back in. Getting it loose is a matter of time, increased activity and keep it loose.

On the night, Bryant shot 4-14 with eight points as he was the de-facto point guard, once again racking up the turnovers. In 32 minutes, Bryant had five turnovers to six assists as the Lakers blew a seven-point halftime lead, getting outscored 35-19 by the Hawks in the third quarter.

While he’s shown flashes of his old self, the 35-year-old guard is still trying to shake off the rust. Tomorrow night will arguably be Bryant’s toughest test, on the second of a back-to-back, and told TWC SportsNet how he’ll prepare for the Grizzlies:

Try and get ready for the next night. Stretch, ice and make sure you take care of your body.

It’ll be Bryant’s fourth game in five nights, and after saying he’d like to limit his all-star guard to about 25 minutes, head coach Mike D’Antoni has played Bryant over 30 minutes for the second consecutive game. While it’s frustrating to watch Bryant struggle to regain his form, don’t expect things to get any easier for Bryant and the Lakers tomorrow night in Memphis.


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  • ra


  • kobe24

    No big deal… I hope

    Honestly I’m sort of worried Kobe has to play 28~33 minutes of game time already. He shouldn’t be carrying that much load from the start and its absurd to the people who say Kobe sucks…and that he is ruining the lakers team

    • Al Haldie

      AS you say PLEASE watch the game befor makeing a statment like that…HONESTLY…..

      • kobe24

        Lol are u that person from that last post.

        I also read your comment I didn’t understand what you were saying..

        And what statement did I make that was so wrong? That Kobe playing 28~33 minutes is alot or absurd that people say he sucks?

  • Daryl Peek

    Ramona Shelburne ‏@ramonashelburne1h
    Jordan Farmar said postgame the earliest he might play again is Friday if he’s given clean bill of health, and feels OK after practices

    Help is on the way…

    • Al Haldie

      I hope Farmar is back soon but not as starting PG that is a waste of a good PG-because when he passes the ball to KOBE the ball stops there….T/O ..

      • Daniel

        Kobe has been going out of his way to facilitate and get his team involved. Unfortunately there have been a lot of turnovers and missed opportunities. Even though he can play point, that’s not his spot. I can’t wait for Farmar either. I would start him, and bring Swaggy P off the bench.

        • Daryl Peek

          I’m not gonna hate on Kobe the way Al is but Kobe is far from truly helping as a facilitator. Kobe is way too focused on the two man game between he and Gasol and it ‘s disrupted the team chemistry. You’re right about the PG situation.

          • Al Haldie


          • Daryl Peek

            First, what’s the deal with being all capped out?!? Looks to me like someone is upset in trying to prove their not biased against Kobe?

            The truth is Kobe’s reintegration was gonna be difficult no matter what but it had to happen. Is there something he can do to make it smoother? Who knows?

            Another truth you seem to ignore is the injuries? No team would fare well if they lost all three of their PG’s in a PG centered offense. How is this Kobe fault?!? Blaming Kobe is not calling it like you see it if you omit some facts of the big picture.

            Who else is gonna handle the ball and keep the turnovers down? Farmar was on a three turnovers a game pace as a reserve up against reserves.

            The only thing I take issue with is Kobe being too focused on motivating Pau. Yes we need Pau but there are other players on the team if he can’t get it together.

          • Paytc

            Kobe is a smarter player than anyone posting on here is. He also is more confident in both his and Gasols abilities. To get where Kobe plans to go he will need Gasol or some other so call experienced superstar playing well,not just along for the ride.

            Many so call Laker fans are like so many in society. Just want the quick thrill. Well truthfully it will take a bit of time to turn this team into a playoff threat.

            Who on here thinks any playoff team is taking the Lakers without Kobe and Gasol (or some other superstar) playing well seriously? I don’t care if we lose a little excitement in the short term. That is the sacrifice we have to make to get our leaders going to shock the world, and many of the fair-weather fans,critics,doubter,and haters.

            The goal is still the same. bring a heathy team into the playoffs and play our best ball when it counts most.

            Go Lakers !

        • Al Haldie

          Then what u are saying is make the bench the starters but add KOBE SO HE LOOKS GOOD- NO NO…

          • Kobe24

            Al your comment doesn’t make sense

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I don’t like the sound of this.Kobe is stiff already 5 games back.Hopefully nothing.

  • Rick Mora

    3 team trade: 1. Toronto gets 4 overall 1st round picks in a deep draft next year and can save 40 mil by amnestying Amare and letting Gasol walk plus keep enough to make playoffs this year in the east.

    2. Knicks get rid of Amare and JR’s contracts, get a point guard in Lowry and Asik to protect the rim with loss of Chandler.

    3. Rockets get bargnani, solid and cheap backup big with J.Hill, sixth man JR and brooks can do what Lin did for 5 mil less.

    4. Lakers get j lin, chandler and shumpert

    • Jose

      Toronto can’t amnesty Amare since they already used it on Kleiza. Also why would the Lakers want to take on that much salary. It seems you are a Knicks fan since they end up the with the best players of the deal and they free up money in the process.


    bad decision signing nobe for 2 years. gasoft and nobe is too old and slow to lead lakers to a title anymore!! both players have no chemistry and too many turnovers and slow the lakers down. face it both players are too slow on the defensive end.
    dantoni is weak, he is a scoring coach not a defensive coach, if lakers dont trade, flake, gasoft, nobe, nash, or sacre, they will be 6 games below .500 and will not make the playoffs!

  • joe23

    Kobe is the cancer of the lakers team… the team are better without him. Need to hang his jersey already… the FO need to move on with kobeless, in the team,. The lakers won’t get another championship with kobe on the team “mark this ya’ll’,,,
    lakers are above .500 without him and when he came back with the team we lose to many game that the team should win it.

    • Al Haldie

      You got that right, when i heard LOBE say {IM BAAAACK} i thought, well there goes a pretty good team going down to below 500….

  • Guest

    “On the night, Bryant shot 4-14 with eight points as he was the de-facto point guard, once again racking up the turnovers.”

    Kobe shot 4-19 not 4-14, he missed all 5 three pointers also.

    Kobe will rise again!

    • Al Haldie

      Those three are in the 4/14—u cant add them in again-how do you get on the other side of the street—you better make sure the light is green…

  • None Ya Biz

    Kobe need to sit out and rest for Friday the Grizzles is missing Conley and Gasol we can win this game while he rest, oh and he only had 6pts I knew something was wrong every time he drove it the basket he would stop and looked stuck