Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Says Achilles Feels ‘Completely Fine’

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Says Achilles Feels ‘Completely Fine’


Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports
After an eight-month absence, Kobe Bryant returned to the floor for the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday night against the visiting Toronto Raptors. The crowd immediately embraced Bryant the second the superstar ran onto the floor in his warmups, but struggled to produce much of anything in a less than stellar performance.

Following the loss to the Raptors, Bryant talked to the media about his play on the floor and the condition of his surgically repaired Achilles. Bryant said the following about his Achilles according Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters via Twitter:

With eight turnovers and only nine points on the night, Bryant was clearly rusty in his return to the floor. Despite showing the rust in his return after eight months of rehab, Bryant feeling good after testing his Achilles against an opposing team is a good sign to say the least.

It comes as no surprise Bryant would be rusty in his first game and would need time to mesh with his squad filled with new faces. It may be only a matter of time before the superstar of old emerges on the court, but for now it’s abundantly clear that more time is needed for the future Hall of Famer to get back to his dominant form.

In 28 minutes on the floor, Bryant scored nine points, grabbed eight rebounds and dished out four assists to go along with two steals. Unfortunately, Bryant’s eight turnovers is the only stat that sticks out and will be something the superstar will attempt to correct before heading into the matchup with the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night at the Staples Center.

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  • Zimmeredge

    people are so alarmist toward Kobe’s performance. he is out of physical form. his endurance is fine. he can run non stop but his body, he’s fat. he needs to get rid of some weight. Basically you ask that 34y-o guy, to get back from a devastating injury from the achilles and play like he already has his mid season form. Are u people out of your mind? No training camp, non physical prep except his physical rehab. You have to wait and be patient. Pace and rythm won’t slow but kobe will play quicker and better in time.
    despite kobe’s return i still think we need someone at the pg position. Nash is not progressing or improving in his rehab. he’s not 100% sure he can get back in the game eventhough he is making a lot of effort. we can’t stay or play with only one pg and a out of shape, out of rythm Kobe at the pg poition for the next three week or reminder of the season.
    5 men for 2 (Blake, Farmar, Kobe, Meeks, Henry) of the most physical position is a bit short imo. we lack depth.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kobe is doing fine after his big test last night.Achilles is fine.:-)

  • Gregory Choa

    The fact that Kobe’s feeling as though the tendon is fine is a HUGE sigh of relief. Everything esle; the weight, conditioning, ability to work more in concert with his teammates, etc., is fixable – I’m not necessarily worried about any of that and generally feel as though that process may take another couple of weeks before we see Kobe, and the team, functioning at a much better level than what was on display last night.

  • ra

    Kobe himself claims that his tendon is ‘completely’ fine. Completely! He could have left out that word, and it would have been ok. (i.e., just ‘my tendon is fine’). But, ‘completely’?? That’s nothing but ‘great news’, from the man himself.

    He actually made some ‘stellar’ plays last night. A couple of ‘great’ rebounds, a steal, etc. Those were plays that we haven’t seen him make in a while. He’s compensating with his ‘currently diminished’ offense by stepping up defense. Wow!

    And his post up moves (including all the pump-fakes, etc.) were just great. He’s playing ‘even more intelligent’ basketball. He’ll get more of his skill back in time. And this time, he’ll be playing a level up (higher basketball IQ) than before. What a treat!

    As long as his tendon can ‘maintain’ (i.e., he doesn’t get too comfortable and push it), we’re good. He’s good. GREAT NEWS.

    • Paytc

      ra, you know good news for some is bad news to others (usually haters). Who else prays on someones bad health and downfall?
      We hear all the negative comments and it’s only game one for Kobe. No preseason or training camp with his team mates to get a good feel and rhythm/chemistry going. But you are totally right. Kobe already had one of the games highest and most disciplined basketball IQ’S. That will be even sharper. And you are right the skill,rhythm,and chemistry will kick in time.

      I am like all real basketball fans( minus haters) wishing one of the NBA’s greatest ever a successful return to the top. I appreciate great players and could never be a “great player hater”.

      All the best Kobe!

      Go Lakers !