Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Ruled Out For Friday and Sunday

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Ruled Out For Friday and Sunday


Kobe BryantAfter participating in a full contact practice yesterday, rumors began to fly that Kobe Bryant might be playing sooner than later. Bryant saying that he is trying to play in November certainly didn’t help to dispel those rumors, but now it’s time bring in the reins a little bit.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, Bryant will not play in Friday’s game against the Golden State Warriors or on Sunday night against the Sacramento Kings.

Fans are anxious to see the return of Bryant, but he is making sure to be cautious in his rehab and return. For the Lakers sake, Bryant has to be at 100 percent when he does make his return or things could go from bad to worse. With fellow backcourt mate Steve Nash struggling to get back into form after his injury issues, people are looking at Bryant as the savior for this team.

In the videos seen of Bryant at practice yesterday, he looked normal as he jumped, cut, planted, and landed on his surgically repaired Achilles. Afterwards Bryant said he felt better than expected and teammate Jordan Hill said Bryant is practicing at 100 percent.

With the team struggling so far in the absence of its leader, everyone wants to see Bryant back on the court as soon as possible, but he just isn’t ready yet. With the thought of Derrick Rose sitting out all of last season still fresh on people’s minds, it brings a little bit of doubt in people’s heads, but this will not be a situation like that.

It’s only a matter of time before Bryant returns. After the weekend the Lakers hit the road for three straight games before returning home to face the Trail Blazers on December 1. If Bryant plans on making his return at Staples Center, that could be the date to circle.

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  • Paytc

    That is good to hear because I see no need to rush him back. At least wait till Dec because you know he’s gonna stuff himself on Thanksgiving :-) Turkey slows you down a bit. I was targeting Dec 20th as a good return date so he can have a few games before the Christmas Heat matchup.

    But whatever Kobe decides works for me.

    • Baby J. Cole

      You were targeting DEC 20th? Are you Kobe or something?

      • Paytc

        That’s for me to know and you to never find out :-) LOL ………

        Go Lakers !

  • Gregory Choa

    12/1/13…book it!

    I think the team will win 3 of their next 5 games between now and then and find themselves at 8-9, just below .500 at .471 when Kobe makes his return, back at Staples coming off the roadtrip, in his Sunday whites against the Blazers.

  • Shotaki

    While I’ll admit that I was ecstatic hearing that Kobe participated in a full practice, and that he could potentially play in a game this month, I cannot and will not accept any type of rumor from Adrian Wojnarowski. Even more so especially coming from anyone but Kobe. As a laker fan I of course think he may try and play, but that’s up to him, and only he knows that. Sorry, but to me this article is useless, and so is the information within it.

    • meep

      why he a very reliable person when it come to things he says. sure kobe could shock all of us and play, but it more likely he wont .

  • LakersHeatBeef

    It’s all good,Kobe will be back when he is fully ready to play IMO.

  • iDontCare

    Lakers will play their best just because Kobe is practicing. I know they don’t want to see Kobe in practice after a loss.

  • meep

    no surprise there, he just started to practice and in videos he not even jumping when taking shots. kobe i think needs at least 2 weeks to get his feet under him before the laker think of playing him.

  • Lakers Fan

    He will be back early/mid December. No need to rush. I would love to see him come back a little before Christmas tho so he can get a little but of a rhythm going. That way he can kill the Heat and bring the world back to reality.