Kobe Bryant Responds To Donald Sterling’s Alleged Comments Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="170"] UPDATE (8:55 AM PST): Kobe Bryant took to Twitter on Monday morning and believes Donald Sterling should not continue owning the Clipp [new_royalslider id="170"] UPDATE (8:55 AM PST): Kobe Bryant took to Twitter on Monday morning and believes Donald Sterling should not continue owning the Clipp Rating: 0
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Kobe Bryant Responds To Donald Sterling’s Alleged Comments

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UPDATE (8:55 AM PST): Kobe Bryant took to Twitter on Monday morning and believes Donald Sterling should not continue owning the Clippers and says this is where fans need to appreciate the Buss family:

On top of a Saturday full of NBA playoff games, news of a tape obtained by TMZ in which Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling allegedly made racist comments is creating headlines. In the recording, Sterling allegedly tells his girlfriend he doesn’t want African-Americans attending Clipper games and also mentioned Magic Johnson.

According to his Twitter, Kobe Bryant responded to the alleged comments and admits he could not play for the Clippers owner:

Bryant joins Magic Johnson and many players who have responded to Sterling’s alleged comments. Bryant almost became a Clipper in 2004 as a free agent, but ultimately remained with the Lakers.

This isn’t the first time Bryant has commented on racial issues. Last December, NFL Legend Jim Brown described Bryant as “somewhat confused about culture” due to his upbringing overseas. Just like the Sterling situation, Bryant also took to Twitter and questioned Brown’s statements as being against the teachings of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King.

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While the NBA is still in the process of investigating the tape, Sterling has had a long history with this type of behavior. Former Lakers Hall of Famer and Clippers general manager, Elgin Baylor, filed a lawsuit against Sterling claiming his dismissal was partially based on his race. Baron Davis who previously played for Sterling has come out and claimed Sterling heckled him when he played there.

Meanwhile, Bryant is getting ready for next season with a six-month training program. The Lakers are hoping to build a championship contending team this off-season and get back to their winning ways.
Lakers’ Kobe Bryant Meets With Jim Buss, ‘Goal Is To Win And Win Now’

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  • louluna

    Blacks are way to over sensitive stop your whining it’s possible that the tape was edited due to the gold digger who was caught stealing 1.8 million dollars from this old geezer

    • kgbx1

      These comments are coming from players who couldn’t imagine working for someone who considers you just good enough to make money off of and nothing else. How it came out is the girlfriends problem. What he said is his.

    • Karl Leinfelder

      Dear Lou, the African Americans are NOT, NOT too (not to) over (ly) sensitive about the name calling. If the tables were reversed and you were the object of such an action, you would be on fire with rage.

      • Loi

        Look at my last name that said I’m talked about but I don’t cry like a little bitch as do blacks

  • Chuck Tucker

    Close basketball for a season. Hockey tried it. Quite an eye opener.

    • Karl Leinfelder

      I hardly think that would be a viable or workable solution. It’s not like a water spigot where you can turn the water on and off at will. Do you have any idea of how many companies, players, administrators, money changers and decision makers there would be involved if such an action were to take hold? Sorry but if you were serious about your “method of treatment” it would not be even reasonable to discuss such a move.

  • Edwin Pineda

    So! according to some of you here all I have to do is become rich, buy an NBA franchise hired a bunch a black players pretty much call them “niggers” to their face and nobody is going to do anything about it? What a shame and more so with every dark skin man playing for the Clippers for continuing to play, what’s more important, a game of basketball or your integrity as a black man?

    Go Purple and Gold

    • Karl Leinfelder

      Edwin, your approach to resolving the problem of name calling is overly simplistic and unreasonable. Should a player not play for the Clippers, what is he going to do as far as basketball is concerned? It’s pretty naïve to think that he could simply pull stakes and join another team. It is far more complicated than that.

  • DopinShamoke

    I don’t understand why everybody is up in arms. This country was founded on freedom of speech, so Mr. Sterling should be entitled to his opinion, no matter what anyone thinks. You can agree or disagree but he shouldn’t be chastised for his comments.

  • Joseph Valere

    Question Kobe: Could you play for an accused rapist easier?

  • pilgrim

    but he would take his dirty racist money…and punish the fans by protesting the playoffs.

    • kgbx1

      What about the black fans that attend Clippers games? You know the ones, just based on skin color alone, he doesn’t want his girlfriend associating with. Sterling himself has already punished those fans.


    Be very careful here !!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo, if, an owner does wrong or makes an error in judgement, he/she, will be forced into saling there franchise. “FAIR PLAY”: Then when a Pro Athletics, does wrong, or get into trouble w/ the LAW, will these Pro Athletics, also be forced to retire or get Black Balled ??? Some people want this type of Justice, even in Middle School, for Jocks !!!!!!! Kobe, has Noooo business to talk. How much did Kobe, spend to get his Colorado affair dropped.

  • Denise Davis

    Sl(K)obe doesn’t play for the Clippers and neither do Suddenly Cured “Magic” Johnson. If the players or Doc Rivers are truly upset by this; then walk away from the team, THE MONEY, and the racial tension. Lets see if this happens. I guess Kobe is proving he’s not racist…right! if I call u a coon, a n——, a spook; will you respond? It’s not what you are called but it’s what you respond to. THINK ABOUT IT!

  • Loraine Tilmon Vance

    Kobe you are a great player but you are such a hypocrite why do you even care remember your comments “I won’t react to something just because I’m supposed to, because I’m an African-American” you did not care then so you shouldn’t care now hate to point out the obvious…

  • Eddie

    He makes millions off them, but doesn’t want them around. He and Clive would make a good couple. Put them out in the desert where nobody is and let them live there.

  • Scamuel

    Kobe will go out and screw the white girls and rear end them, but he’s insulted when a white man says what he thinks about the jungle creatures! No hypocrite here, is he? LMAO!

    • Karl Leinfelder

      Those are some seriously deranged comments to post about a fellow human being. One thing is for certain, no one will ever accuse you of being a charitable person.

  • Kenneth Owen

    Human beings are not perfect creatures. Every human being has flaws. Presently, Donald Sterling’s racist flaw has been outed and is being highly publicized, just as the infidelity flaw of Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson was once outed and highly publicized.

    NBA players launching public outcry against racism by coming out to announce the manner in which they will or would disassociate with the racially flawed Donald Sterling gives off a sense of hypocrisy, for NBA players hypocritically failed to launch public outcry against infidelity by coming out to announce the manner in which they will or would disassociate with Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson or anyone else affiliated with the NBA whose infidelity flaw has been publicly outed .

    Taking a stance against racism is not the only stanch the world of sports is need of taking. Taking a stance against perceiving infidelity to be acceptable or tolerable is a stanch the world of sports is equally in need of taking, for every male dominated sports league is need of coming out to launch public outcry for infidelity to be given the same amount of disdain, unacceptability and intolerance as are public outcries calling for racism to be given.

  • morecommonsense

    What I wanna know is when are we gonna hear the reaction to this heinous crime from the equipment manager and the assistant to the executive vice president of bobblehead sales.

  • sports fan

    With all the gay slurs that Kobe has made isn’t it a bit hypocritical of him to call out the obviously racist Sterling when Kobe harbors prejudice in his heart.

    • Karl Leinfelder

      Don’t you fathom that you are judging? It’s not your call.

  • Lt

    Shannon u dumb

  • sj

    Innocent until proven guilty

  • PFTB

    The biggest conclusion I draw from these arguments is that for some winning a championship is just to damn good to care about racism. That’s sad. Although this dude is the weirdest racist I have heard of yet. He primarily employees African Americans and sleeps with an African american woman. Oh wait! Lol is this 2014 or 1814

  • mike

    Has anyone actually listened to the recording?
    based on stories you’d think he was talking like he was at a Klan rally and its nothing like that.

    • Karl Leinfelder

      You’re wrong. It was done in the same mean-spirited manner.

      • mike

        Either you didn’t listen to it or your clueless!

        • Karl Leinfelder

          For your information I went over the posted material quite well. The Clipper owner is not acting in accordance with the dictates of Christ a long time ago. I not only did listen (read) but assuredly I am not clueless. You simply have missed the point about the owner’s lack of morality.

          • mike

            To compare it to a Klan rally is CLUELESS no matter how you slice it!

          • Karl Leinfelder

            That fortunately is only a personal opinion. The same mean spiritedness of the actions of the KKK is really no different than the intentions of the Clipper’s owner. They are both hateful and violate Christ’s second demand which relates to love of neighbor.

  • Dan

    Kobe was accused of rape, Many other athletes have been convicted actual crimes. Where was their outrage then? Being racist may be morally wrong, but it is not illegal. Don’t agree with Donald Sterling’s opinion? Fine, don’t take his money and play on his team. or if you are a fan, don’t buy his tickets. But stop trampling on his first amendment right to be as big a jerk as he wants to be.

    • Karl Leinfelder

      Dear Dan, Just because one of the persons who objected to those mean-spirited comments spewed out by the owner of the Clippers did some improper and wrongful actions, I can’t believe that you are justifying such actions. There is no justification for those uncharitable words to another fellow human being.. If you are having trouble with that, simply refer to the scriptures where Christ Himself discussed treatment of neighbor.

    • Karl Leinfelder

      The road to perdition is lined with those who do not speak up about the immorality of those who commit hateful actions . We don’t bring a nation together as a unit by ignoring malicious racial remarks of those with a major access to the country’s populace. Exposing one’s hatred for persons of a different race or religion is unacceptable and an offense against the morals of anyone, regardless of their religious affiliation. Irrespective of one’s creed everyone will be subject to judgment for their actions and omissions on that final day.

  • Sure mob

    Wait now we have the washed up rapist making comments. That is disgusting

    • vdogg

      please. what true rape victim brags about having had sex with their alleged rapist and then refuses to testify at the trial?

      • Sure mob

        One that got a million from the rapist

        • vdogg

          and that’s what she wanted all along. best thing to ever happen to her. when you brag about the sex, you DID NOT get raped.

          • Sure mob

            Lol no one brags about having Kobe raping them. It was Kobe that made the offer and stopped the charges

    • Karl Leinfelder

      Dear Sure Mob: Just because of his prior actions you are saying that he (Kobe) has no right to make comments on the immoral actions (Clipper owner) of a person. That is false logic and a ridiculous conclusion. Are you saying that anyone who has errored in the past has no right to speak out about the immorality of someone in the limelight?

  • Sky

    I guess this is why we created free speech. If you don’t like his comments don’t listen to hime. Obviously Sterling doesn’t mind making these comments. Do you get his picture?? He does not like the black race. Oh well, its one more cracker cracking. He has the right to express his own beliefs. Get over it!!!!!!!!!

    • Karl Leinfelder

      Your diabolic comments are based upon one of two conditions. Either you misunderstand what constitutes a moral code or you are intentionally being unchristian.

      • Jennifer Fogarty

        Why are you assuming he’s Christian? Not everyone residing in the U.S., if he even does, is Christian. Not everyone thinks that Christians are right, or moral.

        • Karl Leinfelder

          C’mon Jennifer: Whether or not one is Christian, Muslim or Jewish has nothing to do with a basic moral code. Wrong is wrong and right is correct. The owner of the NBA team is terribly wrong in what he has done because it violates the moral code and tends to destabilize normal expected human behavior. Those that are condemning Kobe about his sexual behavior are not dealing with the facts. Regardless of what Kobe may have done, that doesn’t change the message that he is professing about the horrible behavior of someone in a major position. Your logic is illogical.

  • sue jones

    white men can’t jump. black men can. thats why they are the best at there game. mr sterling sounds stupid, just rich. be proud of the team and all of the hard work that they do.

    • Celtics

      what you just said was wrong also

  • disqus_wdLdx4W76r


  • johnny

    Kobe should stay out of this. He settled out of court to protect his image from a rape charge . He even brought his wife center court to tell the world he was only cheating on her. What a jerk.

  • Piter Devries

    It would be hilarious if it wasn’t Sterling on the tape or the tape was altered.

  • Sterling Hate Africans

    Donald Sterling sure made some remarks because he truly feels that the American System would protect someone like him. He would not dare go to China and say anything to the government there, he knows the outcome.

    But, what is disgusting is the people here making it Africans/Blacks vs Whites/Europeans Issue. It is not!

    This is Donald Sterling HATING, Blacks/Africans. The issue should just be focused on this.

  • Sleeping Giant

    Magic Johnson has the AIDS. I wouldn’t want my girlfriend standing next to him either.

    • Karl Leinfelder

      Great charitable remark. That comment certainly is non-contributive.

  • Sleeping Giant

    Also, isn’t Sterling Jewish? So, wouldn’t criticizing him actually constitute antisemitism? How come nobody is talking about that?

    • Karl Leinfelder

      No, my thought is how silly that looks for an older person running around with a youngster. How come she seems not to be insulted when he makes all those anti-African American malignant remarks. I think that this offended group is being quite restrained considering the offensiveness of the actions of the Clipper owner.

  • eclipse vader

    they players dont care, if they did they would of just boycotted the games or games. all they care about it their paycheck plain and simple.

    • Karl Leinfelder

      Hey Eclipse, were you not exposed to proper grammar and correct spelling? Misspellings, misplaced commas and senences that are irrationally compounded.

  • PFTB

    Someone same said to think about the fans and kids. They felt like sitting out would do nothing for kids that don’t know what’s going on. My response is , what better than to show kids their heroes would do so much for a good cause. That’s real heroism , sacrifice and teaching by action. How do u think kids would look at racism if their heroes stood against it. Think about the future

  • Godfrey Uche

    I would not work for this man called Donald Sterling for one million dollar an hour. Forget that kind of money, good name is better than silver and gold.

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