Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Reacts To Steve Blake Trade On Twitter

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Reacts To Steve Blake Trade On Twitter


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The Los Angeles Lakers only pulled off one deal before the NBA trade deadline, but it has clearly impacted a lot of the players on the current squad including Kobe Bryant.

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Steve Blake was one of the most liked players on the team and was sent packing to the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday in exchange for MarShon Brooks and Kent Bazemore. Even though the Lakers brought in some talented young players and saved money in the process, Kobe wasn’t happy about the move and vented on Twitter:

Outside of the Indiana Pacers bringing in Evan Turner for Danny Granger, the Warriors may have made one of the best trades before the deadline. Although Blake isn’t getting any younger, the veteran point guard will be a perfect addition to the Warriors’ bench as the team looks toward the playoffs.

As for the Lakers, there’s no telling how things will pan out with Brooks and Bazemore. Both players are on expiring deals and may simply be half-season rentals.

Fortunately, Blake didn’t rule out returning to the Lakers in free agency. Although the team’s plan remains a mystery in terms of what they intend to do this summer, Blake returning might be a move the Lakers would consider.

Coach D’Antoni Disappointed By Steve Blake Trade, Talks Dwight Howard

  • Daryl Peek

    KEVIN DING @KevinDing 7m
    Kupchak on Magic Johnson and Lakers: “Hopefully, Earvin is looking for a second baseman.”

    Shots FIRED O_O

    k KEVIN DING @KevinDing 17m
    Kupchak on Blake: “It really got to the point where needed to free up some time to look at Jordan and give Kendall the time that he earned.”

    Welp, many of you were clamoring for Marshall to get the nod over Blake and Nash, looks like your wish came true.

    • Gregory Choa

      I’m not sure if “clamoring” is the right word, but I definitely think there is more long term upside in Kendall Marshall and his continued development with the team, than there would’ve been with Blake…and I like Blake!
      The question now, in the short term, becomes – can Jordan Farmar now become the combo-1st-guard-off-the-bench that Blake once was for this team…and, I believe the answer is, “yes!”…if he can stay healthy.

      • Daryl Peek

        Oh it was absolutely “clamoring” for Marshall. I understand it but long as Blake was a Laker Marshall was not gonna get minutes over a healthy Blake the same way Sessions wasn’t over Fisher.

        The FO did Blake a favor at this point because he now can be a key cog on a competing team. And I agree KM5 now has these last 28 games to prove he’s a keeper long term. I don’t believe they see him as that just yet.

        Agreed on Farmar also. Blake was and would keep them both on the bench if not traded, and justly so.

        • Gregory Choa

          Right, so, what has to NOW be taken into account moving forward, and given that this season, and these remaining 28 games, are more about rebuilding than anything else is – who’s the better asset/player in the longer term: Marshall or Blake? I suspect the FO is leaning towards KM5, although you’re right – he’s still a work-in-progress, albeit a very promising one.

          • Daryl Peek

            Agreed, and this is why Blake was traded the same way Fisher was. Keep in mind Sessions didn’t work out. Not saying that’s gonna be the deal on Marshall but it is a possibility.

            Hypothetical if we draft Exum, as many who’ve been clamoring for KM5 over Blake have done, what does that say for the future of Marshall? Farmar is a lock going forward. What sense does it make to keep Marshall if we’ve drafted Exum?

            These are the inconsistencies of thought process many of the live in the moment Lakers fans don’t think forward on. Blake is a solid back up PG with proven leadership intangibles and the Lakers would do well if they did choose to keep him going forward with a young draft pick like Exum. Exum and Marshall together creates a futures conflict in player development at the PG position.

            KM5 has given major props to Blake for helping him in his development with the Lakers. This is the benefit of keeping a Blake type.

          • Gregory Choa

            “Exum and Marshall together creates a futures conflict in player development at the PG position.”
            …which is why I’m a proponent of, and “clamoring” for, the drafting of Embiid over Exum, should that possibility arise.

          • Daryl Peek

            I can dig that. I would love for the team to grab him or Noah Vonleh. I think we are and were fine at the PG and SG positions. PF and C are the needs going forward. My point was the conflict in most’s tanking statements.

            The problem is will we be seeded low enough to grab Embiid? I still say the team is not tanking, and not moving Gasol is proof.

          • Gregory Choa

            We shall see. Even with Gasol, and in the absence of deliberately tanking, I still think the Lakers will lose a majority of these remaining games this season…especially if Kobe is shut down, which I suspect he will be.

            No one really knows how this lottery and how this draft will go down – all I know is that it’s going to be pretty exciting for Lakers fans!

          • Chrmngblly

            Choa, I find I agree with you and Peek and it fills me with self-loathing. How could things come to this? Maybe you guys just sobered up. Na-a-a-a-a-a….:-)

            I like the idea that they are not necessarily going to have to draft Exum. Daryl, you said something like that a few days ago. I don’t have an opinion on who, but I think we need a stretch 4/5 that can shoot, defend and rebound.

            I am hopeful that Pau’s stem cell experiment on his knees is actually working. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have the old Pau back for a couple years? Who would be able to comment on that? I would like to know.

          • Daryl Peek

            I’m torn on Pau. I’ve defended him against the Gasoft haters for years but it seems his Laker time is ending. I know he has more gas in the tank but I don’t think it fits the direction of the Lakers anymore.

            Uptempo and youth is the movement. I know most hate to hear this but D’Antoni is going no where anytime soon.

            Pau could fit this offense if he takes off his jaded shades. I just think it’s time to get more athletic in the post.

          • Chrmngblly

            I know. I would like to know who to ask about Pau’s knees and the adult stem cell experiment he’s been going through. He seems to be coming along. I just don’t have a clue about how much difference that has made. If it is really working, Kobe ought to get a dose as well, while he’s just sitting around.
            I wonder if we couldn’t run two athletic PFs and 3 guards and have no true center at all. So I like bringing Ryan Kelly and that Earl guy from last year back (Philly just cut him). Pau first, though–he’s just not a 4 anymore and he can’t jump or move very fast laterally.

          • Ron

            Unfortunately Blake has played 53 and 45 games the last two seasons. So although he was a fan favorite, his body is beginning to break down. With age, one’s body doesn’t get better (as shown by this season has he missed a significant amount of time again). Should we have kept him for next year, he most likely would’ve gotten injured again.

            With the other PG’s on the team there’s no point (pun intended) to keep him.

          • Daryl Peek

            Funny that the Warriors, a team looking to thrust themselves into a deeper playoff run feel his old broken down body can enhance their chances to do just that?

            Veteran intangibles are not measured by stats alone. Role playing winners are not statistical beasts. I understand the need to give KM5 a chance to develop for these Lakers who are out of the playoff picture, and am not against the move of Blake, tho I wish the FO would have done it in a classier more respectful manner by at least giving Blake a heads up before shootaound.

            Marshall deserves a shot and with a healthy Blake on roster he would not get that. This is why Blake was moved not for a future injury projection none of us can predict.

          • chaka

            shut up

          • Daryl Peek

            U mad? LMAO

          • nlruizjr

            I doubt that Exum will be available for the Lakers but I think some of you are getting ahead of yourselves already crowning Exum over Marshall, Exum maybe great but that doesn’t translate to being a great NBA PG and can he pass as good as Marshall or read as good, IDK but either way, who will be available for the Lakers may not be any of the top 5 picks.

          • Daryl Peek

            Agreed. That goes for all of the young talent in this draft. I’m not down with tanking but we are headed to the lottery.

          • LakersOverEverything

            I don’t see any conflict around playing exum and Marshall. It allows exum to move to shooting guard which is a more natural position for him. At 6’6 and his playing style, he could be groomed into our next kobe. Hell, he already said he wanted to learn from the guy. For the record, I want exum drafted, but I do believe Marshall is the better point guard

          • Daryl Peek

            What is the more pressing need for the Lakers? Exum could do that but we have 7 SG/SF players on roster right now including Kobe. Many of them are young prospects that have tons of room to grow just like Exum. Drafting him would be a waste given PF and C are needed much more.

          • LakersOverEverything

            I will agree that we need a center, but if the plan going forward is to get KLove, then I’d much rather draft exum. I see true star potential in him, enough so that dismissing every other SG not named kobe would be ok with me. Marshall/farmar
            Quality sf/young
            Quality center
            Fill in the remaining roster spots with whoever earns them. Keep in mind, that it’s probably an unrealistic thought of getting embiid. We could get lucky and get that a top3 pick, but exum is much more realistic as a 4-6 pick.

            I can see a potential big 3 years from now with the money we’ll have for another max player and exum, now a star, still on his rookie contract. Exum/durant/love maybe?

          • Daryl Peek

            I see the potential in Exum but the same potential was shown in X as a high school phenom. X is only 22 and was much stronger and explosive then Exum in high school. I’ve only seen a little footage on Exum but what I did see I can’t say he was any better than a high school X who dominated on that level also.

            Now with the additions of Bazemore and Brooks the guard position is even more less likely to be a draft need IMO. I have a feeling we will not be in the top 6 draft seeding position. lower side of the top top ten at best. This team has competed all season and will continue to do so as I expect more wins as more healthy bodies return.

          • LAL918

            They’ll have a much of a hard time keeping these shooting guards, small forwards, and the point guards. Say that Wiggins and Parker are drafted that isn’t us, and they draft Exum instead; yes, it would create a TON of conflict at that position so they’ll have a tough decision on whether or not Farmar, Marshall, Meeks, Henry, Young, Johnson, Bazemore, and Brooks would be given an option to stay.

            All in all, IDK what will happen this summer for these guys if they’ll stay or not. Obviously, they don’t plan to sign anyone big this summer and would rather wait until 2015 to sign guys like Love, Aldridge, etc.

  • felliniherzog

    Tough luck Kobe, for all of us. If you had signed for a reasonable contract, say 15 mil. a year, maybe the Lakers could keep paying your friends.

    • Scoops

      It has absolutely nothing to do with that… The Lakers are trying to spend big money on big players over the next 2 years and spending money on Blake right now just doesn’t fit into the equation.

      • Daryl Peek

        Blake’s contract had nothing to do with being traded. 4 mil is not big money either. If it was about money they would have moved Kaman and Hill also to get under the luxury tax.

        • Scoops

          First off, what do you do for a living that $4 mil is not big money?… Secondly, do you know how the luxury tax works? When you’re over the luxury tax, you pay exactly that…. a tax. That means the Lakers save a minimum $8 mil. depending on exactly how far over the tax they remain… Here’s a small breakdown for you:

          Portion of team salary $0-$4.99 million over tax level: $1.50 for $1

          Portion of team salary $5-$9.99 million over tax level: $1.75 for $1

          Portion of team salary $10-$14.99 million over tax level: $2.50 for $1

          Portion of team salary $15-$19.99 million over tax level: $3.25 for $1

          Rates increase by $0.50 for each additional $5 million of team salary above the tax level.

          • Daryl Peek

            All of that said the Lakers are still gonna pay luxury tax and Kupcak just recently said the franchise is not motivated by saving a certain amount of dollars, they are driven by basketball moves to improve winning. The Dr. Buss legacy motto.

            Kupchak also said if the team were 30 mil into the luxury tax then the savings thought process kicks in because of how punitive the tax on that big of an amount would be.

            Blakes 4 mil and the 7.3 mil the team was over prior to his trade was of no concern for luxury tax purposes. Again, if so Gasol would not be on roster and the Suns or the Cavs deals would have been accepted. Kaman and Hill would’ve been moved to Atlanta, Brooklyn or NO also. They had several options to get out of the luxury tax today but chose not to because they were more concerned with getting assets for the future than saving money.

          • Scoops

            I don’t think you understand the point of the original comment I was replying to.

          • Daryl Peek

            “First off, what do you do for a living that $4 mil is not big money?… Secondly, do you know how the luxury tax works?”

            Weren’t you arguing Blake’s contract was an issue?

            If so then my reply is the answer to your comment. If not you confused me with that first paragraph. BTW, I fully understand the CBA and all of its working components.

          • Chrmngblly

            It is the repeat offender tax they are afraid of.

    • Marcus A.

      Geez go put on a Celtics hat already lol

  • ra

    Shows that FO is no longer listening to Kobe. They’ll do whatever they want, irrespective of what Kobe wants or needs. Yeah, maybe that’s the way it should be (since Kobe’s future playing level is uncertain), but it’s clear to me that they (FO, Lakers) want to ‘tank by omission’. Get the top spot in the draft.

    • Daryl Peek

      Kobe said he wants nothing to do with FO decisions and fully trusts them. And if full on tanking was the theme, Gasol would not be on roster right now.

  • Richard

    Now that the Lakers have traded Steve, What will be their next moves and why? What are their plans to build their next NBA Title contender?

    • Daryl Peek

      Those things will shape out and be somewhat revealed on draft day. Gasol will play a huge role in what the future holds as they may let him walk or resign him to use as a trade chip.

      These last 28 games will be the final audition for current players to see who will be retained. I’d bet Johnson, Meeks (if his price tag is not too high) Marshall, Farmar, X and possibly the new additions could be back.

      Free agency is gonna be off the chain this off season.

      • e3bonz

        If I was Pau wanting to resign, I would include a no-trade clause.

        • Daryl Peek

          Me too, but that wont stop the FO from trying it.

          • e3bonz

            What the heck are “Bird” rights?

          • Daryl Peek

            The ability to match and exceed any offers for a RFA and pay a 5th year on a max contract when other teams can only offer four years. It was written into an old CBA “Larry Bird rule” so teams could keep their superstars

    • Marcus A.

      They need to rebuild

    • Jim213

      The inept missed a big opportunity. To off load players to acquire picks (2nd rounders mostly) and go from there as it’ll be awhile to turn things around thanks to their ineptness.

      • Daryl Peek

        ‘their ineptness’ in your opinion is due to the unwillingness of other teams to accept our assets? I guess Kupchak not having Jedi mind trick powers proves his incompetence? SMH

        • Jim213

          No, given their past moves (SMH), their inability to get under the cap and not capitalizing on the opportunity to wheel and deal just shows they can’t get the job done as we’ve talked about since the SUMMER!. #fochanges

          • Daryl Peek

            Again, other teams willingness is dependent on deals and if they offer you garbage nothing gets done if you’re smart. It’s better to let a Howard or Gasol walk VS. taking back bad longer term contracts.

            You act as if other teams are lining up to accept our guys and help the Lakers. That did not happen for Dr. Buss and West. They simply took advantage of situational opportunities when they presented themselves, just as Mitch did in 08 with Gasol and Dumping Bynum for Howard. Regardless of D12 not staying we still got rid of the headache know as B17.

            Outside of the draft day Kobe trade what else has West done that was so much better than Kupchak? Shaq chose to come to the Lakers. Kareem was Bill Sharman’s deal. Magic was also via the Gail Goodrich trade.

            I’m not trying to lessen the contributions of the Logo but the standard you’re trying to hold Kupchak to is unrealistic given all he has done compared to what West did.

            It was Kupchak who got Horace Grant, LO, Fisher from Utah, Ariza, Metta, Shannon Brown, and a bevy of other FA that contributed heavily to the Lake Show championship runs after West retired in 2000…

            “Obviously, Jerry West is irreplaceable. What he’s meant to the Lakers’ franchise over the past 40 years is immeasurable,” Lakers owner Jerry Buss said. “However, we don’t want to mourn his leaving. Rather, we want to embrace his contributions to our history and recognize that is it part of what makes our franchise special.”

            Buss said he has the “utmost respect” for Kupchak.

            “He is Jerry West’s handpicked successor and was trained by the best,” the owner said. “Mitch has become and will continue to be, one of the best front office executives in the NBA in his own right.”

            Coach Phil Jackson reportedly will have a stronger say in roster decisions when Kupchak takes over.

            Again, Mitch sold out in ring chasing for Phil and the ramifications from that are what got us into this mess financially. No matter how you cut it Gasol and Kobe’s grandfathered in contracts were the luxury tax plight of this team.

            “He is Jerry West’s handpicked successor and was trained by the best,” the owner said.

            One more time just to drive the point home of your ridiculousness in the ineptness brigade.

          • Jim213

            ?! SMH, always bringing up the past DP (SMH). Different times!, it’s not comparing GMs it’s making the RIGHT business decisions to take advantage and avoid further issues down the road. BUSINESS! The INEPTNESS ship will NOT sink!

            They need to change their modo of just throwing money around and start using their heads (bad past moves). Different times call for different strategies. Sixteen championships should’ve taught them something but they’re showing less than some franchises who haven’t won a ring.

          • Daryl Peek

            Without knowledge of the past one has no clue what the future may hold, and BTW did you not say past moves? #Hypocritical pun

            The comparison is valid simply because you are trying to hold the present to an unrealistic standard that the previous regime did not uphold! Your INEPTNESS brigade is complete BS, no dis. No one is perfect! Everyone makes mistakes and no team makes perfect moves all the time.

            Any long tenured Lakers fan knows dynasty building takes time, and is not an easy seamless process… again see the 90’s. Patience’s in needed PERIOD, like it or not.

          • Jim213

            “Everyone makes mistakes,”?!? Don’t recall many businesses making mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake etc… Top brass who’ve been replaced (in a real business setting). But given the available cap space for next season it’d been best to acquire picks (2nd rounders mostly).

            This would’ve helped them with regards to their cap availability for next season. Shows how many other franchises value picks (assets) more as opposed to current FO who are left dangling b/c of their own mistakes (giving up too much for mediocre talent).

            Best to stretch provision Nash next off season then the available money can be used to re-sign a few current players. However, FO hasn’t exceeded EXPECTATIONS. Like mentioned during the summer best to acquire a bench and role players this season.

            Although, the bench isn’t too bad. Now FO has to fire/hire some new staff who’d help them to acquire some starting role players (3 or 4). Which they should be able to do next season (cross fingers). So this isn’t about being patient it’s about their ineptness to not being able to close deals (best for business).

            Sign your 2nd unit (who haven’t exceeded expectations) to minimal contracts and go after starting role players. Unless they’d want to do a sign and trade for Pau next season to have an asset or two to possibly go after K Love otherwise that is a distant dream. Just a matter of using their heads.

          • Daryl Peek

            I recall a GM wanting Sidney Moncrief instead of Magic? I recall the very bad way in which the Paul Westhead firing was handled? I recall 2 failed attempts to trade James Worthy, the first would have blown up Showtime in 86, and the second one for Charles Barkley in 91 that could have resulted in deep playoff runs in the early 90’s?

            I recall overpaying players in the 90’s and very bad outside business ventures by Dr. Buss that created multiple situations where the franchise was on the verge of bankruptcy and could not pay lower level Lakers employees properly? I recall the abrupt firing of Mike Dunlevy in 92, just one season removed from reaching the 91 finals against the Bulls? I recall the hire of Randy Pfund to replace Dunlevy? I recall the team spiraling downward in the midst of two miserable consecutive losing seasons thereafter? I recall Magic quitting on that disaster?

            I recall patience’s with the mid 90’s Late Show?!? I recall said patience’s paying off.

            Again, everything that’s presently going on we’ve seen before. The difference is hypocritical biased selective memory in lacking patience’s for era change in dynasty building.

            Dr. Buss is rolling over in his grave over the Lakers legends and tenured fanatical’s with their premature rush to judge his living will so radically different from the grace he was given.


          • Jim213

            I recall mentioning that these are different times. Thus, big mistakes will hurt you in the near future now given the way the league is formed today. You keep on bringing the past now as opposed to the summer. I brought the past up during the summer but these are different times. No excuses as it seems they haven’t learned from past mistakes. #COPOUT

          • Daryl Peek

            Mistakes hurt regardless. The different times don’t matter. Era change is always tough. The process has to be played out.

            I choose to be like Kobe and let the FO do the damn thing. I like Kobe understand this is not the first rough patch and will not be the last.

            Neither you nor I have the answers so calling them inept is a hypocritical rush to judgement.

          • Jim213

            Kobe don’t want any part of their mess that’s why he chooses to stay away aside of his inexperience but don’t they value his insight? Just looking at things from a REALISTIC VIEW without the fantasy that they’d be able to acquire anyone they’d like b/c as K Love has also pointed out the brand isn’t too appealing at the time which points to their lack of dexterity not ineptness. :O

          • Daryl Peek

            If Kobe didn’t want any part of the mess why would he resign? Kobe doesn’t strike me as the type of person to stand idly by mired in ineptness. I’m sure he’d tell you this face to face.

            Again we don’t have the answers. Teams are not and have not just lined up to give the Lakers everything they need to maintain winning. Building takes time and everyone experiences bumps in the road.

            That’s the real!

          • Jim213

            SMH, #24 has more important things to worry about aside of what the team will look like after he retires. Kobe’s a reliable consistent player when capable of playing so that’s his focus to get back on the court and dominate.

            Agree, no one knows the future to be able do things accordingly but it’s more reason to do things accordingly given the different times as opposed to trying to resolve things by throwing money around.

          • Daryl Peek

            Where have they thrown money around this season? The plan to have free cap space was put into place before Nash and Howard were signed and that is why were set up to have it next season. No one can blame them for giving it a shot last season.

            Kobe was happy about the signings, and the hire of both Brown and MDA. Kobe recruited both Howard and Nash for the FO. No ones taking shots at Kobe for that? This is another part of the hypocritical ISH I see. It’s also likely why he’s now hands off in the process.

            All of this quick trigger pile on mess is BULL. The blame is shared by all in the process but too many want to single out a scapegoat when they need to calm down and let the process of building happen. 13-14 is the first true year of rebuilding. Prior to that it was constant retooling for Phil, Brown and MDA last season.

            Anyone that has a problem with that had a problem in 2002-2008, and the twelve year drought between 88 and 2000. Doing things accordingly is not an exact science. There are hits and misses all of the time. Trusting the process coupled with due diligence is the key to overcoming. This cannot be rushed or force fed.

          • Jim213

            Just going around in circles SMH had this debate a few months ago. Let’s just say that you support FOs moves which goes for Nash, DH (no plan b), giving up too many picks for mediocre players, not being able to close deals aside of wheeling and dealing, giving injured players extensive minutes (thus risking more possible aggravation as even Phil has pointed out with some).

            Not throwing in contract clauses to minimize potential fallout, keeping Pau given his inconsistencies as opposed to looking ahead and doing what’s best for the future and the list goes on. May ruffle up some feathers with the next few paragraphs but calling shots at the top (FO) may not be as glamorous as some believe.

            After hearing Kupcake today it’s obvious of the high expectations placed on him though hearing him say that it’s Nash’s decision to decide to call it quits b/c it seems unethical to do anything else just shows that he couldn’t manage a real business in mainstream America.

            Aside of businesses ‘going green’ to try to keep/attract/ attain consumers never heard a business say that it’s ethically incorrect to do what’s best for business?! Thus, it’s more of a sentimental move by Kupcake to keep Nash given he also suffered a similar injury in his career that prevented him from playing longer.

            Not dissing Kupcake but business is business as business partners expect a competitive product no matter what. He’d be unemployed if he brought that up in a mainstream business given the only loyalty top businesses have is to their share holders and they could care less about the people in main street.

            No smart alleck here I just try to look at the bigger picture as opposed to what’s presented. Thus, IMO Kupcake’s not being decisive and making the right business moves as it’s more of a weakness for any real business. I’m no business consultant to say this but business is business.

            All of us here and the masses take pride in the brand but management hasn’t done a good job of convincing them that they can turn this around in the next few years but we can only #rollwithit though they shouldn’t expect things to be as usual revenue wise.

          • Daryl Peek

            The problem is that you and many others have selective memory and don’t want to acknowledged the cycle of up and downs every franchise goes through. This will just take time.

          • Jim213

            Since Ive posted here I’ve said ‘can’t win a championship every year.’ though the masses want competitive play (bad team or not). But some people (not yourself) end up saying ‘jeez you Laker fans are spoiled.’ The team has been the most competitive throughout the leagues history.

            Lakers haven’t missed too many playoff appearances (that’s competitiveness). But the game has evolved so don’t expect those Celtic or John Wooden days when they literally dominated those times for well over a decade.

          • Daryl Peek

            The problem with your conclusion of continued competing is this new evolution of reverse moneyball strategy that’s grown exponentially. The tankers mentality is not satisfied with what they call early exit playoff hell.

            I’m like you in that I’d rather see a competitive product on the court also but that cannot be all of the time and again my whole point is it’s far too early in the cycle to be tripping. This is our first losing season in almost a decade. 94 was the last one prior to that so the ten year cycle of era change is still intact.

            The Lakers are not the Spurs. If we were on their level (no championship since 07) complaints would still be flanking the new FO. We saw this in 2011, and 2002-08.

          • Jim213

            True, not the Spurs but I guess the winning formula left with Dr. Buss and J West. I do acknowledge cycles but that doesn’t go for bad moves as part of it that stagnate the process more IMO.

          • Chrmngblly

            Peek, one more time to drive this point home, too: The Lakers did NOT LET Howard walk. They offered him everything the CBA would allow–and probably a blow job–to re-sign. He blew the Lakers off. Why don’t you get that? Jim Buss f_cked up by not trading D12 when he could have—and they had plenty of offers, btw.

            An owner can’t allow something like that to ever happen. Superstars are too rare. I did not like the giant vagina, anyway, and I am glad he is gone. But, I didn’t want to lose him for free. How many assets and draft picks was Howard equal to?

            Under this CBA, it will take us 10 years to catch back up.

          • Daryl Peek

            Why don’t you get that they let him walk by not abiding in his request to amnesty Kobe and fire D’antoni for Phil? That’s a half azz blow job when you wont do what it takes for a happy ending for the John.

            What would we have got for him in a trade? Keep in mind the goal was and is salary cap flexibility going forward. Who was offering these picks and great assets to the Lakers for Howard? You seem to be forgetting Howard had the ultimate power in all of this as he publicly professed he would not resign with any team that he was traded to by the Lakers therefore the field of those looking was drastically reduced. Houston Brooklyn and Dallas were the only teams he was willing to be traded to. The Brooklyn deal would have been for Lopez (who’s injured and can’t never seem to get right) and other long term bad contracts. The Mavs have nothing the Lakers want and were content to try and get him in free agency. The Rockets were low balling us with the poison pill contract of Asik and other bad contracts.

            This is no different than what’s going on with Gasol. Taking on long term bad contracts sets the franchise back even further than we presently are.

            Y’all kill me with your thought process of other teams bending over backwards to give the Lakers the best deals?!? Those days are over and never really existed. Most of the FA trades that West and Dr. Buss pulled off were of marginal impact at best outside of Kobe. Mitch hocked the future constantly trading players and draft picks in chasing rings during the triangle era coupled wiith the super team effort of last season. Its just time to pay the piper now as there is no room to kick the ball down the street anymore, and other teams are no longer playing the trading game. The last two trade deadlines have been SLOW to nothing around the league. Everyone’s standing pat and it’s delusional to think Mitch or anyone else can force other teams to do different.

            Wake up folks!

          • Chrmngblly

            Peek, you and Jim Buss are the naïve fools who believe whatever shit comes out of these guys mouths. 95% chance Howard would re-sign? My ass. There were a lot of teams that would have given an arm for the chance to have Howard for half of a season to try to win him over. The Lakers did exactly that, remember?

            Would I rather have Asik and a couple of assorted scrubs and picks instead of nothing, like now? Absolutely! Damn right I would. What is wrong with you that you wouldn’t? Nobody ever said all other teams would give up their crown jewels in lopsided deals with the Lakers. You just say stuff like that to make yourself look smart.

            I also think it is a different subject when you talk about Pau Gasol. I think Pau could very well be back at a different salary next year. We will see.

          • Daryl Peek

            Then why did no one step up with solid offers for Howard at the trade deadline last season? Why has it been mum on the trade front the last two years? Again, who were these teams willing to deal? You can huff and puff pissed off about it all day long but the truth proves you are the arrogant ass assuming things which are not.

            I never said or agreed with Howard resigning and knew it was not happening given the toxic nature of he and Kobe’s relationship, and complete opposite thinking in how to win.

            Asik and a couple of bad longer term contracts does what for the team? I’m glad your not the GM planning the Lakers future. SMH

            Nothing is better than years of trying to sell garbage, not that I’m saying Asik is complete garbage.

            Gasol may be a Laker next season but I doubt it. It wouldn’t be the worst thing if so though. There are not many center options in the league that produce
            on his level. I just think it’s time to move on…

          • Chrmngblly

            You talk about things you could not possibly know. For any team to publicly indicate interest in another team’s player under contract is called tampering, as I think you are aware.
            Plus, the Lakers could never show their willingness to trade Howard, if they ever would have been, to become publically known and known to Howard, because they would essentially be queering their own deal. (forgive the slang expression) You know all this. The Lakers would have to make discreet inquiries. That’s how all this works. There was too much interest in Howard for them to have found zero takers.
            What happened was Jim Buss decided to go for broke. Howard was under public pressure and I am sure he said many things that were just what Jim Buss wanted to hear.
            This goes back to what I was saying about playing poker and the “Art of the Deal”. You have to be able to know that anytime people’s lips are moving in these types of situations, they are lying. Figuring out the truth in human nature is what made Jerry Buss so good. That was the Lakers magic edge and difference for all these years.
            Anyway, amnestying Kobe, who won us 5 rings, is the stupidest idea I ever heard said seriously, Peek. You don’t propose that do you?

          • Daryl Peek

            “The Lakers would have to make discreet inquiries This goes back to what I was saying about playing poker and the “Art of the Deal”

            You do realize those days are over right? Nothing is secret anymore. Social media ended all of that. You’ve got thousands of people working with sources on every team. The Dr. Buss slight of hand type deals have not been done in years in the NBA. We all knew the Lakers and several teams were after Howard. We all knew Kobe was recruiting both Howard and Nash. The new CBA was a reaction to the collusion between CP3, Howard, LeBron, Wade, Bosh and Melo from the 08 Olympics. Owners were scared shitless of the players pulling ranks like that.

            You and many other Lakers fans are stuck in the past on that Lakers magic edge front. Jimmy and Mitch learned a valuable lesson these past two season as the new CBA killed the trade deadline. Draft picks are now NFL valuable.

            Everything is open and up front. The intentions of every team is public knowledge in free agency. The so called mass interest in Howard you speak of was their at first but he killed it when he was still in Orlando as he publicly professed he would not resign with but certain teams. You seem to ignore this fact? The players have more power now days.

            Gasol is still a Laker for that very reason. The team was indeed interested in trading him but he also said he would not resign with the team the Lakers traded him too. That simple public profession kills much of the trade options bargaining ability and there’s nothing a FO can do about that.

          • Chrmngblly

            Peek, I don’t think I can explain this to you. Business does not get done in the tabloids. How do you suppose the Lakers got Howard in the first place? All that other horseshit you said is just that, horse shit. Tell me you saw the Blake trade coming and the players involved before it happened. No, you were clueless.

            I used to respect you a little bit. Why do you think Magic said the things he said on Leno? You are totally out of it. You spend so many words just saying unfounded bullshit, too.

          • Daryl Peek

            You I and everyone in the world knew the Lakers were shopping Blake! GTFOH with that silliness manyne.

            Days before the trade I said Blake is the person I’ll be keeping my eye on as a person of interest to be traded. As a matter of fact, I was in a debate over the trade of Blake to the Warriors in that convo and I was saying Barnes should be our target.

            Do some Lakers Nation homework before you come with BULLSHIT like this. The debate was on the Nash, Blake VS. Marshall as a starter LN post. You are truly a trip?

            Magic is stuck in the past also when it comes to the Lakers. He a fan at heart first and is acting as such lately with his FO flip flopping. Magic praised Jimmy for the Nash and D12 trades and said he should win excutive of the year over the summer of 2012. Now look at his commentary?

            Magic is a figure head leader of the Dodgers and now the Sparks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Magic fan and fully respect the fact that he’s a great businessman but his Lakers insider knowledge is way off base and he has an ulterior motive also. Magic has eyes on possibly purchasing the Lakers. He knows the younger Buss’s beneath Jeanie and Jimmy want to sell the team. Phil has alluded to this internal strife in some of his 11 rings book pushing interview circuit. Most perceive it as Jimmy, Jeanie beef but that is not the case at all.

          • Chrmngblly

            I gotta take some more acid before I talk to you again, Peek. You take credit for stuff you prophesied a week after it happened. I will give you this, you can predict the past, Daryl, as long as no one holds you to the facts.

          • Daryl Peek

            I’m not professing to know the future. I just do my homework and have moved into the future of social media where the magic of the “Art of the Deal” is continuously revealed in content on a 24 hour feed known as blogs, ESPN and twitter. People like Adrian Worjanowski, Mike Trudell, Dave McMenamin, ETC.. keep Lakers biz on the vine open for all to see as soon as it’s discreetly queried.

            Wiki Leaks is more than just TMZ tabloid ISH. Check the LN post on has Marshall earned the right to start. You’ll see the convo about Blake to the Warriors.

            I enjoy this internet jaw jacking but I don’t dabble in BS when it comes to my Lakers.

          • Chrmngblly

            Wow. Cool. So you predicting the big Barnes grab is supposed to make me feel what? Oh, we didn’t get Barnes? That everyone but Kobe was for sale on the Lakers was not news. Your vigilance in sleuthing out the Warrior’s interest is unusually unimpressive. What do you hope I will give you credit for, anyway? You didn’t know IF a trade was going to happen or WHO was going to be involved BEFORE it came out on the news. Shit, Peek. There’s bound to be a pony under all that manure you’re shoveling, keep at it.

          • Daryl Peek

            Don’t expect anything from anyone on the internet. You continue to take shot at me but the BS you’re dishing is of no better value in Lakers vision.

            The point was I went off a source that said Blake to the Warriors, and it happened. Do I want a cookie? NO but my source was proven correct in where Blake landed, I.E. the info was public record therefore the art of the deal was not bound to the secrecy of slight of hand.

            Sorry to bust your Jonesing for Buss/West out of date axis.

          • Chrmngblly

            You are the one that thinks of it as slight of hand or some sort of mumbo jumbo. Business people just consider it good manners not to unnecessarily drag a player and his family into the klieg lights. Its you and your kind that dirties up the sports world with all of your supposing and fantasizing. Look what you have put Pau Gasol through.

            For shame—and now you want some kind of credit from me for just copying down some other guy’s hunch or intuition, and then you just repeat it like you thought of it without adding a thing of your own–no facts, thinking or analysis. This is called plagiarism, Peek. It used to be disapproved of.

          • Daryl Peek

            WTF?!? You are tripping! I defend Gasol like crazy in here and have taken constant abuse as a Gasoft apologist. Where have I dragged Any Lakers through the mud? And again when did I say I was looking for digital credit from people I don’t even know? Miss me with that BUFFOONERY!

            Everyone on these sights is speculating son! You too. No facts no thinking no analysis? WTF are you talking about? In order to do all of that you have to gather information to asses fact VS. fiction, and getting them from direct sources or source quotes is the best way.

            Who the hell is getting paid in here? This is all fanatical fun fare. And most are injecting opinions based on what they would like to see the Lakers do, just like a fantasy.

          • Chrmngblly

            Touchy….touchy…not need to get huffy. I’m not judging you—even though some others might.

          • Chrmngblly

            Get off your knees, Daryl. You are back to worshipping and butt-kissing your fellow ignoramuses from the blogosphere. I can hear those slurping and tongue-lapping sounds you make again. I told you about that before, didn’t I? It’s undignified.

            Those guys get paid to fantasize. When I fantasize, at least women are involved…:-)

          • Daryl Peek

            SMDH Those Lakers insiders like Mcten and Wojo are solid sources via twitter. I don’t know how many times they put something out their that came to fruition. And outside of that I had a hunch Blake was gone based off the Fisher Session thing from 2011.

            Speculation is all we are doing when we inject our opinion on this site also. The sources I follow have direct communication with the horses mouth.

            I can see those drawls dropping as you bend over from the facts I continue to inject into that azz O_o

      • e3bonz

        6-4 possible in the next ten..

        • Jim213

          They’re 2 – 4 so far as had them going 5-5 (though could go 4-6) but next game is against Celts.

          • e3bonz

            I kinda lost track, being busy last few days…

  • Marcus A.

    Man Blake was a BUSTER lol. Not even in consideration for the All Star team. He wasn’t even on BJ Armstrong’s level. GS might let him go after a few seasons.

  • Teresa Sullivan

    I agree with Kobe. Will miss Steve’s competitiveness, skill, leadership, integrity. Who do we on the floor that has the IQ or experience to make good decisions. Pau but he doesn’t play point. GSW definitely made a good deal.

  • fas

    Wait! So Kobe had no say AT ALL?? If Jim Buss was more like his father, he’d talk to Kobe, maybe over dinner and ask him which players you’d want to play with or keep?

  • gm jack

    Mr. Kobe, you are not like M. Jordan was in his very last year with the Bulls. MJ was still number go to guy. He commanded respect in the FO. He was Number One the day he retired after THE SHOT.

    You are in a situation of quietly riding into the sun with your $50m, even if you never play one more game, and if you include this season, that would be $80m.

    Lay Low Stay Low.

  • Kenneth Michael Caluducan

    After stating Steve Nash’s rehab will be a challenge, then they all of the sudden get rid of Blake. WTF?

    • Chrmngblly

      I agree with you, Kenneth. Great move, Mitch.